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I feel like straight people really aren’t aware of how deeply rooted homophobia is in society. Putting gay, or any LGBT+, characters in media is just seen as a political statement. Being gay is seen as a political statement. Our lives, ignoring any other factor, is just seen as “liberal bullshit”. We can barely see ourselves in the media everyone consumes, and that’s just one factor that alienates us from society and even being seen as human. Kids today are growing up learning from what they read and watch, and excluding gay characters is one of the largest reasons for homophobia, both internal and external. The media is supposed to reflect reality; characters are meant to be related to. And when we fail to see ourselves in what is supposed to be a parallel to our lives, we fail to see ourselves as human. How are we supposed to be proud when we’ve been alienated our whole lives? We grow up hearing about the murders of people like us, we are treated as the punchline in sitcoms, we hear people complaining about pandering when a character is revealed as gay. From a young age we are taught we aren’t supposed to be treated like people. We grow up learning to hate ourselves. Straight people may think we make a big deal of seeing gay characters in media, but for some people it’s all they have to feel normal. It’s a big step for us if a character is gay. For the people who have grown up to feel disgusted with their attraction, the people who feel dirty, the people who have been kicked out of their homes or lost friends from just being, sometimes seeing a cool character who is respected by others that happens to be gay is all we have to feel better about ourselves.

Another thing I’d like to talk about with gay characters in the media is the big “coming out” stories. The only reason we need these big reveals for a character to be gay is people believe by default everyone is straight. Why? Because that’s what we are taught is normal. It has to be a surprise to be gay. Straight people really have no idea how bad homophobia is just because they don’t have to deal with it. They don’t have to worry about their parents hating them for their sexuality. Once again on the whole coming out thing, is that it’s seen as some big event. One of the first things my straight friends will ask once I reveal I’m gay is, “Do your parents accept you?”. They’re so damn eager to find out if my parents actually treat me like a human being. I’m extremely lucky to have parents who aren’t homophobic and instead only occasionally innocently insensitive. But others? They’re abused, physically and emotionally. There are kids kicked out of their homes. Sometimes kids are even killed, by their PARENTS, just for being themselves. Coming out may be just a story for straight people, but for us it’s putting our future in our hands. We are testing to see if the people who say they love us are going to keep our word. We are going to see if our dearly beloved friends and family will still see us as people. Coming out can be terrifying, as this can be the step that causes children to lose their loved ones. And it’s not their fault, but they grow to believe that. “If I wasn’t gay, they wouldn’t hate me. I’m wrong,” Is what they believe. The only reason we fucking need pride parades and pride month is to convince ourselves we aren’t monsters. The reason we need to constantly say “Wow i’m so glad to be gay” is to convince ourselves that it’s true. We are just trying to fight off all this internalized hate towards ourselves, and yet straight people still speak over us and our issues, which they are causing.

Basically straight people need to calm the fuck down and shut their mouth and let LGBT+ people see themselves in the media, because you have no idea what an impact that can have on people.

Day 7: Soulmate!AU

Alex had always been an active kid. She went camping with her parents, played softball and surfed. It was never odd to find a new bruise or a cut that she couldn’t place the origin of, she tended to collect them and move about her way.

The first time she really noticed anything out of the ordinary was at practice on a Tuesday not long before Kara joined their family. It felt like she’d been sucker punched in the stomach, knocking the air right out of her. She fell to her knees where she stood, alone in the middle of left field. A mandated trip to the doctor left her with more questions than answers and a nasty bruise shaping up under her ribs.

And the whispers.


Rare, her parents said, but not impossible.

She tried to pay more attention after that, she really did, but between her own activities and the recently acquired alien with super strength, it was hard to tell where her own bruises began and ended. But the ghost of fingerprints squeezed into her arms were too large to match Kara’s hands, and Alex was called into the counselor’s office to discuss it.

She wore longsleeves after that.

Her parents were concerned for their child’s soulmate, of course, but there was little they could do. Alex couldn’t exactly go knocking on the door of every child being watched by social services to demand to compare bruises.

After a while it stopped. The only bruises Alex had were her own, and it came as a relief to her that he was safe, even if she felt a little bit lonely for the loss of connection. But if loneliness were the price to pay not wake with fresh bruises and nightmares of how they came to be, or concussions developed after a nap, she would take it in a heartbeat.

