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Naruto Gaiden vs. Facts

A’ight ya shitheads in the Naruto tag

I’m still seeing anti posts saying “there is still a possibility for Sarada to be Karin’s daughter” and each and every time I read smthg ridiculous like that I can only roll my eyes.

Antis are practically digging their own graves, you just prove that
1. You didn’t pay attention to the manga
2. Or you can’t read
3. Or you’re just stupid

So.. this was a thing. A canon thing. Said by Karin herself. Not even your own Queen supports your bullshit. 

Let alone the fact that she was so pissed at Suigetsu for mixing things up and making it look like she was Sarada’s real mom. A lot of antis also forget this:

Karin and Sakura are close friends now. No grudges. No competition. There never really was competition. 

If you had matured as much as your favorite character, you’d accept the canon facts. It’s ok to still ship smthg else other than the canon pairings, you can let your imagination run wild with fanfics and what not, but keep the canon storyline in mind and don’t go around attacking ppl for their ships. 

Also, being a stubborn little piece of shit who keeps living in denial indicates immaturity and actual stupidity.

Sweater Weather

SUMMARY  - You read Bucky’s diary after an unfortunate event .

WARNINGS - ANGST , DEATH ( I maybe cried a little while writing this)

Sorry in advance . 

A/N - This is for Annie’s @hellomissmabel 1K celebration shuffle challenge . 

Taw @supersoldierslover Thank you so much babe . 

Everything in italics is from Bucky’s journal. 


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I was scared . I didn’t know what to say and if I had to say anything at all. I felt extremely uncomfortable with the number of people around me . I felt guilt . I didn’t understand why they would welcome me to their house after everything I had done . You were the last person Steve introduced me to. The wide smile and the genuine sparkle in your eyes gave me comfort . I hoped to stay away from you in fear of hurting you too like I did to the other in the room .

  All I am is a man
I want the world in my hands
I hate the beach
But I stand in California with my toes in the sand

Well , at first I tried to stay away but wasn’t very effective . You seemed comfortable around me , no hesitance in sparking up a conversation or just sitting next to me watching the television . Your soft smile directed towards me every time our eyes met made me happy for some reason . It gave me ease. My otherwise tense body would slouch a little and I would breathe lighter . It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I didn’t know what to do when you feel asleep on my shoulder . I just sat there looking at how peaceful you looked hoping that one day I could sleep as sound as you were.

Use the sleeves of my sweater
Let’s have an adventure
Head in the clouds but my gravity’s centered
Touch my neck and I’ll touch yours
You in those little high waisted shorts, o

It has been a few months here now and I feel settled . Well you make me feel that way . And the others too have shown so much acceptance that I will forever be grateful . I have become welcoming to touches and conversations. Maybe it is just me but I feel that for some reason you spend a lot of time with me . I like it . I like to think that you care for me . Sam and I don’t really get along that well but I still like him because I heard him giving an earful to an agent who said that I was a monster and I killed people and that I was dangerous . Man !!! I have never seen him so angry . I was very happy to know he cared too .

  She knows what I think about
And what I think about
One love, two mouths
One love, one house
No shirt, no blouse
Just us, you find out
Nothing that wouldn’t wanna tell you about no

I didn’t really expect Tony to ever talk to me after discovering the truth that  I had killed his parents . But today , he started working on a prosthetic arm for me and he called me to his lab . He was so gentle touching my arm . I couldn’t get the guilt off myself and I found tears rolling down my eyes while I whispered ‘I’m sorry .’   He said nothing . He just hugged me . I didn’t think I deserved such kindness but it eased me mind and heart . He just patted my shoulder and walked out of the lab .

  ‘Cause it’s too cold whoa
For you here and now
So let me hold whoa
Both your hands in the holes of my sweater

So…..It been some time since I flirted with somebody . And it was a little surprising to know that girls are pretty good at it . In my time it was the guy who had to woo the ladies . But I didn’t really mind the other way around . Not that I would recognise it if someone actually flirted with me . ‘Listen to me dude , I know for sure she likes you.’ Sam whispered into my ear while we were all sitting in the common room having dinner . I looked at Steve for some help . ‘ I think so too . I mean , she’s been pretty flirty with you lately .’ He said shrugging . Flirty??? You flirted with me??  I liked you but never did I think you would like me back . I found myself blushing every time you looked at me after this new found information .

