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[AU] the “year” between their first meeting and their reunion

ETA: I’ve been (thankfully) notified that my timeline of events is way off so this is 100% inaccurate. However, it makes for a lovely AU (because who doesn’t like pining!Victor amirite) so I’ll leave it up. Just keep in mind that this does not follow the canon timeline. At all. Thanks, @nika11ama, for clarifying things for me!

I kept asking myself why, if they’d previously met (at the Banquet) and Victor had really fallen in love with Yuuri that day, had he treated him that way in this scene? How could he  be so nonchalant in that situation? It didn’t make sense.

But what if Victor had spent the entire year lying to himself? Telling himself over and over that he couldn’t possibly have fallen in love with someone after only a day? Forcing himself not think about Yuuri or web-stalk him. Chastising himself every time he caught himself remembering their dance or, worse, pining. 

So a year passes and he thinks he’s golden, thinks that time has finally done its job and eroded his little “crush.” And then he sees Yuuri again and tries to treat him like he pretty much treats everyone else, only it completely backfires on him.

He watches him walk away and tries to convince himself everything’s fine. That he’s fine. That he doesn’t care. And yet he can’t bring himself to tear his eyes away from Yuuri’s back even after the other man is long gone. 

And it’s like a floodgate opens. Every wall he built over the past year to keep himself from obsessing over Yuuri collapses and he finds himself incapable of not thinking about him.

And then he sees The Video™…

…and every lie he’s ever made to himself just turns to dust. His defenses are down. He can’t fight it anymore. He doesn’t want to fight it anymore. He’s in love. Has been in love since since the day they met, and maybe it doesn’t make sense but he’s reached a point where he just doesn’t care anymore. He’s going after what he wants, and what he wants is Yuuri. 

So when an opportunity presents itself he seizes it and flies to Japan without a second thought or a backwards glance. He’s wasted enough time and has no patience left. 

See, he made a promise the first day they met, though not with anything as obvious or empty as words. Yuuri seduced him, and Victor fell, hard, and the traitorous little organ in his chest promised itself to Yuuri without him realizing. It took him an entire year to. 

And that’s why Victor, who’s notorious for never remembering–and therefore keeping–the promises he makes, remembers Yuuri’s request an entire year after he made it. 

The heart doesn’t forget. 

Can we talk about this scene from the next episode? Makkachin is in this shot, so most likely this is Victor’s flashback (since Victor’s in Spain and all). The scene’s atmosphere almost feels depressing, and judging by Victor’s expression, he looks like he’s going through some tough times.

It could be the time when Victor left the Rostelecom Cup to see Makkachin and is now contemplating his future on what he should do as Yuri’s coach. Or maybe even a time before he traveled to Japan to train Yuuri, and thinking about his figure skating career future.

Either way, I hope to see more of Victor’s backstory and thoughts, like how we saw in today’s episode.

Something to consider

I’ve seen all these posts about Victor being confused about Yuri saying he didn’t think Eros was right for him in light of the banquet pole dancing scene, which TRUE, but we’re glossing over something else very important about this new information

this means that Victor wasn’t actually trying to push Yuri to do something new or groundbreaking for him by giving him Eros like we all thought, because he knew Yuri could do sex appeal, he’d already seen him do that

Victor gave the Eros routine to Yuri bc his thirsty ass legit just wanted to see Yuri dance sexy again

jzeise replied to your post: “Could you please change texts from “slave” to “enslaved person”? I…”:

Your problem is what those of us in museum must grapple with all the time.

Every inch of text is valuable real estate in an exhibition.

That said, I use enslaved person or other term.

Well, yes, of course. But I think that the way these discussions go in closed groups versus open discussions can have a very different effect and result.

I’m trying to bring these topics out in the open where people who might be hearing about it for the first time, people who never even thought about it, people who are old hands at this and might be entrenched in The Way We Do Things, and people who are directly affected by these discussions, can add diversity and pragmatism to the **practical application** of these concepts.

