and after everything he's done for elena

plot twist: the only reason elena fell in love with damon and stayed with him is because klaus or rebekah compelled her to fall in love with him to get back at stefan

plot twist: elena’s love for stefan was too strong so she end up breaking the compulsion although PLOT TWIST: katherine never actually died and after her death she kidnapped elena and has her hidden in her basement and has been impersonating her ever since and only stayed with damon to get back at stefan

this only makes sense because I don’t understand how elena could ever love damon let alone stay with him after everything he’s done?? I understand if she cares about him and felt attracted to him but him being the love of her life???? nah


47. Regret (One Word Prompt)

He chose her over you. After everything you had done for him, he still chose her. No matter how much you loved him, you knew you couldn’t make him stay.

You sigh, “So this is it?” you ask. You needed to know the truth.

He sighs, “I’m sorry. I love you but she’s the one I want to be with.”

You wipe the tears from your cheeks, taking a deep breathe, “I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough. I wish you and Elena all the best. I hope we can stay friends.”

You walk out the Boarding House, knowing you weren’t coming back anytime soon. He watched you walk away and all he could do was regret his decision. 


Storyline: Back to the times when Esther was changing her family into vampires she also changed Caroline - the girl that was promised to Niklaus by a close neighbour. From that time she had never left Klaus’ side. They arrive at Mystic Falls to break hybrid curse. And to do that - they have to kill doppelganger. But not everything goes as planned. Elena and her friends tricked them and somehow girl survived. Caroline and Klaus come back for revenge and torture Elena. When Caroline is about to meet with Klaus she is being kidnapped by Elena’s friends. After Klaus heard about what they have done, he comes to the rescue. Unfortunetely, Stefan had made contact with powerful witch that helped them put down Klaus. However it doesn’t work for long. Caroline with the rest of her strentgh breaks free, the same as Klaus…

7 Things I want for Bamon in Season 7

So I waited awhile to do this because I wanted to see were Bamon relationship would stand by the season finale. They are in a really good place, I mean Damon killed someone for her, that’s major, he picked her life over his lover. Kai gave him a dying Bonnie Bennett on a platter and he didn’t take it, he saved her life. He decided to give up his only chance of having a human life with Elena and leave Elena in a sleeping coma for however many years, because he wasn’t going to let his best friend lose her life after everything she’s done for him. This was a huge moment for them, and it’s going to be interesting to see how they come out of all of this especally since there’s going to be a huge time jump for season 7. I’m expecting Bamon to be even closer than we remember in the premiere.

7. More Nicknames- In the season 6 finale Damon told Bonnie he’s not out of nickname for her yet. I’m guessing that was a nod to the books, if you ever read the the vampire diaries series, Damon has about 30 nicknames for Bonnie like, little bird, sweet songbird Bonnie, brown-eyed enchantress, his witch etc.. I would love if that to really become a thing next season.

6. Road Trip- I’ve been wanting this all season, I kept saying Damon and Bonnie need to have a road trip episode, Damon has been on the road with, Elena, Alaric and Stefan, it’s time for Damon to takes Bonnie on the road as well. Imagine them fighting over who picks the music, them stoping off to at Damon’s favorite diner to get Bonnie food, and we actually get to seem them have a casual conversation together about anything. Just the two of them spending their day on the road doing whatever.

5. Party/ Club Scene- I wanna see Damon and Bonnie go out together, I don’t care if it’s another rave like 6x16, but since Damon is swearing to be a monk right now, I wanna see him standing by the bar while Bonnie is on the dance floor dancing with some random guy and Damon watching her have a great time, while he’s moping and drinking, turning down any woman that ask to dance still watching Bonnie being carefree and looking at her in a different life because he never seen her like this before, it hit him that he can’t pause his life anymore, it’s time to start moving on.

4. Mistaken for bf/gf- Remember in 6x03 when Liam Elena’s classmate was in the car with Stelena on their way to the lake party and he asked them if they were together because they were weirdly funcational. If Brian Young ever dares to give us a Stelena parallel I want this one for sure, if any two people are weirdly funcational is Bamon. I feel like there’s a good chance they’ll be mistaken for a couple and Damon will try to play it off quickly or vice versa and the other one will be offended, it would be hilarious I need this to happen.

