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mark tuan as your boyfriend

-a/n- sorry for the long wait to all those who requested mark as your boyfriend! here he is!


Seventeen / BTS


- mark and you both aren’t major cuddlers but you two do like to spoon every once in a while (he’s usually the big spoon, you’re the little one. but sometimes he likes to be held) because although you don’t want to be all over top of each other you still want to be touching each other and be close. 

- you two wake up together (with a got7 song as your alarm lol) because you both have to leave for work at the same time and it’s nice because you can give each other a cute lil kiss (despite the morning breath) and then go get ready together. 

- you guys have a system for breakfast. mark cooks the pancakes, you cut the fruit, and you both sit down and eat before anyone is allowed to leave

- then you go your seperate ways but not without giving each other a sweet, syrup-tasting kiss as you walk out the door

- you guys are a totally chill couple. you’re the type to literally just sit and cuddle with each other and not realize that it’s been 5 hours and you haven’t don’t anything but kiss and whisper about random shit but who cares because you guys like it that way

- dates are usually pretty chill. you guys will just go to a park or something and lie on a blanket and listen to music and talk about life or go to some empty field and lay and watch the stars and try to see who can get the most constellations (you can. mark cant stop staring at you long enough to find them)

- you guys also like to do things like go shopping (he doesn’t even complain, he likes getting new clothes as much as you do) or to the waterpark (he loves going down the twisty slides with you placed between his legs on the raft)

- sometimes he stays late to practice dances even when the rest of the members go home so you decide to bring him some food because he always forgets to eat when he’s practicing. 

- when you get there, he’s in the middle of practicing one of their newer choreos and he looks so good when he’s dancing that you almost dont want to interupt him

- but you do

- ‘i brought you some food!’ you’d say with a smile as he turns off the music and approaches you. you hand him the bag and give him a cute lil kiss on the lips and he’s pretty sweaty but he makes it look good because i mean it’s mark freaking tuan we’re talking about

- after he finishes his food (well, you both finish his food. he insists you eat some with him and even cutely feeds you a few bites.) you’re like 'hey can you teach me one of your little flip thingies’

- and he’s like 'hELL NO you tripped over a t-shirt this morning, you’d hurt yourself somehow’ but you’d end up convincing him so he’d groan and pull a mat out from a closet or something and instruct you how to stand. he’s literally be holding you so tight when you’d try to do anything  you were like 'mark im just doing a back walk-over, don’t be so worried’ and he’d just roll his eyes and let go slightly but not before he says 'well what do you expect, you really aren’t the most graceful human being in the world’ and you’d just smack his shoulder.  

- he’s like that all the time tho. he constantly is watching over you and such because although he isn’t the jealous type of protective much, he’d be protective in a whole other way. like 'no do not try to hold your breath for 2 minutes straight underwater, you can’t even swim from one side to the other without coming up for air’ or 'you are going to fall, stop trying to balance on that ledge’. like he couldn’t help himself sometimes because you constantly were getting yourself accidentally injured or in sticky situations and he’s like 'sometimes u r a child’

- he can totally be a child sometimes too though like he’ll play silly harmless pranks every once in a while, like putting a spider in your dresser drawer or switching the salt and sugar

- you guys don’t hide anything from each other like you’ll randomly be like 'ugh i really have to pee’ while cuddling and he’d be like 'then go pee’ and you’d say 'no it’s warm and comfy here’ and he’d just make a face and say 'if you pee on me i swear to god-' 

- but in all seriousness you guys aren’t afraid to tell each other everything and you are so comfortable with each other like it’s never embarrassing to tell each other something because you both are just so chill with it

- dating mark also means dating got7. jinyoung acts just like a mom and practically runs a background check on you but once he sees that you’re chill he’s like “welcome to the family” and then there’s jackson who insists you’re trying to break up markson and you think he’s being serious so you get worried that he doesn’t like you but that’s not the case because as soon as you get a nervous look on your face he smiles really big and gives you a bear hug and is like “they’re so cute mark, i love them!!” then bambam is so excited to have another person to hang out with and insists that he teaches you how to do the latest dance trends and you’re like O-O but go along with it because he’s so cute. (yugyeom also thinks this means he gets another person on his side when he messes with the hyungs because you told him he was adorable.)

- when you finally get to travel to his hometown and meet his parents you’d be so nervous beause his dad is practically a legend and his mom is his mother and you’d be all shaky and stumbling over your feed- and words- and mark would be like 'you weren’t half as nervous as this when meeting the boys, but now you’re freaking out because you’re meeting my social-media star dad? who even are you?’ but he’d also have his hand on your lower back and he’d fill in the gaps when you forgot and it’d be so sweet honestly

- his parents love you btw

- his dad would take a selfie with you and be like 'the child i’ve always wanted’ just to make mark go -.- but you’d all laugh about it and fans would eat it up

- you’d hand around his town and go to all his favorite hang out spots and then get ice cream at this place that mark insisted was the best ever, y/n and then you’d get to meet all his old friends and get a true glimpse into his life before he moved to korea. it’d be really interesting and amazing and you couldn’t help but feel incredibly proud

- when you first said i love you to each other, it was actually after you had accidentally hurt yourself again and wound up in the hospital with a concussion and mark would rush to the hospital after finding out and he’d run in out of breath with his jacket only on one arm and his hat on sideways. he’d just wrap you in a tight hug and be like 'all the phone call said was that you were at the hospital, i was freaking out oh my god i love you so much, please don’t do this again’ and you’d be like…'you love me?’ and he’d turn red because he was supposed to confess when it was a romantic and cute setting, not in a cold hospital room where you felt like throwing up and sleeping and he’d be like 'well yes of course ugh i meant to make this moment special and-’ you had heard enough and just pulled him in again and kissed him lovingly and looked right into his eyes and said 'i love you too’.

