and after we're out of this competition

Hello Whovians! 

San Diego Comic Con is a little less than two weeks away and things are starting to get pretty exciting here at DW Tumblr HQ. In order to get everyone pumped up and in the mood as we are for a long weekend of non-stop cel-Who-bration, we’ve decided to do a thing. But what should that thing be?

(A dance party, maybe?)

After ruling out competitive bouncy-house jumping and writing a tutorial on underwater basket weaving in space, we’ve decided that hey, why not do a 7 days meme?

Sure thing, Clara. Here’s how this works. Each day starting tomorrow, June 29th, make a post responding to the day’s challenge. It can be text, an image, your art, a video - whatever you think works best for your answer. Post it to your blog with the tag #7 Days of Who and we’ll go through and reblog some of our favorites.

So, without further ado, here we go: 

Day one (June 29): What do you think will happen in Series 9? What would you like to happen? Who do you think the guest stars (Maisie Williams, Rebecca Front, Rufus Hound, and so on) are going to be?
Day two: Clara and the Doctor are going to SDCC! Who/what would they cosplay as? What booths would they visit? 
Day three: What’s your ideal DW Crossover? The Musketeers? Sherlock? Why?
Day four: If you could host a convention on another planet, what would it be? Who would be there? For example, would Jiro Ono attend your sushi convention?
Day five: If you were moderating the DW SDCC panel, what sort of questions would you ask? Who would you want to be on that panel?
Day six: It’s a DW team road trip! Where should Clara and the Doctor (and Missy, if you like) go and what should they do there? 
Day seven (July 5): So, after all this, maybe you’re still not going to SDCC. Which DW character would you recruit to help you sneak in to the convention hall? If you are going to SDCC, who would you bring with you to explore the floor?