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We got a new pupper at home!!

So I felt like drawing Toshinori and his pupper from @forgedobsidian‘s AU again!!

But I’m dog sitting right now and I can’t leave her alone or she will start whining, so I couldn’t get to my drawing tablet. Hope this mouse and non dominant hand drawing is ok :o

Game Shows Touch Our Lives is best when it’s a huge summer car jam in a live concert venue rather than the original intimate begging-to-be-covered-by-a-15-year-old-on-youtube version on Tallahassee, tbh

I’m just gonna put it out there, the person who misguided me most with horses had thirty plus years of experience with them and training them. And those thirty years were worth jack all in relation to my horse and her specific problems. In fact, the people who exposed me to the methods I used to successfully solve those problems had less experience than I did with horses.

Experience is a tricky monster that makes people think they know more than they do. Animal care standards and norms and our understanding of tools and how we use them has changed drastically in recent years. I’ll take someone who has little experience but current information before someone with extensive experience that acts on outdated information any day.

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I want everyone's opinions about something with modern Vikings! What do you think of the Ragnarssons smoking? I'm not actually sure if Jordan or David smoke but we know Alex, Alexander and Marco does though.

I grew up when smoking was still cool so I think it’s sexy as fuck to see a hot guy with a cigarette. I’m a product of my times and my countercultural leanings. Just watching any of them taking a drag, playing with his smoke while he thinks, ashing casually with his thumb, propping it between his lips when he has to do something with his hands, that practiced flick when he throws the butt into the gutter… I spent A LOT OF TIME in my teenage years watching my crushes smoke and fetishizing every one of these motions.

Damn. I kind of forgot how sexy smoking can be, because it’s not on American TV anymore and I no longer live around anyone who does. Nice trip down memory lane there…

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I’m at the top of world and I feel it
But it’s not enough for me


Snow in the riverlands. If it was snowing here, it could well be snowing on Lannisport as well, and on King’s Landing. Winter is marching south, and half our granaries are empty. Any crops still in the fields were doomed. There would be no more plantings, no more hopes of one last harvest. He found himself wondering what his father would do to feed the realm, before he remembered that Tywin Lannister was dead. — Jaime VII, AFFC ♦ requested by joannalannister