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You know how everyone has that thing they will never get tired of seeing pics of? Like their OTP or something?

Well, mine is the Inazuma boys eating food. Sakuma eating ramen, Hikaru eating a hamburger, Kirino eating donuts or shindou eating cookies or kurama eating noodles hello best avatar ever thank you very much. There’s also a great pic of him drinking juice

So basically what I wanna say is if you find a cute pic of Inazuma boys eating food, plz tag me. I wanna see these boys eat ;w;

shout out to @moominmamma-time who somehow always finds the cutest inazuma pics - i will never tire of seeing them haha.

jonimatorbowe  asked:

My headcanon is that edd, matt,tom, and tord. Dont have any sugar in their kitchen. Because edd's shelf is filled with cola, matt's is filled with mirrors, (even in the kitchen), tom's shelf is FILLED with smirnoff. And the kitchen is where tord hides his hnetye

Of course they don’t have any sugar in the kitchen, Matt keeps it all in his room. But yea, they practically keep their kitchen empty in regards to food because all their priorities are pretty focused. 

Edd’s shelf would probably be where he stores the next rounds of cola to go in the fridge, cause he already always has some in the fridge but he already has his ‘casual sipping’ stash by the couch. 

Matt probably put all the mirrors on his shelf when his room was beginning to get ‘too full’ and just hoped no one cared enough to legitimately make him move it.

Of course Tom’s would be filled with Smirnoff. He isn’t as addicted to Smirnoff as Edd is cola but he does have a /slight/ problem. Tord would probably try to prank Tom and replace all of Tom’s Smirnoff with diet Smirnoff

Tord.. He would put something useless on his shelf, just something for decoration or easy access just so that they wouldn’t question him but he’d have a lot of it hiding under the sink or taped to the underside of a drawer. 


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

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[ 170726 ] show champion / exo performing ‘kokobop’   #1stWin

i only have two settings: 1. unconscious and 2. terrible

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