Ethical problems in curation, both physical and digital, should never really stop being a current discussion, because they’re always a current topic. History and art are always changing because people and society are always changing.

imo i loved the retcon and it was very satisfying and unique and hussie pulled it off well but it def felt like an ass pull

tbh i felt like as he got further and further into the game over timeline he was just like “hahahahahaha holy fuck why did i think killing off vriska was a good idea” esp bc he continued to follow her journey in death more closely than at least half of the alive cast

imo…. game over was a version of homestuck hussie genuinely believed in but just couldn’t commit to and couldn’t… coherently bring to life because he had already made vriska such a huge part of the plot

i could go on and on about this but i’ll stop here and let y'all think about it

  • when victor fuckin shades JJ when he says “I think he’s the one named Jean-Jaques Leroy, from Canada.” 

  • yurio defending his fanclub 

  • yurio telling JJ’s fiance that she could totally do better

  • yuri follows yurio fan accounts on SNS!! what a proud dad!!

  • otabek either rented a motorcycle (where tf do u rent a motorcycle) or
    brought his own ALL THE WAY to Barcelona bc of That Aesthetic™
  • otabek also had a second helmet. he planned to have a passenger. 

  • yuri only bought 1 ring, and he said he would pay in installments. according to the receipt he spent about $800 as a down payment but!! he’s still going to pay more installments!! YURI LITERALLY DID NOT HESITATE TO SPEND UPWARDS OF $1000 FOR VICTOR

  • victor bought a matching ring for yuri!! yuri didn’t expect to get one but he did!! AAAAAAAAHHH

    (also pls take a moment to imagine: drunk yuri AND drunk victor)


  • everyone’s reaction to the engagement news!! (aka otabek’s cute polite clapping i mean he’s such a softie)

  • georgi went on a date!! aww!!

  • lil minami is at hasetsu with yuri’s parents to cheer for yuri!!! AWWW

  • it’s not christophe’s phone, but yurio’s phone with the craziest pictures from the banquet. YURIO HAS PICTURES ON HIS PHONE OF YURI AND CHRISTOPHE POLE DANCING.

GILES: You don’t understand

SPIKE: You know, I think I do, Rupert. You used to be the big man, didn’t you? The teacher all full of wisdom. Now she’s surpassed you, and you can’t handle it.

So, okay, I’ve got waaaay less time than I’d normally need to write something like this, but I suddenly have a lot of thoughts and I’ll try anyway.

I’ve seen people agree with Spike here, and I wonder… do you really think Giles could be vindictive like this? To Buffy?

Okay, here’s the thing. I know that Spike is usually crazy perceptive and almost always right about people. But I think he’s only half right in this case. Yes, Giles is struggling with not being “the big man” anymore. He has been since at least season 4. Arguably even before that. But he would never go and punish Buffy for that, or deliberately push her down just to be on top. NEVER.

I believe he simply thought siding against Buffy was the right choice at the time. I believe they all did. And I’ll tell you something else: the first time I watched the scene, I did too. It’s right here on my blog - I wrote: “Throwing Buffy out was a bit much, but someone had to tell her she was wrong, so I guess that’s a good thing? Maybe?“ That was over a year ago, and I have no idea what went through my head then. But obviously I - as a first time viewer - was led to believe that the scoobies were somewhat justified in their decision. It was only later, when Spike came in and put it all into perspective, that I thought WAIT OMG…

Still. My point is that none of it was about punishing Buffy, or putting her “in her place“, or any of that. They were all just trying to do the right thing, including Giles. And they got it wrong.

…I want to say so much more, but I gotta go…

Do you ever think about the mental stress Komaeda must have been under during parts of chapter 4 and 5, he wanted to save the traitor and eliminate everyone else, he could have just blown them all up easily or used the poison on all of them (they even make a point of this) but he didn’t! Instead he fucking tortured himself and waited alone bleeding and probably triggered from the gag for idk a long ass time just to save the traitor and maybe be remembered after his death as Ultimate Hope, fucking maybe he didn’t even know if it would work fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck 

Okay let’s talk about it

[Flip Flappers ep 10 spoilers]

Srsly this episode was awesome.

Yayaka is fine for now, although she’s still trying to stop those creepy twins. Protect my tsundere pls thnx.

