and after yesterday... yeah this happens

Yesterday, after accidentally teaching 8 uninterrupted hours of calculus (I had a 2-hour break between discussions, but I told them I would keep teaching if they stayed and SO MANY PEOPLE STAYED!), I had the sudden realization that I got paid to do the talk-about-math thing….


Like, that whole day I just did? Yeah, they paid me for all of it. And that stunned me, because I feel like I’m conning the school… Do they not realize I would absolutely do everything I’m doing right now for free? They have to realize that. Heck, if I had the money, I would pay people to look interested while I rattle on about math nonstop, solve problems and talk about how cool the ideas are… Do they understand what a rare treat that is? And it’s even better because my students chose to hang around and learn math for several hours longer than they even had to do. 

Let me say this again. It is my job to talk about mathematics all day to people who care about the mathematics I’m discussing. That’s more exciting to me than going to Disneyland. I get paid to go to Disneyland every day.

This can’t be real life. 

And you know something else? My students thanked me for staying late yesterday, as if I was doing them a favor. Hahahahahahaaa like I would choose literally any other activity over talking about math. Hahaha never. 

Anyway, it’s Friday which means I don’t teach tomorrow and I’m so sad about that. One of my supervisors asked if I had anything fun planned for the weekend and I had to stop myself from saying “No, I’m just going to sit around and wait for Monday :(”

Emma and Mary Margaret are talking about the ring. Inspired by the script Adam posted yesterday.

“Thanks. I never thought” Emma stopped and looked lovely at the shiny stone on her finger “I just never thought, you know” she said to her mother, gesturing towards the ring.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, I did” Mary Margaret said with a big smile of her face.

“You did?”

“Of course Emma!” 

“When? How?”

“Well, I’ve known for some time. The first time I thought about this, for you, was during those six weeks after Elsa and before Cruella. But then the Dark One story happened and he died and well…”

“Yeah, I know.”

“But then he come back!” Mary Margaret said happy “He was back, and you two were together again and you were so so happy and that’s when I started to think about it again.”

“But marriage?” 

“Emma, once upon a time you told me all you do are one night stands. He, he is more than that. He was more than that since that beanstalk, even if you couldn’t admit it.”

“I know” Emma smiled at her “I know he was more.”

“I am so glad for you Emma. You deserve all the happiness in the world, and Killian makes you happy.”

“He does.” 

Mary Margaret hugged her tightly and Emma felt tears of happiness coming to her. 

“You know, I even told him that our first kiss was a one time thing.”

“Sure you did, Emma. I will let everyone know, at your wedding, that that was your worst and biggest lie ever.”

my question is how did Yuuri get home/to the hotel after the banquet. Was it Celestino the one who called a cab? Did he stay there until the end of whatever Yuuri was doing, just watching? Or was it in the same building? In which case how did he get to his room if he ever returned to his own room. IN WHICH CASE how did he just wake up, almost naked, his head probably POUNDING and nausea quickly setting in and think “…yeah I think nothing weird happened yesterday”

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Okay, I don't exactly get why people are clamoring for dialogue, Shattered is just fine as is.

This whole thing happened because an Anon yesterday told me “I love your shattered comics but you know it will be better if it had some words with it.“ And even though I gave a very polite explanation of why I created it wordless, I still received a another Anon message seconds after (perhaps from the same person or a different one) that said “Yeah, Shattered would be better with monologue” I was much less patient with my response after that. At least it seems the majority of people fully agree with you.

Sweet Dreams - Dean Winchester x Reader (Soulmates AU)

Title: Sweet Dreams

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 4,805

Warnings: Fluff…?

Original imagine:

A/N: I planned on this yesterday since it was the person’s that had requested a fluffy Dean x Reader birthday but yeah after what happened with the messages I got super down and wasn’t feeling like doing anything! So I found some time today and am uploading it!

Dean had not stopped for a moment the pacing. He was walking back and forth, his head occasionally turning to look at the sleeping form on the bed. He hoped sleeping. Because that would mean she would wake up from moment to moment- you would wake up. Then again, the heart monitor showed a steady heartbeat so that should be enough to reassure Dean that you were alive, right?

Wrong. Despite his best efforts, and Sam’s as well, he just could not help all the kinds of thoughts that ran through his mind, even the most crazy ones. His paranoia was getting the best of him but maybe, just maybe, this once he was justified.

They had found you at the warehouse, passed out. They had a lead, saying that Amara would be there and as expected she was but once again he had been unable to kill her. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, he knew he was deep in for good but at the same time he couldn’t find it in himself to think about that at the moment. Once he heard Sam shout at him for a girl laying unconscious he never thought that, as he ran down the old and rotten stairs, he’d come face to face with- that. With you. There. In front of his eyes.

