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i love Mom Friend kanaya but also i think people really downplay how much of a mess she is

this is the girl who spent three years pretending her girlfriend’s drinking wasn’t a problem and bottling up all her fear and frustration about it as long as she could; the girl who tried to train an auspistice and completely failed; the girl who goes after assholes with a chainsaw and who punched vriska in the fucking face. she’s the only character we’ve seen reduced to tears over a crush. she’s amazing but she’s a disaster.

and she’s had these expectations of motherhood forced on her her whole life and while she accepts them gladly as far as we seem i’m sure it’s an enormous pressure and i don’t think she would have chosen that life under any other circumstances. she’s not that good at keeping her friends together; she can barely keep herself together; she’s an awkward emotional insecure teen and i don’t like seeing her reduced to the calming Mom who only exists to take care of everyone else?

I was looking at this picture a i thought somenthing.

I think at this point Lydia is starting to forget Stiles, so she starts to write on the paper all her memories with him like when he saved her, when they kissed, you know, all the stydia moments for her to read so she won’t forget. I think this could be what this scene is about. Shegoes tohis house, she keeps reading the paper but she’s starting to lose their memories that’s why she’s crying and i think is also when she’s saying “remember…remember”

🎃 Halloween Celebration 🎃

Hey guys!! I know I’ve been inactive, but to make up for it, I thought we could have a celebration in the Carry On fandom for Halloween!!! Here some ideas of things we could do:

  • watch Halloween movies together, like all watch them at the same time and talk to each other about them
  • make Halloween aesthetics
  • do Halloween drawings with or without the Carry On people
  • do a cover of a Halloween song
  • write Halloween fics for the Carry On people
  • anything else festive you can think of!!

There aren’t any rules or anything, and it lasts the entire month of October!! just please reblog this to spread the word, and participate if you’d like pls i thrive of constant validation

Honey Bear Appreciation

Because someone @sukiieeeee was a little salty over my Shownu post because she thinks I torture her too (It’s not torture if you like it Noy). I don’t even know why I am making this for you when almost all these gifs are yours anyways but oh well! I will now be making a post of favorite sides of Lee Jooheon! I will also tag @ayeyojooheon because she deserves to be in on this too!

If I talk about Jooheon I can’t not mention No Mercy Era Jooheon! He did so much damage to my soul!! Hot damn Honey! And if I could choose one outfit for him to wear for the rest of his life it would be this one. The thighs man the gawd damn thighs!

Scaredy Cat/Whiney/Overdramatic Honey! 

Adorable/Silly/Carefree/Cutie Jooheon!!

Jooheon in snapbacks!! Oh Lawd!!

That smile and them dimples!!

Any and all Showjoo father and son moments!!

But I’m also weak for the Honeypup ship too!!

And who doesn’t love Wonkyun? Little brother line!

And since @sukiieeeee is the Jooheonie to my Sharpgunhee

I hope you enjoyed loves!!!!

I didn’t want to write a poem about this kind of sadness but I think I need to because I can’t get out of bed. ive been here for five hours and I’m suffocating and I skipped dinner and everything is the kind of slow motion stillness that happens when you’ve been quiet for too long.

most of me doesn’t want to spend all of my afternoons in the dark but I don’t know how to look at the light anymore. it doesn’t ever feel like nighttime now, it feels like a continuation of a bad dream, like a reason not to wake up, I know I’m supposed to be dealing with this better but I’m not even dealing with it at all.

the only thing I think I could stomach would be the cookies my mother makes around Christmas but thinking about Christmas only makes things worse because no one wants to be around someone who’s depressed during the holidays, that’s probably why that’s the most common time for suicides, I think December 25 might come early this year, I’m sorry I don’t know the right way to piece together my life to make it a future worth looking at, it’s not a future worth looking at.

i swear I do want to get better but I’m too tired to make an effort and it’s a lot easier to just let everything slip than to constantly try to stay upright in the worst storm I’ve ever had to survive.

—  It’s all still– lily rain

This is #Prince’s professorial look. Can u imagine walking into class and being greeted by this? Think I might require some private tutoring, Professor Nelson. ;)

Which reminds me of an episode I encountered many years ago. One of the profs in my department made the mistake of telling the other profs over lunch that a female student had told him she would do “anything” to get a passing grade in his class. He didn’t have to say yes or no right then. Just think about it and if the answer was affirmative, put a simple “Yes” note on his office door that afternoon, and she would be in touch.

