and actually

you know, what’s so great about this teaser being released is being able to see so many people that you’ve come to know (either personally or just by memorization of their URL) being excited together and it’s just one, big, emotionally wrecked family so excited for the boys, and ready for the comeback

ryan reynolds, paul rudd, and ben affleck all being in super hero movies at the same time has been really enlightening for me because i really genuinely spent a long, long time being like wait, how is the same guy in three different super hero franchise movies at once? when ant man showed up in civil war, literally until he put his suit on i was sitting there like wow, i didn’t know deadpool was gonna be in this movie. that was when i realized: they’re not the same man

I have now created a way to identify which black haired blue eyed boy is which, by their hair. 

Is it a luscious flowing mane, like a majestic raven colored lion?

probably Dick then

Is it kind of curved, like an arch, and also may or may not have a white streak in it depending on how competent the authors are?

most likely Jason

Is it the kind of hair you look at and say, “get a haircut you hippie”?

Thats Tim

is it short and bristle but also absolutely adorable and you kind of just want to sit there vigorously rubbing it?

Damian then

I’ve had a shocking few weeks dealing with personal issues, stress and severe anxiety causing me to have several emotional breakdowns but I’m trying to keep my shit together.

My bedroom mirror with good lighting fell and broke so I’m stuck with this horrid bathroom lighting as well. I’ll bounce back, I always do it’s just getting harder every time.

The gym is keeping me motivated and my partner and her support is the one thing keeping me from a full blown mental breakdown.

dear aro and ace people, you deserve media representation. you deserve to see people like yourself in popular media. you deserve specific representation intersecting with gender, orientation, race, disability, neurodivergency, and personality. you deserve to be able to relate to media.

dear aro and ace people in fandom, you deserve to see aro and ace headcanons. you deserve to see people discussing aro and ace characters with respect and legitimacy. you deserve to be able to write and read fanfiction without romance or sex. you deserve to not feel alone.

dear aro and ace people, you deserve representation in real life. you deserve to see people like yourself succeeding. you deserve to see your identity taken seriously. you deserve to know you are not alone. you deserve respect from others.

dear aro and ace people, you deserve representation. you deserve the world.