He thought he was dreaming, at some point he pinched himself to make sure he was awake. But no it was all real and that was what shocked Dean even more. But he was quickly snapped from his trance and rushed to your side, scooping you up before Sam even could make a move and tossing him the keys of the Impala they had driven to the closest hospital.

Even as Sam asked him questions non-stop Dean would just not utter a single word. His one hand always holding yours and always in check of your pulse, making sure that you were alright.

So when you all arrived at the hospital Sam didn’t even open his mouth to ask what was going on. It wasn’t the time. Maybe when it all was over, yes. But not now. All he could do now was look as his brother paced back and forth inside the hospital room. Pacing until-

A small groan left your lips, making Dean’s head immediately snap to your direction. His eyes widened and his breath caught on his throat. He tried to swallow the lump that had formed but it only was stuck there as he held his breath. He felt his heart hammer in his chest, never actually having felt it beat so quickly and hard. He found it hard to breath- or wait, was it because he was holding his breath? He didn’t know. What he did know was that you were slowly opening your eyes and were any second given going to face him.

Your whole world was a blur in the beginning. everything made you feel dizzy and the white like a light inside the tunnel made you groan even more. It made your head actually hurt. Your left hand immediately moved to your forehead, only to stop midway by something tucking at it. You squinted your eyes at it only to see a small long kind of tube connected to your skin. It didn’t take you long to realize that you were in a hospital, the maddening sound of the heart monitor next to your head all the more confirmed that.

You groaned even more, closing your eyes tightly for a second. You let a small breath, enjoying the darkness that eased your headache. The fact that you could not remember how you’d gotten in this place made it even more worse. A small sound being heard, though, soon got your attention and you recognized it as a footstep.

This time you slowly opened your eyes, blinking several times and as that slow but surely your sight adjusted. It became less and less blurry and as you moved your head to look at the direction the sound had come from-

And they immediately widened. As you faced just what you thought you’d probably never would.

Your breath hitched on your throat and you blinked several times, not sure if what you were seeing was a dream or real. You were sure you had the same awestruck look on your face like he did.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, trying to keep your lip from trembling as you said in a barely audible voice.


A small smile tucked at his lips, his voice in a low rough whisper.

“Hey (Y/n)”

And the words appeared on your skin. They appeared on his skin. On your arms, marking you once and forever.


Hey (Y/n)

Like with two real soulmates.


You looked up as the mug was placed in front of your eyes. You looked up at Dean and smiled just softly, taking hold of the mug - not missing to notice how your hands brushed “Thank you” you mumbled softly, your eyes not leaving his even as he made his way to sit opposite you. You looked down at the mug with coffee, taking a small sip.

“So…” it was Sam’s voice that made you look up and that after a long time broke the silence.

“All of this must be really crazy for you, huh?” he smiled sympathetically.

“I- Not really” you shook your head slightly, making Sam frown a little.

“I mean-” you spoke again “With what Amara did- or well, was about to, yes. But I know that you mean hunting a-and monsters, so no. I- I know about all of that already” you shrugged.

“It was Amara that had you there? She was the one that knocked you out?” this seemed to interest Sam more than the fact that you were not freaking out because you knew about the supernatural.

“Uh yeah, yeah it was her. In the beginning she- she came to me and said- she said she wanted something from me. I didn’t know what she was talking about. I had a teen in front of me saying they wanted something from me but not really exactly what. And the way she said it- it made my skin crawl. I knew that she was not up to something good. I wanted to leave but then- then she said she could offer me something in return. She said she could offer me… all I ever wanted. All I ever dreamt about.” you spoke the last words in a whisper, your head moving up so that you’d lock eyes with that of Dean’s. He was looking at you intensely, and you felt as if his green eyes were seeing right through you.

You cleared your throat, looking down at your hands again “I- my family died a long time ago.”

“I’m sorry” Sam said softly.

“It’s ok. I know they’re in a better place” you shrugged with a small smile “I wanted to say yes. I really wanted to-” you swallowed glancing at Dean for a second “I really wanted to” your voice was in a whisper “But I said no. And she got angry. She got really angry. Her face got dark a-and for a moment I got scared. Really scared.”

“And what did she do next? She- she didn’t by any chance… take your soul, did she?” Sam leaned forward.