Poor guy spent all afternoon tearing down “Yes” notes the other profs kept putting on his door. Who says academia is boring? Ha!

I could see Professor Nelson getting many, many such offers. ;)

@darlingnisi Thought of you as soon as I saw this.

I’ve met people here on tumblr who’ve honestly become my friends, and I’m so grateful for you guys. It’s funny how people you don’t even know in real life think to check up on you and text you almost daily, because not many other people do, so that means a lot to me. Also I have so many mutuals as well that I seriously care about so much, and who I wish I could actually meet and be friends with because they seem pretty cool haha. I pray the best for all of you ❤️

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Didn't Bismuth say that Rose's sword couldn't shatter Gems?? That's one thing I'm confused about with Rose shattering Pink Diamond, but i guess if she really needed to she could've used her shield, however I really don't think Rose would've been that barbaric??!1?!

Why is everyone so confused by the idea that Rose used her sword to poof Pink Diamond, and then used something else to shatter her? It’s very simple. Many people use two, or sometimes even three tools in the same day all the time!

Sorry, my sarcastic asshole is showing a little.

There’s also her bare hands. Quartz are strong enough to shatter Gems with their bare hands.

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I lost my dad not long ago. And i just like to imagine what a wonderful boyfriend Niall would be when his girlfriend goes through something very difficult. Could you write some really sweet Niall fluff maybe about him waking up in the middle of the night to his girlfriend crying and him comforting her by singing her back to sleep?

First of all non-non:  I’m so very sorry for your loss.  I hope you’re finding some peace and I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.

I could hear water running.  I rolled over and reached out for her, thinking maybe it was all in my head.  When my hand came down on the cold mattress instead of her warm body I was awake instantly.  “Shite.  No no no.” I silently cursed to myself as I leapt out of bed.

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Seventeen Reaction: Going Shopping Together

Requested: No

AN: I thought this would be a cute idea! I hope you guys enjoy it :)


Would definately whine that you’re taking too long and he is hungry and just wants to sit down. You’d probably have to bribe him to go out shopping with you and im not just talking about clothes- groceries, furnature, basically anything. 

Originally posted by coupd


I think we’ve all seen OFD by now and we know how much he loves doing nothing lol. Although, I think he would go if that meant he could visit places he would want to go and if he had food to entertain himself kinda like Seungcheol but wont be as whiny

Originally posted by koraenpop


Would go. No questions asked. If you wanted him to go, he would join you because he’s really cheesy and just wants to spend time with you. And sometimes yall would make a date out of it and help eachother pick out clothes im crying remember the ranking is up to me? yeah like that.

Originally posted by jisooosgf


I think he likes shopping almost as much as you so it probably wouldn’t be a rare occurance to have him go with you. Also you guys would probably end up going into stores you both like and then he would probably take you to get a treat afterwards he is too much bye

Originally posted by infinitblaq


Lil cutie would ask if he could join you. I think he just likes spending time with you and would want your opinion on things and would give his input on things you want. Also would be really observant and probably even help you pick things out or give you things to try on I love him sO MUCH can you tell?

Originally posted by soon-cheol


Even though our little garden fairy would prefer to stay inside and read I think he might have a hard time saying no. He would probably just hold your hand and follow along and wouldn’t complain or anything. He would just let you know when he’s hungry bc he’s an angel :’)

Originally posted by hoshinoyas


Jihoon wouldn’t really complain either. I think he likes shopping like Junhui and would not care. Probably would want you to go with him. I see him asking you more often if you wanna go with him how cute oh god

Originally posted by wonyeols


Someone else who I think would ask you to join him more often! He’s really smiley and just happy to be around you and would genuinely take any opinions you have to heart and would be a little cutie and buy things because he knows you like it on him aW

Originally posted by faceofdistaste


He would love to go with you and he would be the kind to take you into like gag stores and make a whole day out of it. Mingyu would also probably look up stores near you guys and would drive around with you and take a bunch of pictures im cRYING  SOMEONE HELP (also his fav shopping is 1000% grocery shopping i will fight you on this)

Originally posted by mountean


I think he would mostly go out to eat and shop and thats it tbh. Also an advocate of shopping but would complain a little if it was taking a long time. My lil baby would mostly stay quiet and just make sure you have had a good look and ask if you guys could stop at a place he likes as well omgomgomgomg