3. Forehead kisses & Hugs- But I wasn’t expecting a 2.0 hug and a forehead kiss written by Julie Plec but she gave me both this season, and I want more of it. Bonnie feels comfortable jumping into Damon’s arms and Damon feels comfortable with kissing Bonnie’s forehead, like I need more of this next season Plec.

2. Feeding scenes- We finally after how years got to see Bonnie feed from Damon. I would actually like another scene like this, were he feeds on her, he’s dying he needs blood and Bonnie offers it to him, and it’s this intense moment, because he’s about to die and the last time he bit her was in the first season when he tried to kill her, it would really come full circle how much has changed between them since that night.

1. The Bath Tub scene- Another thing from the books that I crave more now after the finale than ever, that bath tub scene if any of you read the books, it was epic. Bonnie in the books gets attack by a tree… don’t ask and Damon finds her half dead, he takes her to the house undressed her put her in the tub and feeds her his blood. A quote from Nightfall “Contemplating his bedraggled little bird [Bonnie], who was clutching the towel to her instinctively, with her fiery hair plastered to her head and her big brown eyes blinking between strands, something swelled in Damon.The new thing he was feeling had swollen inside his soul until the pressure was almost too much to stand. When Bonnie said "But I’m alive!” with an abrupt 180-degree turn in mood, her heart-shaped face flushing with joy, the fierce pride Damon felt in response was intoxicating. And then the swelling thing burst. There was to Damon, a palpable if not audible crack as the stone encasing his soul burst open and a great piece fell away. With something inside him singing, he clutched Bonnie to him, feeling the wet towel through his raw silk shirt, and feeling Bonnie’s slight body under the towel.“

I feel like Ian would take that scene to another level, he’d kill it, I want this so bad, like this is such a moment for Damon’s development and Bamon. This was the first he let himself feel something and even though he’d never admit to anyone his feeling for Bonnie, everyone already knew he care every much for her, because his actions always spoke for him. I already believe that Damon next season will be attach to Bonnie, so a scene like this would actually work, Dries said she’ll be his moral center and she’ll have a closness with Damon. So why not have their epic bath tub scene.

Analyzing one of my favorites:

In 4x12 when Damon is under watch bc of Kol’s compulsion, Klaus is prodding him because let us all never forget, this was 3 episodes after he killed Carol. And he’s prodding him because Damon’s done stuff just as bad, but yet somehow, Elena doesn’t hold it against him romantically. And truly it’s a glaring concept that this 1000 year old original vampire finds that so baffling that he has to ask Damon how he does it because he just doesn’t understand. Klaus simply cannot wrap his mind around Elena forgiving Damon for everything he does, because he can’t ever see Caroline forgiving him for killing Carol Lockwood. And he’s talking down to Damon like this is a normal conversation. Until finally, Klaus see’s a window and goes, “Ah yes, for the love of Elena.” and that’s when you realize what this conversation is really about. Because at that point, Klaus had made significant progress with Caroline. After their date in 4x07, they were on pretty good terms. So much that in 4x09 Caroline felt guilty because of what she knew Tyler was planning to do. There was even that line from Stefan where he tells her “I mean we all do bad things.” and that’s truly a very focal point in the endless cycle of the relationships in TVD. There was a very teeny window of opportunity for Klaus here, and he closed it so fast by choosing to do what he did.

“How is it that she manages to overlook every horrific thing you’ve ever done? Is it willful ignorance, or perhaps something more pathological.” And when Damon answers, “Some people are more capable of forgiveness than others.” Klaus has like this grimaced look. Because that’s not the answer he needs. Klaus knows that. Caroline particularly is someone who is more capable of forgiveness than others, her simply giving him the time of day solidified that. But this is different. It’s not that simple with Caroline anymore. He made it that way when he killed Tyler’s mom. So Klaus laughs and starts pacing.