You shook your head “No, no she didn’t. She said my entire existence is far more worth it. She said that if I didn’t want to accept her offer then I left her no choice but to end this… for me. I didn’t know what she meant. She looked a little threatened purely at looking at me. For what I did not know but- I didn’t have time to think about it more. I felt dizzy and the world started to spin around me. It all faded to black and when I woke up… I was at the hospital with you” you let out a sigh.

“Well, that’s something.” he seemed to be deep in thought and when you saw him glance down at your forearm you could literally see him start to realize something. He even seemed to realize something but the smile that had started to form on his lips. A knowing at that.

He looked up in your eyes and you immediately casted yours shyly back down, tugging at your sleeve to hide the new-formed tattoo there.

“Well-” Sam said suddenly, patting his hands on his knees with an awfully cheerful smile on his lips “-you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You are here with us, now. And you are safe.” he patted your shoulder softly “You can stay here as long as you want, after all. I don’t think Dean will have a problem” he turned to look at Dean with a grin, whom only glared at him with a somehow frightened look.

“Anyway, I’m beat so I’ll go sleep. You can stay here and talk with Dean, and he’ll show you to your room later” and at those words Dean’s look got even more terrified, especially as Sam leaving you and him alone.

A pretty long silence followed between the two of you. You could literally hear a pin drop and you’ve been holding your breath for some moment to not make a sound. But you just could not help the words that left your mouth the next second.

“You must be disappointed huh?” you could not help the sadness in your voice.

“What?” his voice was just as hoarse as yours. And definitely laced with disbelief.

You looked up at him with almost watery eyes.

“No” he breathed out “No, damn no. Never. Never.”

“I just-” he sighed ”-you should be the one to be dissapointed” he looked down at his own hands.

“What?” your voice held just as much disbelief as his before “Dean you know I’d never be disappointed. I’ve-” you laughed breathlessly “I’ve known you my whole life, loved you for just as long. What makes you think I’d be disappointed now?”

Dean’s head snapped up in your direction as soon as that small word left your lips. A lump formed on his throat and even if he had heard it before coming from you it all was so much more different now. In reality it all was so much more different. He felt as if he could not breath and even as he held his breath and his lungs screamed for air, burning so much that it hurt, he just did not find it in himself to let that breath out. His heart felt as if it had stopped beating inside his chest and his clenched jaw hurt as he tried to hold himself back together. It all hurt yet… it was the sweetest pain he had ever felt.

It felt as if the entire world had stopped spinning or maybe started spinning in a whole different direction. Everything had changed and even if he should not want it- he just felt so greedy at the moment. To have you there, with him, for real. It was selfish of him, to drag you into this life, but he knew he was long ago a lost case. Ever since that first dream. Ever since that first dream he had of you.

Ever since that first dream you had about each other. The beginning of it all.

“Dunno” he whispered, shrugging “I’ve changed ever since… the last dream”

You laughed a little. Dean would be lying to himself and the entire world if he said he hadn’t missed that sound more than anything else.

“So have I” you shrugged a little as well.

“You’ve only become more beautiful though” he said, his eyes not leaving yours.

A smile tucked at your lips and you bit your lower lip to keep it from getting bigger. A small blush even creeping up your cheeks. It would be any other man complimenting you and you’d be just fine but with Dean- with Dean you were again that young teenage girl blushing in front of her crush.

Dean felt something he had not felt for a really long time. Something he had not felt ever since his last dream of you. His heart soared and he could not help the wide grin that spread on his face. Suddenly the distance between you, the table, seemed all too far. It was too long away for Dean. He wanted to close it the soonest possible, jump right up and out of his chair and run the way to your side. He’d been waiting for this, fearing yes, but he did want it deep down for all of this to happen someday and here he was.

The woman- girl first, teen later, woman a little later, he’d been dreaming about for so long was standing in front of him. He dreaded for this moment- because he knew that when he met you would mean you’d get sucked into this life and he did not want that for you. He wanted you to be happy, have a nice life, marry and have kids but he knew that that would mean Dean would have to let you go and… he was too selfish to do that. He knew, now that he had you in front of him, that he did not have it in him to let you go. He wanted you out of this life but he also wanted you in his life.

He knew you didn’t deserve to get dragged into this. You deserved so much. So much more than him. Dean always blamed himself for not being good enough for you, that he did not deserve you even in his dreams but at the same time he just was too needy for your love to say no. To push you away.

He just did not have it in him and now that he had you for real in front of him, your first word to him imprinted on his arm, and your (Y/e/c) eyes looking at him with the same adoration as when you were younger, Dean for a second wished he could stop time. To keep you safe and at the same time close to him.

“Do you… do you remember the first dream?” your low, tentative voice asked him.

