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#142: Baby Series | Your Baby Laughs For The First Time

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Luke let out a sigh frustrated as his eyes flicked between the TV screen in front of him, William resting on the floor on his baby blanket while having a toy in his mouth and his crutches resting nicely against the other couch at least 2 meters away from him. He was biting his lip starting to grow irritated and another sigh followed by when he tried to reach his arms forward to grab the crutches because of his need of going to the toilet. He had been sitting the past hour trying to get the crutches while you were showering upstairs, but because of the growing pain in his knee, he couldn’t get himself up from the soft couch without using his crutches to get up. He had also given up on trying calling your name as he had been doing that the first ten minutes without any respond besides William making small noises from the floor. Luke cursed under his breath enough for William not to hear and he did his very best to reach his arms forward, barely touching the crutches with his fingers but it was enough for them to fall down together on the ground and Luke’s eyes widened instantly. ”You’ve got to be kidding me!” He exclaimed almost angry, the need for peeing getting bigger and bigger but everything was forgotten just as soon as he heard the small sound of a giggle. His eyes glanced towards William who was looking up at his dad with the same memorizing blue eyes and his mouth was wide open in a smile. ”William, did you just- I mean…” Luke looked down wide eyed at his son and he tried to reach forward again to try reach the crutches in test and as Luke predicted, William started to giggle again. An award winning smile broke onto Luke’s face and he started to yell your name repeatedly. ”You think this is funny? That your dad is suffering with these crutches?” William started to giggle again in the exact moment you came down from the stairs in only a towel and your eyes widened by the sight in front of you. ”He giggled?” You said shocked and hurried towards the couch and Luke nodded his head proudly. ”He thinks it’s funny that I can’t reach my crutches.” Luke explained and you looked down at the floor confused and took the crutches to pass them to Luke. ”My little star.” You said in joy and kissed William’s head when you lifted him up in your arms, ”It’s a good thing you already know how to annoy your dad. Just like your mom would do.” Luke rolled his eyes by your word with a smile and kissed the two of you on the lips before he hurried towards the toilet, finally getting the chance to empty his bladder.  


“Hey don’t be sad, I’m only in there okay bud?” Calum said with a smile and looked down at Alex with promising eyes, and he looked up at his dad confused while Calum waved and walked into the recording booth. “He’s about to make some recordings with his voice. It’s something they always do on tour. He’s right behind the glass so he won’t go anywhere okay?” You explained to Alex while bouncing him up and down on your lap, and he watched Calum closely while he put on some headphones and walked towards the microphone. “See? I’m right here so there’s nothing to worry about.” Calum said through the microphone and Alex looked up confused by the sound of his father. It had become a habit of Alex. He was addicted to Calum, more than he was to you. Wherever Calum had to go, Alex had to be with him. It was a great thing that you guys managed to go on tour with the band because if you didn’t, you knew Alex would be bawling his eyes out every night missing Calum. “Okay, if you start singing the bridge part, I’ll listen to whether you should go higher or lower in the tone of your voice.” Luke explained while talking into the microphone and Calum made a thumbs up and looked down at the lyrics in front of him on the paper he was holding. “See, he’s gonna sing now.” You said and pointed towards Calum, Alex’s eyes following your finger and looking up at his father with the same brown big orbs. Calum looked confused at first to where he was in the text but when he caught up with the melody track he started to sing with furrowed eyebrows, concentrating on doing his best. Alex looked closely at Calum, and at first he broke into a smile but then something happened that you didn’t expect to hear. At first the giggles were faint but all of the sudden Alex broke into fists of giggles, his cheeks blushing and he squirmed in your lap. “Oh my god.” You exclaimed and looked down at Alex with wide eyes and so did Luke who seemed surprised too. “Is this the first time he has laughed?” He asked and you nodded your head proudly and removed your eyes from him when you heard Calum come out of the booth. “What’s going on?” He asked confused but when he looked down at Alex laughing his eyes went wide. “He’s laughing because of your voice. Go inside and sing again!” You exclaimed gladly and Calum’s face turned into joy by the first sound of his son laughing because of something he did. Calum hurried back into the recording booth and started to sing again and this time his eyes were focused on Alex who started to laugh all over his face again. “God this is amazing.” Calum said into the microphone and you nodded your head agreeing with a proud smile and placed a long kiss on top of Alex’s head.


