and alfred being like *shrug* that's just what robins are for

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Badly injured Dick or nightwing with Jason getting all mushy snd emotional thinking Dick's actually dying this time (because fake deaths don't count in Jason's book). Pretty please if that's okay.

Sorry this took so long but I loved the prompt the minute I saw it! :)

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It’s almost morning when he walks into the cave expecting a good, big, fat fight. Screams and accusations thrown at him with deadly intentions, and then fists and kicks and bo staffs and daggers to finish the job. He’s ready to take it too, honestly. Well, not the daggers maybe. But insults and a couple of fists? Yeah, he’ll give the kids that. He knows he deserves it.

But the cave is quieter than ever, only a distant beeping of machines and the lazy flapping of wings from a couple of insomniac bats to fill the silence, and as Jason carefully ventures towards the med bay it becomes pretty evident that there are no little birds hidden in the shadows trying to kill him. How weird.

The only thing that hits him the moment he sets a foot in the infirmary, is the strong smell of blood. It’s not a strange occurrence, and it’s definitely not an unfamiliar one, but his stomach turns anyway.

He finds Dick exactly where he expected him to be, strapped to the gurney in the middle of the room, wrapped in bloodstained bandages quite literally from head to toes. Five bullets, Tim said. One grazed him just above the right ear, one in the shoulder, two - the worst ones - in his chest, and one in his left leg. A big, blue, Nightwing-shaped bull’s eye, that’s what his brother looks like. And it’s Jason fault.

“Hey”, a tired voice says, and Jason shifts his gaze to look at Tim, currently sitting crossed-legged on the floor of the room at the feet of Dick’s bed, hands tinkering with a device Jason doesn’t recognize. He takes in the dark circles under his eyes, the messy hair, the rigid posture, and his brain immediately conjures a red neon sign flashing the words not good into his mind.

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Curiosity Killed the Cat - Dick Grayson x Reader Part 2

Part 1 here

Y/N ran up behind Dick after class, putting her hand on his shoulder.

“I didn’t get the chance to ask you earlier. How..?” Y/N started, cut off by Dick’s abrupt answer.

“I was playing baseball.” She frowned, furrowing her eyebrows. Her hand slowly came up to Dick’s face; fingers gently tracing the tender bruises.

“I worry about you, Grayson. Constantly,” she murmured. Her statement pulled at his heart.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. You don’t need to stress over my well-being,” he replied.

“I can’t help it! You get hurt so often, and I really do care about you, so how could I not be concerned?” she asked, hands dropping to her sides. Dick ignored the urge to pull them back to his face.

“Look, I’ll try to be more careful, okay?” he offered. She didn’t reply, instead glancing down. They stood in silence until another girl ran to join them.

“Y/N, there you are! Have you seen the news? Batman and Robin were out again last night and they apprehended Killer Croc! Aren’t they fantastic?” she gushed.

“Yeah, they’re pretty great. They kick a lot of ass, don’t they? Robin,” she said, snapping her gaze up to meet Dick’s, “is particularly impressive. Being so young and still going out and fighting crime like that? I bet he’s about as old as you, Dick,” she continued, staring directly into Dick’s eyes. He looked away, clearing his throat. Y/N dropped the intense stare she had been maintaining, diverting her attention back to her friend.

“Anyways, Hana, did you want to go see a movie or something? There are some new ones in the theater.” Hana nodded happily, suggesting that they watch some cliche romance as they walked away.

“Bye, Dick,” Y/N called over her shoulder.

Dick watched them go, then started in the direction of the nearest zeta tube.

“Dude, what the hell was that?” Dick jumped, startled at the sudden appearance of a certain ginger speedster.

“Wally? Why are yo…” Wally cut him off.

“I swear, you could cut the tension between you two with one of Cheshire’s knives. Also, what was with all the intense eye contact? And all the comments about Robin?” he asked. Dick shrugged.

“She just makes a lot of Robin-related remarks, I don’t really know. And believe me, if I knew what was going on, I would tell you,” he answered.

“Protege of the world’s greatest detective and you can’t figure out a teenage girl? Shaking my head,” muttered Wally. Dick rolled his eyes.

“Whatever, Kid Mouth. Why are you even here?”

“I got bored, and I figured that you might have something interesting going on. It turns out that your activities are more shameful than interesting, but still. Do you want to get something to eat? I’ll pay,” Wally offered.

“Sure, but I hope you realize that if you didn’t have superhuman metabolism you would legitimately be obese.”

“Grayson,” Y/N drawled, sitting behind Dick. She prodded his arm, prompting him to roll his eyes.

