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Phil’s return

Genre: Fluff.

Wordcount: 560.

Warnings: non.

Summary: Phil gets home at 2 am from a trip and he and Dan missed each other very much.

Notes from me: This is a very short piece, I wrote it in one go, but I kept working on it for days, there may come more to it some day. Some thanks goes to my friend @apollodiangelo for once again reading some shit I send you.

It was 2 am, Dan stretched his arms while he stood up from the coach, mentally preparing himself for sleeping. His neck hurt from sitting in his browsing position too long. He walked to the kitchen to get a cup of tea, when he heard the creaking sound of the front door. ‘Phil?’ Dan said, voice raw of not talking for a long time. No response. Dan walked down the stairs, again calling his boyfriend’s name. 'Is that you Phil?’ When he arrived at the door he saw that is was open and there stood Phillip Lester.

'Jesus Christ, Phil, you scared the hell out of me.’ Phil looked up to the younger man, who was standing halfway up the stairs 'I missed you so much Dan, it was horrible without you.’ 'Oh no!’ Dan replied while walking down the stairs 'shall I make you some tea?’ he asked. Phil nodded. While helping the other man out of his wet coat Dan sighed 'I’m glad you’re back, the house was so empty without you here.’ Phil smiled at him ‘I’m happy to see that you’re still alive.’ Dan laughed ‘It was hard, I can tell you that.’

Phil stepped towards his boyfriend and put his arms around the younger man’s waist ‘I missed you so much’ he whispered while leaning forward, pressing his nose against Dan’s. ‘I missed you too’ Dan whispered looking into the green-blue-yellow eyes of the older man. ‘So, so, so, so, much’ Phil whispered, but it disappeared into Dan’s mouth while he kissed him. Dan put his arms around Phil to pull him closer and their bodies melted together, they became one. While the kiss got more passionate Phil put his hands in Dan’s hair and softly went through his hair, like he needed to remember exactly how every hair was shaped.

‘Just one second’ Dan said completely out of breath trying to create a little bit space between the two of them, but failing his attempt, because he was pressed against the wall by Phil’s entire body. ‘Wha?’ Phil mumbled leaning into Dan again, trying to kiss him. ‘I just’ Dan put his hands between their chests and pulled at Phil’s t-shirt ‘I just love you so damn much, Phil, and I feel like’ he looked down. Phil put a finger under Dan’s chin, forcing him to look at him. Dan looked desperate ‘Dan, what’s going on?’ Phil asked looked the younger boy in the eyes.

‘Would you please give me some space?’ Dan replied ‘I can’t breath.’ ‘Okay?’ Phil said while he stepped back a bit. ‘Thank you’ Dan murmured ‘Now, Phil, the past days have made me realise something, I can not be longer than a few hours without you, and I don’t want to either, we have spend quite some years together, and I want much, much more to come, if I need to be honest, I want to spend the rest of the years to come with you.’

Phil grasped for air ‘Are you saying what I think you’re saying?’ Dan got a little black box out of his pocket and sat down on one knee ‘Phillip Micheal’ ‘yes!’ Phil practically screamed. ‘Will you at least let me ask you properly?’ Dan said jokingly ‘Oh, yes, of course’ Phil coughed his big smile away. ‘Phillip Micheal Lester, will you marry me?’

Pierce the Skies

Title: Pierce the Skies
Author: randomwriter57
Rating: G
Word Count: 2,836
Event + Prompt: @sormikweek day one - Elysia: Innocence/Beginnings
Summary: Archery has never been Sorey’s strong suit. Lucky for him, Mikleo has a knack for it.
Notes: Hello! I’m Random and I’ve been lurking in the shadows long enough. Here’s my first foray into the Zestiria fanfic world!
Actually that’s a lie - I’ve been writing sormik fic for months, but I decided to post now since it’s Sormik Week! I’m super excited to share my writing and to see what everyone else has created.
This fic came from an experience I had with trying archery, but that doesn’t mean everything in here is entirely accurate ^^“ I hope it’s still enjoyable anyway!