“Come on, there must be a secret. It can’t just be the sirebond, what is it? Compulsion? Manipulation?” He’s like legit poking & prodding this topic. It’s astounding to see. And then he stops pacing, his whole face falls, and his shoulders slump in utter defeat. He let’s out this sigh that just reads, ‘I can’t believe this is what I’ve been reduced to.’ But yet, there has to be something. There has to be something he can do so she’ll overlook it. So he goes,

“What is it you say to her?” This line, you guys. THIS FREAKING LINE. At this point Klaus realizes that vague leads in the conversation isn’t going to get him the answers he needs. How contrast it is that one of the oldest beings on the planet is that naive. And that’s when it hit’s Damon that he’s been interpreting the conversation all wrong. It’s not about doing what they need for Jeremy’s mark, it’s not about Elena–it’s about Caroline. 

So in true Damon form, he teases. But he also tells him the truth. Because while yes, Damon has done bad shit for no reason, there have been instances where there was a reason. And after Klaus killed his hybrids, killing Carol was truly not necessary. And that’s what Damon tells him–the truth. There was no purpose to killing Carol, why should Caroline overlook that? The answer is she shouldn’t. So Damon tells him, “Be bad with a purpose, otherwise you’re just not worth forgiving.” and that I think, was Klaus’s intake from this whole conversation. 

Forward to 4x13 where Caroline is just not having it. She’s not going to forgive him for what he did, she doesn’t even want to talk to him. So when that realization hit’s him, he has no problem disposing of her the way he did Carol, to punish Tyler. She made it clear that he ruined whatever he had going for him, so there was no need to hold up any longer. So he bites her and is willing to let her die–until he isn’t. I think Klaus was trying to accept that whatever he & Caroline could have had was no longer an option. But when Tyler & Klaus are arguing and Caroline say’s from the couch, “Get me out of here, I can’t even look at him.” His face gives him away. I think he thought that accepting the situation would make him apathetic towards her, but didn’t realize he’d still care. Klaus took what Damon said to heart, he does things for no reason, he’s a soulless monster with no internal structure. 

So when Caroline’s lying on the couch and she say’s “How could you do this to me?” he say’s “I’m a 1000 years old, call it boredom…Fine, maybe it’s because I’m pure evil and can’t help myself.” That’s where what Damon said to him comes in to play. He often does do bad things without a purpose, and that’s him admitting to it. Then Caroline tells him that it’s because he’s hurt, and if he’s hurt, then there’s a part of him that’s still human. And then Klaus is just so dumbfounded. Because, he listened to Damon tell him that he does things for no reason, to which he’s now agreeing to, but then he has Caroline telling him that there is a reason. So he stomps over to her and asks her how she could possibly think that there’s any humanity left in him. How there’s any reason besides who he’s become after 1000 years to explain why he does what he does. He doesn’t want to be that person, but he is.

So Caroline tells him. She’s seen that better side of him. It’s something he’s chosen to show to her. And that she’s “Found herself wishing I could forget all the horrible things you’ve done.” To which Klaus confirms, “But you can’t, can you?” And that folks, is the bottom line. He knows she’s never going to forget or forgive him for the choices he’s made. She’s shown repeatedly that she’s not going to gloss over those choices. That being said, why is he indulging her? He’s decided to let her die, why is he listening to her and why does what she say matter?

“I know that you’re in love with me. And anyone capable of love is capable of being saved.” I don’t think Klaus knew any of that until she said it to him. Like he was racking his brain trying to figure out why he cared and she just told him. Some have read that scene as Care manipulating him, but I read it as her realizing his feelings before he did. It’s why even though he’s made peace with why & how he is, he can’t seem to not care. So he saves her, because that person who he’s accepted he is, isn’t going to be who he is towards her. At least that’s how I interpreted this. Re-watching TVD can be a dangerous thing, I do not recommend. Jk, I totally do, go drown in feels.

AN: I am not excusing the bite or the stabbing with the lamp. Seriously, I to this day hate Klaus for that crap he pulled. I’m simply stating the progression. More from Klaus’s end, obvs. 

