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Requested: Your such a talented writer and I was just wondering if I could request an imagine where y/n gets in a car accident where like she breaks her hip/ back and has to be in a wheelchair and just like fluffy Shawn taking care of her thank you so much ! Ps: never stop writing your so good

Requested: This is probably a little bit of a different request than usual; but could you possibly do one where Shawn’s girlfriend is disabled/in a wheelchair and he’s caring for her?


It has been three months since the car accident that damaged your spinal cord and altered your entire life in a split second. Because of medical issues, you had to return home and take time off from University. Since the damage to your spinal cord made you lose the use of your legs, you have to depend on your parents to take care of you, which has been a huge and difficult adjustment from what you were used to. Before the accident, you had lived in your own apartment near your University, so coming home and no longer being independent has been difficult on top of the fact that you can’t even go to the bathroom alone anymore. The doctors are hopeful that you’ll be able to walk again, but the progress has been so slow and frustrating. These three months have been long and so difficult for you. The light at the end of the tunnel can barely be seen. You have to relearn to walk, something that you never thought you would have to do.

Shawn is finally coming home. He had been away for a month because of work, but he’s finally on his way, and you can’t wait to see him again. That has been the only thing you’ve had to look forward to for a while now.

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Baby - Optional Bias

This is based on Sam Smith’s ‘I’m Not The Only One’. Because what a deep and great song that is, make sure to check the MV as well to understand this One Shot better. Because it might make absolutely no sense to you.

I’m Not The Only One - Sam Smith

IMPORTANT: Some are in Italic and some are normal, both are different scene’s.


“You and me, we made a vow. For better of for worse.”

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As Sam sits, Cas stares. It’s not usual, for Sam to be in this state of darkness and sorrow. He knows Sam’s the brooding type, the kind of guy who would sit hours on end to think about everything he did wrong and how to fix it.

Right now, though, Cas understood that Sam’s grief was a new one. A new kind of pain, a brand new nightmare just lurking in the corners of the bunker, now still and quiet, as if nobody else was there.

Because there wasn’t.

Sam had spent the past hour waiting for Crowley in the dungeon. He never showed up. Then, Cas saw him walk slowly towards Dean’s room, thinking about entering, wanting to discuss with his brother their next course of action. Yet, he hesitated, for as long as ten minutes, until he hung his arms at the sides of his body and retreated, fresh tears lining his eyes. Dean wasn’t there anymore. There was nobody else to talk to, to discuss war stories, to talk about their lives, to fight with, to betray, to lie to.

Cas felt the emptiness too. He didn’t know much about loss, he felt somewhat detached from human emotions, but ever since he got that taste of humanity, of being a person with needs, feelings, hunger, desire… he knew what love was. What heartbreak was. And now, he just wished he hadn’t. He wished he could just stare at the ground and think he could bring Dean back because he had a purpose. He wished he could enter the darkest pits of hell and grab Sam’s body and haul it up, like he had done, just because he owed it to Dean. He wish he couldn’t see Sam now, crying silently while he sipped his glass of whisky in the darkness of their -no, not theirs anymore, there was no more they, there was only him. The only person left there. - bunker. He couldn’t make it better.

“Cas?” Said Sam, standing straight up and pouring whisky all over the table in his haste.

“Yeah, Sam. It’s me.” Cas replied, standing still because he wasn’t quite sure what to do.

“I thought you were gone. I thought… I thought I had lost everyone.” Sam whispered, coming towards him with such purpose, Cas felt like a target. Like he was being threatened by the Winchester. The remaining Winchester.

Sam moved fast, faster than Cas could understand, and he grabbed him by the lapels of his jacket and just hauled him towards his body, his breathing coming fast and hard, like a drowning man. Cas felt Sam’s arms wrap around his body so tight and close, and felt Sam’s heartbeat through his chest like a roaring thunder.

“Are you okay, Sam?” He asked, returning the hug a bit awkwardly, because he really didn’t understand the mechanics of hugging yet, but he knew it was comforting, so he wrapped his arms around Sam’s back and held them there, grabbing a bit of his shirt in the process and feeling the urge to pull it, to pull Sam closer.

“Now I feel better.” He made a pause, and Cas felt Sam’s shaky intake of breath on his neck. “I thought I was alone. I thought I had lost you, too.”

“I’m not dead.” It’s the best reply he could come up with, Cas thought. He felt warm liquid falling on his shirt, around where Sam’s head was, and he remembered. Those were tears. Sam kept crying.

Sam squished him harder, not wanting to let him go so soon. Cas understood. In fact, the closeness to Sam, the feeling of emptiness, the reminder that Dean was gone, that there was no way to fix it, that there was no turning back, made him feel like his knees were made of jelly, like his arms couldn’t hold Sam anymore, and he shook and trembled all over. Sam, worried, pulled apart and stared at Cas’ eyes, his own green eyes filled with concern.

“Are you okay, Cas?” Cas thought he was mimicking him. He wanted to smile, but for some reason, his face muscles didn’t work properly, and he felt his face turn into a scowl, a deep pressure on his throat like a vice, like he was choking on air, and when he inhaled, it was shaky, not enough. Sam’s hands moved towards his face, and he felt Sam’s thumbs move from his nose to his cheekbones, in a soothing motion.

“He’s gone.” Cas whispered, almost inaudibly. Sam’s face contorted a bit, like he was in pain, and he probably was. Cas understood how he felt. Probably better than anyone else in this world at this point.

“Cas, you’re crying.” Sam said, as he kept moving his thumbs across his face, without letting go of him.

“What are we going to do?” Cas didn’t recognize his own voice. It was shaky and high pitched and wrecked.

“We’re going to figure it out, you and me, okay? It’s okay, Cas. It’s going to be okay.”

He kept feeling like his heart was being squeezed, like he couldn’t breathe, so he let himself go and fall on Sam’s arms. He felt heavy, like a stone.

“You and me, okay? We’re gonna work together, and he’s going to be okay, and so are we.”

He was supposed to be comforting Sam. How did it end up being the other way around? "I’m sorry, Sam. I don’t know how to bring him back. My grace–“

"It’s okay. One thing at a time. First we’re going to fix you, your grace, and then, when you’re better, we can save Dean. Because we’re going to save him, you and me, you hear me? As family.”

Cas sniffed. “Okay. I… okay.”

He remembered that time he got drunk out of his mind and stumbled in the Winchester’s motel room. When everything was different. Good.

“I find the sound of your voice grating. Thank you. I didn’t know you could be this comforting.”

Sam laughed. “You’re welcome.” He brushed away more tears.