Also on: AO3

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sorakhhikari98  asked:

So I have this idea for a fic (it'll be my first time writing a fic ㅠㅠ yay!) And it's based on my favorite Chinese drama called Ten miles of peach blossom (it is cheesy but damn the story got me hooked in the 1st episode ), so why not make it as a klance au? Well friend, ThErE'S a LoT oF ChArAcTeRs iN ThIs DaMn DrAmA! So the idea is currently on hold, the story would be updated by episodes and every Sunday,

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT FIC!!!!!! I mean, you don’t have to copy the drama scene for scene so maybe you can get rid of some of the characters that you can’t find equivalents for? Sometimes it’s easier to just write stories inspired by something else instead of following it completely. But hey, it’s your fic, you decide :D I’m not sure how to help other than wish you the best of luck though^^’

‘Big Project’ Prologue: Nathan and The Allex Cube

Welp, a promise is a promise, so I suppose I should get straight to it. This is a VERY big post, so be aware. Sorry phone users, because I know for some reason it doesn’t allow the ‘keep reading’ thing all of the time. If you’re looking for a description of the book or stuff from this post don’t expect it, this is just an open door, try to figure it out for yourself sort of deal. All the other nonsense comes later, I suppose. Well, to delay it no further, here it is, the prologue to the first book I’ll ever publish:


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if yall want to know when or where the next chapter is my only answer is that video gam good

@fibrochemist: Thanks, hun.

But to be honest, and I’m being frank as a fanfic writer, not enough people show it. I get maybe 2 - 3 comments on a story when I post on AO3 unless it’s something that blows up big, and then maybe it’s 6.But then, I’ll get thousands of hits to the story. I get very few reblogs on any fic I post that isn’t Sherlolly on Tumblr so no one actually sees the stuff I write, especially with the new bullshit on searchable posts that Tumblr put in place (so basically anything I post linking to AO3, which is everything I post, doesn’t come up in searches). And while I can get a decent amount of kudos on AO3 sometimes, I look at other authors and it’s like…why bother?

And yet when I say “Please reblog my stuff, please give me comments, please send me asks when I do fanfic asks” I get ignored, but then minute I say “Maybe I should just stop writing” then everyone comes out to say “No, please don’t! I love your stuff!” And I’ll admit, I feel guilted into staying, at least long enough to finish some more stuff. But then I get no more real support, and I feel dejected again, and my writing slacks (especially because it is so utterly painful to write with my joint problems these days), and I wonder aloud if it’s worth it and it becomes a routine I’m getting tired of.

When a fic author starts to wonder if they should throw in the towel, that’s not the time to support your local fanfic writer. Sometimes, that’s too late. The time to support your local fanfic writer is while they are actively writing. Because if you want us to produce content for you, you need to encourage us. You need to do more than just throw us the occasional bone with some meat on it; you need to throw up a whole damn chicken with meat attached. Please give us substance. Comments on AO3 and are nice (and none of the “More please?” stuff and that’s it). Reblogs are amazing. Tags…we do read the tags, I swear! Spill your guts in your tags if that’s your thing! Recs are the shit and we really do appreciate them. For you artists, every once in a while surprise art is cool, especially if you’re down for letting fic writers do fic of your art ( @rebka18 legit gave me almost all of her art so eventually I will save it all to my hard drive and start writing fic for all the pretties I haven’t written fic for whether she thinks it’s crap or not BECAUSE I LOVE HER ART SO MUCH).

Fandom is a communal thing. Always has been should always be so. If we lose the writers we lose a huge chunk of the community, one of the biggest sections of it that’s been around since the days of yore. And frankly, I don’t want to be around in any fandom if we lose the writers. It would be a sad, sad place to be.

20 Things about Leia Organa and Ships

phil said she wanted pilot-Leia headcanons. And by the Great Cosmic Egg I am here to provide. (Honestly I’m pretty sure I think about this way too much. It is high time I share some of my thoughts.)

~1) When she was eight, she begged Captain Antilles to teach her how to fly the Tantive IV. (He found two things out that day: 1) Leia Organa was quite possibly the cutest kid he had ever met; 2) One day Leia Organa would make a fantastic politician.) Though she was still too young to properly learn how to fly the Corvette, Antilles spent the entirety of the voyage taking her around the bridge (carrying her and lifting her up when necessary), teaching her about what each of the controls did, the basics of navigation, and a hundred other things that pilots needed to know in order to fly safely. (He was shocked at how much she actually understood and retained.)

~2) When she was thirteen and traveled to Coruscant with her father, she finally convinced Captain Antilles to properly teach her how to fly the Tantive IV.

~3) After the Alliance makes it off Yavin, and they finally settle down into their new base, Leia goes to find Luke. “I want to learn how to pilot an X-Wing,” she tells him bluntly. “Will you teach me?

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babeztae  asked:

For the projects thing: I think it's completely up to the person!~ Some people feel more comforfable fiinishing projects before starting new ones since they work more efficiently & stay motivated throughout the whole thing, however others (like me and you it seems :P)can get sudden inspiration for a brand new project in the midst of another, and are more likely to gain motivation if they start working on several ideas;;as long as we have the motivation to finish them at some point its all good!

