and after every one it's true

I bet the first time one of the children tries to hug Toshinori in his true form, they will never want to let him go again.

Not because they’re being clingy or something – just because the man is so frail.

Toshinori is thin and gaunt like a skeleton, hugging him would mean that one can feel his ribs lying right under his skin, every vertebra along his spine, and possibly even his scar – the tissue is uneven and harsh, after all.

And when he hugs them back, they will probably notice how thin his arms are, and that he can’t lift them up that easily anymore. He may still be surprisingly strong, despite his skinny frame, but he’s nowhere near the level he had as All Might.  His breath rattles in his chest, slightly wet-sounding because of the ever-present blood, and his smile is slightly strained because he knows what they think of him – sees the shock in his students’ eyes.

That’s when Class 1-A decides: No matter what or who comes – they will protect All Might-sensei, no, Yagi-sensei, with all their might.

And apart from that, they will take care of him.

Wrap him in a blanket, give him a mug of tea and let him rest please.

  • Aries: Irene Adler
  • Taurus: Mycroft Holmes
  • Gemini: John Watson
  • Cancer: Molly Hooper
  • Leo: Greg Lestrade
  • Virgo: Mary Morstan
  • Libra: Anthea
  • Scorpio: James Moriarty
  • Sagittarius: Janine Hawkins/Mrs Hudson
  • Capricorn: Sally Donovan
  • Aquarius: Sherlock Holmes
  • Pisces: Philip Anderson

Sometimes I think about Colleen Holt alone on Earth and feel sad. For all she knows her entire family is dead.

Sam Holt still probably thinks that both Shiro and Matt are still prisoners on the Galra ship.

I wonder if Matt has any idea if his dad is alive or not, or left to worry and wonder. I wonder if he knows Shiro made it back to Earth in one piece. Maybe all he knows is that one day the druids took Shiro and he never came back.

I bet both Sam and Matt think Katie is still safe at home and has no idea she’s searching the entire universe for them

in which I pretentiously bloviate about people who aren’t me with a possible (if unintentional) air of smugness, because sometimes you gotta air out your thoughts to really form your feelings on those thoughts

I think I’ve ascertained why some people like to deny that bigotry or misogyny or what have you still exist.

It’s a perverted kind of optimism, mixed with just the right dash of solipsism.

These kinds of people trust the world to be good, you see. They trust the system to want to serve humanity’s best interests and enforce true equality. They trust in its power, and in the notion that people are generally benevolent until proven otherwise. In this view, they think they live in a world where things like racism and homophobia and shitty treatment of the disabled have already been abolished. It is, after all, illegal, and it is after all universally condemned by every decent person! I think it’s bad, after all, and so does everyone I know! No one I know has had problems with being treated like shit for not being white or straight or cis or able-bodied! Surely that means it doesn’t exist anymore, and that we live in a post-bigotry age!

And then they get contradicted. They get smacked hard in the face with visions of homophobic laws and political systems trying their hardest to attack orientation equality, of scores and scores of misogynistic rhetoric, of the war on abortion, of the bathroom war, of Trump/Pence, of disproportionate police brutality across ethnicities in the US and the similarly disproportionate treatment of same by the justice system, of bomb threats to synagogues. When confronted with things that challenge one’s worldview, one’s mind does one of two things: it pauses to digest these new possibilities (and then assimilate and/or reject as it feels to be true), or it shuts its gates and doubles down. And these people double down.

This can’t be, they think. The world is good. The world is finally pure, and problems are over. This sort of thing can’t happen in a pure world. And so because they think problems can’t exist, they leap to the conclusion that the people discussing their own troubled realities, brought on by hordes of people still denigrating them as inhuman and other and wrong, are either themselves out of touch with the world or actively lying for some ulterior aim. Because that is the only thing that makes sense to their conception of the world - they’d rather cling to their false utopian vision to the point of, ironically enough, contradicting their own faith in humanity than see the prospect of the world being inherently just break down around them. They’re basically the human equivalent of this image.