Then her dad died, and Alex had bigger problems, like helping Kara adjust to losing someone else, keeping her grades up, and trying to pull her mother away from work. Alex fell into a routine over the summer that amounted to placing one foot in front of the other, just getting through the day until school started back up in the fall.

She didn’t miss the new girl or the rumors that surrounded her. Midvale was a small town full of small minds that liked to pretend they were open just by virtue of being Californians. The way Kara’s quirks were treated was proof enough of that. Sawyer lived with her aunt because her parents kicked her out. Sawyer was trouble. Sawyer was gay.

Alex didn’t know what, if any, of that was true. It wasn’t her business. But she did her best to shut it down when she could, and kept an eye out for trouble.

Kara was an easy target for bullies. She couldn’t stand up for herself without exposure, so it was a habit for Alex to step in.

Maggie Sawyer was an asshole who didn’t know how to walk away from a fight. Alex did her best to divert teachers’ attention so that Sawyer didn’t spend every afternoon in detention, but some people were just trouble. The pretty junior squared up with every asshole to spit out an insult, and it was getting harder to keep Kara from intervening.

Because “it’s not fair, Alex, they shouldn’t be picking on her.”

Honestly she felt a little stupid not to have noticed it sooner. The bruises reappearing, the aches and pains of fights she’d never participated in.

The way her heart fluttered a little when Maggie smiled at her.

Why Alex suddenly took the long way to Calculus so she could pass by Maggie’s locker.

How she grinned into her lunch when she heard Sawyer sassing the popular kids.

Still, the thought had never occurred to her.

That she might be gay.

Until she turned a corner to catch sight of Maggie slipping between Kara and one of the brickheads from the football team. Until she felt the crunch of breaking bones in her hand, a good twenty feet back from any danger.

Maggie shook out her hand and kept her eyes on the guy holding his nose. Kara was the one to run to Alex, having heard her whimper. Kara was the one stretching out Alex’s hand and poking gently at the bones.

Maggie didn’t turn to see them until the guy had gone, run off to the nurse. “You alright, Danvers?”

“No, Sawyer, I’m not. Seem’s I’ve got a dumbass for a soulmate who doesn’t know how to throw a punch.”

Maggie frowned, glancing between her own rapidly bruising hand and Alex’s. “Soulmate?”

“I’m not ambidextrous, Sawyer, if this is going to be a regular thing you need to take some classes.”

“I have a soulmate?” Maggie’s voice cracked.

And Alex remembered the bruises and the cuts. The burns. Waking in the middle of the night terrified and not knowing why her body felt like it had been through a meat grinder.

Hell or high water, Maggie Sawyer was hers now.

“Yeah, Sawyer. You have a soulmate. Now let’s go get some painkillers and use that little fact as a distraction so you don’t get expelled before we can get to know each other, okay?”

i fucking hate the deh fandom im just saying… like zoe was abused by connor can you stop fucking demonizing her? have you even LISTENED to requiem? why in the world would you write off her PLAINLY TOLD feelings of inner turmoil over what she feels vs what she is supposed to feel (she is not sad that her abusive pos brother died vs she should be sad because her brother killed himself) as her being confused by her brothers mental illness and drug use and being unable to cope with how it effected his death?

like, its so fucking transparent that it isnt common fandom thought that connor abused zoe. we get it, you love babying white teenage boys, especially when theres shipping fodder (tree bros anyone?). 


Nursey met Dex when they were just kids, 14, and Dex was clutching his backpack like he thought someone was going to steal it on the steps of Andover. Nursey was a legacy student, so he wasn’t nervous about getting in (the fact that no one else looked like him here put him on edge, he knew better than to curl up in on himself and give people a reason to attack him for being “antisocial” or “angry” even though he was just nervous like every other prospective student) so he latched onto Dex with a “hey man, be chill, act like you belong and they won’t know the difference” and Dex melted right into Nursey like he took all the stress right out of him.

15 and Nursey gets into Andover for his sophomore year of high school, and he thinks he could spend his whole life laying on the quad with Dex, the sun shining through the leaves that were just starting to turn the same orangey-red as his hair. Dex looked up into Nursey’s eyes and understood for the first time that old cliché about seeing galaxies in someone, and Dex could lean into Nursey’s calm composure the same way that Nursey could be sparked by Dex’s fire. They both felt complete, and that was more than either of them could have ever dreamed of.