“Come on, Dickie-bird,” she said. He stiffened, turning to face her.

“Okay, Y/N, what do you want?” he asked. She smiled.

“Your undivided attention,” she replied. He sighed.

“Well, you have it. And what’s with all the bird jokes?” Her face fell from an easy smile to seriousness.

“I think you know,” she answered. Dick could feel his heart start beating harder in his chest. She knew, there was no way she didn’t. He furrowed his brows.

“We’ll talk about this later,” he stated, turning back to the lecturing teacher. He found, however, that he could no longer focus. When the bell rang signaling their freedom, Dick grabbed Y/N’s hand and pulled her out of the room. She didn’t protest, following him towards the limousine waiting in front of the school.

“Hello, Master Dick. Will Miss Y/N be coming with us today?” Alfred asked. Dick nodded and the vehicle took off. The ride was filled with an uneasy silence, both Y/N and Dick unsure of what to say. Upon arriving at the manor, Y/N finally spoke.

“You’ve never taken me to your house before. It really is as impressive as everyone says.” Dick nodded.

“Yeah, it is.” He led the girl inside, heading up to his room. Upon entering the room, he noticed that Y/N’s eyes lingered on the Flying Graysons poster adorning the wall.

“So, to face the elephant in the room,” he said, clearing his throat as he took a seat on his bed, “how much do you know?” Y/N’s brow furrowed.

“Too much, probably. Be it facts or assumptions, I have a talent for figuring things out. I don’t really know where to start, so I’ll just go from there,” she said, gesturing to the poster.

“You were in Haley’s circus, but your parents were killed by Anthony Zucco. Then Bruce Wayne, the man behind the Batman’s cowl, took you in. Before you say anything, it’s a far-fetched conclusion, but one rooted in logic. Based off of Batman’s apparent lack of superpowers, he relies on gadgets and technologies as well as hand to hand combat, which means that he would have to be able to afford all the weapons in his utility belt. Out of all the people in Gotham city who could afford such expensive vigilantism, Batman would have to be someone with a motive for fighting crime. Cross checking the ages and physical ability of Gotham’s elites with each person’s backstory, Bruce Wayne emerges as the prime candidate. And as his ward, it would make logical sense that you are, in fact, Robin.” Dick’s ears seemed to be ringing and Y/N’s gaze relentlessly tore through him.

“Your constant injuries, as well as your prior acrobatic experience, are clues that you would be involved in…” she continued.

“Jesus, Y/N, I know that I’m Robin. You don’t have to convince me,” he interrupted. Color spread to her cheeks.

“I…” she started. He laughed.

“It’s fine, really. Besides, you’re cute when you blush. The cat’s out of the bag now, isn’t it? So yeah, I’m Robin, and Bruce is the bat. But you can’t tell anyone. As of right now, the possibility of Bruce Wayne being Batman is nothing more than a click bait conspiracy theory, and that’s the way we want to keep it,” he stated.

“So now that you know I know about your crime fighting… would I be able to help you?” she questioned.

“Absolutely not.” Y/N appeared as if she wanted to protest, but didn’t pursue the argument further.

“Now that you know the truth, I’ll have to keep an eye on you, won’t I? Just to make sure you aren’t sharing this information,” Dick explained. Y/N smiled, joining him on the mattress.

“As long as that means I’ll be spending more time with you,” she remarked, “I’m all for it.”


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A/N: Jason Todd is now back from the dead. The love of Y/N’s life, her everything. But there are questions to be answered. Will conflict arise between the two lovers? Will the family bond tear? Or will they go their seperate ways as vigilante and hero.

Warning: Smut, foul language

PREVIOUS (Resurrection)

I didn’t even make a sound at the sight of him. I couldn’t move when he dropped his helmet to the floor. I couldn’t even breathe, all due to the sight of Jason. He looked more mature, his hair stuck at awkward angles, his face scarred, and a familiar but faded burnt scar of “J” on his left cheek.

I couldn’t stop myself but found myself walking fast towards Jason, who opened his mouth to speak but was stopped when I slapped him across the face. The sound echoed and resonated throughout the entire apartment, and to a certain extent I regretted my actions.

Yes, I wanted to gather him in my arms, hug him, kiss him, treasure him again. But all I could feel was anger and hate throughout my entire being, all the rage that I felt so many years ago had risen like a fire in my heart unable to be tamed. He didn’t even reach up to touch the now red stinging skin but looked back up at me, only to slap him once again. 

Again I felt regret but I didn’t even care about it. Jason looked back up at me, but this time was quick enough to stop my hand, grabbing my wrist in his grip. I ripped my hand out of his grip, ‘Don’t touch me!’