Fight for me, if it’s not too late

      This was hell. Elena Gilbert was in Hell, worse than hell honestly. A place where time stood still, a reality that shouldn’t exist and in this place she found herself all alone. Unsure how she had gotten here, or why. Who had done this to her, that part wasn't’t hard to figure out. Considering it was Kai who shoved the cure down her throat, his form of payback. Bonnie had hurt him and he wasn’t going to stop until he destroyed everything that she held dear. Or o he had said. Elena hadn’t been in any condition to question him. 

After catching her off guard, shoving the cure down her throat everything went black. When she came to, she found herself here. It didn’t take long to realize that for some reason or another she was now stuck within the 1994 prison world. She was stuck here and she was human. One thing sucked, the other, she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Damon had given her the cure and she planned to hold on to it until they had found a way to take it together. But instead, she was human and he…well to be honest she wasn’t entirely sure. A vampire but was he okay? Was everyone okay? 

Everyday she had so many questions swirling in her head, questions she couldn’t even begin to guess. It felt like forever since she ha been sent here. when time stood still, it wasn’t hard to lose track of what ay it’s actually supposed to be. Did the others know what had happened to her? That was the only hope she had, that they would come for her. One day came after another and nothing changed. They just didn’t know, or they had other things to deal with. That had to be it. They didn’t come for her because something had happened to them, no that was something she refused to let herself consider. 

How anyone survived this, it was damn near maddening. The silence made her miss the little things. Being completely and utterly on her own made her loved ones more than she ever thought possible. Since coming here she hadn’t set foot inside the Salvatore boarding house. It was a way to keep Damon close but the house wasn’t when he had lived in it It wasn’t the room she was so familiar with. That house would only make her ache for him. Instead she took solace in her old home. Somethings she remember, some not at all. 

On this day in 94 she was almost two years old, Jeremy still hadn’t been born yet, his room a work in progress with a cribe half built, cans of paint on the floor. Most nights when she slept, when she was too exhausted to stay awake, she slept either on the couch or in her parents room. Each day she went through her family’s things, aimlessly passing the time. Trying to do what she could to keep herself from giving up hope, They would come for her. Her friends always came through when she needed them. Now wouldn’t be an exception. A quiet sigh slipped past her lips, sitting on the porch swing, eyes looking a head but focusing on nothing in particular. On the bright side, it couldn’t get worse than this…

I don't watch TVD regularly but I'm falling for Steroline

Stefan needs someone like her in his life. And like they say the best relationships come from friendship. Stefan & Caroline have been best friends for awhile and have always been there for each other. I also like how Caroline makes Stefan free have we ever seen Sefan laugh or be free like that, no!

Why must he hold on to the past and always be in love with someone who is so unrustworthy, whiny, fickle, selfish and underserving as Elena? NO, Stefan deserves so much better than unfeeling, cold hearted  Elena. Let her rot away with Damon. And for the record I enjoyed Stelena/Elena S1-S3 but after S4 I just can’t like them/her anymore. Not after everything Elena has done. Caroline, on the other hand has been loyal to Stefan stayed by his side when he needed her and brings light to his life. He deserves to be happy and I for one think Caroline is just the person to make him happy.

Are you serious? So having sex with your boyfriends brother the same night you break up is normal, or being with a guy who compelled/raped a girl you grew up with to have sex and use as a blood bag is normal, or killing your little brother is normal, or trying to kill both girls/best friends you grew up with is normal, or forcing himself on you is normal, or not giving a rats ass about anyone or anything as long as you’re having the “summer of your life”, that’s normal, or my personal fave will ALWAYS KNOW that this guy chose you SECOND. Remember after Damon found out Katherine was alive and well, they were making out at the Salvatore house and Damon BEGGED Katherine to take him back, “he’d forget” everything she’d done and the lies, “he’d leave” with her and when she said NOOOOOOO, it was then that night when Damon ran over to Elena’s and forced himself on her and broke Jeremy’s neck. Damon admitted he did NOT know Jeremy had his ring on. Damon obviously did so much more but hey, unicorns and rainbows right?