16 and Dex is different when he comes back from summer vacation. He has bruises on his ribs and he’s coiled like a spring, and he snaps at Nursey when he tells him to “chill” (because that’s always been what worked before) and he’s started carrying an old catholic cross and going to mass, and once Nursey tries to hold him and Dex pulls away and Nursey can see the tears-what is he supposed to do? He’s not an asshole who pushes people to do things they don’t want to do, and if Dex is pulling away, he doesn’t know how to fix any of it, so Nursey lets it go, let’s Dex go, and tries not to think about what he’s missing.

17 and Dex drops out of Andover. Nursey graduates at the top of his class, and gets a hockey scholarship on top of an academic one from the Samwell English department. He writes about a lot, about the hot pavement of New York in the summer, the chill of the pond at Andover in February, the soft buds that poke their way through the mulch in springtime, and not a single word about fall.

18 and Nursey sees Dex, clutching his backpack on the steps of Faber, looking so nervous, so young, like he was just a kid again, and Nursey walks up to him, and does the one thing that always worked-he tells Dex to chill, and he means the same thing he always did. Let me help. Let me hold you. Let me be there.

18, and Dex just keeps pulling away.

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Awe, Avery being terrified when he hears Geno and Sid really fighting for the first time, bc of Sids terrible ex, and he runs in to protect Sid, and then everyone cries and Geno promises to not yell, and keep his cool, and to never hurt them

Oh God, little Avery running in front of Sidney during a fight like he’s trying to shield Sidney as he squeezes his shut, screaming, “You can’t hit my dad! You said you wouldn’t be like him!”

Geno immediately stops shouting. Sidney looks mortified. He’d never told the extend of what his ex had done to him. Geno looks like he wants to crumble into bits.

“Oh, no,” Geno says, backing away. “No, no, Avery, I’m never–never do that. I wouldn’t–”

“You can’t hit him!” Avery yells again. Geno looks like he’s been punched in the gut. 

“Honey, he’s not going to,” Sidney says, crouching down. “It’ll be alright, Geno and I were just talking.”

“That’s what you said before,” Avery says, worrying at his lower lip, still staring at Geno. “And then you got a black eye.”

“That was before,” Sidney shushes, brushing back Avery’s hair. “It’ll be okay, baby, go back to your room.”

Avery stares at Geno distrustfully, then sulks down the hallway. Geno gapes at Sidney, looking like he’s trying to shrink.

“Sidney,” he says, his voice broken. “Sidney, you know I never–”

“I know,” Sidney says. “I know. I’m not afraid of you.”

“You didn’t tell me that–” Geno swallows, trying to control his anger. Sidney sees that his fists are balled up and shaking. “Didn’t say–I’m kill him, I’m really kill–”

“Let’s not talk about it,” Sidney says wearily. “Can we…put this on hold for a bit?”

“On hold?” Geno repeats, frightened. “You mean…you mean us? On hold?”

“No, no,” Sidney soothes, resting his head against Geno’s shoulder. “The argument. We can talk about it later. I’m sorry for getting frustrated so easily.”

Sidney,” Geno says, carefully wrapping Sidney into a hug. “Never be sorry, you not do anything wrong. I’m loud, stubborn a lot, sorry for yell, too.”

Geno stands in the kitchen, holding Sidney until Sidney stops shaking so much. 

Voltron Force [BATTLEFRONT] *Special Bundle* RESTOCK

Hey everyone! Good news: I will be restocking the SPECIAL BUNDLE (book+dog tags) of my Voltron fanbook Voltron Force [BATTLEFRONT]. Here are some things you need to know:  

  • The restock will go up later today at 5pm PST
  • There will be only 75 bundles in this restock. After that it will be completely sold out. 
  • PICK UP AT ANIME EXPO 2017 WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR THIS RESTOCK. I have a limited amount of dog tags available right now as i get more printed. Also i find it unfair that those who preordered the first batch have to wait longer for my restocks to come while those that order now have the luxury to pick it up in a week.
  • If you choose the “AX pick up” shipping option when you check out, your order will be immediately cancelled.