”Come on Celeste, why won’t you laugh at me!” Michael exclaimed almost frustrated, his eyes wide as he stared down at Celeste who was sitting in her baby chair with an empty plate in front of her, more concentrated on waiting for you to finish the dinner rather than getting entertaining by her father. “Michael you can’t force her to laugh! She’ll do it when she is ready to do it.” You responded while stirring the sauce you were making, looking over your shoulder to see him roll his eyes at you. “The doctor said clear that she would be laughing when she was around the 4-5 months. It’s because I’m not funny, is it? I’m a bad parent, just agree with me!” Michael’s hands flied in the air to express himself and he leaned back on the chair with a sigh. “You’re not a bad parent because you can’t make her laugh. She just has the same humor as I do, apparently. How often do I laugh at you?” You placed the now hot sauce onto one of the trivets that were on the table and grabbed your oven mitts. “Well, never.” He responded and kissed Celeste’s hand when she reached out for him and he sighed again before an idea came to his mind and he furrowed his eyebrows. “You know, there is always something that makes you laugh insanely!” He rose up from his chair to your confusion and you watched him as he took Celeste up from the baby chair and headed over to her baby blanket. “And if she’s anything like you, she will be drooling with laugher when I do this.” He placed her on her back and lifted up her t shirt so her belly was in sight and he leaned down and placed his lips right above the belly. He had big expectations when he started to make farting sounds on top of her skin and at first, there wasn’t any reaction but then the giggles would appear quietly and all of the sudden she was giggling so loudly Michael had to stop in surprise and look down in awe. “She’s giggling!” He exclaimed loud and moved his lips down again to make the fart sounds on top of her belly and she started to squirm around while giggling, wanting get away from her father and his weird movements. “I made her laugh.” He shouted and lifted her up in her arms, the both of them completely red in the face while she was panting lightly and Michael couldn’t stop smiling all over his face proudly. “See, that is my princess.” He said in pride and walked back towards the chair and took a seat down, seeing how you were almost finished with making dinner. “I told you she would do it when she was ready.” You said with a wink and looked down at him while he sat with Celeste, looking down at her in awe.


“Ash do you need my help?” You asked out loud without removing your gaze from the magazine in front of you and in respond you had a few weird mumbles. “Is that a yes?” you asked and put the magazine on the bed before you rose up and you heard Ashton start to make louder noises. “No please, everything is going perfectly fine!” He shouted back but there was no way of preventing to see what he was doing. “Ashton!” You exclaimed when you came into the bathroom, your eyes wide and your jaw almost falling down to your chin by the sight in front of you. “What! There is no such thing as using too much soap!” He fought back with guilty eyes and it was clear on his face that this was a mistake on his behalf. The bathtub was filled from top to bottom with soap, some of it creeping up the tiles on the walls and some on Ashton’s clothes. You could barely see Cloe and Zack in the tub, the only things visible were their head sticking out of the bubbles. Though, to make sure they wouldn’t disappear, Ashton had one hand around each and you scoffed at his childish behavior and sat down next to him. “How do we get rid of all of this.” You sighed and grabbed some of the bubbles, moving them away from Cloe so she was more visible and comfortable. “Well I thought this was the funniest thing to do when I was a kid!” Ashton joked and you looked over at him with a soft smile. “Key word Ashton. They aren’t kids they are still babies!” You grabbed a handful of bobbles and blew it towards his face, and he shut his eyes by your action and looked at you deadly. A small smile creeped on your lips teasing and you grabbed another handful and filled his hair with it. Ashton opened his mouth ready to give you some sort of lecture but he stopped in track when he heard a giggle came from his left and both moved your head towards the twins. “Who did that?” He asked half shocked and to see who it was you grabbed another handful of bobbles and smashed it into Ashton’s face. It was Zack who started to giggle contagiously by the action and your mouth opened agape by him. “Oh my god Zack you’re laughing!” You exclaimed and grabbed another handful of soap and blew it towards Ashton who both had an irritated and also proud smile on his face. “I never thought he would, it’s two weeks ago since Cloe did it the first time!” You said while laughing with them, the both of them giggling by the action that was going on between the two of you. “Yeah, how funny.” Ashton said and this time he grabbed a handful of bobbles, and blew it towards your face making the twins laugh even louder than before, enjoying the scene in front of them by their silly parents interacting.