- you may or might not have threw up in the trashcan right after

- overall you and mark would be a laidback and adorable couple that everyone adores and secretly envies because you’re so close and happy

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Okay, I will probably get shit for this, but this really needs to be said, cause I'm getting tired of it. The people who decide to watch the premiere or any episodes this season, that's fine it's your choice, but I don't want you to hear you complaining then. Ever since A/E denied SQ at Comic Con, we talked about boycotting. Some of us have been since then. Now I'm not talking about leaving fandom. Fandom is not the same thing. WE created fandom. THEY created this homophobic show, so watching it

is supporting THEM, not the fandom. I swear I feel like some of you are in an abusive relationship. You talk about how bad the cast/creators treat you, they don’t deserve Swen, how you have had enough, then you go back to watching it. STOP supporting THEM. Don’t give ABC the ratings. How happy have you been watching the last few seasons? Why are you falling for it again? Fine, if you want to watch, then don’t clog the fandom with your complaining of the new season. I’m here for the stories and

art, and friendships. Not to listen how you watched and they are STILL queerbaiting and continuing with het couples. I think we need two seperate tags, one for fandom, and the other for those who want to continue being puppets of Adam and Eddie and giving them their ratings and support in this queerbaiting.

Right, ok, just to sort of tease out some points if you don’t mind?

One of the paradoxes I suppose, of this whole thing is that the mindlessly enthused tend to also show up for stuff that the radically inclined need them for—the reverse is ALSO true. If this fandom could bridge the divide between critical thinking and fangirling over gooey-sweet fanfiction, it might push for what it wants more effectively? The only people that those two groups don’t include are the deliberately anti-SQ among GLBT shippers pushing for something more, because the deliberately anti-SQ (as in don’t mess with AdamEds’ vision but read my fanfiction and if you speak back to me I’ll publicly humiliate you) are who are really gumming up the works here. Also, the people I just called ‘mindless’ can really show up when things get a LOT more blatant and obvious. In other words…not mindless at all.

So the dichotomy isn’t really true is it? I mean critically interrogating the truly awful things about Once could still make room for acknowledgement that they still have a chance to fix things and here’s how and so on. And holding out hope that they will fix things, if cheerfully nudged to do so, while holding perhaps too tightly to false hopes, seem to be two paradoxes at both ends of a spectrum. Which would mean that separating out tags wouldn’t work.

How to cut through the things that the show’s PR stunt doubles do in order to encourage this notion that thinking too hard makes you a hater? Because the result of all of this, is that those who are willing to think it all through, tend to take on the burden for the rest which leads to burnout and frustration—being labelled ‘negative’ when they’re trying to be diligent. This notion of a ‘positive’ movement toward representation means, conversely, that you can never express anger without being demonized. That is a tough thing to decide strategically much less emotionally.

Falling for queerbaiting and choosing to watch strategically might be (might be) two separate things. Watching and complaining when you know that what you’re about to get (especially after the farce of 3b) is self-defeating at the very least. On the other than, watching strategically (no ratings given) and sorting through the mess of what this show is warping for the ‘average viewer’ is still important work to some of us—sort of the way marker’ing up Club Monaco posters (bc the store only caters to size zeros) or calling out Seth MacFarlane’s disgusting Oscar performance is?

In another category are those (who we hope are a minority) who might actually mistake sweaters and sushi (slightly adorable PR moves at the very last moment) for proof that say the premiere has changed in any way, shape, or form. I’m sure that people realize this, but are excited because the ‘normal’ shit of fandom whatever’ing is finally happening for their Big Gay Elephant in the Writers’ Room (as in ‘don’t tell them we know about them sort of like don’t ask, don’t tell, but shooting ourselves in the foot for no apparent reason).

I’m not sure that this all constitutes an abusive actual relationship. We think of it more as an elaborate game. Though, it’s a game that the people with all the power—money, access to production processes and therefore the power to ruin actors’ careers—have stacked in their favor.

A lot of people sort of hit the highway and said ‘to hell with it’ and we get that also. But that also leaves a lot of stupidity behind. Why not stick around and try to interpret what’s going on for others? Or at least explain your own point of view?

This fandom has been awfully afraid of asking for what it wants. There have been just enough completely unbalanced pressure tactics (the Whiners 4 come to mind) to leave the rest worried that speaking up might make them look like (wait for it) Baaaaaaad Apples.

The worst part, in all of this, is that this fandom isn’t always down with thinking this harder stuff through. There seems to be an overabundance of loving for the fluffy fairytale, even as that fairytale is threatened by overtly hateful people. We get your desire for more pointed, direct action. A boycott is one such action and I saw people simultaneously celebrate the sweater/sushi party while cheerfully reiterating their plans to trend some pretty nice stuff on twitter and not actually watch the show.

At the same time, this ‘bad apples’ stupidity seemed to fly at people what, the day before the silent trend thingy? The coincidences do keep piling up, don’t they?

And isn’t there another layer to all of this, involving ego, yet again? If the people who just want to play nicey nice with A and E are also in it for their own literary fame, then they can just keep on toeing every safe line that’s drawn for them. So they’re not in an abusive relationship, they’re standing on the sidelines, watching as abuse is heaped on others of their kind. Kinda creepy and grotesque when put that way, huh.

(And no, this Anon does not deserve shit for this post. They have an opinion and attitude of their own and it should be respected and valued just like any other. NOT a hive mind, remember?)