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Excuse me if this is random, but how would Prussia, America, England, and Romano react if their s/o out if nowhere said "Trust fall!" and then started falling. Would any of them actually catch their s/o? 😂 (I tried this with my significant other, and he tried to catch me but I ended up knocking over and we both fell)

Hello my fellow Hetalia lover~! Sorry for the slow response, like I said things at home have been a bit crazy. This is a super cute ask though and it was fun to imagine these guys reactions. :D Thanks a bunches for sending this in doll, and I hope my reply makes you smile~! 

Prussia: Gilbert would react immediately, making sure that he grabs his s/o before they can even come close to hitting the ground. He’s got great instincts so it would be easy for him. He’d keep them in his arms, looking down  at them with a big grin. He’d probably tease them a little by pretending he’s going to drop them before he pulls them up into a hug. He’d be insistent on trying this trust fall for himself but would do it at some time his s/o wasn’t expecting and they’d both end up falling over.

England: You startled him! Arthur drops whatever he’s holding to immediately catch his s/o. He almost wasn’t able to catch his s/o because of his surprise but at the last moment, he manages to grab them before they hit the ground. He stares at his s/o for a moment before he leans down and gives them a kiss. Then he’d pull them back up and scold them for doing that out of the blue. What if you had gotten hurt?!

South Italy: This poor guy. Romano would loose his cool and not be sure what to do, so he’d up just falling to the ground under his s/o, so that they don’t get hurt. He was just too shocked to catch them, but now they’re laying on top of him and well, it’s not all that bad. It’s pretty nice actually … He’d definitely be annoyed with his s/o for doing that randomly and nearly giving him a heart attack. But he’d enjoy holding them close for a little longer than necessary.

America: He’d catch his s/o so fast, they barely had a chance to fall at all! Alfred would laugh at the look on his s/o’s face before lifting them up into his arms bridal style. He’d just be very amused that they tried to pull a stunt like that, but he’d also be pleased that his s/o trusts him to catch them. He’d spin around in a circle a couple of times until both him and his s/o are dizzy and then they’d lay down on the ground together. You’re so silly s/o!

-Mod Lily

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I want to start this off saying that not only do I love your blog, your characters and just how you handle things in general but you actually pushed me to start hacking because I would lose a lot of patience waiting for my mayor to tan and stay tan. As someone who is puerto rican I was always super bummed in myself for just idk not staying true and doing the island trick everyday cause I LOVE my tan mayor, I love how her skintone matches my families.(I'm going to continue this. hold on)

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Wow!!! Unnie is so lucky. He probably remembers your blog since he remembered that someone asked him to check it. If he actually checks your blog and likes it, it would be like the start of a fanfiction. - Young Anon. ~~•

Oh nooo afdgshsk this is not fanfic material 😱😱😱😱 I’M HONESTLY SO SCARED TO THINK THAT HE COULD EASILY GO ONTO TUMBLR. He might have remembered in the 2 hours slot where he was signing autographs for his fans , but I’m sure he forgot by now (LET’S THANK GOD FOR THAT) .the embarrassment is too real . I’m honestly so embarrassed 😖😖😖 #LETS hide

someone: hey, do you know the group seventeen?

me: [adjusting glasses, pulling 44th complete page of seventeen essay out of typewriter, taking a sip of english breakfast tea, and continuing essay] i’m a casual fan.

no but like twink!cas waking up in the morning on a lazy saturday and getting up before dean for once to get coffee and he just throws on a pair of sweatpants that are probably dean’s bc they’re way too big on him. and they’re so low rise that they go below his hipbone and you can see the line of his pretty light pink lacy panties. and then he’s got a cute lil’ crop top on with some sweet design on it and then socks w/ lil’ bees on them and like major bedhead and dean finally wanders into the kitchen and can’t help but smile bc cas is just so /cute/ and /sleepy/ and he comes up behind him and murmurs ‘mornin’ sweetheart’ into his skin and cas just grumbles even though his heart does a lil’ flip when dean wraps his arms around cas’ waist like that <3


PruCan ‘Comic Strip’~

I definitely need new ideas for the next requested ships help….
It’s not animated I’m sorry for that but I currently work on my 2P!talia stuff ^^;

“On My Love” -  Edited Scene from Yuri on Ice Episode 5 (Victor’s POV)

Because I’ve always been invested in Victor’s narrative.  Thank you episode 10, it’s all I could ever ask for.

English subtitled version on youtube!

Thanks for watching!


Hey, whatever works, right? 


people scared of jyp when got7 get back lol but then there’s this guy

I want klance where Keith is actually a really caring boyfriend in a mother hen kinda way, so he’s always offering Lance his jacket because the boy looks cold, or cooking him food to make sure he eats. And Lance is like NO I want to do cute things like this, why’s he so smooth, he’s stealing my thunder. So then he starts competing with Keith to do the most Classic Boyfriend™ things. Like if Keith has the audacity to hold Lance’s hand then Lance will retaliate by pulling him into the nearest florist and buying that asshole a bouquet of goddamn roses, and who’s the smoother boyfriend now, huh, Keith?

And Keith is happily oblivious to the competition and just appreciates that he has such a cute, kind boyfriend who’s always doing nice things for him