‘DON’T!’ I screamed, pushing him away violently, my eyes wide and my chest heaving heavily as I stared up at him. I ran my hand through my hair, shaking my head up at him, ‘How could you? How could you do this to me?!’ He sighed, running a hand through his hair too, ‘I was trying to protect you-’

‘Bullshit Jason!’ I turned to him angrily, shaking my head, ‘You know very well to the core that I can look after myself very well.’ He just sighed, his anger now rising in him, ‘I’ve been struggling-’

‘STRUGGLING?!’ I roared with widened eyes, making him slightly flinch at this. ‘Do you know how much I’ve been struggling?! Trying to get over your death and to grieve-it was so fucking hard! And all the while all I’ve done is try to stay sane! THATS WHY I MOVED AWAY AND NOW YOU’VE COME BACK! So don’t you dare say you’ve been struggling!’

I turned away, clasping my hand to my mouth before turning back to him as tears glistened at my eyes, ‘I feel like I’ve been going through this over and over again, this pain and torment inside me, and all you’ve done is abandoned me … Y-You think you can have the right to come back into my life whenever you want and think its okay?!’

‘No.’ Jason stood before me now, a little closer than arms length, trying to comfort me in some manner but failing as I cowered away from him, speaking in a more gentler tone. ‘I am here. I have been with you throughout all of this. But I don’t you think you know how hard its been for me since-since-’

‘SINCE WHAT?! I’ve seen the footage of your death! I’ve seen it all, the crime scene, the weapons, your blood spilt upon the walls and floors of that very place! I even looked into the eyes of your fucking murderer Jason! So tell me, make me understand!’ I cry in his face. He gulps heavily, walking away slowly. Silence filled the room in that moment between us. I thought he may leave, just like he already had done for the past three years. But then he finally spoke as he looked around. ‘No I-I can’t talk about it. Not yet at least, I just can’t.’

‘If you can’t talk Jason, I think its best if I leave tonight,’ I said angrily while grabbing my mask up. ‘No, don’t leave! Please don’t leave-’ Jason stopped me, standing in front of the door, his eyes now glistening as he shook his head. ‘Get the fuck away from me Jason, just get the fuck away from me!’ I screamed, pushing him roughly against the wall, screaming in his face, ‘WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?! WHY DIDN’T YOU COME BACK FOR ME?! WHY DIDN’T YOU?!’

At this he just went silent, making me shake my head, ‘Exactly what I thought.’ And with that, I pushed past him, tears streaming down my face as I placed my mask on, jumping through an open window in the corridor before allowing myself to glide across Gotham city.

I slammed open the door to the manor, Alfred’s voice echoing, ‘Not even the patience to wait for me to open the door.’ I ignored him and made my way towards the lounge and kitchen to where all the boys, surprisingly Bruce as well, all resided.

‘Hey Y/N, good to see your back in one-’

‘When the hell were you going to tell me?!’ I said heading straight for Bruce, ignoring Damian who instantly recoiled at the sound of anger in my voice. 

‘Y/N are you okay?’ Dick said as he came beside me, placing a hand on my shoulder which I shrugged off. ‘Oh I’m perfectly fine! Now that I’ve come face to face with my “apparent dead boyfriend” who is actually alive! Oh, I’m totally fine!’ At this his eyes widened in horror, even Alfred was frozen in place, only Tim’s voice echoing throughout the room, ‘Ja-Jason? The-‘

‘Yes the other Robin Tim! You’re older brother!’ I yelled at him, watching as he cowered, turning back to Bruce who had opened his mouth to protest at my tone of voice, ‘And don’t you dare stop me from telling him that because he needs to know the man behind the mask. The man who was ready to give it his all for you! I saw him for myself, Red Hood is Jason Todd in the flesh and very much  ALIVE. So answer my question, did you know?!’

Bruce was silent, not even moving before he spoke softly, ’What will you do if I give you the answer?’ I scoffed, shaking my head, ‘It will depend on your answer.’ At this he sighed before he finally answered. ‘I knew.’ 

I drew away from him instantly as if he was a disease, running a hand through my hair as Dick moved forward, spitting at his father in a deadly whisper before he exploded, ‘You knew! YOU KNEW THAT OUR BROTHER WAS ALIVE AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO TELL US! NOT EVEN Y/N WHO WAS HIS LOVER?!’

‘I WAS DOING IT TO PROTECT ALL OF YOU!’ Bruce finally exclaimed, shocking all of us and making him turn to him, but the young man just ignored his words, ‘Bullshit.’

