and actually really good

I have a strong feeling that kxk break up news will come shortly before Egk-zo’s comeback.

And holy shit, this song is pretty good! Like, really good! I quite like Greg’s singing voice, actually - it’s not polished by any means, but I think that’s why I like it? Singing voice aside, the music is really, really good; this sounds like a legitimate rock song. It’s just damn good. I always assumed that Greg’s former music career was a flop and he was just a kid with mediocre talent trying to live out a fantasy, but he could have made something with this. 

He’s got great stage presence as well. Really puts on a show! I’d buy tickets any day.

i think we’ve all been around on the internet to know that the practice of doing/saying shit disingenuously for the sole purpose of pissing people off isnt actually as funny as lots of people think it is but i’d like to propose one singular, shining exception and thats this: stubbornly insisting that funko pop is “actually really good” and refusing to elaborate in order to rile people up is objectively hilarious

Okay so my dad has just come downstairs, had a half hour conversation with me in which he defended the validity of transformative works in general, extolled on why people who question the validity of fan works are full of shit, told me how cool he thinks it is that there are these communities that can bounce off, be inspired by, and communicate so thoroughly with each other (basically ‘the internet’s great you just couldn’t have done that x years ago—you’d’ve had to write letters and everything would have taken weeks’), and asked me to link him in to my fanfics because he’d like to read them and would be interested to see my interpretation of the HP world.

So yeah, basically, my dad is the fucking greatest and I love him so damn much and I am so very, very lucky 

And actually, he’s always really good with things like this. Like, I love sewing—it’s another one of my beloved hobbies, and there was this tv show in the UK for a few seasons called The Great British Sewing Bee, and I was obsessed with it, naturally. And he’d watch the programs with me, let me pause and explain things I thought were cool, he’d ask questions about it. Then one day we’d gone shopping bc he needed clothes, and he was looking inside the waistbands of all these trousers, looking at the hems, pointing out cool bits of construction, identifying whether or not things were well designed and put together or not, and he was like “Wow, I’d never thought about how much work went into making clothes before, but now I can really appreciate how complicated a piece of craftsmanship even simple things are, it’s amazing, I mean look at how they’ve finished off the edge of that waistband…”

Like… he just really pays attention, he’s really, genuinely interested, he’s always appreciative and supportive of my interests… and I just love him. A lot. I think I possibly have the best dad.

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ok, so the gang's getting together for a dance party night and suddenly a waltz comes on and everybody laughs cause who the hell put a waltz on a party playlist, but then Lance stands up, pulling Keith with him, and starts legit waltzing with him. Lance is actually really good but Keith is just tripping over his own feet and eventually they have to stop for the sake of Lance's toes but it "wasn't my fault" because "why did you even try you know I can't dance. no I'm not blushing you're blushing"

oh my gosh i seriously love this, i absolutely agree this is how klance dancing would go down,, the cutest dorks w sweet good dancer lance n blushy not so good dancer keith i lov,, this makes me happy thank u 

Total Body Cardio Fix = done 👊👊
Again, I was completely out of breath, but I think I have a sinus/head cold thing going on so that sucks 😒 but I feel good that I finished strong 💪 I’m actually really happy because each workout has a modifier, and there’s this one where I always do the modifier because I’ve been scared that I would be able to do the full version. Today I said fuck it, and did the full version! 😊 while I wasn’t able to do a whole 60 seconds of the full version, I did 30 seconds, then 30 seconds of the modifier 😄 I’m proud of my myself today 💁
And yes I coloured the ends of my hair pink 😍😍

for the record my #1 all time renaissance dude crush is actually good ol’ andy vesalius because he drew really cool goth skeletons for a living and then he died in a shipwreck. i named my forsaken priest after him. conversely machiavelli was kind of just this strange slutty guy who invented politics which is, uh, cute and historiographically compelling i guess but not nearly on the same level 

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Im actually getting a 50 gallon tank(for a really good price, im getting it from a person on facebook) and i was thinking of putting a Betta in it... do you think thats enough room for him or should i make it a community?

woah, a betta would love that much space!!! you can do a community as well if you want to, some cory cats and small schooling fish such as harlequin rasboras or cherry barbs would be great in there! avoid tetras, they can be very nippy. but its really up to you, 50 gallons is a ton of space to play with

A couple weeks ago, I decided to pick up a bunch of Wii U games while they’re still readily available. I mean, if Nintendo’s gonna be pulling the plug on the console, now’s probably the best time to get them. I picked up Paper Mario Color Splash, Kirby Rainbow Curse, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and Yoshi’s Woolly World. People complain about the poor selection of games for the Wii U, but I dunno… I have a pretty respectable collection of games for it now. I feel like they, like the system itself, were just really badly advertised. The only reason I knew these games existed is because I saw them on store shelves. I really miss Nintendo Power magazine…

Yoshi was the first one I decided to play, and it’s actually really good. Like, surprisingly good. It’s not a difficult game to play if you just want to breeze through it, but there’s a good level of challenge if you actually want to collect everything and 100% it. The puzzles here and there are nice, platforming is great, things are well hidden but not impossible to find, and the special stages at the ends of the worlds are actually pretty hard and require more skill to get through. It reminds me a lot of Yoshi Story for the N64, but bigger and better.

