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the fact that Kevin “literally incapable of being nice to anyone, only thinks about his obsession 24/7 to the point where all his relationships are based on said obsession” Day got a girlfriend, married her eventually AND raised a daughter is just. so amusing but also equally hopeful

All For One: *yelling from far away* This may be a little off topic, but how good are you at digging holes?

All Might: What ar–

All For One: I mean, besides the one you already dug yourself into.

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Soooo, how about a ladynoir Witch AU? :)

“I’m the most powerful sorceress on the continent, you know,” Ladybug informed the purring werecat kitten in her lap very seriously. “You’re awfully relaxed for laying in the lap of Lady Luck.”

Her words had no apparent effect on the little black cat, except maybe to make him purr a little louder, so she went on, “I’m going to have to start telling people you’re my familiar so I don’t lose face.”

That got a reaction out of the tom; he stiffened, slowly raising his head out of where it had been tucked snugly into the crook of her arm, and looked at her with a devastating, near-palatable aura of hope.

The most powerful sorceress on the continent and I can’t even stand up to a cat, Ladybug thought in despair as she tried to remember where she’d left the familiar-binding spell and figure out how she could formally ask the little werecat to be her partner, only realizing a slightly more pressing problem when she got up to look. “…You’re not going to let me up, are you?”

ladybug is somewhat distressed when she finds out that the werekitten is actually a strapping young man instead of the young child she assumed he was because of the size of his furry form. they get along famously anyway.

send me a ship and an au for a 3 sentence fic


guess who’s back? 

goddamit tumblr, why aren’t you letting me upload the videos on your stupid site anymore? what gives!?

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thank you for posting so much chen/jongdae. it has brightened by dashboard and gives me more reason to scroll it. shout out to mesh shirt and artificial love jongdae! THANK YOU hahahahah

ahhh i believe the actual sunshine aka kim jongdae has brightened up many people’s dash too ;; and hahaha the mesh shirt and the artificial love choreo ahahaha let’s not talk about it haaaa

OUR Restroom is a real thing, because of you.

Last night we completed our fundraising campaign and exceeded our goal by over $300, and we are so, so excited! We cannot thank you all enough for your support of this work, and for your belief in and commitment to creating safer spaces for people of all genders.

This success will affect real, actual changes in businesses across this country and, eventually, throughout the world. What’s more, seeing the capacity to fundraise for this initiative signals how many of us are ready for these changes, are aware of the need for collective, driven work to ensure that they happen.

Stay tuned (you can follow us here on Tumblr, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!) as we work this month to launch our website, and as we begin to do outreach to more & more OUR Restroom ambassadors!


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I'm so tired of antis saying Lydia clearly isn't interrested in Stiles and doesn't care about him just because she didn't sleep with him and forget all about her boyfriend (whom she was in love with) the second she knew he liked her. it's getting annoying. I hope season 6 will show clearly,without a doubt, Lydia's feelings for Stiles. I need this so the antis can shut up

I’m tired of that too. It’s just a dumbass argument, Lydia and Stiles are beautiful because they grew together. They didn’t start out right for each other but over the course of the series they evolved into soulmates. It’s wonderful evolution that improved both of them as people. 

The antis drive me crazy with this one because I’m pretty sure a lot of them would love some slowburn ship angst…