‘Its true! Jason has turned into nothing but a vigilante, from being with the Outlaws to being the Arkam Knight alongside those-those Monsters! I don’t want him anywhere near my family if its the last thing I do!’ At this I instantly turned to him, my blood boiling with anger as I screamed in his face, ‘How could you do this to us? But most importantly him! HE WAS YOUR SON FOR CHRIST’S SAKE HE’S NOT SOME PSYCHOPATH! Does that mean now that when each one of us go out you’ll replace us and tag us as “vigilante?” Huh?!’

He stayed silent at this, but they opened in horror when I spoke once more, ‘Very well then, Bruce, have it your way.’ Tears stung his eyes instantly, but I didn’t see them as I hurtled up the stairs and into my bedroom where I gathered some things, slamming them into an old duffle bag before running back down the stairs only to be stopped by Dick. ‘You’re not really leaving are you?’

I sighed. ‘No, but I can’t stay here, not for a while at least, I just need to get away for a while.’ He nodded before embracing me, squeezing me lightly, ‘I didn’t know Y/N, truly I didn’t. If I did I-’

‘I know,’ I said as I pulled away with a small smile, placing a kiss to his cheek before pushing past him, only to be stopped at the front door by Alfred who gave me a couple of bags of all sorts of foods as well as other essentials which I thanked him for. I ran over to my motorbike, only to look up at one of the windows of the manor to see the familiar silhouette of my Dad before I kicked off the brakes and drove out of the gates without another glance.

I drove and drove, unable to stop as the adrenaline and anger pumped and coursed throughout my body, only to find myself at the apartment again. I slammed the door shut, sliding down it as tears fell down my cheeks, my hands pulling at my hair as the pain thumped at my chest, just like it had the night of Jason’s death.

It was about two months later when I was reading “Much ado About Nothing” on my bed, that I was interrupted when a harsh rapping echoed throughout the apartment. 

I made my way to the door, checking the time to see it was two in the morning, opening it to find no one. I closed it, only to jump back when I saw a tall figure leaning against the window, their figure shrouded in the moonlight which pooled into the apartment. I sighed in relief before rushing over, only to freeze when I realised it was Red Hood.

As much as I hated the Wayne Family at the moment (well not all of them), including my boyfriend, well I shouldn’t even be calling him that either should I? 

Anyway, I couldn’t just keep him out forever, I needed to know the truth. I pulled open the window, only to gasp as he fell against me, weak, bloody and bruised. I hurriedly pulled him inside, leaning him against the couch before shutting the window, turning back to find him removing his helmet.

‘What the hell happened to you?’ I said, taking his face into my hands, it was also bruised badly, his neck revealing large masses of blood, not to mention his torso where he bled through his suit, ‘It was Black Mask’s gang, they caught me in a moment of surprise for revenge for what happened last time …’

I helped him to his feet, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and leading him towards the bathroom where I placed him to sit on the toilet seat. I grabbed the first aid kit from the bottom of the cabinet, opening it and grabbing the utensils and items I needed as I heard him groan softly in pain, ‘Why are you-helping me?’

‘Well if your asking that, why did you come here?’ I said, my eyebrow raised as I turned to him, trying to hide my blush as I found him shirtless. He just sighed. ‘I’m used to the fact that we used to live here … That-‘ But at this he went silent and said nothing more. I just sighed to myself before getting the disinfectant out and beginning to clean his wounds ever so gently, stopping him whenever he twitched or just caressing his wrist whenever he hissed.

I felt his hand wrap around my waist, making me freeze slightly, looking up into his eyes before continuing. He continued to watch me silently and with content, his hand massaging the curve of my hip gently before finally I stood up.

I turned away and began to wash the blood covered items in the hot water, the stench of blood filling the air. ‘You should take a shower, I don’t want the wounds to get an infection even though I’ve disinfected some of them …’ I said as I turned to the shower, pushing the glass door open to turn on the water, making sure it was a mild heat.

I turned back to the tools, only to be stopped when Jason grabbed my hand, turning me to face him. I watched, frozen as he cautiously began to unbutton the shirt I was wearing. I wanter to slap his hands away but I just couldn’t, shiver sent down my spine as he ran his fingertips against the skin between my breasts just above my bra.

Finally he reached the bottom, allowing his fingers to push the fabric off of my shoulders, finally hitting the bathroom floor, doing the same to my pants, leaving me in just my undergarments. He took my hand, pulling me under the water with him, gasping as the warm water showered over us both.

