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request: Annyeonghaseoo! It’s me againn! Yoongi x V plsss!! Probs some the one where yoongi acted as a girl and V was the boy (RUN BTS) and the rest is up to you!! Kamsamnidaaa

There was like 4 requests for this so here it is ^^ again sorry for the long wait, the amount of requests that I have is making me really stressed out :<



Real Madrid Celebrating Their 33rd La Liga Title: Greatest Hits
  • the benches reaction before the final whistle (KIKO HAVING TO HOLD BACK LUCAS ASJFKNAFL)
  • pepe and the selfie stick - i love my suburban father
  • the team interrupting zizous press conference & drenching him in champagne AGAINN 
  • marcelo checking to see if they broke the computer after said interruption
  • everyone having to duck under the bridge except dani lmaoooo
  • morata and pepe bumping&grinding to despacito NSFW!!!
  • Sergio knowing only 4 words of the song but singing them wiTH GUSTO
  • cris butchering we are the champions (MY EARS WERE BLEEDING)
  • marcelo being startled by the confetti cannons LMAO MY BABY
  • our capitans sharing the purest cheek kiss after wrapping the cibeles with the real madrid flag & scarf

Last night I had a dream about you
In this dream I’m dancing right beside you
And it looked like everyone was having fun
A kind of feeling I’ve waited so long

Summer | Samhraidh


  • SUMMERTIMEi rith an tsamhraidh  [ee rih on thow-rah]
  • SUMMERsamhradh  [sow-rah]
  • HOLIDAY saoire  [seer-rah]
  • BEACHtrá  [thraw]
  • PICNICpicnic  [pick-nick]
  • PICNIC BASKETciseán picnice  [kish-awn pick-nick-uh]
  • SWIMMINGsnámh  [snawv]
  • SWIMMERsnámhóir  [snawv-ohr]
  • SWIM SUIT culaith snámh  [kull-ah snawv]
  • SUMMER CLOTHESéide Samhraidh  [ay-dee sow-rah]
  • A WALKsiúlóid  [shool-oyd]
  • RAIN báisteach  [bawsh-tchokh]
  • SKYspéir  [spare]
  • BOATbád  [bawdh]
  • YACHTluamh  [loov]
  • SAILING seol  [shohl]
  • WIND gaoth  [gwee]
  • SUN grian  [green]
  • SUNNYgrianmhar  [green-var]
  • SUN HAThata gréine  [hah-thah grayn-eh]
  • SUN BURN dóite gréine  [dhoh-tcheh grayn-eh]
  • FRECKLES briciní  [brick-ee-nee]
  • SEA farraige  [fahr-ih-geh]
  • SEASIDEcois fharraige  [kush ahr-ih-geh]
  • SHORE   — cladach  [klah-dhakh]
  • SANDgaineamh  [gah-nyuv]
  • DUNE dumhach  [dhoo-ahkh]
  • SHELL sliogán  [shlug-awn]
  • SANDCASTLEcaisleán ghainimh  [kahsh-lawn ghah-nyiv]
  • WAVES tonnta  [thun-thah]
  • WETfluich  [flih-ukh]
  • SEAWEED feamainn  [fah-min]
  • BLUE SKY spéir ghorm  [spare ghurm]
  • ICE leac-oighre  [lahk-eye-reh]
  • WARM bogthe  [bug-heh]
  • HOT te  [tcheh]
  • HEAT teas  [tchahs]
  • HEATWAVE scallán teasa  [skah-lawn chasa]
  • FUNspraoi  [spree]
  • BANK HOLIDAYLá saoire bainc  [law see-reh bahnk]


We are going to Spain for our summer holidays
Béimíd ag dul go dtí An Spáin le haghaidh saoire an tSamhraidh
He was splashing about in the water
Bhí sé ag lapadáil san uisce
The children love the beach
Is breá leis na páistí a bheith cois trá
I’m going out to buy ice-cream
Táim ag dul amach chun uachtar reoite a cheannach
I hope we have fine weather next month
Tá súil agam go mbeidh aimsear breá againn an mhí seo chugainn
It rarely gets very hot in Ireland
Ní minic a bhíonn aimsear ró-the in Éireann
Can you swim?
An bhfuil snámh agat?
I can swim under water
Is féidir liom snámh idir dhá uisce
We’re going out sailing tomorrow
Táimid ag dul amach ag seoltóireacht amárach
I sunbathe every morning
Luím faoin ngrian gach maidin

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