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A Very Special Question

Hi, so I like being extra and dramatic and since I can’t do this in public I thought online was the next best thing. Let’s just jump right in.


Sarah, will you marry me?

I’ve taken it upon myself to list 10 reasons why we should be together forever so just hear me out, yeah? (I could probably list like 20 more tbh)

1) We’ve known each other for so long (like 8 years?), I think it’s time we wed.

2) We are both extremely attractive people ;).

3) You are probably the only person who can put up with me :).

4) We both like pretty much all the same things, it’s pretty amazing. I mean even our love of Harry Potter is what started our relationship (we should really thank him).

5) We are learning a language together (our own language of love).

6) What is fighting??? Cause we don’t know it.

7) You’re my writing partner and writing or not we should stick together. We make a good team.

8) I’m socially awkward and I need you.

9) We listen to each others problems and take them seriously. I’ve never met someone else who is always there me like you are (thank you).

10) I’m clingy and needy and I love you!

I love you so so much Sarah! I hope you say yes.

For the lovely D.N.Angel fandom (ノ>▽<。)ノ

I was very blessed to be able to use DACA to get a job & pay for my green card & lawyer fees. My mom & I would not be where we are today without it. Having a social security number (at least) is the biggest load off your back bc it’s almost impossible to function in this country without one.

fiftyonemessups  asked:

Hey Emma ✨ I just wanted to ask how you've been doing? How was your holiday? 😊❤

honestly, the last three months have been some of the worst months of my life. i’m definitely in a low period right now (i’ve had ‘up and down’ patterns since i was about thirteen) but i’m getting better slowly. i just can’t wait to leave 2015 behind in a few days! as for the tumblr hiatus, it’s been weeks of scrolling past amazing life is strange posts and not being able to reblog them because it would ruin my then-theme lol. that’s why i gave in again!

anonymous asked:

Band-Aids is your Chara, Stitches OS NSFC'S Chara and Smiley is Emi's Chara

Yeah I saw their reply! I just wasnt able to reblog it because i got scolded yesterday for not studying…. lol….. 

BUT THAT’S ACTUALLY REALLY CUTE!!! meanwhile my chara nicknames others like this:

the nicknames are based on how they see the others, except for MC of course. I’m sure it will change into something else soon :v