and all her other friends have already passed away

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☠ for Kara and ☮ for Cat!

☠ for Kara

Kara blows her powers out and Alex wants to implement the usual protocol—lots of sunlamp time and lots of sister time, snuggled up watching Netflix. Normally, that’s what makes Kara feel okay when she blows out her powers; that’s what makes Kara feel okay even when she has her powers.

But this time she’s still so angry. She wants to keep fighting. She argues that she’s trained just as much as Alex has and gets matching incredulous looks from her sister and J’onn. Kara knows she’s wrong even if she doesn’t want to be—she’s trained as Supergirl, not as Kara. She’s no use without her powers.

Alex gets an agent to drive her home, and Kara calls Cat from the backseat.

“Come to my place,” Cat says after Kara has explained. Before Kara can protest, Cat continues, “I’m not going to let you go home to mope by yourself.”

Kara doesn’t even want to, but she knows Cat won’t take no for an answer. She shows up grumpy and it just gets worse; she drops a glass of water and accidentally slams the bathroom door because she’s not used to doing anything without adjusting based on her powers. Cat draws her a bath and makes her go to sleep early—makes it all more of a demand than any kind of TLC.

The next morning, Cat opens the curtains to wake her up. The sun feels vaguely warm, and Kara can’t hear anything outside of the room, and she’s already frustrated.

“Put on clothes you can work out in,” is all Cat says.

Kara doesn’t ask and Cat doesn’t offer details, not over breakfast, not while they’re in the car, not as she leads Kara into a warehouse that looks more like Alex’s scene than Cat’s.

It’s not an empty warehouse, though, it’s a business, and even after the employee explains to Kara how this is going to work, she still doesn’t quite understand.

“I’m just supposed to pick a weapon?” Kara asks.

“Mmhmm,” Cat says. “You can pick more than one—I have this place rented out for the entire day.”

“You think I’m going to spend the whole day breaking things for no reason?”

“Darling,” Cat says, and Kara knows from the tone in her voice that she’s trying hard not to roll her eyes. “You’re going to spend as long as you want to breaking things because you are frustrated and there’s nothing else for you to do. And then I’ll take you home and fuck you until you can’t walk.”

Kara swallows, glances around to make sure no employees are nearby.

Cat hands her a baseball bat. “Start with this. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Kara does. She spends hours wrecking things—multiple TVs, a complete set of china, every type of kitchen appliance you can think of. She rips a couch apart with her bare hands, actually feeling how much her muscles strain as she does it. She’s already exhausted by the time Cat takes her home, and then Cat lives up to her promise to the point Kara all but passes out by the time they’re done.

She doesn’t know how long she sleeps, but when she wakes up, she can hear people having a conversation two floors away, and she smiles into her pillow.

The next time she loses her powers, Cat takes her back to the warehouse.

☮ for Cat

Kara really wishes Cat and Alex would be better friends. All they ever do is snark at each other. Kara doesn’t think it’s unreasonable to want her sister and her girlfriend to get along, but whenever she mentions it, she gets nothing more than an eye roll and an assurance it’s fine.

Alex gets hurt, not badly, but publicly. The street they’re fighting on is closed for construction, so there aren’t many people around, thankfully, but there are news crews too close for comfort. They’ve got a camera trained directly on Alex as she takes a shot to the side that knocks her off her feet. Kara finishes the fight soon thereafter, and they get Alex checked out as she complains that she’s fine while wincing every time someone touches her ribs. It’s a pretty regular post-fight situation, which is why Kara doesn’t understand when Cat rushes into the DEO, face pinched.

“How’s she doing?” Cat asks, worry in her voice that is usually reserved for Carter.

“How’s who doing?” Kara says.

Cat looks at her like she’s grown another arm. “Your sister? Who went down and didn’t get back up?”

Kara almost laughs, but the concern on Cat’s face is too serious. “She got back up,” Kara says. “She’s probably yelling at a doctor about how she shouldn’t have to take the rest of the day to rest and should be working instead.”

Cat’s shoulders relax, and it clicks in Kara’s head.

“You were worried about her? This much? You don’t even like her!”

Cat rolls her eyes and stalks off toward med bay. Kara watches her go, stuck in place by shock. Cat actually cares about Alex?

By the time Kara catches up, Cat is perched on a chair beside Alex’s bed and Alex is grinning.

“I can’t believe you were worried about me,” Alex says.