Originally posted by kookhao


LOVES SHOPPING!!!! Lives for it and loves to try new styles! I think you could ask him for his opinions on things and he would give it to you straight up. Probably wants to get couple coutfits so yall can match I hate him

Originally posted by seungkvvan


Okay like Mingyu, he would definately want to go grocery shopping bc #eatvernon yall. But he does like a little bit of fashion so he would go but it’s not his favorite activity and would want to eat after are you guys sensing a theme here lmao

Originally posted by wonnhao


He likes shopping. But he LOVES shopping with you! Doesn’t matter what kind of shopping I think he just enjoys going with someone let alone his girlfriend :’) He’s so pure and nice and just loves spending time with you like Jisoo and Soonyoung bye

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Hope you guys liked it! :) - Admin Taem

Status: Troye Sivan

• Never knew loving could hurt this good, and it drives me wild
(Nunca soube que amar poderia machucar tanto, e isso me deixa louco)

• You’re all I think about running on the music and night highs
(Você é tudo em que eu penso nas músicas e nas noites chapadas)

• Only fools fall for you, only fool
(Apenas tolos se apaixonam por você, apenas tolos)

• And when the lights start flashing like a photo booth and the stars exploding, we’ll be fireproof
(E quando as luzes piscarem como uma cabine fotográfica e, e as estrelas explodindo, seremos invencíveis)

• Mortal body; timeless souls cross your fingers, here we go
(Corpo mortal, almas eternas cruze os dedos, aqui vamos nós)

• I wanna sleep next to you but that’s all I wanna do right now so come over now and talk me down
(Eu quero dormir ao seu lado mas isso é tudo que eu quero fazer agora
então vem aqui agora e me acalme)

• And I wanna come home to you but home is just a room full of my safest sounds
(E eu quero voltar para casa, para vocêmas casa é apenas uma sala cheia dos meus sons mais seguros)

• My happy little pill take me away dry my eyes
(Minha pequena pílula de felicidade me leve para longe seque meus olhos)

• And though not everyone sees e got this crazy chemistry between us
(E, embora nem todos veem temos essa química louca entre nós)

• Then I fell in love with a heart that beats so slow
(Então eu me apaixonei por um coração que bate tão devagar)

• I want you I’ll colour me blue
(Eu quero você vou me colorir de azul)

• Kiss me on the mouth and set me free
(Beije-me na boca e me liberte)

• As the smile fell from your face, I fell with it
(Enquanto o sorriso caiu de seu rosto, eu caí com ele)

• Anything hurts less than the quiet
(Qualquer coisa dói menos do que o silêncio)

• Too good to be good for me Too bad and that’s all I need
(Bom demais para ser bom para mim uma pena e isso é tudo que eu preciso)

• I am tired of this place, I hope people change
(Estou cansado desse lugar, espero que as pessoas mudem)

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last post of the day because im really tired and my thoughts are still all over the place, but i was thinking about what that other kid could have done to get himself expelled and it has to be something pretty big, especially since guan shan got only one day of suspension for fighting and hitting zheng xi’s head with a rock

i don’t know how things work in other countries, but the biggest things that can get you expelled that i can think of are either bringing weapons at school (not only guns, but also knives) or bringing any illegal substances, so i was thinking it might be drugs?? maybe?? it could make sense, i think, if like the teachers found some drugs on school ground but didn’t know who was the one to give it around, but idk, am i going too far?? am i getting too deep into the mafia/gang part of the story?? thoughts??

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So it looks like doing figure studies is very helpful (apparently especially nude ones) and I was wondering if you could possible give me tips to make my teenage brain not be so immature? 1. I'm afraid I'll focus to much on well you know and not be able to concentrate on the actual drawing. 2. I'm afraid of a family member thinking I'm looking up inappropriate images. Also it doesn't really help that the thing I really need to study is the opposite sex. So any tips? (Sorry if this weird)

UHH HMMM this is all a matter of thinking of it professionally I suppose…? I think perhaps you’re thinking too much about the study subject wise than you are about the actual drawing to that extent. I guess what I mean is that like when you’re studying… just?? focus on the studying part? (DOES THAT MAKE SENSE….)