  And if I may just take your breath away
I don’t mind if there’s not much to say
Sometimes the silence guides our minds to
So move to a place so far away

I tried ok? I tried to be cool and flirt back but even I was cringing at my horrible attempts . I was hoping that the charm back in the 40’s would come back but they didn’t . But thank fucking god you were good at it . ‘ Would you ….Would you like to go on a date with me Bucky?’ you asked and I truly couldn’t my ears . I was screaming and jumping in joy all in my mind . I could only nod with a wide smile etched on my face .

  The goosebumps start to raise
The minute that my left hand meets your waist
And then I watch your face
Put my finger on your tongue
'Cause you love the taste yeah

It was the most wonderful 4 months of my life . I couldn’t be happier . Laying beside you on the bed with you wearing my maroon sweater with your head on my chest made me want to stay like this forever . It’s the best night of sleep I have ever gotten . I couldn’t take the images of last night from my head . The feel of your lips against my body , your soft hands running over my scars , looking at them like they are the most beautiful scars you have ever seen . They once made me feel ashamed of myself , a constant reminder of the day I turned into someone I hate now . But you make them look like battle scars . Like I endured all this pain and came out alive .

  These hearts adore,
Every other beat the other one beats for
Inside this place is warm
Outside it starts to pour

2 years and I still get butterflies in my tummy when you smile . I hope I can always see you smiling that way .I hope I save you from the horrors of the world and keep you say . I will never let anyone make you cry . I found myself blankly staring at you and wondering how the fuck I got so lucky .

Coming down
One love, two mouths
One love, one house
No shirt, no blouse
Just us, you find out
Nothing that I wouldn’t wanna tell you about, no no

After everything I did I didn’t think I would have a chance at a normal life much less a chance at love . But you….uhhhh I don’t know what to say . I could have never imagined the life I am living today . I want to hold you in my arms and cherish you forever . That’s when it hit me…..

 Cause it’s too cold whoa
For you here
And now
So let me hold whoa
Both your hands in the holes of my sweater

It wasn’t just Steve who was helping me out but it was also Nat , Wanda and Sam. How the fuck did they even know ?? Steve and Sam were mostly useless since they only teased me all the time but Nat and Wanda actually gave me tips . Nat helped me pick out the ring and Wanda helped me out in calming my nerves and helping me with the speech . I had to get this all ready before the mission and Tony also promised me that he would make a romantic atmosphere on the roof for when I come back so that my proposal could be the best .

'Cause it’s too cold whoa
For you here and now
So let me hold whoa
Both your hands in the holes of my sweater

I was going to be off to the mission by tomorrow morning and I knew I will miss you a lot . So I kept you close to me all day . Kissed you and hugged you every chance I could get . And at night I when I found you on the bed hugging my sweater to your chest already asleep I pulled you against me chest and fell asleep . I wanted to tell you before I went but you were fast asleep and I didn’t want to disturb you . I can’t wait to get back .

But he didn’t . Well technically he did get back . But he didn’t get back alive . You held the book against your  chest , tears flowing down your face staining the sweater as your body shook violently against Steve’s chest . You didn’t understand how he was able to contain himself . You knew he was dying inside . So were you .You couldn’t believe it . How could this happen? It’s not true !! Bucky can’t be dead!! He said he’s come back . He said he’d propose to you .

“Steve??? Please!!!! Bring him back !!! He wouldn’t leave me like this . He loves me !!!” You cried turning around to face Steve ,clutching his shirt shaking him trying to get him to speak . But he didn’t . He just wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close as he silently cried .

You pushed him away .

“Steve!!! He’s…..He’s not dead . I love him . He..he…..please….” You begged . You couldn’t accept the fact that he is gone . The man that you love , you will never be able to see again .

Everybody’s heart broke to see you this way , Tony wanted to come and console you but he couldn’t get himself to do it . He was in shock too .

“Do you want to see him?” Steve asked softly as he wiped his tears with the back of his hand .

You shook you head no . “ No.. I don’t ….My Bucky is dead Steve!! Our Bucky is dead Steve…I…” He pulled you back against his chest as you sobs grew louder . You stayed there hoping that this was all just a nightmare . You kept staring at the door hoping that Bucky would run through it and kiss you . Hoping that he would hold you against him as you slept . But that never came . Steve slowly lifted you and took you to where Bucky’s body was kept . You felt nauseous . The tears crept back in threatening to spill.

And they did as soon as you saw his lifeless body on the bed . You couldn’t go closer . You didn’t want to touch him and make it all real . Still hoping that this was a horrible nightmare .

The next few days went so quick. You had no time to register what was happening around you . You just went with the flow and so did Steve . Still unable to accept that he lost his best friend for the second time.