The corners of Dean’s mouth lifted into a smile “How could I ever forget” and it got bigger as he saw the wide smile spread on yours.

“I still remember it as well” you said softly, fidgeting with your hands.

“I thought-” you still had the smile on your lips “I thought that it was the best dream I’d ever had. If only I’d known” you let a small laugh, shaking your head, and Dean laughed along with you.

“You tell me” he breathed out and you looked up to lock eyes with his. Wide smiles spread on both your faces.

“Who would have thought” you whispered and he nodded his head.

Indeed. Who would have thought.

Dean certainly wouldn’t. He never would have thought. He would have never thought that girl he first saw in his dreams one night, and then every single night after that, was real. Every night he’d go to sleep. Every night wanting even more to do so, even for just an hour, so that he’d see you. His dream girl. Both metaphorically and literally. Every night he’d go to sleep he would see you there. Set during different times or places but always with you there. Sometimes, even when he went to sleep you wouldn’t be there and he could not deny that he’d usually wake up moody after that- or mostly sad. But when he did see you?

Oh when he saw you in his dreams his entire existence brightened up so much more. Dean was never one to look on the positive side of things but whenever you appeared into his dreams he just knew that the day to come was going to be a good one. Who would have thought- Who would have ever thought that you did exist.

Dean never certainly did. He never thought the woman he’d see almost every night of his life in his dreams was real. She existed. You existed. You were real. You were there and as of right now in front of him. For him.

Dean never thought he deserved you. He never thought he’d get to have you. He didn’t want to because he didn’t want to burden you with what he was. With the life he had. But at the same time he wanted to have you more than anything. And there he had you.

His soulmate.

“Remember-”a small giggle left your lips at a memory, making Dean’s own smile widen “-remember after a while that you-” you chuckled a little more “-that you tried to ask me out.” you put a hand in front of your mouth to keep yourself from full out laughing in his face.

“….No” he said obviously lying considering the big smile that was on his face at that moment.

“Of course! Because you were not blushing fifty shades of red back then!” you raised an eyebrow at him.

He only scoffed, rolling his eyes at you “Pff yeah right. You were the one blushing”

“No! No I was not!” you defended, feeling a small blush rise up your cheeks.

“Oh right. That was on our first kiss” he only grinned cheekily at you, but it was hard for you to help a small smile anyway.

“Not so much of a first kiss, anyway. It’s not as if it really happened” you shrugged, looking down at your mug. Your smile fluttered just slightly.

It was a bittersweet feeling. Having lived so many moments with Dean and at the same time… not having. You tried not to hide your disappointment but it was not that hard for anyone to see anyway. It was something you felt each and every time you had a dream of Dean. You’d always be smiling so widely that your cheeks hurt, when you woke up, but when realization downed on you the smile only fluttered a little bit. Because you knew that none of that was true. You loved every single bit of it, from meeting Dean, to spending time with him in a pretty perfect world, to falling for him and him falling for you and in the end all of those things happening. You loved it more than you should, considering it was only a dream. He did not exist, he was just a fragment of your imagination, so it made perfect sense that he was so… perfect, in his own imperfect way. That’s what you loved most about him.

How even in your dreams he was not the ideal guy with no flaws. He had a lot, just like you did- leading quiet a few times to the both of you fighting- but even with those you still had found yourself falling helplessly in love with him. You thought you were crazy at some point. The guy did not exist (as far as you knew anyway) and you had fallen for him?

But of course there was that part of your heart, other than the one that loved him so deeply - more than you thought it was possible even in real life - that broke every time you thought that he did not actually exist. Sometimes you even wanted to kick yourself for even spending time daydreaming about him.

‘He’s not real!’ you shouted at yourself in your mind. You wanted to believe that because you knew it was the truth- Dreaming about a guy that actually did exist and knowing so much about him was impossible to be true. Maybe the world he described you to live in sounded just as crazy but then it was you dreaming. When were ever dreams that logical? It confused you a little bit in the beginning: when you started having dreams about him constantly one after the other, like you meeting him in real life- only you knew you were dreaming. You practically grew up with him.

Well, who would have ever thought that this day would come and you’d get to actually meet him. In real life. And not only that, but also have his first words to you now tattooed on your arm. You had read about this once, when he even in the dreams had started talking about the supernatural and his life. You had done lost of research about it when you had woken up. The fact that it had come to be real to some point -as far as you had managed to find out - you tried not to let get your hopes up.

“Shut up” you grumbled, fidgeting with your hands.

“It just so happened to be my first kiss whatsoever, so I have a reason ok?” your crossed your arms over you chest.

