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Pairing: Dean x reader

Prompt 27: “You shouldn’t have heard that.”

Prompt 90: “I’m fine.” “You don’t look fine.” “Then stop looking.”

Summary: In a rough patch in Dean and (Y/N)’s relationship, Dean finds himself between the sheets with another woman. He tries to hide it from her as he figures out how to handle his mistake. When (Y/N) finds out Dean has to accept the fact he might have lost her completely, without you he has nothing.

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I am seriously so pissed that they killed off Elizabeth Carruthers. I mean what an absolute bloody waste of such a brilliant, sassy independent woman. She had so much potential, so much more power to wield, so much more conquering to achieve yet they cut her down prematurely. It honestly feels like sloppy writing and my heart just can’t accept the fact that she’s actually gone. I am in absolute denial and everything hurts.

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“A trained surgeon is also a potential killer, and an important bit of the training lies in accepting the fact. Your intent is entirely benign - or at least you hope so - but your are laying violent hands on someone, and you must be ruthless in order to do it effectively. And sometimes the person under your hands will die, and knowing that … you do it anyway!”

~ Claire Fraser, A Breadth of Snow and Ashes ~

Guide For a Happier Online Life (and Real One):

-Sanvers is over. (why there’s still posts about how it should be different when was Flo who decided to leave, still astonishes me);

-Mon-El is a redemption arc character (It doesn’t matter how bad he was in the past, the goal here is him becoming a better person);

-Supercorp will never happen (and is not the constant harrassment that will change that);

The sooner you accept that these as facts, the happier you will be and less hateful you’ll get.

Disclaimer: Supercorp is cute and sanvers will always be in our hearts (and social media, and fanfics)

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Okay so I've lowkey got a HUGE crush on a girl in my class. I have no clue if she's into girls though. We've never talked before, the closest we've had to contact is the fact that she accepted my friend request on Facebook. I really like her, but I'm super shy and I don't know what to do. Should I message her??

Heck yea you should message her, go for that my dood! Fortune favors the bold as they say.

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for the 'feeling like a girl' anon, I think what you are feeling has a lot to do with the fact that it's a big thing to accept you are FTM and there is an element of fear of the unknown, and it is very normal to start feeling comfortable again in a female body because that's what you know - it's ALL you know. Don't worry, give it a bit longer and it'll settle. I had this for about a month after I declared to friends I was trans.

i actually……… really likes pidges vlog?? what is this feeling? actually… ENJOYING dreamworks content? without there being a ton of controversy? this is a foreign concept to me

what we learned

- she clasps her hands a lot

- pidge is in love with tech (not new but like) (she in lurve)

- shes always had a better relationship with tech than people, but she is wholeheartedly accepting of that fact, judging by how she said it

- she will never forget rover… but doesnt mention rover’s death…

- ROVER WAS HER CLOSEST FRIEND UNTIL SHE GOT TO KNOW THE OTHER PALADINS, dreamworks why dont you show us these things

- all the rest of the paladins plus coran were super accepting of her…

           - lance came around to it

- matt is playing video games and keeps pidge updated ISNT THAT THE CUTEST 

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dude i can say from experience the split attraction model sucks. i got a tumblr when i was about 13, at the height of both the ace community and my 'questioning' phase that every tween goes through, and i somehow became completely convinced i was biromantic asexual. mostly this was because i was fuckin 13 and i didnt have sexual thoughts yet, and also because i couldnt accept the fact that im a lesbian. i'm 16 now and im still dealing with that shit. sorry if this is incoherent or ooc

eeeeeeeeyikes I hope you’re getting through that ok


jace dodging hugs from simon and luke + hugging alec (requested by @wewalkadifferentpath)

i can’t believe it’s nearly 2018 and dweeby ass superhero fanboys are still having the marvel vs dc debate like y’all just need to accept the fact that neither of them will ever amount to the greatness that is sky high (2005) dir. mike mitchell and just move on with your lives

  • Ravenclaw: *running* Oh no, I'm late!
  • Gryffindor: The class has already ended.
  • Ravenclaw: So... am I really late for this class, or really early for the next one?
  • Gryffindor: What?