and alec in the background

things that should happen w malec in 2b:

  • a👏🏻kiss👏🏻initiated👏🏻by👏🏻magnus👏🏻
  •  a concept; casual intimacy 
  • like malec holding hands 
  • forehead kisses!! 
  • kissing each other goodbye/good luck/ good morning 
  • them waking up to each other, magnus with his hair unstyled, without make up and alec just admiring him for the way he is 
  •  alec making breakfast while magnus slowly creeps behind him to hold him and nuzzle his neck 
  •  saying i love you in every possible domestic situation 
  • malec being the power couple they are and fighting off circle members together 
  •  alec would make sure magnus is covered while magnus would unleash his true demon prince™ powers basically killing everyone 
  • what im saying is i want more powerful magnus while alec nuts in the background 
  •  did i already mention a kiss initiated by magnus 
  • literally imagine him just pulling alec by the lapels or the back of his neck for a kiss while alec would get absolutely breathless  
  •  MORE 👏🏻HUGS👏🏻 
  • especially cuddly ones where they’re just laying in random places at magnus’ apartment, holding each other tight, maybe burying their face in the others neck and smelling them a bit 
  •  every deep™ conversation has to be on the balcony from now on 
  • alec interacting with magnus’ magic!!! 
  •  either sharing him his strength again or just playing with it a bit 
  •  clary finally doing something useful and inventing the alliance rune for them 
  • magnus sharing his past with alec and alec learning to understand his background better 
  • them adopting madzie because come on they’ve already been officially established as her dads 
  • overall more intimacy initiated by magnus, taking his feelings into account more so things like 207 won’t happen again 
  •  them bickering like an old married couple 
  • alec moving in to magnus' 
  • alec’s parents starting to accept their relationship and realizing it’s serious and that it’s not going anywhere 
  • alec asking to see magnus’ cat eyes again more properly this time and them having a moment™
  • more screen time
  • no more goddamn interruptions 
  • malec getting engaged in the season finale


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some cute madzie+magnus+alec headcanons now that they’ve been confirmed as her dads™

  • magnus and alec will take her to her favorite coffee shop every sunday and madzie keeps freezing her hot cocoa every time
  • magnus is amused while alec’s like “honey, why do we keep taking you here when we could just go to a ice cream shop instead”
  • and then madzie is like “but dad this is different than just ice cream” and alec is kind of not convinced until madzie forces him to try it
  • after that alec’s kind of hooked on the treat too bc he secretly has a sweet tooth and spends his time licking on the huge cocoa popsicle every time they decide to visit the coffee shop again
  • people may or may not give them weird looks but it doesn’t matter because they’re a happy family
  • madzie loves to make flower crowns in the summer time from whatever she can pick up from the various places they visit through portals [magnus may or may not help her by using his magic to grow all kinds of exotic plants sometimes even in the middle of the busy new york streets and pretends to not have anything to do with it when alec looks unimpressed]
  • after she’s made a dozen of different types she decides to use her dads as her models for them
  • alec is reluctant at first but there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his baby girl tbh so that’s how he ends up with a pink flower crown on his head for the rest of the day while magnus tells how cute he looks while wearing his own violet one
  • the first time madzie is allowed to spend the night at her friend’s house both magnus and alec are emotional watching her pack her little travel bag while alec already has tears in his eyes
  • ‘’are u crying’’
  • ‘’no im not – you know what? yes im fucking crying magnus, this is our little girl and i’m just gonna miss her so much even if it’s just for one night.’’
  • at this point they’re both crying silently while madzie just rolls her eyes and says ‘’cmon dads it’s just for one night stop being such crybabies’’
  • magnus teaching madzie magic while alec watches them fondly in the background
  • alec wanting to teach madzie some combat skills when she’s older so that she’ll basically have the best of both worlds with having a shadowhunter and a warlock as her dads
  • them tucking her into bed every night and alec giving her a kiss on the forehead while magnus gives one on her cheek 
  • after that they shut off the lights but stay on the doorway for awhile just to watch her sleep while they both have an equally fond look on their faces 
  •  magnus then squeezes alec’s waist and is like “we did good, didn’t we”
  • alec answers by returning the gesture 
  • “yeah we did”
What I want or what I would change in season 2b/season 3
  • Clary would stop and listen to others because they are the ones who knows more
  • Fair share of screentime for the different pairings.
  • Malec having their intimate scenes without interruptions
  • Luke being a better alpha to his pack and take decisions that are better for then than just for Clary
  • Alec having more fighting scenes
  • More Magnus’ background history
  • For Simon to stop being so clingy with Clary
  • More downworlders screentime
  • Garrobane
  • Malec power battle couple
  • Magnus doing High Warlock bussiness
  • No more censorship for Malec
  • More Izzy without the drug addiction
  • Jace needs a break

clary rushes into the control room, pushing her red hair out of her face so that she can make eye contact with jace.

“what’s happening? have we found the sword?” she asks breathlessly, feeling a rush of air beside her and suddenly simon is by her side.

“we think so,” luke speaks up from where he is standing by the monitor, arms crossed and shoulder holster strapped and ready to go. “we’re not entirely sure, but our scouts may have pinpointed the location.”