“Please,” Cat scoffs. “I simply didn’t want to deal with Kara moping if you’d been seriously injured. And aren’t you supposed to be a secret agent? I would think getting attacked on television isn’t the best strategy.”

Alex just laughs at her. Kara can’t help but beam.


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Summary:  Hannah tries to push her friend away after rumors spread to try and keep her safe.

Pairing:  Hannah Baker x fem!Reader 

Request: I don’t know if you do Hannah x F reader but if you do can you do 55 and Hannah is feeling really sad about all the rumors and the hate the reader is getting because she’s friends with Hannah and it ends in a kiss?

Warning: lesbian kissing because some people get uncomfortable, people being assholes

Word Count: 1107

Prompt:  “After everything…I’d still choose you.”

A/N this is honestly trash, but it was the best I could do.

Hannah Baker.  The new girl with long, brown, mermaid-like hair and big, brown doe eyes, already had rumors spreading about her.  You and her were introduced to each other by Kat at her going away party.  The two of you, Jessica and Alex were briefly friends until it just all fell apart.  Now, weeks later, the rumor of her and Justin has somewhat passed, Alex and Jessica are dating and as for you and Hannah, you have grown a lot closer to each other compared to before.  However, while the photo rumor was done with, the “Hot or Not” list with her name on it has been seen by half the school, creating the uproar of mocking gestures as she walked down the hallways with you.  

Even though you’ve known each other for a short while and Hannah probably thought of you as a friend, you had fallen for her.  And as difficult, yet enjoyable, that being just her friend was, you had to keep your love for her a secret for as long as you could.  You didn’t want to risk your friendship, especially if she wasn’t even attracted to girls.

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Ice Ice Baby chapter 2: Ice Block

Summary: Juvia has started a journey that she’s always wanted. A journey to become a mother. But can she really do it by herself? What will she do when an unexpected blizzard changes everything?

Ice Ice Baby will post every Sunday

I’m so beyond happy with how much everyone liked this!! I hope you’ll like this chapter too!

WARNING: If I upset anyone in this chapter, I’m sorry. There will be a pun in this chapter only that may be inappropriate so I’m letting you know now. It’s all in good fun, I promise. (side note: It’s really not much of a pun since some people actually have this name so… I even know a few). This warning may be pointless but I’ll leave it anyway.

NOTE: Gray will be a little OOC for a few chapters. But this is an AU, so yeah, he’s not going to be his moody self. But that part will come, I’m already there in my writing so I promise. This won’t last long! – Also! In this universe, the song Ice Ice Baby does not exist.

Previous Chapters: All | 1

A week later Juvia had everything in place in Natsu and Lucy’s second bedroom. Thankfully, she didn’t have furniture of her own. And the room she was in was fully furnished for when Natsu’s brother visited.

Juvia giggled, the room was pink. She knew Zeref just loved that.

Juvia was sitting at the desk in a cushy white office chair. Her feet were bare and her freshly painted toes were curled in the soft white carpet. She was super comfortable in her navy sleep shirt with Eeyore on the front. Bora hated it, so she had slept in it every night since she left. She didn’t realize the relief that was off her shoulders now that she was “single”.

She hummed a nursery rhyme as she turned to a new page in her brand new diary. She was going to make it her pregnancy journal and write down everything! From how big the baby was (according to the book) to what made her sick that day.

The only downside to everything was her job. She was the head baker at “Sweet, Sassy, and Classy” bakery. The sweet aroma made her queasy.

The promotion she was waiting on would put her in the position as head decorator. She still had a few more weeks before she heard the final verdict.

A knock on the bedroom door ruined her little doodle of a nursery design.

“You awake, Juvia?” Lucy asked.

“Yes!” Juvia pushed the chair away from the desk and stood. She was slipping on her house slippers when her blonde house mate opened the door with a big smile.

“Morning. Natsu is making breakfast. Should be ready soon.”

“Alright,” one of the biggest shocks Juvia had was learning that Natsu cooked. Granted he was limited to breakfast and pasta, but he was actually really good.

“Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, but we’re having a guest for dinner.”

“Oh?” Lucy and Juvia walked down the hall to the living room, “who is it?”

“A friend of Natsu’s. They’ve been friends since they were born but he went to college up North and is finally moving back home,” Lucy plopped down onto the cushy love seat, “I’ve never met him.”

“Oh good,” Juvia sat more gracefully onto the couch, laughing, “Juvia will not be the only awkward one.”

Lucy snickered, “Hey, Natsu? What’s his name? You never told me.”

