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the thing about the new malec still from that cut scene is that while that scene could have been longer and SHOULD have been longer instead of being given to climon and incest, having alec not hug or kiss or snuggle magnus right after that traumatic experience is the right way to go. the last time alec touched magnus was when he was literally dragging him to his death, so having alec not embrace magnus or get in his space after all that and wait to see what magnus needs is the route that that scene needed to go in.

BUT releasing that still is them only playing themselves and is only going to leave fans bitter, which is tricky. The still is beautiful and lovely, but there wasn’t much thought put in when posting it. We don’t know what exactly happened with the writers and in the editing rooms, so it’s easy to point fingers and call them terrible and awful, but releasing that still in the first place is just messy.

Today I learned that a bunch of people ship Gaston with a bunch of other Disney characters...

Add that to the list of things I did not need to know.

None of the above photo edits are mine. I found them while searching for images of Gaston on Google and found it pretty hilarious. I can’t tell if these are crack ships or legitimate pairings.

But who am I to judge? After all, I ship Gaston with Lefou. XD

Not meant to be offensive to whoever ships these pairings, of course.

I was born from the sea,
and they call me shallow
compare me to roses,
forget I have thorns.
I tell you, my daughters
“beauty, I weaponized
love is not in others’ eyes
but in the touch of silk or gold
you purchased at market
with blood of your own.”
Touch of lips is holy rites,
blasphemy in tears or
bites, orchid caution signs on skin.
“Slow, passion ahead
leave behind rationality,
no room left in this bed”
sacrifice the sweat
left on the backs of necks
Heaving sighs after a lover
has left you, cotton cold. There,
in the aftermath is where I take rest.
I will lie where all others distain.

-Recent debates with Aphrodite


Klaroline Most underrated moment in 5x11

↳ To me, of course. First, look at this cutie. Who could resist her? The smile Klaus gave Caroline after this so-typically-Caroline-facial-expression, was one of those he gives solely to her. It’s both an amusing and sad moment, because you can see in it that he missed this, that he missed her, but at the same time that he’s also aware he’s about to have to let it all go, perhaps for good this time around. Still, I think this nostalgic smile makes for a beautiful, true Klaroline moment, because you can see how much he still loves her after everything.

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do you have any fanfic recs? preferably fluff, and i like longer fics if possible! i need more promnis fluff in my life

Sadly, I have very few recs. Pretty much none of which are fluff. I’m a very picky person. This is why I haven’t started a weekly rec, honestly. I do, however, have a penchant for long-fic. (Check the end for my personal mentions.)

His Majesty, Ignis Scientia by Peach_Pit.
A series in four parts, still ongoing. In the wake of Noctis’ death, Ignis is the next in line to take the throne. This was originally recced to me by my editor, and I fell in love with it. I’m still trying to find the time to read the newest chapters

our eyes are covered by night by EdibleFlowers
I don’t remember much of this one to be completely honest. But I subscribed to it and fell in love with it at some point so I must have liked it. (I have memory problems, so this is not surprising.)

i went too far by PayetteStAmour (AKA KissAranea here on tumblr)
The most satisfying thing. Just. The most. Satisfying. Cathartic is a word I would use. Just. Cathartic. Part of this is eventually going to be told in Ignis’ POV and I’m just… I’m dying. I need this.

High Noon by caliginousfay
Just shoot me in the goddamn heart. This is the fluff you’re looking for. You’ve probably already read it. Only three chapters but shoot me in the goddamn heart. This is one of the first Promnis fics that came into being and shoot me in the goddamn heart.

Rule of Thirds by MarleyMars
I mean. Why wouldn’t I mention this? I’ve read this. You’ve read this. Everyone’s read this. Just. I mean. Yeah. The relationship is beautiful and I love how they communicate, and how Prompto is sad about Ignis not being around much, but also understanding that even if he has anxiety about their relationship, this doesn’t necessarily mean he can start demanding things from Ignis – like time or more blatant affection. I wouldn’t usually note this, but I’ve seen lesser writers do this. Repeatedly. With the whole Fifty Shades fad going on – abusive relationships and using your preferences/mental disorders to invalidate someone else’s emotions and guilt them into catering to your situation – everyone’s just writing stuff that’s really harmful and frankly triggering to me and Rule of Thirds has avoided literally every one of these potholes. It’s beautiful. I just. Don’t lie – you’ve already read it.

Edit: I spent all that time looking for A Year And A Day by ObscureReference and I finally found it. This is the merman AU I needed most when I found it, and ultimately it helped glue me to the pairing. (Edited on mobile. Hope this works.)

My Stuff

Kisses Don’t Heal All Boo Boos (oneshot)
Straight up fluff. First Promnis fic. Takes place in the Mine after Altissia.

Things We Fear (longfic, currently 10 chapters out of 15)
Starts in the mine after Altissia; covers from the Mine, to the ten years of darkness, and then to the end of the game. Very heavily influenced by my time in the Queer Community. A heavier look at sexuality and identity than most fandoms attempt.

Composure (oneshot)
Short smut for my editor’s birthday taking place at Noctis’ wedding in an Everybody Lives Alternate Reality. It got political last minute because… Well, I wrote it. Occupational hazard.

(UPCOMING) Galdin Queer (will have, at max, 10 chapters)
Hoping to churn this out before the end of Pride Month. In a No War AU, Prompto decides to become friends with Noctis without losing the weight, and at fifteen he comes out as bisexual. Noctis responds by being the Best Ally to Ever Ally.

I also have a lot on my Google Docs Besin’s Story Time folder if you want to check those out. Remember to read the guidelines, and if you want to write one of these stories, send me a message.