“Hey I’m not complaining. I gotta say that you were pretty damn adorable back then” he shrugged still with a wide smile.

“And how can you say. It’s not like you still remember” you tried to brush him off but his answer this time really did catch you off guard.

“I do” he shrugged like it was nothing, looking down at his own mug.

You chewed on your lower lip, looking sheepishly at him, not sure if you should say it but speaking anyway “I remember as well. Everything”

Dean looked up at you, a soft smile spreading on his lips as he merely looked back at you. You had to say you had missed those green eyes more than anything else.

He bit his lower lip to keep his smile from getting bigger, in vain though “Remember that one time- in that one dream where we-” he snickered “-we went to that uh theme park and you- you were afraid of getting up in the ferris wheel that you- once we boarded and it started moving your eyes- your eyes widened and nearly jumped of your seat a-and y-you grabbed m-my-”

“Dean!” you could not keep yourself from exclaiming as the older hunter could hardly keep his laughter in “I was scared! You know I don’t do well with heights a-and I was going for your hand ok?! Shut up!” you shrieked, covering your red face with your hands.

“H-hey-” his laughter died off a little “I didn’t say I had a problem with it” he raised his hands in mock surrender.

You only peeked through your finger to glare at him “You’re the worst” you groaned, avoiding eye-contact with him at any cost, knowing that if you so dared to look at him your blush would only get darker.

“Hey!” you exclaimed as he could not stop laughing at you “Now, I did not point out how you were a stuttering mess during our first date, ok?!” you tried to get him back.

He only scoffed “Was not”

“Oh yes you were! And remember on that day- or night, or you get it, that we went on the beach oh you were stuttering then!”

“No! No I wasn’t! Nuh huh. I was merely… trying to make you feel comfortable by being exceptionally… cute?” he tried and failed to excuse himself but you only raised an eyebrow at him.

“Oh yeah sure. And that was totally not because 17-year-old you, back then, just so happened to, I don’t know, actually feel awkward?”

He tried to look at you with a serious face but it soon broke “Oh shut up.”

You only rolled your eyes at him, taking a sip of your coffee as to hide your smile.

“Hey” Dean’s softer voice caught your attention “Do you-” he swallowed “-do you remember when we went to that trip on the forest?”

A smile immediately spread on your lips at the memory, you chewed your lower lip as you looked at him through your eyelashes “On that small house by the lake” it was more of a statement than a question. You knew that he remembered it all too well just like you did.

Dean swallowed thickly but smiled nonetheless, it was more of that nostalgic-kind-of smile of his that just made your heart swell in many more ways than possible.

“How would I ever forget” you mumbled, mostly to yourself, the smile on your face making your cheeks almost hurt as you fidgeted with your fingers. It felt as if something was missing there, but just the memory of it sometime actually happening just gave you that small spark of hope – especially as you heard Dean speak about it himself- that you had a chance again.

“When I also got sick” you added with a small groan, trying to even lighten the mood.

You knew that thinking about that time was probably a happy one but when you realized the situation you were in, with Dean being a hunter on top of all, and the darkness free and on your trail was just not the most ideal one… for those scenarios.

Dean chuckled deeply “You were pretty cute, though. With your red nose and wrapped in so many blankets I could barely see you anymore”

“Hey! It was not funny! I was hoping for an escape from all those tissues on real life- I didn’t wanna get sick on my dream as well!” you groaned which only made him laugh more, throwing his head back.

“Well, to be honest it was kinda funny” he chuckled some more and you could not help a small smile as you saw those all-too-familiar wrinkles by his eyes.

“Whatever” you rolled your eyes at him, crossing your arms over your chest.

You opened your mouth to say something more but instead a yawn escaping your lips cut you off.

“Sorry” you put a hand in front of your mouth.

“No need to. You’re tired, I get it. Come on. I’ll show you to your room” he said, getting up from his seat. You doing the same.



“And this is it. I know it’s not that much but trust me it’s the best I can give ya from the other rooms here. A-And if you want anything my room is just- opposite so if you need me, yeah…” he trailed off, clearing his throat, rubbing the back of his neck nervously,

You smiled sheepishly at him “It’s alright. It’s more than enough anyway” you said shrugging.

“O-Ok then. I’ll uh- I better leave you to sleep”

“O-Oh ok. See ya in the morning?” you asked softly, just before he could turn to leave.

“Sure” a small smile played on his lips.

For just a few second he only looked at you, you doing the same. You didn’t want him to leave, he didn’t either but you just did not find it in yourself to tell him to do so either. Honestly you wanted him to stay. More than anything else.

