and actually finished it!


Aenor Harillen.

I wanted a Robin Hood type of character to finally romance Sera! I’ve tried so many times but I can never get past the part where she makes you choose between her and your Dalish faith - so this is Aenor: city elf, trickster, and thief. 

She was born into a Dalish clan but left to live in Redcliffe when she was fifteen. She tattooed her face with a Fen’Harel vallaslin to show her deep rejection of her old life. She’s gonna be really pissed off when she finds out about Solas haha

A drawing of Eleven from Stranger Things I’m currently working on…

I’m going to be completely honest, I’m actually surprised this turned out! (○□○)

I like the sketch, and intend to probably watercolour pencil this - so hopefully I won’t screw it up!

Excited for the second season!

Sometimes I just like to describe things okay

The agitated and restless business folk and families, though still clambering and milling about, wore varying expressions of tired relief. They gathered and collected their belongings and their children, throwing away fast food containers and empty water bottles.

The snow had let up, for now, but the gloomy overcast sky promised more later in the day.