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Hello all, before I start I’d like to apologize for the poor pictures. My alter was slightly in shambles in the first one. (I have a very small space so I don’t really have a permanent alter, plus I’m still a “closeted” witch) 

Anyway I wanted to talk to you all about a spell that I preformed for a friend. Her dear pet recently passed away and she asked me to cast a spell to “bring her peace and have her cared for in the beyond.” 

I naturally immediately agreed (the loss of a animal friend is incredibly hard) 

after thinking about it this is the spell I did 

Peace For a Pets Pass


  • I used three white candles. one was simply to light the other two, It was already blessed and charged with energy. 
  • a pen or writing utensil of your choice (I used a quill)
  •  I set up an alter, but that is completely up to you 
  • a piece of paper, parchment, or anything you can write on that feels right
  • I charged this with crystals, the type is mostly irrelevant. I simply asked out loud which ones would be the most appropriate for her journey and I ended up with my large amethyst and a small orange cloudy gem which may or may not be a jasper? 
  • a fire proof bowl or cauldron (please always have water nearby when doing anything with fire
  • and lastly, salt
  • Also I had a bell but that’s not necessary so 

Step 1: 

Set up your alter and cleanse your area, before I started I cleaned the heck out of my room and lit a scented candle to clear my head.  

Step 2:

light your candles and place salt around everything. 

Step 3:

Write a note to said pet explaining that they are loved and that they shouldn’t be scared (of course personalize this as needed)

Step 4:

 choose a candle, there should be at least two. The one that you have chosen will be the guide that makes sure that your pet makes it safely to their destination. place a few grains of salt into this candle

Step 5: 

burn the letter with said candle so that they can get it and understand. this is the last active step really

step six:

ONLY blow out one candle, this shows that the ritual is over and ends your communications with the spirit, allowing it to leave. The other candle is to be  lit until it either runs out of wax or goes out on it’s own. This shows that they made it safely. I placed salt around the candle and the crystal right next to the candle for energy and protection

. aand that’s what I did! I apologize that everything wasn’t super duper specific or to the books. I mostly did what felt right and what I was told to do. This spell left the atmosphere in the room strangely positive at the end. 

(if you guys got any questions feel free to message me)  


OKAY So what if one night the TD Babes are all fighting (who knows why) and it gets really ugly. Like even Wes is fucking screaming, and we KNOW THIS BOY HATES YELLING, but yeah. Everyone is fucking furious. And so Davie boy goes “Well fuck  Iget enough of this shit at home, fuck all of you!” Or some shit and just,,,, storms out. //cue angst and everyone like holy shit what just happened ?? // And David is off somewhere getting high AND drinking so first of all; he’s mixing, not good for him, and second of all, he sees a beautiful woman (Sabrina) walking by. Of course his impulsive ‘fuck my s/o’s they’re assholes rn I’m fucked outta my mind what’s gonna happen’, and suddenly he blacks out. 

But he doesn’t.

Instead he wakes up in Sabrina’s bed and immediately has a freak out because holy fuck I just cheated on literally everyone I love how could  I do this I’m a terrible person and Sabrina wakes up and then she freaks out because she feels awful for taking advantage of him etc. etc.

They never speak of it again. He goes back home and Mari and Joven are there with soft kisses and warm hugs and “I’m sorry baby"s.

He doesn’t tell them.

Four months later Sabrina finds him and tells him the most earth shattering news.

She’s pregnant. And he’s the father.

He freaks out again. So does she.

They have to tell the others.

Sab and David arrange a lunch with the whole crew, and he informs them that no, this isn’t a new crew member, this is important, we have to be mature. Flitz is suspicious,

The lunch goes fairly well, but the guilty parties know they have to drop the bomb.

Its terrible.

Wes, Boze, and Matt start crying and won’t say anything. Boze looks pissed, but also shocked. Flitz sits in silence, but lets no emotions show. Mari glares daggers at Sabrina and rips her hand away from David like she’s poisoned. Josh is the first to talk.

“When.” It’s not a question.

David tells them it was his fault. And it was the night they all were fighting.

Flitz finally makes eye contact with David and calmly says; "What are you going to do?“ Sabrina and David share a look.

"I’m going to have the baby.” Sabrina says. “It’s too late for an abortion, the fetus is developed.” They nod. Wes stops crying for a moment.

“How could you?”

David hangs his head.

“I’m so sorry.”