Which is understandable, on some level. It’s comforting to think that the world is good and people are a teeming mass of good only occasionally dappled by a speck or thoughtlessness or being misinformed. That everything will turn out alright. And being tossed into the truth of existence (the void that doesn’t care about your notions of “fair”, the continent broken into unequal pieces by the swords of giants ages ago, the sea of people who are angel and devil) like a naked child submerged in freezing water is terrifying and empty and an endless scream in your head. It’s understandable to want to avoid that, and cling to fantasy.

But it is still wrong to let one’s craving to be able to love the world blindly and unconditionally make them deaf to the cries of pain and the pleas of support. Those who hear this lamentation and turn away, for they can’t bear to see their own misplaced faith die in the angry tears of Other, blind themselves to life - they have, however unintentionally, taken the side of those who would see the world continue to be unequal. Silence helps only the lords.

Miami Mama // Cameron Dallas Imagine


It’s classic first date jitters. You constantly worry that there will be a lull in conversation creating an awkward air space. You were on your first date with “the famous” Cameron Dallas. Vine superstar and social media icon, this vanity teen asks you out and after two rejections, you gave in to a date. You worried that because of fame, he wouldn’t be real or even worse, too good to be true. The last thing you wanted to cry over was heartbreak.

Cam set up a little picnic on the Miami Beach and it was around 8:17 PM. The sunset was well on its way. So far, Cam has told many stories about his childhood and before he was majorly famous. Every now and then he tells one about him and Nash Grier or him and the big shot Taylor Caniff. His nervousness was almost non existent. Little did you know he was so fucking nervous and he himself didn’t know how he was still all together in one piece.

“And that’s how I got the nasty nickname ‘Tin Can Dallas’,” he chuckled.

You visibly cringed at the thought of a can slicing through your foot. You couldn’t even look at blood without feeling rather queasy.

“I brought desert,” Cameron said wiggling his eyebrows, holding a bottle of whiskey and showing you his cooler of various beers.

“I uh wasn’t sure what you like to drink,” he said nervously while scratching the back of his neck.

“This is…perfect Cameron. Thank you,” you blushed.

You reached over and grabbed a Coors Light and he opened the bottle of whiskey.

“You’re smile is beautiful and pampering you like this makes you smile. I love that bubbly smile of yours,” Cam said clinking his bottle to your can. [😏😏]

The smell of the ocean envelops you and the fiery Miami sunset warms the surface of your delicate skin. The water looks beautiful so you stand up, pulling Cameron along with you.

“What are you doing?” he says laughing.

You pull your shirt over your head and pull off your jeans.

“WE, are going in the water now,” you smirk.

Cam smiles and then joins along, pulling his shirt over his head revealing his abs. He pulls off his pants and attempts to catch up with you. By the time he reaches you he grabs you from behind, attempting to pull you down into the cool water. You giggle and enjoy his arms around your bare torso for a moment before spinning around and giving his chest a good shove.

Cameron’s too quick and grabs you as he falls back. You land on top of him giggling uncontrollably.

“OOMFFF oh my god Y/N please you’re crushing me!!” Cam says jokingly. You join his melodic laughter and attempt to slap his chest. (You know, the one you’re on top of(; )

Once again Cam’s reflexes are a step ahead of yours and he grabs your wrist before you can assault his hard chest.

“Nuh uh babe,” he says and flips you over. He hovers over you, his hot whiskey breath tickling your senses.

The moment is perfect. The sun is almost completely down. The water is the perfect temperature. Cameron is right where you want him.

Your eyes meet and there’s a long pause before he begins to lean in.

“EWWWwwwwWwwWwwWwwwWWw,” a nosy toddler yells, interrupting your perfect moment.

Cameron laughs and gets up off of you helping you up in the process. A teenage girl runs over and grabs the little girl’s hand.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry for my little sister. She sometimes wanders off and then I-” she abruptly stops.

“HOLY SHIT!” she screams startling you a bit.

“CAMERON DALLAS OH MY GOD I LOVE YOUS SO FREAKING MUCH OH MY GOSH CAN I PLEASE GET A PICTURE!!!???!?!?!!!1!!!1!!!11!!!???” she yells all at once.

You take a step back and let them have a moment.