Yes it definitely depends on the person! I guess the important part is the motivation so any writing will actually get done lakskskdjsjd for me that does seem to mean working on the new idea instead

Well day 1 word count goal was 2500, only made it to 2043. Kinda disappointing but I woke up very sick and we ended up going to the city after we left the barn, so also just glad I hit 2k at all. 

looking at the concept art of padme with either one of the twins on her back for ‘revenge of the sith’ im desperate for an au where padme doesn’t die right after mustafar 

  • padme goes to mustafar with intentions of killing anakin [see here for elaborations
  • anakin would definitely still force choke her, but this time instead of taking forever fighting anakin, obi wan’s intentions would be on getting back to padme no matter what
  • when obi wan gets back to padme and the ship, he leaves anakin with both of his legs chopped off on a platform that’s set to fall into the lava within eight minutes (chancellor palpatine manages to get him out before that happens resulting in anakin fully taking on his role as darth vader after realizing anyone he cared about will betray him)
  • padme gives birth to luke and leia, and despite being tired beyond belief, completely broke up and furious about her plan failing, lives to fucking fight another day
  • the intended plan is to give leia and luke to their respective adoptive homes when they’re one month old
  • padme spends two days with owen, beru and the twins before leaving luke with them, meaning a short home holomovie that they’ll both receive on their eleventh birthday 
  • before this though, it results in padme crushing rumors of her death and bringing forward the truth to half the galaxy all while caring for the twins in the background. even though it’s no one’s business, she does reveal that while she was pregnant, her child died in childbirth. everyone, even the naberrie family believes her
  • respective wills are made, letters are written and she tries to be as prepared as she can for them if she has to go on a mission and fails to come back but when she dies the day after she leaves leia with breha and bail, the tears seen on the streets of naboo are nothing compared to the wails of baby luke and leia naberrie-skywalker
  • [[[basically what i wanted was padme jogging down the streets undercover with a baby on her back, and another baby on her front, while shooting at her enemies ok is that too much to ask???]]]
NaNo update:

due to life stuff, I have not gotten the mood to actually sit down and write new stuff for Fordscape AU. But I DID completely edit up the full draft of part two of the Smaller Than He Seems AU (which has been long coming lol) so yay! I got writing stuff done today, just not… NEW writing stuff.

The fic thing should hopefully be out to you shortly.

i just want to talk about my ocs, but i have so many of them

Calum Hood - Moonlight And Rooftops

A/N - This was posted originally on my old writing blog hashtagsandbrokenrecords, but because of reasons I had to delete that blog. So yeah, I hope you like this one! I will be posting the stuff I posted on there on here now, whilst I try to find time to actually write some new stuff <3


“Meet me on the roof” was all the text read, as I turned over in my bed. I’d laid there all day and I wasn’t sure what I’d actually done with my day. I sighed, climbing out of bed and finding a pair of flannel shorts and a discarded hoodie to put on over my tank top and underwear. I fluffed my hair up slightly in the mirror but I didn’t bother with makeup, knowing it would be dark up there and he wouldn’t mind in anyway. I grabbed the pair of converse and slipped them on with ease, grabbing my phone and cigarettes as I left my crappy flat and made my way up to the roof.

“I sent you that text an hour ago.” Calum called to me, when I opened the door and slipped out into the cold air. I flipped him off, moving to sit in the other one of the old abandoned deck chairs that no-one knew how they’d got there.

“I was sleeping.” I mumbled, pulling out a fag and lighting it quickly, inhaling the smoke with relief. My day had involved me not wanting to even get up to have a smoke and I was needing it.

“You’re always sleeping these days Y/N, how do you still have a job?” Calum chuckled, taking the cigarette out of my fingers and taking a drag. He closed his eyes contentedly as he leaned back in the chair, before opening them up again to meet mine.

“I turn up when I have to and I work hard. They didn’t need me today, so I took full advantage of that.” I shrugged, looking out over the top of the roof at the busy city lights. “What do you even do with your days off anyway?”

“I write, I sleep, I eat.” Calum laughed now, a full chest laugh, making me smirk. We’d met when we both had found ourselves up on the roof at 3am one Friday evening; his deck chair on the opposite side of the roof to mine. We’d spent the entire night talking, our chairs slowly moving closer together until they met in the middle and they hadn’t moved for 3 months. He’d been out on tour for those months, so I’d had no reason to find myself up here. He’d given me his number that night, but he’d never texted me until tonight.