Guild Wars Factions - Collector’s Edition

Guild Wars Factions was released on April 28, 2005, exactly one year after the launch of the MMO.

I remember the beautiful sky of Nahpui Quarter, the petrified creatures forever trapped in waves of jade, the eerie atmosphere of the Echovald Forest, and always, always getting lost in Kaineng City.

Standard version can be found here.


Benedict Cumberbatch, aka Babybatch! I used this Larygo edit as reference. (thank you for your edits, they’re awesome!) 

I used Staedtler graphite pencils (4H to 8B) on 7X10 bristol (it’s all small and tiny, took 2 hours maybe, Wanted to go quick and dirty :-)

Thank for looking! 

My art tag

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making edits for my own story - ship aesthetics: Severus Snape x Lady Zabini

He hadn’t seen her after leaving Hogwarts, but she still looked the same as ever, overly beautiful in a way that made him instinctively distrustful. As pretty as sin, in the most literal sense.

“Hello, Severus Snape,” Gabriella Zabini smiled at him, sharp and elegant and dangerous all at the same time, “sold out any old crushes lately?”

revenge is always sweet (it’s the aftertaste that’s bitter)


The playable characters of Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

Since this is what I am currently playing (got it Tuesday), enjoy some of the beautiful art. I didn’t edit / resize / touch these at all, so they are in their natural glory.

Atelier has such beautiful art. They are very laid back games but I keep playing them game after game. 

In this game, you can choose to be either of the first two characters - Escha or Logy. I chose Escha for my first playthrough. 

There will also be three DLC characters.


‘’ It has always been beautiful. We have a close-knit family, and my parents are the best role models. They are still together after 27 years of marriage. I feel I have the best of all worlds. My upbringing was very American, but also Mexican and Lebanese — so much cultural richness, family warmth, and special traditions, not to mention the amazing food! I have been blessed! ‘’ - Emeraude Toubia


But maybe I need you…

EXO react to waking up as girls one day

Obviously, NONE of the pictures or edits used in this reaction are mine. All credit goes to the amazing editors and the beautiful girls that actually look like the EXO boys/Tao, who cross-dressed for us.

Xiumin: After he gets over the change, he just goes about his day, making coffee and sitting back to watch the insanity unfold. “I know I’m cuter than ever, but if we’re suck this way, I’m not doing more aegyo during interviews.”

Luhan: “How the hell can I call myself manly now that I’m literally a girl?! I’m never going to live this down, even if we turn back.” He pouts about it for a while, which only garners more cooing from the others over how pretty he is.

Kris: Since he was already a little unwieldy on his own legs, suddenly becoming more top heavy did nothing to help and he becomes even more clumsy. “Please tell me this isn’t permanent. I really don’t think I’ll survive as Kristina.”

Suho: The moment he sees his new form in the mirror, the first thing out of his mouth is, “How are we supposed to continue schedules? SM is going to be so mad. We can’t perform Artificial Love as a girl group.” He blushes deeply.

Lay: Looking in the mirror is like the Marx Brothers scene from Duck Soup - he can’t believe that the woman on the other side of the glass is copying his movements so perfectly. “Is this a prank? That can’t be me…” He stops, surprised by his new voice.

Baekhyun: He takes time to examine his new feminine good looks and admire his softer body.  “If and when we turn back, I’m going to be able to get a girl off so easily. I’m going to learn this body perfectly.” With that, he locks himself in his room.

Chen: While many of the others are freaking out and running around  trying to understand why this happened, he stands back laughing at them. “I know I’m a girl, too, but I just can’t help laughing. This is like the start of a fanfiction!”

Chanyeol: “Oh my god, look at my boobs! They’re so awesome!” He’d spend considerable time just staring at and squeezing his own breasts, laughing at how squishy they are and then how ‘hot’ he looks. He’d make the best of his time as a girl.

D.O: He glares icily at Chanyeol’s joke that he’s ‘even softer and cuter than he used to be.’ “We may be girls for some weird reason, but I can still put you in a headlock.” Honestly, he’s a little relieved no one will expect him to show off his abs now.

Tao: A moment of supreme smugness for Tao: “I knew I’d be the sexiest girl out of all of us.” He does a little modeling session for himself in front of his mirror, enjoying how cute his giant shirts look on his smaller frame. “I’m gonna wear this as a dress.”

Kai: Trying to make himself comfortable in his new body, he tries to do some ballet practice and realizes how different the movements feel. “It’s going to take forever to relearn how to do dance.” He moves his hands over his new curves interestedly.

Sehun: He has to stare in amazement at his butt in the mirror. “Guys… with rounder hips, my ass got even better! I could be a Victoria’s Secret angel and meet Miranda Kerr. Screw being an idol!” With that, he runs out the door.

- Admin J


There was actually something quite beautiful about Gwi’s death, in that after spending hundreds of years controlling monarch after monarch, his final thoughts were regarding the sun’s beauty, and he gave into its warmth completely. Its almost as if he is grateful to the sun for bringing him to the end of his eternal darkness, as opposed to resenting it for stopping him from accomplishing his goals. He welcomes it, the same way one would an old friend, and allows himself to become engulfed by the thing he missed most all these years.

Stay Beautiful - Chapter 1

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

A/N: Hey. I can’t stop starting stories, so if I start another one after this without even attempting to continue one of my others - by all means - smack me! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this! I edited the cover to make Hayley Williams have purple hair as well, and I think she looks amazing! Hope you guys are good! I’m always here to chat and stuff. :)

Trigger Warnings: Depression, Anxiety, mentions of death, living with autism, hopelessness.

Word count: 1588

Tag List:  @winchesters-favorite-girl @winchester-writes @storyofawinchester @rosie-winchester @bea789 (More room for anyone who wants to be added! :)

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