He looked at you, breathing in and out deeply, as if he was not sure. Not sure if he should move to leave or not. If he should stay. Ask you if you wanted him to stay… just as much as he did. But then, as he thought about it- maybe he didn’t have to ask.

For the first time, just like you, Dean had to remind himself that this was not a dream. That this was real. And it would happen tomorrow again. For sure. And the day after that. And the day after that. Because now there were no ifs, anymore. No if he was going to see you in his dreams. Because he had you there, in front of him. In reality.

With a small smile he took two long strides and cupping your face he pressed his lips to your cheeks in a soft kiss that made a shaky breath leave out your lips. He pulled away and looked in your eyes deeply, his face merely inches away.

He smiled ever-so-softly at you and reluctantly pulled his hand away “Godd night (Y/n)” his voice was low and rough.

“Good night Dean” your voice was barely above a whisper.

He finally pulled away and slowly took the final steps towards the door. He turned for just a second to look at you, giving you a half smile, before turned back again and exiting; closing the door behind him.

You for a first time after long fell asleep with a smile on your lips because you knew you were going to see him again. And not in your dreams, but in reality when you woke up. And you surely could not wait.

Also: How the Crowley does somebody add the ‘Read More’ thing in these?! Some help?

Origin - Screenshots?

Does anyone know how to take screenshots while playing an Origin/EA game (i.e. Mass Effect Andromeda).  I had been using Razer Cortex overlay but… after blue screening twice yesterday, decided maybe I should stop trying that.

And yes, I’ve tried googling it.  It says use “Print Screen” and it works.  It doesn’t.  It’s just a black box.  And then it says to put it in Windowed Mode.  Yeah, not sure I want to do that.  There have to be other ways, less annoying ways to go about taking screenshots!

So, what other programs or tricks do you people use to take screenshots of gameplay?  I’ve had the same thing happen with Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition.

I’m all ears and would love to know what the trick is!

haah ok
i really hate this nuetral feeling I’ve been having for awhile now
it’s too early to vent but i couldn’t vent yesterday
nothing really seems appealing to me after what
things are changing and im just ok with it
its really bad but im taking it in fine
it’s happened before
this is normal
but I’ll have to work more and help out my dad a lot more
i don’t know if I’d still be able to draw
but I’ll try
i want to read as well but i can’t find time to do that
i can’t do what i like
and it sucks but im totally okay with it
it doesn’t bug me
I’m not finding it appealing
im aggravated
im mad about my horruble drawings
mad over several people who did nothing wrong
i don’t like how im turning into some asshole
and i dont know how to change it

With the Lipstick On

The day had started out decent.

Okay, more than decent.

Gajeel woke with no qualms or urges to go back to sleep. That was, because a blue haired woman had straddled his hips with the most lacy garments he had ever seen her wear.

Yeah, let the imagination fill in the blanks on what happened after.

Next, Levy helped him cook some breakfast…wearing only his t-shirt from yesterday. That may or may not have resulted in…other morning activities as well.

Then, he managed to get a few sets of his daily work out done while Levy dressed for a small get together with her book club in town. Getting off schedule was one way to fall behind the likes of Salamander and Gajeel was never going to let that happen, girlfriend or not.

So, before he tromped his way to the guild in order to wrangle up a challenging job, Levy had one more thing for him before they parted for the day.

A passionate and loving kiss that nearly had him trailing behind her like a mindless pup.

Thirty minutes after and he still felt the heat from her lips on his. The man didn’t dare lick his lips for the fear of tasting Levy on them and losing his will to be anything near productive today.

Later, he would regret that choice.

The iron dragon slayer was used to stares the townsfolk gave him. His previous affiliations with Phantom Lord still held his name in a dark shadow, but his time with Fairy Tail had eased the transition into this new home. Plus, after his Grand Magic Games performance, the stares nearly doubled.

Gajeel only did what he did everyday. He strut like he owned the whole town, proudly gleaming  at those whose stare lingered longer than the rest.

By the time he got to the guild, the man was feeling pretty good about this day and what it held.

Once the guild hall doors opened, everything went downhill.

Salamander had already started a brawl that involved many of the guild, bouncing around and screeching so early in the day. It only got worse when his eyes fell on Gajeel.

“Oi! Tin Can, let’s-” His voice cut off with a sharp snap of his jaw, onyx eyes sharpening on Gajeel and nearly burning with the intensity. All around him, members paused and stared, eyes wide and jaws open.