“That’s only a little more productive than me.” I sighed, finishing my cigarette and stubbing it out before pulling my legs up onto the chair, and resting my chin on my knees. “How was the rest of the world rock star?”

“Pretty much the same as here, just different people.” He shrugged, pulling out a bag of weed and paper and started to roll a joint for us to share. “But there was someone always on my mind.”

“Who’s the lucky girl?” I chuckled, watching as he carefully sealed up the joint before holding his hand out for my light. I dropped it into his hand, before focusing my attention back on the horizon.

“Who said it was a girl?” he joked, lighting up and taking a long drag.

I laughed lightly, turning my attention back to him and taking the joint off of him. “Didn’t know the famous Calum Hood was gay, guess there’s a lesson in everything.”

“I’m not, but the assumption was not nice.” He gave me a lazy smile and it was then that I realised how much I enjoyed spending time with him. Everything was easy when we were sat up on the roof just talking. Silence engulfed us as we shared the joint, a hazy feeling coming over the both of us, the lights from the speeding traffic and office buildings lighting up our view of the city.

“Wanna do something radical?” Calum turned to me, a smirk present on his face, after he’d just stepped out the third joint. We were both just enjoying each other’s company and the cool night air, I wasn’t sure whether I was up for anything particularly adventurous.

“Not really.” I smirked, watching as his grin turned into a pout.

“Well you can sit and watch me do something radical then.” He shrugged, ignoring the way I rolled my eyes and standing up to make his way to the edge of the roof, and as he laid his hands on the wall that stopped people from falling over the edge, I knew exactly what he was going to do.

“Calum, you’ll die.” I warned half-heartedly, but he hoisted himself up anyways and stood on the slim edge, looking out over the city. He turned back, gesturing for me to join him,before carefully lowering himself down onto the wall and dangling his legs over the edge of our building.

I sighed, standing up and moving over to join him. He made no effort to help me up as I struggled but as I stood on the edge, carefully looking down I’d never felt freer. The world was at my feet and I was never happier. “It’s amazing.” I told him, sitting down and dangling my legs as well, swinging them backwards and forwards as I took in the city from a new angle.

“I’ve been planning this the entire time we were on tour.” He whispered and I turned to look at him confused, about to ask what he was on about, but instead I was stopped by his lips finding mine.

I was taken by surprise but when I’d recovered I kissed back slowly, trying to keep it to the slow and calm mood of the evening. I wanted everything to come to a stop as his arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer. Our lips moulded together and I found myself lost in his everything, his lips, his hair, his torso. I was lost and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be found.

Eventually he pulled away, a lazy grin on his face, and I could tell he’d enjoyed it as much as I had. “You were planning that?” I whispered, biting my lip at his expression.

“I was planning on bringing you up onto the roof and then getting you to sit above everyone else and then my next plan was to kiss you. I didn’t think it would be successful.” He admitted, pushing my hair out of my eyes a shy smile now gracing his lips.

“What were you planning to do next?” I whispered seductively against his ear, before biting it lightly, feeling his hands travel down to rest on my bum. He turned his face slightly to reconnect our lips quickly before pulling away.

“I was planning on taking you downstairs to my room.” He admitted, a blush spreading over his cheeks. I smirked standing back up on the roof edge and I jumped down back onto the safety of the roof, grabbing his hand as he turned around on the roof and got ready to slide down.

“Want to lead the way?” I asked him, looking up at him through my eyelashes and he just shook his head, resting his arms over my shoulders and leaning down to slowly connect our lips again, making me sigh into the kiss. I could see myself spending more time on the roof with this boy in the days to come.

He looked at me like I was the breath of a pause right before a wave crashed over him
the break between two people saying “I love you” and “I’m leaving” at the same time
the way the sun never quite rises in time for you to wait for the bus
you are always left in the dark, just for a bit, just long enough for the chill to set in, for the fear to set in
he looked at me like an apology and I’ve never been so terrified

and i can’t say I hadn’t been expecting this
people always leave and it’s usually sooner rather than later
but i’m not even finished building my bridge to him yet, i’m still in the middle
and when he lights it up i’m going down
there’s no saving me, there’s no ground beneath my feet
there’s just rushing water and the sudden impact
like hitting glass
like breaking teeth

he says not to be afraid because he was never worth it anyway
and I don’t know how to say that it doesn’t matter if he was worth it
I’m here anyway I’ll drown anyway
but still he lit his matches and dropped them down my throat
and the bridge fell and the water filled my lungs and
now I don’t know to say I love you without my voice shaking
I don’t know how to say I love you if he’s not the one hearing it.

—  Building bridges to places that don’t exist anymore– Lily Rain