and all her other friends have already passed away


Hello all, before I start I’d like to apologize for the poor pictures. My alter was slightly in shambles in the first one. (I have a very small space so I don’t really have a permanent alter, plus I’m still a “closeted” witch) 

Anyway I wanted to talk to you all about a spell that I preformed for a friend. Her dear pet recently passed away and she asked me to cast a spell to “bring her peace and have her cared for in the beyond.” 

I naturally immediately agreed (the loss of a animal friend is incredibly hard) 

after thinking about it this is the spell I did 

Peace For a Pets Pass


  • I used three white candles. one was simply to light the other two, It was already blessed and charged with energy. 
  • a pen or writing utensil of your choice (I used a quill)
  •  I set up an alter, but that is completely up to you 
  • a piece of paper, parchment, or anything you can write on that feels right
  • I charged this with crystals, the type is mostly irrelevant. I simply asked out loud which ones would be the most appropriate for her journey and I ended up with my large amethyst and a small orange cloudy gem which may or may not be a jasper? 
  • a fire proof bowl or cauldron (please always have water nearby when doing anything with fire
  • and lastly, salt
  • Also I had a bell but that’s not necessary so 

Step 1: 

Set up your alter and cleanse your area, before I started I cleaned the heck out of my room and lit a scented candle to clear my head.  

Step 2:

light your candles and place salt around everything. 

Step 3:

Write a note to said pet explaining that they are loved and that they shouldn’t be scared (of course personalize this as needed)

Step 4:

 choose a candle, there should be at least two. The one that you have chosen will be the guide that makes sure that your pet makes it safely to their destination. place a few grains of salt into this candle

Step 5: 

burn the letter with said candle so that they can get it and understand. this is the last active step really

step six:

ONLY blow out one candle, this shows that the ritual is over and ends your communications with the spirit, allowing it to leave. The other candle is to be  lit until it either runs out of wax or goes out on it’s own. This shows that they made it safely. I placed salt around the candle and the crystal right next to the candle for energy and protection

. aand that’s what I did! I apologize that everything wasn’t super duper specific or to the books. I mostly did what felt right and what I was told to do. This spell left the atmosphere in the room strangely positive at the end. 

(if you guys got any questions feel free to message me)