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Just wanted to say something on my mind: pretty much all of the art I post to tumblr are just the drawings I do for enjoyment, not a representation of my entire skill set as an artist. If I ever do put together a portfolio, a variety of examples will be included, such as still life, concept and design, portraits, photorealism, environments etc. 

Thing is, I’m actually content with mostly drawing female characters with petite faces! It’s what works best for me right now and cheers me up. If it isn’t your cup of tea, that’s cool with me. I don’t expect everyone to like my art of course! I’m just a small drop in a large ocean of other artists, all learning and drawing different things and sharing them with others. That’s the beauty of art really.

At the end of the day, it’s fine to draw what you want when you’re doing it for fun. You can still be skilled at other types of art at the same time! Just be happy and improve in other areas at your own pace.

I really don’t like seeing these posts of Sirius being mean to Peter. He was literally the one to suggest Peter as the Potter’s secret keeper. Peter was a Marauder whether we like it or not. Stop making him seem like anything less than that.


TYHIS WAS MY FAVRORITE VIDEO IN MIDDLE SCHOOL (EDIT: uhhhh the r slur is in this im sorry i didn’t watch the whole thing before i posted it but just watch out the rest of them are funny. the kid with the brown hair dressed in green says it)

the famous chords
  • tristan chord:love angst
  • viennese trichord:what's the ugliest i can make 3 notes
  • mystic chord:spoopy
  • elektra chord:what do u mean i cant have two completely different chords at once?
  • so what chord:swiggity swag
  • psalms chord:boo p!
  • petrushka chord:thE FACE OF SATAN HAS POSSESSED MEE
  • magic chord:the magic is the huge mistake it is
  • northern lights chord:so if i just sit right on these keys here on the piano
  • μ:now ur just being pretentious

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Imagine you not being able to sleep and it's like 3am so you go to Bucky's room/house to ask if he could help you fall asleep or at least keep you company.

Bucky would be half awake when you’d gently push the door open. He’d turn to you, and beckon you to come lay next to him. You’d both be laying next to each other for a few seconds before he’d ask, “Can’t sleep?” You’d nod, and he’d pull you into his side slightly, just enough so you’d be close to each other. “Tell me about it,” he’d press lightly. One thing that Bucky had become lately was a great listener. He preferred to listen rather than to speak. And so he listened, until you were out of words to say, and even then he would have listened some more. He only fell asleep when you leaned closer into him and your breaths got heavier. It turns out all he needed was for you to be next to him.

[send me some fluffy headcanons/react prompts]

CLYDE: “Okay wow you guys are getting serious.”
CLYDE: “Craig wasn’t joking about you guys being good at this whole ‘Emotional Dissection’ thing.”
CLYDE: “Well, first things first—I’m doing fine, at least when compared to Craig.”
CLYDE: “I was pretty upset at first about all this, I’m pretty sure I was crying like a baby the first three days in the hospital over this whole thing.”
CLYDE: “But after seeing Craig again and talking things out a bit, I feel a LOT better about everything.”
CLYDE: “At least regarding our friendship.”

CLYDE: “Which leads me to this second issue regarding the whole 'Just Friends” thing.”
CLYDE: “Like I told Token, I’m not sure what I feel.”
CLYDE: “I feel like its too early to say what this is, because it could easily just be me feeling pity or guilt.”
CLYDE: “I’ve done it before. Acting on a feeling that was mostly caused by pity, and it just resulted in a heartbreak for the poor girl I dated.”
CLYDE: “I really don’t want to do that to Craig. I’m not telling him anything until I’m sure this isn’t some…temporary thing.”
CLYDE: “And honestly, if Craig wants to drop it—I’ll drop it.”
CLYDE: “I’d be more than happy to be 'just friends’ with him.”

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I recently got diagnosed with ADHD and my mom says she doesn't want me on medication because she's heard that it's bad and it doesn't help. I really don't know what ADHD medication does and my doctor hasn't said anything about it, can you help?

ADHD medications function in a myriad of different ways. Very, very, very generally speaking ADHD medications are designed to alleviate some of the attention and cognitive deficits in ADHD.

Stimulant medications, like methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, Quillivant), dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) and combination amphetamine salts (Adderall) boost attention and focus by increasing the amount of dopamine between signalling neurons.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, and it has an important role in marking stimuli in the world around us as salient. Basically, what that means is that dopamine tells you brain “This thing right here is very, very important. Pay attention to this thing.”

Which is great, because ADHD brains don’t tend to use dopamine very efficiently, which leads to poor focus and attention.

But there are other, non-stimulant medications for ADHD. Many of the nonstimulant work by either boosting the levels or mimicking the actions of norepinephrine (noradrenaline) in the brain.

Norepinephrine, of course is one of the chemicals behind the fight or flight response, but the effect it has on the brain depends a lot on which receptors it binds to. The receptors to which norepinephrine binds are called adrenergic receptor, and they are divided into two types (alpha and beta) and then further into five subtypes. To make things even more complicated, the alpha subtype receptors are then further divided into more sub-subtypes.

But because we’re talking about ADHD, all you need to care about is the  Alpha-2A adrenergic receptor.  This receptor is important because it helps regulate higher cognitive functions, the sort of functions that are often lacking in ADHD, like attention and organisation.

Clonidine (Kapvay) and Guanfacine (Intuniv) are adrenergic agonists, which work to mimic norepinephrine by binding to the Alpha-2A receptors in the prefrontal cortex, and boosting attention and focus.

Atomoxetine (Strattera), on the other hand, is a reuptake inhibitor, which prevents the ‘recycling’ of norepinephrine. This means there’s more norepinephrine between cells, and therefore more norepinephrine binding to those awesome Alpha-2A receptors.

Where things get sticky, and potentially “bad” is in the side effects. So I’ve told you how these medications help with the symptoms of ADHD, but because each of them is a different chemical, with different structures, our bodies all respond to them differently.

And because our bodies are all different, the way I respond to a medication can be vastly different to the way you respond to that medication. It might work brilliantly, or you might get terrible side effects or it might not work for you at all. Part of your doctor’s job is to help you manage the potential side effects

This sounds scary, and risky, I know but it’s worth stressing that this is a risk that is found with any and all medications. Right down to basic things you can buy in the supermarket like aspirin, paracetamol (acetaminophen), or ibuprofen.

- Prue

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Ladrien, silver.

part 10

THANK YOU @mirthalia FOR THE BETA!!!

It’s wonderfully, horribly, terrifyingly easy to see her after getting her number: all he really has to do is ask.

You, me. Ultimate Mecha Strike. Rematch?

If I remember correctly, i’m in the lead. Why would I give you a chance to steal my throne? ;)

Because there is mercy in your soul, and you’ll let poor mortals attempt to overthrow you


I’ll be there in 10

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