and actually shower and get pretty for work

Just an assortment of small Riddler headcanons. I love this man. Help me. 

  • Very much not a morning person; thrives in the evening/late night
  • Typically showers after waking. Minimum once a day (unless he’s in a depressive swing), but will shower again if he’s been working on his machines, etc
  • Near-sighted; corrective (colored) contacts. He likes the glasses for the look. They’re his design and they also give him the ability to zoom in
  • Keeps his breath fresh throughout the day! Mints, mint leaves, those little spray breath fresheners
  • Brushes and flosses his teeth after every meal (if possible, otherwise it’s as soon as he’s able), but doesn’t bother if it’s just snacks
  • It’s actually pretty easy to get him to blush, IF he likes you. Give him a nice smile and his knees will buckle
  • Sings in the shower, and in the car. If he’s not riding with somebody and chatting their ear off about something else (and he’s decent, too)
  • Favors classical music while working. Please imagine this man blasting Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers whilst building death robots
  • Not a fan of harsh or harder music. Favors classical, swing, some EDM, and some pop
  • Ambidextrous!
  • If a piece of clothing gets blood on it, it’s gone forever
  • Will sit in the exact middle of a restaurant, or as close to as possible
  • Tells the waiters it’s his birthday every time he goes into a restaurant to get free food. Sometimes it’s the same place a few times a month. Nobody dares refuse him (and the few who try get chewed out by him for at least half an hour)
  • His favorite dessert is tiramisu
  • He’s absolutely flattered by Halloween knock off Riddler costumes and even owns some
  • Hates bring called by a nickname unless he’s close with that particular person
  • If he’s stressed, reciting riddles helps himself to calm down. If he’s too stressed to put one together, hearing it from somebody else also helps
  • If something happens and he has no idea how to handle or fix it, he tends to panic and shut down
  • Don’t play against him in strip games unless you’re absolutely prepared to lose. Or he’s drunk
  • Fine with alcohol, will occasionally smoke weed, abhors the idea of cigarettes
  • Watching a trivia show with him will either be the most amusing or most annoying thing you could subject yourself to
  • A massive hypocrite
  • Probably owns at least 1 towel with his face on it
  • Absolutely in all seriousness considers himself a “sapiosexual”
  • Bisexual and polyamorous
BTS reaction: their s/o doesn’t show any affection

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Jin: I don’t think he would say anything, actually. He’d tell himself that he’s an adult and can handle this. And that you probably don’t show any affection for a reason. But he would probably get a bit more clingy, and start showering you in even more affection than he already did. In hopes that you would start. But I think he would bring it up eventually, if he got too tired of it.

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Suga: He probably wouldn’t mind at first, as he struggles a bit himself with showing affection. But no affection at all? It would wear him down a bit eventually. And once it did, he would probably bring up the subject to you right away.

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J-Hope: He is very affectionate, and I think he sort of needs his partner to show affection towards him, as well. But he wouldn’t say anything about it at first. He would, like Jin, reason that you probably had a reason for not showing affection. But he would bring it up to you eventually, much sooner than Jin would.

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Rap Monster: He probably wouldn’t notice at first, because he’s a very busy man, and I bet his mind is even busier. But it wouldn’t take him too long. And when he did notice, he would bring it up instantly, even before he got upset. Because if there’s something he wants to know, he’s not afraid to ask.

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Jimin: I think he needs affection the most out of all the members. Just because he needs assurance that you still love him. So he would notice and get upset by it the quickest. But, he’d also be afraid to offend or upset you by bringing it up, so he wouldn’t say anything about it at all until he finally broke and spilled all of his thoughts.

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V: He would honestly be confused at first. Like, aren’t people in a relationship supposed to shower each other in affection? When he decided that they were, he would get upset. Why weren’t you showing him any affection? Didn’t you love him as much as he loved you? Had he done something wrong? He would think about it for a few days, before deciding to ask you about it.

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Jungkook: He is another one to be confused. This is not how he imagined it. Were all the dramas, and people he knew, wrong about relationships? Or maybe you didn’t actually feel the same way as him? Or were you annoyed with him for some reason? He would be so confused about this that he would ask you, before he got to feel upset. Well, before he got too upset at least.

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There was a request for Corrin trying to get Xander’s attention while he’s working, so here it is! Personally, I like to think Corrin just showers Xander with her attention until he caves and returns her affections with some of his own. Since she can read him pretty well, actively trying to get his attention usually occurs when Xander is obviously (or obviously to her haha) stressed/over-worked and needs a break. When Corrin’s actually pining for attention and Xander’s not in need of a distraction, he’s usually the one who has to pick up on her being a lil more withdrawn, just because she doesn’t want to bother him while he’s doing important princely stuff.

Alternatively, I’m also just really partial to Corrin adopting a lot of catlike tendencies (bc dragons and cats are sort of connected in certain lore), and just… totally being a lil shit until Xander spoils her. Sprawling across Xander’s desk, or his lap, or the floor. Making incessant little noises until Xander humors her. Batting at his face. Cats are the worst I love them so much.


Morning tumblr 😁

So it may look like I’m still in bed but I have actually been up, got some breakfast, gone to the gym for a 50 minute weights workout, then got home and showered and now crawled back into bed for a lil while🙊🙈😋. So yeah, I didn’t take gym selfies today because I was getting shady looks from some new gym members. Made me pretty self conscious while working out. It was like they’d never seen a fat dude working out before😕. But fuck em, I rocked that session and got closer to my daily fitness goals. That’s all that matters.

Planning to chill for a bit, then got to sort out my car insurance as that runs out in 2 days. Plus gonna meal prep for the week. Trying quorn mince for the first time as well 😁. This is gonna be an experience ha.

So yeah, have a lovely Sunday everyone, feel free to say hey to my ask box if you want to chat as well😁😚😌