and actually

so rufioh being into bossy, controlling people and dangerous ladies makes me think of THIS SHIP because vriska is of course, both of these qualities combined B)

*taylor swift’s blank space starts playing softly in the distance*

btw, naruto is absolutely in no position to be making fun of sasuke or beating him up right now

he is shown to not give a single fuck about the fact that sakura is alone and stressed and having financial troubles, or that sasuke his so called ~best friend~ has been away for 12 years

this is the guy who said his friends’ sufferings are his own suffering, well he sure doesn’t seem to be giving a fuck about the fact that literally his two closest friends have been suffering for 12 whole fucking years

it’s like the only time he cared about sasuke’s absence was when it made him lonely. but now that he’s happy and hokage he doesn’t give a fuck.

Korean EXO-L Actually Win Against Chanyeol&Sehun

With the caption

However time passed by and no one came to find them. Chanyeol thought people didnt come because he and Sehun already gone, so he uploaded another picture.

No, I’m still at Han River tho?????

Even after sometime, Chanyeol didnt meet anyone. Noone came to find them. So he proudly uploaded a video with the caption “You’ve failed” because no fans can find their picnic spot.

Sehun joins Chanyeol celebrating their victory

Actually, the truth is………

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