From the bar, even Mira and Bunny Girl covered their knowing grins as they watched Salamander approach with something akin to a predator’s smirk. “Ohhhh~ Had a good morning, did we?” He mocked with an annoying skip to his step.

Warily, Gajeel snarled back, crossing his arms defensively. “I ain’t gotta clue what yer on about, Salamander.”

Natsu only grinned wider, stopping his approach and humming thoughtfully. “Hmmm, I think ya do. Showing off your glamour today?”

Patience at its end, Gajeel growled and glared at the rest of the guild. From afar, he caught Juvia subtly brushing her index finger on her lips, keeping eye contact with her partner with a happy smile.

Slowly, Gajeel mimicked her prompts, wiping his lips with his arm.

His skin was smeared with red, waxy, lipstick.

Realization dropped on him like the crushing footstep of his dragon father. That passionate kiss left residue all over his lips…and he has strutted with it all over Magnolia.

Save face, save face, save face-

As calmly and casually as the man could muster, he wiped his lips again, grinning at Natsu mockingly. “So what, Salamander? It’s cherry flavored.”

For added measure, he licked his lips.

Natsu reeled back with a wrinkled nose, turning away quickly. “Ugh, I did not need to see that, Tin Can!” He waved his hands as if they had grime on them, walking away with exaggerated gags and coughs.

Oh, just wait. Shrimp’s got a whole arsenal for me to taste.


I was feeling better yesterday after being a mess the other day then I woke up to this. Yeah!!! 

Why put their family portrait on the official databook if Sakura is not Sarada`s mother? I just wonder what was Kishi thinking with that first chapter bomb cause in that portrait Sakura looks A-okay and that they are not missing Sasuke for years. 

We can also see Sarada had awakened her Sharingan at a very young age. What happened? And she`s wearing the Haruno crest? I hope so. Does she wears it in front then the Uchiha crest at the back? Nice! 

And oh I love that Sarada`s just 12 but we`ve already seen lots of different styles for her hair and what she wears. I love our SasuSaku baby so much!!!

  • Friend: Hey, so when we hang out today, can you maybe not start talking about The Walking Dead and the injustice of Beth's death, that'd be great.
  • Me: Yeah, don't worry, I'm mostly over it, I'm cool.
  • 4 hours later
  • Friend: -staring off into the distance questioning her life choices-
ok but remus and sirius around the full moon

My friend and I were talking about this in so much depth yesterday and I just need to

So on the days surrounding the fullmoon, mainly the day before it happens, Remus’ mind gets less and less human because his brain starts to undergo changes and whatever before his body does as a sort of preparation.

And they like to keep him in bed and it’s mainly James Potter looking after him because James knows how the other three all have serious problems in their lives and he acknowledges his privilege and basically does anything he can to ease the demons in the other three’s lives. But yeah it’s mostly James taking care of him, but then there’s this point partly through the day where Remus’ mind just kind of.. slips. 

And it’s really horrible to see because at this point his mind is like 75% wolf and they can see Remus trying to fight it and failing and it’s just so horrible.

But it’s at this point that James can’t do anything more to help him and the job is handed over to Sirius, because they’re basically not dealing with a human anymore this is dealing with a dog, and who in their group is going to understand how to deal with a dog? That’s right, Sirius.

And he doesn’t even really have to do anything, it’s more like he just has to be there with Remus because Remus can smell and sense the dog in Sirius and it’s his ultimate comfort and it’s just that pack mentality and it seriously calms him down and tbh just helps him transition mentally a lot, lot easier.

And sometimes James and Peter leave because they want to give Remus and Sirius privacy and just let Sirius do what he has to to look after Remus, and sometimes they’ll come back into the dorm to get them both and they’ll just see this massive black dog lying across Remus’ bed, but sometimes they come back and see Sirius perched awkwardly at the end of Remus’ bed, just holding eye contact with him.

And sometimes James and Peter don’t even leave at all, because they know that Sirius is haunted by the isolation he lives in, and sometimes it’s too much for him to handle alone, having all the pressure on him to make sure Remus is okay in the lead up to the full moon, so sometimes he needs James and Peter to stay there with him so he doesn’t feel so pressured and alone. 