Weeks pass and they still haven’t completely talked about it. Sabrina doesn’t go to their school, so even if they did see her it would be slim to none. No one knows how to form a normal conversation, and David wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to break up with him.

It’s when Sabrina is six months pregnant, ready for an ultra-sound that Mari finally says something after being quiet for a little over a month.

“Can we go with you?”

David cries.

Sabrina does too when she realizes they don’t hate her, actually want to see the baby, and don’t blame her at all. (Well, not completely at least. She was still a factor of course.)

The doctor is more than confused when eight people show up for one person’s ultra-sound, with no parents, but lets them in anyway.

“Who are the parents?” The doctor asks at one point.

“Us.” Everyone says. David and Sabrina give them shocked looks.

“W-What?” David asks his friends. Boze rolls her eyes.

“Well we’re your fucking girlfriends and boyfriends, this is your fucking kid so obvi we’re the step-parents you dumbass.” And the amount of affection dripping from her sarcasm tells David just how dumb he is for thinking they’d all hate him forever.

“Y-You’re not mad?” Sabrina asks shocked. Matt snorts.

“Nah, we’re furious, but that doesn’t make us stop loving him. We just gotta make sure he’s being watched all the time now when he’s not sober though.”

“…..For legal purposes I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear any of that.” Doctor Morrison says, making the group laugh halfheartedly. 

When the baby is revealed as a boy, the whole group cries.

“Holy shit.” David whispers, and feels Josh grab his hand. “I’m gonna be a dad.”

“Yeah babe. And he’ll be lucky to have you.”

Sabrina’s parents had kicked her out after the ninth month, and she was living with Wes, since he had more than enough room, money, and food to spare. She still wasn’t officially apart of the group, but she wasn’t ignored either. They had all kind of warmed up to her a bit after getting to know her. Mari and Boze even threw her baby shower.

When the baby is born, six anxious basically-step-parents-to-be are in the waiting room. David is the first to come out (He hadn’t helped deliver, but he put on scrubs and had held Sabrina’s hand during it all)

“How is he?”

“Is Sabrina alright?”

“Oh my God we’re pARENTS NOW BASICALLY!" 

"GUYS CHILL!” David yells over the cheerful crew. He smiles. “Come meet our boy.” The file in one by one.

Sabrina is holding a little boy to her chest, and is crying and smiling at all of them. “Meet Tyler, guys.” She says softly. “Tyler, meet your other mommy and daddy’s.”

Mari is the first to hold him. “Holy shit.” She whispers. “He’s so tiny! Oh god, we’re gonna be the best parents ever he’s gonna be so lit as an adult.”

“And cultured.” Flitz says stepping up to look at him. 

David stands back, and Matt comes to stand with him.

“How are you holding up?” Matt asks. David shrugs.

“That kid was born because I couldn’t keep it in my pants after I fought with the people I love most. And now he’s up there at number one of my most favourite people. I feel like a dick.” David mumbles. Matt holds his hand. Other crew members are passing Tyler between him, whispering sweet nothings and promises for the future.

“Dave. You know we’ll never completely forgive you. Everyone knows that. But you also have to know that we love Tyler too. We still love you. We’re gonna be there. We’re gonna raise this kid together.” David kisses his cheek.

“Thanks Matt.”

Sabrina ended up passing away two days later. Turns out the pain was too much, and she’d had the flu already going into the birth. It was just too much for her. They all cried of course. She was their friend. The mother of the child they all loved and were going to raise.

It was a hassle to fight for the keeping of Tyler. Social services were on David’s ass before they could even finish Sabrina’s funeral. Since he was a legal adult however (19), had a steady job, and had beautiful secure home for the child to live in (Wes’ place, legit, parents do not give a fuck), they couldn’t really do anything.

Tyler grew up loved and cultured. He had great parents, a great experience, and even though it usually took 3 or 4 tries for the right dad to answer to his yelling, it was pretty lit.

They all never really forgave David, but they did chose to more pass it, and love Tyler with all their hearts. They told him about his mother, Sabrina, and how she was one of the coolest people they knew. Tyler never asked about how they met, which was good, because they never wanted to have to cross that road.

I don’t know how to finish this. I just wanted some angst to turn into fluff and I love babycorn. sm. the video today was so cute. okay peace bye hope ou liked it sorry for any errors :P

OKAY SO I CAN’T SAY WHETHER OR NOT THIS WOULD BE CANON IN THE AU (Especially since we don’t have an okay from Lcorn to involve his fam in fanworks)
Reaaally good writing too, it’s great!