“then we have to get it! right now!” clary replies, hand already on her seraph blade when isabelle says, “we can’t go in blind. it’s too risky.”

“isabelle, lives are at risk! we have to make sure what happened with valentine and the soul sword never happens again.”

“clary’s right. we can’t just- OH, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!” jace groans and claps a hand over his forehead at the sight of alec and magnus, who have been standing there the whole time, with their foreheads touching and arms around each other, completely ignoring the conversation.

“you guys, really?” jace urges as alec takes magnus’ face in his hands and nuzzles his nose with his own, earning an adorable giggle from magnus. “this is super cute and all, like i literally am crying on the inside because of how cute you guys are, but the world is in danger! can we just-?” they ignore him and magnus boops alec on the nose, who laughs and kisses magnus on the forehead before capturing his lips with his own, his arms around magnus’ waist with magnus’ arms wrapped around his neck.

“yeah, it’s no use trying.” simon shrugs from the corner.

“should we just….” they all look over at magnus and alec, who haven’t stopped laughing and kissing, oblivious to their surroundings. “keep going?”

“they literally were standing here, ready to hear the report, and then THIS!” jace pouts. “they cannot keep their hands off each other and it’s honestly the most adorable thing I have ever seen and I’m so happy for my parabatai and it’s like an explosion of sunshine and rainbows and hugs and love and kisses every time I see them together.”

“same.” everyone else muses in unison and continue the mission with magnus and alec canoodling in the background.

do you ever just think about how magnus and alec probably spend night after night, just talking. whether it’s stretched out on the couch, abandoned take out boxes on the coffee table, one of magnus’ favourite shows playing in the background as alec tells magnus the story of when izzy accidentally broke jace’s arm when they were younger. or whether they’re sitting out on the balcony, a fluffy blanket wrapped around them, soft music playing from inside the loft as magnus laughs when he recalls the time ragnor and him got extremely drunk and catarina had to try and get them back on their feet and through a portal before anyone noticed them. or whether they’re walking through the park, hand in hand, talking about how their day was and where they should go for their next date and joking about how they should portal away where no one can find them so they can finally get some peace. like most nights they’ll spend chatting to one another for hours and they’ll look forward to it all day, to coming home and telling each other about the awful client magnus had or the teasing alec had to put up with from his siblings. like they’re so smitten that they love just hearing each other’s voices, it’s calming, it’s a safe warm feeling in their stomach, it’s coming home after a long day.

k-ede  asked:

I'm so here for the moment that max ask to magnus; are you my brother's boyfriend? and magnus looking alec like "what do I say?" then alec will take magnus' hand and he will look at max and say "yes, he is my boyfriend"


I’m just imagining everybody decked out in their best, just hanging around, chatting before the ceremony starts. Max comes in with Robert and Maryse through the door and Alec sees him immediately. Alec leans towards Magnus, who’s talking animatedly with Jace, touches his elbow and mutters a quick “be right back” before he stalks towards the door and bends down just in time for Max to run into his arms for a hug. 

“It’s your big day, isn’t it Max?” Alec leans back and surveys his younger brother while adjusting his collar, “Looking good.”

“Woah, you look like you’re dressed to impress. Did Izzy pick your suit?” Max looked at Alec, wide-eyed. Alec was taken aback for a second before letting his eyes drift back to where Magnus was and he gave a soft smile, “Come here. I’ve got someone to introduce you to.”

“Magnus, this is Max and Max, this is Magnus, who owns the house we’re currently in,” Alec introduces them as Jace rubs Max’s head affectionately. Magnus looks down with a tilt of his head and extends his hand, “Why, hello. Nice to meet you, Max. Hope you like the…place,” Magnus remarks while gesturing to the room with a wine glass in his other hand. Max reachs out for a firm handshake with a soft greeting and thanks Magnus for letting them have the ceremony at his place, to which Magnus returns a smile, “Well, you have your brother to thank as well. He helped with the decorations.”

Max looks between Alec and Magnus before something clicks in his mind, “Are you my brother’s boyfriend?” Magnus blinks in surprise as he hears Jace’s snicker in the background and looks towards Alec, who was looking just as surprised. He waits for Alec to catch his eye before raising an eyebrow, as if to say well, what are we and as Alec’s eyes grew wider, Magnus forces himself to glance back at Max and clears his throat to answer when he feels Alec step closer to him, shoulders touching and hand lingering next to his, feeling the reverberation through Alec’s body as he says, “Yes, he’s my boyfriend.”

Y'all realize one of the many reasons Maryse was so weary of Magnus was because of her husband. Think about it.

Her husband was cheating; Magnus is know for being a “lathario” so it was only natural instinct as a mother to be weary.

She’s hurt by her husband and she DOES NOT WANT THAT for her son. She doesn’t want Alec hurt by someone like Magnus (or the one she thinks she knows).

Yeah it’s also because he is a warlock, a downworlder and a guy that is her shadowhunter prejudice showing but as a MOTHER she just wasn’t okay with her son dating someone with such a background.


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