He turns me slowly, taking the soap into his hands and beginning to massage my back, even under my bra line, obviously trying to not invade my privacy. I let out a small groan as he pressed his thumbs into my lower back, but I stopped him, turning back to him and hugging him tightly.

He just took me into his arms, holding me as I whimpered into his chest, ‘Do you know how much it hurt me when I watched the footage of Joker killing you? It killed me! I nearly went mad with revenge! If Bruce hadn’t knocked me out before I shot the Joker I would’ve put him through all sorts of torture!’ Jason gripped me tightly, squeezing me as I cried softly. He lifted my face, holding it gently in his calloused hands, ‘I never left you …’

At this began to lean in, and I couldn’t help myself when he kissed me, wrapping my arms around his neck and drawing him closer. Jason pushed me against the shower wall, kissing me passionately and hard as I grabbed at his hair harshly, making him moan and bite on my lip. He moved his arms beneath my thighs, picking me up with ease, leading us into the bedroom where he laid me down. Jason removed my bra and underwear hastily, while I removed his own.

He stared down at me, pushing my hair out of my face before leaning down and capturing my lips in a more gentler kiss, caressing my skin before taking up both my hands into his own and pulling them over my head as he entered me, both of us moaning out softly. Jason began with slow thrusts, my eyes rolling back as the pleasure began to take over, whining softly as he just smirked, kissing up my neck, under my chin, and all over my face. My arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer as he began to fasten his pace, groaning into the curve of my neck, my legs tightly wrapped around him.

‘Y/N …. Oh shit-‘ He growled in my ear as I moaned loudly, my whole body shaking violently as he placed his lips to mine, He moaned as I continued to tug at his hair, and he raised his head and rested it in my neck. His heavy breath was dancing in my ears, turning me on more than I thought was possible at this point.

‘Oh Jason!’ I breathed as I finally felt the build up grow inside me, moaning as I cummed, my nails digging into his back as I scratched him, his growl echoing as he kissed me once more, pounding into me before he pulled out, finishing himself off as he groaned violently.

We both fell to the bed, both of us facing each other, breathing heavily. I sighed softly as he pulled me up on his chest, his arms wrapping around me. I smiled to myself, wrapping my arms around him before he spoke again, ‘I didn’t come back because I was angry. I thought that you and the others had left me. I thought Bruce replaced me and you finally moved on.’

I looked up at this to look at his face, hi hand caressing my back in a comforting way as he continued, ‘A year was how long I was cooped up with Joker in the abandoned complex of Arkham. I was brainwashed into thinking you had all really left me behind, but changed my mind a year later when I realised you had left Gotham. I followed you to Boston and watched you start off your business. I visited every few months. However I still felt so betrayed, that no one even came to find a body, or that Bruce didn’t even try hard enough to help or look for me …’

Jason choked up at this, stopping himself from continuing. I lifted his head to face me, caressing his cheek lovingly, ‘Your here now. Your not dead. I know that you may still be mad at me, Bruce and the others, but you need to know. I wasn’t the only one who had a hard time getting over your death, Bruce was the worst. He was silent for months before he even spoke. He even went after Joker before me! Dick misses you like crazy! He misses having an older brother. Tim and Damian, you haven’t properly met them, but they already adore you!’

He looked up at this, a gentle smile on his face as he looked up at me. Jason just placed his lips gently to my own, bringing me closer to him. 

I awoke early the next day to a loud knocking on the door. I looked up to see Jason still fast asleep, breathing gently and out like a light. I kissed his cheek gently, pulling myself out his arms slowly smiling as he groaned, trying to reach for me. ‘Hmmmm-Its too early come back …’

I chuckled, placing another kiss to his forehead, ‘I’ll be back in a minute babe.’ I picked up my shirt, buttoning it up a bit before quickly making my way to the door as the knocking continued. I opened the door with a smile, only to gasp up at the guests in front of me. ‘Good morning sweetheart!’

‘Babe? Y/N where are you?’ Jason groaned as he sat up, pushing his hair out of his eyes, rubbing them gently. He got up with the bed sheet wrapped around his waist. He made his way into the open area, noticing Y/N’s laptop open on coffee table. 

Jason made his way over, clicking the spacebar only to jump back at the sight of Y/N, gagged, unconscious, and bounded to a chair, Black Mask circling her as he gave a chuckle, ‘Good morning sleeping beauty, too sleepy to hear your sweetheart cry out for you? What a shame! You have less that 12 hours to find her, in the mean time, a friend of mine and I are going to give her the party of her life.’

Just before the video ended, Jason was horrified, to hear a very familiar laugh echoing throughout the apartment. It was the Joker’s.

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