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So i saw a post a few days ago about neurotypicals who say that stim/fidget toys make you *less* focused and how fucked that is and it got me thinking of an analogy.

So you know when you try on a friend’s glasses and you can’t see shit???? Their glasses make your vision worse, right? But you realize that it’s because YOU DON’T NEED THEM. You might mention or make a joke about how blurry things are for you, but you still understand and appreciate that the glasses help your friend see, even though they aren’t good for you personally.

So when you try your friend’s tangle or fidget cube and claim, as a blanket statement, that it makes you *less* focused and that your friend should stop using it for that reason?? You’re being just as much of an asshole as if you tried on your friend’s glasses and said “wow, you know these ACTUALLY make your vision WORSE, right???” because you’re assuming that your experience is the same as theirs when it’s really, really not.


SH Characters: A Short Summary: (S2B)  Magnus Bane

I’m the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

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the lovers, the dreamers, and me {a klance mix tracklist}

the only exception // paramore
ease (lontalius remix) // troye sivan
don’t worry about me (aquillo remix) // frances 
issues (acoustic) // julia michaels
youth (acoustic) // troye sivan
hazy // rosi golan and william fitzsimmons
let it be me // ray lamontagne 
you and i // ingrid michaelson
rainbow connection // sleeping at last
i will follow you into the dark // death cab for cutie 

a soft playlist for sleep and klancey feelings
please listen on 8tracks if you like it and for track annotations

cover art by the wonderful @marshiyan


so, I was doing some google image searching and  happened to stumble upon those super cute phone covers by @saisai-chan, and imagined inko having them… only if I had an iphone….

(here’s also the original artwork!)

Door Symbolism/Reading The Room: A Look at Klance

After finishing season 3 I, like I’m sure most people, walked away with a lot of new ideas, theories, and takeaways from the show. However, one such thing I didn’t even consider except upon review of the “leave the math to Pidge” scene while working on making gifs is how often the use of doors are in symbolism for Lance and Keith’s relationship. It’s such a prevalent matter that I couldn’t help but make a post to share with y’all some interesting metaphors and character analysis between Lance and Keith’s relationship (romantic or not)


Often when looking at well directed cinematography, the use of the setting/background information to portray character emotions is quite common. This can be scene in instances such as warm colors giving “romantic lighting” and dark colors/rainy weather representing “fear/sadness” in most movies/shows

Voltron does this really well in many scenes, hell just look at the first episodes and take in the emotions you feel when looking at the environment and how the characters probably feel:

In other words, shot compositions is really important in Voltron

Now. Let’s take a look at what shot composition shows us in the dynamics of Lance and Keith’s relationship

This is going to be a long post, so the analysis will be below the cut:

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Finally. A reason to live again.

hey u ever think about how the real tragedy of the last of us is ultimately….it was meaningless. at least from ellie’s point of view - all those people that died, riley and marlene (most notably) and countless others just to further her and joel’s journey. 

and at the end of the day she doesn’t even have joel. she doesn’t even get that because she knows he lied, she knows that even though he made that decision the blame is not entirely his, it never can be.  

the things they did, the terrible terrible violence she inflicted wasn’t worth anything - there was no payoff, no redemption. she’s just stuck now, stuck with the things she’s done and the knowledge that she might’ve become someone she never wanted to be. her and joel’s relationship is a sliding scale, they both move closer to each other as ellie redeems him and he corrupts her. it cost ellie everything, and it cost joel nothing. because in his eyes it was worth it. and in her eyes, it never will be.

dyes for bones?

Was reading some books on herbs and found entire sections on dyes made from plants. Usually these are for yarn, but it suddenly hit me that these could be used for bones! Why didn’t I think of this before? Cue me looking through all of my herb books for dye ideas! So here’s my note-to-self of herbs (and other stuff!) to try dyeing with. Feel free to add more if you have suggestions!!!

Red & pink: bloodroot, pokeberry, rosehips, sorrel, roses, avocado pits (?!), sumac berries

Yellow & orange: beetroot, dahlias, goldenrod, heather, marigold, pear leaves, rudbeckia, saffron, turmeric, zinnias, chamomile, carrots

Green: bracken, dock, nettles, spinach, plantain, lily of the valley

Blue & violet: blackberries, blueberries, mulberries, red cabbage, elderberries, indigo, juniper berries, yellow flag

Brown & black: sassafrass, sumac bark / stem, willow, pretty much any tree bark, onion skins, walnut husks, meadowsweet, tea, coffee, acorns, dandelion root

Warm / hot water makes the process go much faster. For some of these, especially tougher components like roots and bark, I imagine that simmering them in water and then letting it cool before dropping in your bones would help bring out the color. I’m really excited to try these!!

Someone in the AC tag: Ugh, another Assassin’s Creed game. They all went to shit after 3-4-whatever, nothing can redeem this franchise, why would anyone be interested in it anymore. I’d rather play any other game.

Me, clutching all the asscreed games to my chest:



I actually thought about this a while ago, since I posted that one drawing of these two www and I had been restraining myself from getting too much into this… but reading @pocket-luv101​‘s post about World End slipping in the Sham vs Tsuyuki fight got me all pumped up about this teeny tiny possibility…

TANAKA-SENSEI PLS ((( ≧ʃƪ≦ )))


okay first attempt at making one of these, my friend showed me the song and i got all inspired, tbh i think i just like making sad things link in case the video doesn’t work bc it’s sporadic for me on mobile