“Who’s that?” she asks. I look up and she’s got a judge mental look splattered on her face.

“Well,” Cameron starts.

“This is Y/N. She’s incredibly special to me so if you could please do me one favor, keep this on the down low. Ya feel?” he whispers into her ear making her giddy.

“Anything for you Cam I hope she’s as great as you say,” she says.

He follows her on Twitter and talks for a few more minutes and then they say their goodbyes.

After she’s walked far enough away and Cam makes sure she won’t turn around to take photos of you, he pulls you close.

“Well. Before we were so rudely interrupted, I think I was about to kiss a beautiful girl,” Cam says, his nose brushing yours as he comes closer.

Finally, he gives you the kiss that you had to go through a fan girl for. His lips are warm and plump. They move smoothly against yours and his tongue plays gently with yours.

He picks you up and you wrap your legs around his slippery torso.

Cameron moans into your mouth as he walks back to the blanket. He lays you down and you keep your legs around his body. His lips attach to the sweet spots on your neck and he makes his way down to your collar bone, undoubtedly leaving bruises on your tan skin.

You unwrap your legs and he presses his bulge onto your heat.

You lift your hips to gain more contact and rub up against his hardness.

Cameron’s moans entangle with yours and you almost go further if it wasn’t for a jogger yelling “Get a damn room!”

You both laugh at the immature remark and grab a drink because the heated make out session has worn you both out a bit.

Besides, you’d definitely want to regain some energy for what’s to come later (;

“Why don’t we go shower now? I feel a bit…sticky,” Cam smirks.

//Cam feels so hard shit man//

craeons  asked:

Are Flowey's petals the same colour as the save points, and do you think that might have significance of any sort?

(undertale spoilers)

as well as flowey’s petals and the save points, i’ll show the colours of the golden flowers and the yellow text. let’s compare all four.

(the “file saved” text after saving the game and the yellow “determination” text in the true lab are both #ffff00, just like the “dreemurr” text above, while the golden flowers in toriel’s room are coloured the same as the ones in the flowerbed)

what we can see from this is that the yellow text, the golden flowers, and flowey have no colours in common. however, the save point and flowey’s petals DO share the same colour.

i fully believe that every shared colour is significant. just as sans’ “blood” shares its colour with the ketchup he’s seen drinking, the fact that flowey’s petals and the save point share colours, while flowey and the golden flowers don’t, is likely symbolic.

on the topic of golden flowers, flowey is quite different from the regular ones. while golden flowers normally have five petals, flowey has six. it’s possible that this extra petal is to signify the determination he received from the six human souls (and it’s possibly a shoutout to those six human souls he’ll absorb later on). likewise, the yellow matching that of the save point probably signifies his determination and his connection to human souls.

When the fandom instantly assumes that every single couple(and they are way too many in my opinion) are going to get married and stay with each other the rest of their lives. Sure, people who dated in High School get married and stay together(I read something somewhere that said this happened to Rick Riorden) but to have every single one stay together is extremely unrealistic and statistically has very low odds. In my head I imagine most of the couples breaking up after the last book(Including Jasper and Percebeth) and just staying friends and going on to other people like most people do. When people in the fandom hear this they always try to change my mind, usually with angry and irrational arguments and saying “ITS’S TRUE LOVE!!!”. I just can’t see the majority of them staying together. Also I find the idea of the Greek demigods getting married and having kids at Camp Half-Blood very unrealistic because apparently surviving to just 20 is a rarity(That’s not even legal drinking age…) and I know the survival rate may go up but still…a full normal life is extremely unlikely.


If I were still your king, I would force every one of you to join this man’s army, not because I was a tyrant and a terrible leader who hosted baby fights, which I now realize is weird and not that entertaining, even after the addition of the cobra, but because true love is rare and worth fighting for. It is life’s greatest purpose.

With so much on Miranda’s plate—in addition to Hamilton, he’s writing songs for Disney’s upcoming Moana—what does he have to gain from these extracurricular performances? Hamilton doesn’t need viral marketing—the show sold $27.6 million in tickets before it even opened, and nearly every performance is sold out through May. It’s true that the videos, which often spread quickly on social media, where some have been viewed more than 100,000 times, may be moving copies of the cast album: Though it came out more than a month ago, this week it hits No. 1 on Billboard’s rap albums chart for the first time.