Cocona is mad at the world, and I totally get it because everyone, including her grandma that apparently WAS A FUCKING ROBOT MADE BY THE BAD GUYS TO CONTROL HER, has constantly been lying to her.

We got a mind-blowing flashback about Mimi. She was the only kid that could go to Pure Illusion because she had an amorphus inside of her, and the people of the “good” organization were trying to find her a partner, so Papika became her partner because she managed to be friends with her. But I think the most important part is the fact that she made friends with Dr. Salt too, that by the time this was happening was a kid.

So this explains why at the beginning of the episode he asks Papika if she had regained all her memories: she was probably hibernated or something like this, so he became an adult and she didn’t. Guess they’ll tell us why tho.

Dr. Salt and the rest of the gang have to escape their station because it was being assaulted by their enemies. So Cocona goes home, the bad guys try to capture her, she’s confused af and something happens with her and the other amorphus. Everything goes red and the enemies (and her robo-grandma) are destroyed.

When it’s all finished we see Cocona floating in the air. But it’s not Cocona: it’s Mimi inside of her. And it’s not just Mimi: IT’S HER MOTHER. MIMI IS COCONA’S MOM.

Okay everybody stay calm (especially me).

So the amorphus inside of Cocona was Mimi’s, that being her mother probably passed it to her or something like that. I think Cocona’s dad could be Dr. Salt (he obvsly had a crush on Mimi when he was a kid), but we’ll see.

Mimi being Cocona’s mother (and presumibly being dead or like trapped in the amorphus?) explains a lot of things (like a lot of Papika’s and Dr. Salt’s actions). Maybe Dr. Salt want to control Pure Illusion to bring her back. I really don’t know, I’m super confused right now.

Still, great episode, great anime, great angst. And I still have a lot of questions to be answered (like: when will PapiCoco become canon? I hope soon thnx)

By the way, this post had no sense at all, sry. I’m still trying to recover. Bye.

I’m Coming for You

Guys, I wrote my first one shot! I wrote the first few sentences ambiguously, not knowing who or what I was going to be writing about. But this came out! I hope you like it. WARNING: This is angsty. If you don’t like angst, I suggest steering clear!

I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think!

@inunanna @purekagome @keichanz

All she could hear was the clickity click of her keyboard. The sun was setting on yet another lonely day. The room still felt cold, the sun didn’t shine as brightly, and emptiness wormed it’s way into her heart. When a knock sounded at the door, the mask slid on so easily. She was getting much too good at it.

“Kagome? You okay, sweetie?” Her mother spoke in a worried tone. “You haven’t come out since you came home from school. Did something happen?”

Kagome wished she could say: “Yes, something happened. I can’t see my friends on the other side of the well anymore and I feel so alone. I don’t want to be here right now. Nothing is the same…” But she knew her mother couldn’t do anything about it and it was too sad to talk about.

“No, Mom. I’m fine. Promise!” She sealed the lie with a sparkling smile. If her mother knew that she was lying, she didn’t let on.

As soon as the door clicked closed, a hot wetness soaked her eyes and ran down her cheeks. Running to her bed, Kagome sobbed into her pillow so no one could hear her. The thoughts of her friends just wouldn’t go away. No matter how much she wished she could see them, the well wouldn’t open. No matter how many tears fell on the soil or how loud she wailed… they only lived in her mind.

Kagome couldn’t even look at the Goshinboku without thinking of Inuyasha. She knew that 500 years in the past, he was walking over the same sacred ground. Even the suggestion of that knowledge was enough to send her into tears.

Of course she was always her normal self at school, if only a bit quieter. No one had mentioned Inuyasha since she had burst into tears at the sound of his name. That was months ago. Since then, she had made it a point to keep up appearances with her family and friends. They didn’t need to worry about her. Plus, there wasn’t anything anyone could do about it.

Before she realized it, Kagome found herself walking to the well house. It was far enough from the house that even if she screamed or sobbed at full volume, her family wouldn’t hear her. Sometimes it made her feel better to just come out here and be as miserable as she really felt inside.

Climbing down into the well, she settled onto the soft dirt. Her clothes could be washed, she could take a shower… it didn’t matter that she was sitting on dirt. Memories of Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo flooded her mind. Feeling the familiar knot in her throat, Kagome grit her teeth and slapped her hands on the sides of the well.