But yeah basically just Sirius being responsible for Remus’ comfort in his mental transitions before and after the full moon 

luke chiding in a husky murmur now not so far, darling when his hands hook to the back of your thighs and settle you onto the kitchen counter after rather blindly clearly a path through a pile of bills and paperwork and to fix this ‘issue’ he’d roughly grab your ankles and tug you into his hips, coaxing you to wrap your legs around his waist by crossing your ankles near the band of his jeans before his hands are sliding to the small of your back under your shirt as the chaste kisses to your parted lips knock you back onto your elbows, the entirety of his broad shoulders and flexed biceps framing your figure as his lips purse to meet yours once more before the cool metal of his piercing is soothing the scratches left by his unshaven scruff against the soft skin on the underside of your jaw and you just fist your hands into his scalp, tugging at the messy locks as your head falls back and something near a low moan tumbles past your lips as your heel presses into his back to draw him as close as possible and proud of his elicited reaction, luke’s mumbling cockily against your goose bump strewn neck while tugging down on your belt loops that’s it princess, let it out

I don’t know how it happened, but yesterday I was listening to Creep by Radiohead a little obsessively, I don’t know why. Actually I do but I don’t want to say why cause it’s embarrassing. ANYWAYS. After about an hour I realized how sexy the song is. I don’t think it’s meant to be at all but god, it’s hot. That crescendo near the end of the song is the peak and just takes it to the next level. So yeah, I added it to the list of songs I need to get laid to

anonymous asked:

Case in point - did anyone even know Jason Mraz got married yesterday? I don't think it was publicized until he posted a single photo on his own FB page. My point is: when real life private stuff happens, celebrities can keep it unknown until all is said and done. Makes you wonder why Louis' supposed baby was announced weeks after having been supposedly conceived. There was absolutely no reason to do so especially when the celebrity precedent is to keep these things extremely private.

Ohhhh yeah! FUNNY THAT


So Steveston yesterday...

First of all, I have to be clear when i say that for 2 days we were being told all kinds of things about who of the cast would film in Steveston yesterday, so names were thrown all over the place. So yeah, Thursday people said that Bobby and Victoria would come, yet unfortunately that turned out to be false. Friday morning someone mentioned Sean would also be there, but alas he was not. So, after a whole confusing set of info being sorted out, here’s a brief description of what happened, NOT that spoilery, as we were asked not to reveal anything (not that there was anything to be revealed):

  • First scene was at the docks. Noone could see anything as fans were not allowed to enter that part of the Cannery. I was TOLD (and I make this clear) by friends that were around, that Colin was there and that he filmed, apparently with guest stars (no idea who, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was Jonathan or Kacey). Didn’t see it with my own eyes, so take it with a grain of salt.
  • Second scene was Ginny and Jonathan at the docks. We heard part of the dialogue, but obviously cannot reveal. Nothing important was said though, so don’t worry ;)
  • Then they moved on to Main Street where they shot a couple of plain shots and then Lana, Josh, Ginny, JMo and Jonathan came. Their scene was brief. Lana, Josh and Jmo were running towards Ginny and Jon. A few lines were exchanged, everyone looked alarmed and then they split again and ran towards different directions. It didn’t last long and they had to keep filming for the next scene so Lana, Jmo and Josh left immediately after. (Bright side: I got to see Lana from up close and she looked BREATHTAKING!!!! You never get used to looking at this woman, you fangirl and cry every time!)
  • Final scene was Ginny, Jon and Kacey outside the clocktower. They were shooting this for GOD knows how many hours and probably did it 3 billion times. Looks quite badass tho.

So yeah, that was it for yesterday’s filming. Wish there were more but hey, for me at least it was a blast anyway! ;)

OH YEAH and I had a really probably irrelevant thought this morning about the 44 thing while I couldn’t sleep.

The tweet happened last Saturday, the 14th, yes? Then the thing on Noah’s channel happened yesterday, the 19th. 5 days later. His next stream is apparently going to be Monday, the 23rd, 4 days later, so if something related to this happens during that (unless he does indeed ‘see us sooner’ than that), then…there could be a pattern here. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 

Yeah I’m definitely reaching here, but if for some wild reason that actually is what’s going on, then 3 days after that would be Thursday Feb 26th, 2 days after that would be Saturday Feb 28th, and then 1 day after that would be Sunday. March 1. The dawning of a new month. The end of February. And they apparently have something really special scheduled for the end of February. 

Yesterday, I met a fan and her mother after filming. Her mom asked me who I portrayed, I told her and she got so angry with the casting directors she took it out on me and hit me with her purse. I just happened to run into both of them again on the street today. The fan asked for an autograph since she didn’t get one yesterday, and I said, yeah but I don’t have anything to sign with. So, her mother, totally cool now, says she might have something. So, we wait and talk while her mom digs in her purse, only to accidentally pull out a vibrator. The poor girl was so embarrassed, she started crying. I had to go to the CVS right across the street and buy a sharpie so she stopped. Best fan encounters ever.