I’m only up to world 3 so far, but I’m having a good time playing it. If you have a Wii U collecting dust somewhere because you have no games, this is one I’d recommend.

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Can I ask how it's going now that you've distanced yourself from the cap fandom? Your post about it back when really resonated with me, and I keep thinking I might follow suit, but parts of it are still so comfortable and helped me through a lot you know?

Hi! This is a really good question, actually, and I’m very happy to share… but this is gonna get long. XD

(For reference, for anyone curious, I believe this is in reference to This Post)

So first of all, the HydraCap shit hit right as I was moving to New York. Part of the distance was my discomfort with the canon I was supporting, and part of it was just because I have literally been further from my computer since I moved here than I have ever been in my life. I use my phone a lot more because I’m just up and out more, and that’s not as condusive to browsing tumblr and blogging. So there have been some environmental changes that forced me to disconnect from fandom. 

When I was in fandom, it was one of my only comforts. I was in denial about a lot of uncomfortable facts of my life - my parents, my sexualiy, my gender, my fiance. The Cap story and fandom helped me sort out my own troubles so much and I won’t ever forget that - Captain America will always mean the world to me. 

But. This isn’t the first time I’ve distanced myself from a fandom. There’s been Kingdom Hearts, Sherlock, Doctor Who, etc. Sometimes you move on naturally and lose interest, and sometimes you have to intentionally say, I’m not getting anything out of this anymore (lookin’ at you, Moffat), or, this isn’t good for me anymore (hey there, seme/uke dynamics). And I had kinda gotten to that point with Cap. I didn’t feel like there was anythign I wanted to contribute, and I didn’t feel like I was getting anything back. Add in the HydraCap Debacle, and that’s a perfect recipe for GTFO. 

I still talk Marvel and Cap with my friends. I’d still read fic if something interesting came up. I still reblog Cap stuff from time to time. And who knows; maybe the next Avengers movies will introduce some interesting scenarios I want to play with. If there are parts of Cap you want to hang on to, go for it, and step back from the parts that aren’t working so much. Like, I stepped back from HTP stuff long before I stepped back from the fandom as a whole, just because I wasn’t getting anything edifying or helpful or cathartic from it anymore. 

And I will say that one of the first things I did when I moved to Brooklyn was start reading actual books on the train. Then after I got worn out from Serious Literature, I went on a two-month Drarry bender. I’d never read Drarry before, and I went through like…everything worth going through. It was absurd. So I did have a rebound fandom. One of the best ways to move on from fandom is to find a new place to focus your imagination. 

Ultimately, it’s not like my appreciation for Cap is totally gone from my life, it’s just not my only comfort anymore. I put a lot of myself into Cap fandom because I was totally miserable in real life. I never left my couch. All my friends were scattered. My fiance would go from telling me he loved me to saying he wanted to throw me out a window. I was not in a good place, and fandom was the best alternative.

But then I moved. I don’t have to talk to all my friends through fandom anymore because we live in the same city and can hang out for real and eat sushi. Also, I fell for one of them super hard (like off a cliff hard, like you’ve already read this fanfic hard, like rocks fall everyone dies hard) and now we’re dating and I spend most of my free time with him. So I have other outlets for everything that fandom used to give me: romance, friendship, vicarious pet ownership, etc.

To sum up, if you think it’s time to step back from Cap, give it a try. Even if you come back to it and find something else it can give you, stepping back from fandom - at least in my case - can give you a good perspective on what you’re missing in other parts of your life. 

i was thinking how ex-aid has thus far killed off its 2 most attractive characters, so taiga would hypothetically be next, since he is unfortunately #3 in my book.

but then i started actually pondering it and i think killing him off could be really good? like maybe he gets a little bit of sympathetic backstory at some point, maybe he doesn’t, but either way he ends up taking a fatal blow meant for nico. he has his first big genuine emotional moment as he’s lying there dying, and he willingly gives her all his gashats - the perfect final reversal of his usual “i’ll be taking yours” shtick & a good conclusion to his character arc.

nico is in shock during this, finally realizing too late that she does actually care a lot about this weird older brother figure. and once she’s recovered a bit she has real motivation - whether to put an end to this whole situation or just plain revenge, real & meaningful this time compared to her silly grudge against M - strong enough that it allows her to bypass the whole “gamer surgery” requirement. she becomes the new snipe and sets out to kick dan’s ass (or, y’know. whoever might have replaced him as main villain by then). in this way her earlier attempt at using bang bang shooting is no longer cruel taunting on the part of mr toei but in fact really excellent foreshadowing for what’s to come.

and at the end of the show we see her living her life happily, preferably with some friends her own age, wearing taiga’s dog tags as a memento of him. it could be groundbreaking tbh: the first ever satisfying permanent main character death in all of heisei rider.

i love mulaney, i even watched all of that ill fated sit com. but i really enjoy that the events of his hands down funniest, most iconic joke, was actually his best friend’s idea and he’s just really good at storytelling


Sombra didn’t know what she expected from a man clad in leather and an owl-like skull mask. (my own shitposting about sombra inspired this)