and alarming

Slime Rancher!! I thought that @therealjacksepticeye‘s ideas for new slimes were really cool in the last video, so I drew them and a few of my own too! See if you can spot them all, my favourite is the Metal Slime :P I didn’t want to make it too similar to the rock and crystal slimes so I took it in a different direction!

(There are 12 slimes)

As @therealjacksepticeye’s shows draw closer, there are a few questions that have yet to be answered…..

What the hell kind of show is it? Is it a full scale performance? A comedy show? Is there going to be tour merch?Why is that one picture of anti displayed for the show on the theaters’ websites? Did I mention what kind of show is this?

  • me: [at work, ringing up two parents and their toddler who's sitting in the cart trying to get their attention]
  • toddler, quietly, waving hands around: [incomprehensible]
  • mom: what?
  • toddler, even quieter: [incomprehensible]
  • dad: you gotta speak up, bud
  • toddler, at full volume: FUCK.