If you purchased the normal bundle (book only) and you wish to upgrade your purchase to the *Special Bundle,* the only way you can do it is by cancelling your previous order and trying to purchase this restock. I suggest that you first purchase the Special Bundle and then email me directly about cancelling your previous order. 

If you have any specific questions please let me know. Thank you everyone! 

Unpopular opinion but I think it’s extremely unhealthy to be romanticising behaviours like “she always put him first, even when he hurt her” or “he loved them more than he loved himself”. It’s not cute or romantic, it’s super self destructive, actually. We shouldn’t be normalizing it. If you’re in a situation where you feel this way, it’s important to talk to somebody and get help. It’s unhealthy and you deserve to be happy and have healthy relationships.

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I knew my mother was not okay with me being a lesbian but this morning she took me to the doctor for a "check up" but in the car she says she wants me to talk to the doctor about me not liking guys and what I can do to fix it I wasn't out to the doctor but now I am and I am being referred to a psychiatrist because doc sided with mother saying I'll find the right guy Im so upset its 2 am I cant sleep. Wonderful mods I love you plz I need good vibes for me a scared anon

I’m so sorry baby doll, I’m sending you all my love, that’s terrifying and you deserve so much better than that. :( 

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Hux denying Ben's his BF- I'm imagining they're in high school and finally Ben is so fed up and hurt that Hux refuses to acknowledge their relationship he confronts Hux and breaks up with him. And then, a couple weeks later Hux shows up at his house with a black eye. When he asks what happens Hux shrugs and says 'I know you hate me, but I had no where else to go. Brendol found the notes you sent me. He wasn't happy' And Ben realizes Hux didn't have a choice but to pretend they weren't together.

ahhhhhhh oh my god yes yes yes throwing that angst right in there!!

Brendol is so livid about his son’s involvement with another boy so makes him take punishment and Hux has nowhere else to run to but Ben’s arms, and it’s whilst he’s running that he hopes that he hasn’t done too much damage that Ben won’t hold him

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Am I missing something? People r saying that Touka hits Kaneki again in this chapter but I can't seem to find it? She pins him in a corner and shoves him out of her room but where did she hit? Is it something antis r just making up?

she just threw him out of her room, but poor kaneki is on the floor so apparently that’s abuse like everything else..  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

My relationship isn't anything special! (Big space convo!)

So, it just occurred to me… That really, the way daddy and I are towards and with each other isn’t anything special.

Like, it’s just how you act when you care about someone, right? You talk and listen. You grow and change. You remind each other every day that you’re both loved, and that you’re both good people who deserve to be loved. We love spending time together and just genuinely enjoy each other overall. When we argue, we say sorry and both mean it.

And we never stop trying to give each other butterflies, which really only takes an, “I love you so much I’d…” Haha…

Anyway, like… This is how love is supposed to be.

This isn’t anything special or magical; it’s the way things are supposed to be, and we’ve just both had such shit relationships in the past, to us this feels like fucking sorcery, haha, which is sad, but true. Doesn’t make it any less amazing in my opinion though.

Did we both come from abusive relationships that have warped our standards so much that an okay relationship is one where we don’t get into screaming matches where someone may or may not get it hit? Yes. Sad. But true.

Does that make our relationship any less amazing? Fuck no. Like… It’s not just a shit relationship that seems okay because of our past, it’s something amazing.

What sucks is that we aren’t the norm, you know? All my friends are having major relationship issues and are just overall not with people that treasure them the way you should your lover. And I know they aren’t as happy as I am, and that makes me feel so fucking sad and guilty because this is how things SHOULD be.

TLDR; “At least the don’t hit me” is not the standard of a relationship. “They make me laugh more than they make me cry” is not the base starting point of being a good relationship. “They make me feel safe/loved/wanted/needed” is the standard. And not just one of those, all of them. I didn’t just write this to brag about how awesome my daddy is. I wrote this because this needs to be said more. Do not accept mediocrity. Just because it’s the norm doesn’t make oh okay. You deserve the world.

Side bar: As I’m typing this, my king is sending me messages talking about how he can’t wait to get home and hear my voice. Telling me I’m his goddess. That he loves me more than anything. And we can do whatever I want tonight. I’m totally not tearing up, lol. And I feel the exact same way. There’s balance and peace and a level of understanding I never thought possible. THIS. This is love. This is how things are supposed to be.