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Trying to decide if I should keep my car.. or trade? via /r/cars

Trying to decide if I should keep my car.. or trade?

Misleading title.. I actually have a truck.

Here is the situation: My wife wanted an SUV when the lease on her Altima was up.. that time is right around the corner so we have been looking around at the options. I said if we can make the SUV the roadtrip car (4x4 so we can take it to the mountains) and if it could tow (diesel engine would be good for this), that would open up the options on keeping or letting go of my truck. She wanted decent MPG, and something that had a few nice features.. heated seats, backup camera, and it could not be more than her current payment on her Altima.

Long story short, we ended up putting in an order for a 2015 Grand Cherokee with the eco diesel engine and AWD. Says 4x4.. but its always in 4wd so, to me.. that is AWD but maybe I am misunderstanding something. Anyway.

That puts me in a situation where I need to decide what to do with my truck. I have about $5k equity in it, so no worries about being upside down on the trade. I like my truck and so does everyone else I talk to.. but its not really a FUN vehicle. I am itching for something fun.. motorcycle, cheap project car, sports car, supercharge the truck.. ect.

Right now I am between either: 1. Keep the truck and get a motorcycle or a cheap project car 2. Keep the truck and put a supercharger on it 3. Trade the truck for a Corvette (C5 z06 or C6 base)

Any input on what I should do? I owe about $18k on the truck and it is worth about $22-24k maybe. I have seen some early 2000 model C5s in the $15k price range.

Problem is.. like I said.. I like my truck. I am worried I will miss having it, but at the same time I have the itch for something to play with.