“I miss you!” She screamed.

Breath came to her in fast pants as tears resumed their journey down the plains of her skin. Her hands shook as all the emotions flowed out of her. Aching to do something, anything… she began to dig. It was crazy, it was irrational, but it numbed the pain a little.

The dirt got under her nails, in her hair, and all over her clothes. Kagome dug until she couldn’t keep her eyes open. All the crying and lack of food were starting to take their toll. Before she passed out, she spoke four words.

“Inuyasha, I’m coming for you.”


“Nothing, I assume?” The young monk spoke slowly. The hope that had filled the small hut moments ago was replaced with sadness.

Inuyasha stood in the doorway, silent and still. His mouth was pressed in a thin line as he stared straight ahead. Anyone who didn’t know him might think he was in a trance, but his friends knew better. The hanyou sighed quietly before turning on his heel and bolting for the trees.

“Should we go after him?” Sango questioned. Miroku shook his head, inclining it toward the sleeping fox kit and rubbing his wife’s pregnant belly.

“He needs to be alone right now. We can’t leave Shippo here by himself, and we still have to tell him…” Miroku trailed off. Sango glanced at the door, silently sending her support to Inuyasha.


Inuyasha had settled in the boughs of the Goshinboku. He felt the closest to her there. Shoulders rose and fell as quiet sobs wracked his body. It wouldn’t be long before the sobs gave way to anger. He was never this weak before she left.

This was the cycle. Every three days he’d go to that damn well and sit by it all day long on the off chance that somehow it would work again. Somehow Kagome would come through and climb up just like she always did. But there was no trace of her and her scent had long since faded from all but his memory.

His heart squeezed tightly in pain. Sharp claws dug into his hands, leaving fiery red marks in his palms. The pain was nothing compared to the feelings inside him. No matter how many demons he wasted, no matter how many miles he ran, no matter where he went… he couldn’t forget her face.

Hope won over him. Quickly, he climbed down the tree and ran toward the well. Jumping in, his feet landed on the sharp bones of some youkai he had exterminated for the town about a week ago.

“Come on, take me to Kagome…!” Inuyasha exclaimed. When nothing happened, his ears drooped to settle in his silver locks. “Keh, stupid well.”

Wiping the tears from his eyes, he started to dig through the layers of bones. Despite his realization that this was well beyond crazy… he couldn’t stop. Frantically, his claws sifted through the wreckage. Bone shards flew in all directions, his palms became cut and bloody. Enduring the pain, he slowly made his way down.

Inuyasha dug through the soil and rock, ripping his claws and opening the wounds on his palms again and again. The only words coming from his mouth…

“Kagome, I’m coming for you.”

Hold Up, KH Fam

Anyone else find it strangely suspicious that we are suddenly getting a whole bunch Kingdom Hearts merch?

I mean, think about it.

Before we had maybe two tee-shirts, the manga (which we didn’t even know if we were getting the final volume)… and maybe a King Mickey pin if you were lucky to find one at Disney World. And those were few and far in between. I mean, it was only recently we got the first Kingdom Hearts novel and the Chain of Memories novel. And even then we had no confirmation if they were going to continue releasing those books.

Outside of importing things from Japan that’s all a KH fan could get. But now?

We are getting:

  • The last volume of the manga series
  • The Birth By Sleep AND 356/2 Days novel omnibus’
  • An entire collection of hidden package Kingdom Hearts figurines
  • Both game collections for the ps4 and a third collection with a Kingdom Hearts 3 demo,
  • And a Pop Funko collection of Kingdom Hearts characters

I’m not saying it’s bad the we are getting all of this merch… but it’s a bit suspicious that we are suddenly getting so much of it, especially when we had next to nothing before…

Unless… we are getting a release date to Kingdom Hearts 3 very soon! They might be saturating the market with Kingdom Hearts things to stir up hype! Like how they do for movies before it releases in theaters!

And Kingdom Hearts is going to be featured in Jump Festa this year.