After the funeral and everything you came back to your room and hopped on your bed . That’s when you realised . This was all true . Bucky is gone . Your breathing became heavier as you head started to ache . His sweater on the pillow , and you bought it to your body . You turned around not able to look at the empty place on the bed next to you . The book that you had read had a box on top of it which caught your eye . You knew what it was . But you couldn’t …you couldn’t look at it . You didn’t want to look at it . The reality of never seeing him ever again , never hearing his voice , never able to touch him , never able to look into his blue eyes again but most importantly look at his beautiful smile that you would die for. And even though you had his sweater with you , you felt cold . Cold and empty. 

Life is cruel. As soon as it gave him a second chance it snatched it away from him .

It’s too cold,
It’s too cold
The holes of my sweater


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SPN 12x22 Who We Are

Dean’s face gets me every time I rewatch this scene. That resignation and acceptance of the fact that here he is, comforting his own mother instead of it being the other way around. A kind of a “here it goes, I’m doing this again”. Even though she hurt him. Even though she should be the one comforting him. Because he can’t help it.

Taking care of people around him, trying to make them feel better, is an intrinsic part of who Dean is. At this point, I think he’s fully aware of this aspect of his character. And I think it allows him to understand that when he inevitably forgives/shows his love for someone who’s hurt him, it’s because that’s something he does, and it doesn’t mean that he was wrong to be angry or hurt in the first place.

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some terf: i refuse to accept my ideology results in the deaths of trans people, the fact that you think so means you must be uhhh (spins a wheel) white trash.

Iwbdiwhsjaihsbdbd true

Ahh, nothing like your own mother throwing a fit, acting like I threw my life into servitude because I allowed my boyfriend and his fam to help pay for Evangeline’s surgery. I’m not gonna put down a pet whenever something “expensive” comes up. Granted, for her being so young, I didn’t expect one so soon and I wasn’t prepared, thus Will stepped in because Evangeline is OUR cat cause we’re in a relationship, we’re living together, and he loves her just as much as I do. You know, like a good, supportive significant other? It’s like not I expected it from him, it’s not like I treat him and his fam like an ATM or some shit. THEY offered. I asked over and over if it was alright. I was prepared to just pay for pain killers until I could afford it myself, but they love Evangeline too.

Seriously, the fact that my family taught me to NOT ACCEPT HELP, or as my lovely mother likes to put it “handouts”, has FUCKED ME UP. Her shit pride has put me in dangerous places when I was suicidal cause I “couldn’t ask for help” and has put my pets in danger as well. She put our cat Kyo down cause she wouldn’t pay $800 for surgery. I’m so fucking glad I moved or else Evangeline, even though she’s MY cat, even though I paid for her adoption, she would’ve put her down.

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Sarah, Jovi, 18, female, tbh I have no clue, wtf does that mean? Washington? Lmfao, single I think, 
likes sharks and portal, dislikes when people chew gum loudly, random fact ummmm fan of toblerones???

acceptable 9/10 im gay AF forever i love women (and also toblerones)

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how do i come to terms with the fact that i'm trans?

Tobias says:

It can be a process. It can be very hard to admit to yourself that you’re trans, because it is… such a big thing. It changes how you look at yourself, you might be looking into transition, into coming out… it can be very overwhelming. 

My best advice is to take it one step at a time. Make yourself confident in your trans identity first. Figure out what your gender is, and small things you might want to do to make yourself feel more affirmed, like buying a binder or nail polish or cutting your hair or choosing a new name. 

Once you’ve accepted yourself, if you’re in a safe situation, you could try coming out to friends and/or family. Having someone who supports you can make you feel more confident and more accepted. This in turn can make you accept yourself more, since you don’t feel so wrong and ashamed anymore. 

Around this time, if you’re comfortable, you can start looking into transitioning medically, and seeing what you want to do, if any. It can take time to feel comfortable with the idea of surgery or hormone therapy, even if you eventually do end up choosing it. 

Being trans is about a lot of new experiences. It isn’t easy. Sometimes it sucks. But more than anything, it’s about strength, about surviving things that you didn’t think you could. It’s about becoming your true self. 

So even if you’re hesitant, ashamed, or just plain confused right now, allow yourself to take it slow. Eventually you will come to an understanding with yourself and feel confident and even proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Let us know if we can be of any more help throughout your journey. :)

  • Ravenclaw: *running* Oh no, I'm late!
  • Gryffindor: The class has already ended.
  • Ravenclaw: So... am I really late for this class, or really early for the next one?
  • Gryffindor: What?