But beyond sales numbers, I think it’s not a coincidence that the first Broadway show to do something like this is one that’s so steeped in the culture and history of hip-hop. After all, for all its competitive bravado, hip-hop encourages more collaboration than any other major genre. Many of the performances are mashups (a very hip-hop art form), and are given mashed-up names in the form’s traditional style. For example, collaborations with last year’s Tony award-winning musical Fun Home are hashtagged #FunHam, #Homelton, or #Home4Ham. On Saturday, the #Ham4Ham was a lively crossbreeding of In the Heights and the cast of the new Gloria Estefan musical On Your Feet, which did not lend itself so easily to clever names.


The Show Is Nonstop (Slate)

the article is also a treasure trove of ham4ham video links


The Amazing Leo Fitz Appreciation [5/?]

First field mission- Peru. There are two things worth mentioning about Fitz here.

First: he has known the device is German just after the first look. That’s saying everything about his knowledge and experience in engineering. 

Second: He was the one who carried out the 0-8-4. With bullets flying everywhere around him. It is true, that Ward forced him to do this. Still, tiny little detail worth mentioning: Fitz had known what that was. He was the only person in the team who was aware of what that was, and what exactly it can do. (Simmons would have said something about it if she had known. Since she didn’t I assume she hadn’t figured it out yet) Fitz was aware that he’s holding a thing worse than a nuclear bomb. He was more worried about it than about gunshots, which is perfectly understandable. And yet, the whole time he was holding it  without panicking. He was just trying to explain that they should be careful since the device can explode any second. No hysterical shouts or attempts to get rid of it. He might have been frightened, but he still kept his composure.

And just look at his resigned ‘I’ve already said this but nobody was listening’ face.

Please don’t mistake me complaining/talking about my pregnancy symptoms as not being grateful.

When in reality I’m on cloud 9. I’m insanely grateful, I still can’t believe its true and it has happened for me after ttc.
I cry in happiness every time I look at my pregnancy apps or think about seeing my little one for the first time in an ultra sound. I’m so in love and I never knew I could love some one I’ve never met so much until now.
I wish that every woman who wants a child and who is TTC gets to experience this love and excitement as I now get to do.

All of my hopes, wishes and prayers have been answered.

That being said:
Stop with the hate.

Yeah I might complain about morning sickness, round ligament pain, painful breasts or peeing so much-but keep this in mind: you will be too once your pregnant.

This is my first pregnancy. This is 100% new to me and this is MY blog. This is my only place I can put my thoughts and feelings and I’m tired of being judged.
Pregnancy is not just sunshine and rainbows with smiles sprinkled on top.

Its real.

Your breasts hurt.
You’re constantly throwing up or dry heaving.
You either sleep too much or not at all.
You’re constipated and get hernias.
Farts. Gas. Farts. Burps. Gas.
Food aversions and cravings are a real thing.
You’re constantly tired.
Your emotions make you crazy.
You swell and cant get comfortable.
Its messy and painful.
You pee all the time.
You’re scared and happy at the same time.
Extra snot, saliva and CM pour out of you.

But, You know what??
I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. I’m the happiest, uncomfortable, breast killing, farting, bloated, horny, sore, over slept, cravings ruled, crazy emotional person in my whole entire life and I’m loving every.single.minute.

So next time you see me talk or complain about my symptoms and consider me ‘ungrateful for my pregnancy’
Please, please unfollow me and move on.

To my future wife
We will conquer the world together. We will get through any bad thing that comes our way. I promise to love each day i get to breathe. Divorce will not be an option. After we say our vows, put our rings on each others finger and say our “i do’s” thats its you and i nobody else. I promise im never going to cheat on you or lie to you. One thing i promise is to give you my love every day and still be affectionate towards you as if we were dating. You will be my number one. Ill be your supporter ill be there to pick you up and pick up the pieces. You will be my one true love. I promise to make you happy every day and make sure that we work hard together. Lastly i will love you till the day i die