I’m just saying… You never know… :3

anonymous asked:

The same people who believe writing skin colors is racist probably think ALL Native Americans are dead ("thank you white people"), they probably tell Hispanics that their issues are less valuable than black people's (I was told I could not talk about the civil war... in my own school.) and they probably silence Asians trying to explain that Black people are capable of being racist just so they keep their victim status. And then they cry racism over little things. Nice.

The world is “white vs POC” unless you’re a non-white person that actually has issues that you want to talk about, and then you’re “anti-black” for trying to steal the limelight away from the “actual POC.” If you ask black individuals to stand with you, then no, you should be able to do it on your own, but if you don’t ask them to stand with you, then you’re supporting white supremacy. If you even think about saying that anti-black racism isn’t the “worst kind” of racism – spoiler: every kind of racism is disgusting equally, because they’re all different and there’s no Number One – then you’re an anti-black racist. But if you’re quiet and do as you’re told, then you and your struggles will be used to prop up the “white vs POC” propaganda.

Individuals are great, but when they’re from the Tumblr Hive Mind, you know that there’s no reasoning with them or any care from them. 

They’re like a really sad, whiny version of the Borg.

I am very much crying to Joni Mitchell right now and filling up my journal with a lot of my heart. I wish I was close enough to home so that I could get up and drive on the road toward the town where I felt a lot of things for someone and I kept expanding and expanding and I uncovered all this soft. I know I’m too romantic but I’ve written about him before I came into this life, and I think I’ll write about him in my next life too. 


Genevieve felt her heart breaking while seeing her daughter in such pain, she couldn’t stand to see her so sad. She was usually cheerful and happy all the time, a living ray of sunshine. And she knew kids could be mean sometimes, but she couldn’t believe that they would treat her daughter like that. It hurt her so much just to think about it.

“Oh my little sunshine… Listen to me: you are not stupid, nor is your accent. Actually, you are a very special girl. And if Jessie said those things about you, then she was never your friend in the first place and you don’t need her to be.”

Maëlle looked at her mum sadly. “…I don’t?”

“Of course you don’t, ma chérie! Friends aren’t mean to each other, friends appreciate each other… Love each other. You’re gonna find better friends eventually, ones that will really care about you!” Genevieve smiled at her little girl. “Come here, ma puce. Je t’aime, okay? Never forget that.”

“Je t’aime aussi, maman!”

anonymous asked:

When will those people stop talking about having John back and ACTUALLY CALL JEFFREY TO ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT IT?! Anyway, what would be your ideas for John coming back to SPN? How do you think he could fit the story?

Honestly, the whole thing is weird. Jeff’s always been honest about wanting to come back. Everytime someone asked him about SPN he said he would love to come back, he was just waiting for the invitation. And every time someone asked one of the producers if John Winchester would ever return and they always gave the same answer “Jeff is big star now, he’s probably too busy”.  I don’t like conspiracies theories and I don’t think there’s some shady secret behind all that but I’ve to admit it’s weird or at least incredibly vague.

He was super busy now and since he left SPN he had work constantly but I don’t buy it that not even once in ten years he couldn’t make the time for even just a cameo. Jeff is the type of guy that misses his son’s birthday to go to a con and stays way past his scheduled time to make sure every fan gets a photo with him. He’s close friends with the cast and he knows the spn fandom is dying to have him back even if just form one episode so I seriously doubt he’d just dismiss an invitation offhand.  

Long story short, I think they haven’t asked Jeff to come back and I don’t know why. I just know that I stopped buying the “he’s a big star now” excuse years ago. Sorry for the rant lol John’s return is a BIG deal for me and I’m so tired of spn producer’s vague excuses.

As for how he’d fit, I can’t really say. I haven’t watched season 11 yet. I only watched the episodes with Mary from season 12. But I’d take ANYTHING to have John Winchester back! John fans can afford to be picky lol  

It just dawned on me that I do have a special place in my heart for #orange (and similar tones) on ties and accessories. But here’s the funny thing: orange is one of my least favorite colors in general. It is weird how we can appreciate things we normally don’t care for when placed in a particular circumstance. Which makes me think about several life situations and how we can learn from all of them, as long as keep an #openmind to see them from a different perspective. So let’s open our minds to new experiences, who knows what could await beyond the comfort zone!

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