Like for example, when I’m doing intensive studies I’m focusing moreso on trying to capture light and shadow, form, etc. that I kind of get lost in the drawing. I don’t really think so much about WHAT the subject is at that point, the subject just becomes a compilation of shapes and values. (man, that sounds so artsy fartsy HAHA)

I feel like the family part is just… something you have to explain professionally to your family yourself if that is something they don’t understand LOL Either that, or hope they should realize. Like, I’m pretty sure my family is fully aware as an artist it’s .. an inevitably i’m gonna have to draw some nude bodies haha

I mean, I’m pretty sure if they know you’re pursuing to be an artist and you’re not looking at anything explicit, they will understand if they are being reasonable.

Or you can be like me in my early years and do secret nude studies in private and hide from the world… LMAO I’m kidding

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how do you feel about flowey? I mean, maybe it's what we all expect but maybe it's not?

*Flowey is the worst kind of bully there is.

*He’s a liar, who lies just to hurt people’s feelings…

*He’s a monster who ruined people’s lives just… because he could!

*I just…


*Thinking about him makes my blood boil.

*And it’s worse because it was all me.

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I seriously can't get over sometimes how much the Break Up ep of Glee felt like the beginning of the bed of Glee that we loved. I adored the show Season 1 through 3 (no show is perfect but was happy with where we were at) aND then the break up really did I think set in motion this new Glee where things just went down hill. First breaking up 3 major couples of the show all at the same time in all honesty just felt cruel rather than any real plot point. Like firstly having Finchel break up (CONT)

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hello can i get bts reaction (each member) to you and jiminnie being the smol couple (i'm also small aww) and thanks!!

Awww so cute! I hope you like this smol anon! <3


He would think you two were so cute together. He’d constantly be asking if you could reach things. If you needed help getting anything from high up. He honestly was just trying to help. Well he was trying to help you, he was teasing Jimin. He’d send you winks when Jimin would huff and puff about it.

Originally posted by beatriceindre


Cool you were short too. What like it’s special? Fine you and Jimin were cute together. Did you want a prize or something? Jimin and you would constantly bug him about starting a shorty gang. The three of you could fuck shit up all day. But good luck getting him to join in on your nonsense.

Originally posted by taedpole


He would think that you both are adorable together. He’d constantly laugh at the two of you. “I didn’t know Hobbit’s really existed!” To be funny he’d throw rings at you both while out shopping and laugh like he made the best joke in the world. It’s okay, you can punch him, if you can reach his face. It would all be in fun though and if you actually got upset he’d stop.

Originally posted by taegied


One word. Aegyo. All the time. He would be so annoying with it. Just out eating with everyone. “ADORABLE! KING AND QUEEN OF SMOL COUPLES!”. Or you and Jimin would be just sitting around on the couch, he would see you two and freak out. “SO CUTE! COMPACT LOVE!” Jimin would laugh and tell him if he kept it up he’d catch his compact hands. Of course Hoseok wouldn’t stop. He’d lowkey have a serious talk with you though to make sure you knew how lucky you were to date his Jiminie.

Originally posted by bangtanduh


He’d love that you were short like him. Another ally! Another warrior against all the tall people around him! He’d see you trying to reach something in the kitchen and be all “I got it jagi” and instead of just getting it for you he’d pick you up so you could get it because he knew he was too short to reach too. Plus now it would be easier for you to steal his clothes and he really liked when you stole his clothes.

Originally posted by bwipsul


Lets get one thing clear first, you were his best friend’s girlfriend so you were his girlfriend too. Deal with it. He’d tease both of you all the time for being shorties. It was all in love though. He’d also hang out with you all the time, you’d probably end up feeling like the third wheel tbh. But he wouldn’t walk too fast cause he knew you and Jimin’s baby legs couldn’t keep up well. He’d snuggle both of you all the time. Cause everyone knew that small people needed to be kept warm. I hope you’re ready to deal with their nonsense.

Originally posted by jimins-bootae


omg. How could this even be real life? Two smol and cute people together? Unheard of. He’d tease you both 24/7 non stop. You’re relaxing on the couch? He’d sit on both of you. “Oh sorry I didn’t see you two there!” A crack in the street you were crossing? “JUST JUMP! I’LL CATCH YOU! I KNOW IT’S SCARY BUT YOU CAN DO IT!” Also I hope you’re ready to date him too because that’s what’s going to happen. You’d have to share Jimin’s attention with his Jungkookie but honestly do you mind?

Originally posted by chimchams