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A Pretty Theft~Dianakko

Happy Birthday Hana! 

Thank you so so so sooooo much for the amazing fanfiction you have done over the years, not just those in Little Witch Academia but the stories for Rwby and for other shows as well. You’re such an amazing, wonderful and talented person and you deserve everything great in the world. I’m so happy to have met and talked to you in the hell group and I hope you have a brilliant birthday! *BIRTHDAY HUGSSSS* 


Summary: “The person that makes the princess laugh gets her hand in marriage.” That along with another reason is why Princess Diana never laughed. However, in one fateful night in the flower garden, a girl called Akko Kagari decides to make it her mission to maker her laugh. 

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"I want to go on a date! I demand it!" Dianakko

“I want to go on a date! I demand it!” Akko yelled in front of Diana Cavendish after the congratulations of being able to fly died down, both her hands were on her hips, her eyes blazing with determination despite the tints of pink on her cheeks. Diana in turn was staring at her with an slightly open mouth, deep scarlet on her cheeks. “You promised me a big reward when I fly Diana and I-” her face falls to the ground a bit as the colour on her cheeks intensifies, her voice becoming more softer and shy. “I want to use it as a date with you..”

“Akko…” she said softly as she looks around her, her teammates were already on the floor and even other people like the green team, Frank and the teachers were pulling shock faces. The only ones who weren’t shock were the headmistress, Professor Ursula, Lotte and Andrew who were smiling fondly and with full support except Lotte who seemed to have sparkles in her eyes and an excited smile. She sighs, a soft smile on her face as she looks back at Akko. She takes Akko’s hand in spite her confused protest only to bow and gently kiss the back of it, “It’s a date then.” She laughs when she stands up with a wink.