and abby with a puppy

Look, I get that he’s our precious dumb puppy and Captain Consent™ and respects Abby with everything he’s got, but.

You know what I’m ready to see?








please and thank u i love u okay bye xoxoxox

star wars characters as my childhood neighborhood
  • luke skywalker: mrs. cooper, who had a boxer puppy named abbi that was actually mine at heart, passed out candy and bunny plushies and let me use her porch to play pirates and had the coolest granddaughter
  • leia organa: good friend from up the street we played really, really complicated games with. nobody has ever played barbies harder than this. there was a lengthy, emotional plot, drama, questioned the value of life. also our elephant toys looked similar, so we married them
  • han solo: me, who named the apple tree a papple tree because i thought the apples it produced, which were very definitely just apples, tasted like peaches, and claimed one tree to be my tree of playing. you couldn't touch my tree. i loved my tree.
  • chewbacca: the tree
  • C-3PO: the big golden great dane named maggie that i tried to ride like a horse. showed up at completely random times. never understood that she wanted me to pet her, not sit astride her as we rode into narnia
  • R2-D2: maggie's evil twin, who we never saw but heard howling in the night, the reason i believed werewolves were real until i was 9
  • darth vader: the person with the cow-themed kitchen, with the cow salt-shakers and the cow apron and the cow chairs. gave me a sea horse plushie with a torn tail out of spite. used to hunt for tiny tomato frogs in their rock garden after they disappeared mysteriously
  • the emperor: the crazy cat lady with three feet of bushes obscuring her house from view, making it look like an urban jungle. her cats populated the woods and i thought they were in a cat gang, which meant the cat lady was a werecat lady, because only cats can be in a cat gang. staked out her house with binoculars. did not know how to work binoculars, mission failed.

ok but do you know what I really want from the ghostbusters sequel???

Kevin’s mom goes out of town and he has to bring in Mike Hat to stay at the HQ and the team instantly falls for the big puppy. Like Patty, Abby, and Erin were all PUMPED when the pure-bred boarder collie stubbles through the door, (not unlike his owner) and immediately gallops over and starts licking their faces and asking for belly rubs, the whole nine yards ofc, and everyones happy and blinded by doggy cuteness all except Holtzmann who swears up and down that she’s 1000% a cat person and is incessant that Mike only stays for a week UNTIL the pupper himself pads over to her work station all by himself, looks her dead in the eye and puts his lil doggo face right in her lap and she just m e l t s. The dog has done it. He wore down Holtzmann of all people and by now she’s taught him to jump up on the chair and grab a tool from her disastrous work bench if she ever requires it and oops now she only calls him Dr. Hat and insists everyone to call him that and whenever they leave to kick some ghost ass she sets a special little alarm to remind Kevin to take him out every half-hour. (Kevin thinks it isn’t necessary but she still sets it every time they leave)

Basically Holtzmann/dogs


Abby is a sweet little old blind long haired Dachshund who just wants to be held. She is truly a purse puppy. She will walk a bit to go to the bathroom,eat, get a drink, but her favorite position is in your arms. She is so easy and mellow and rarely makes a peep. She even loves to be dressed up, her foster momma makes sure she’s always in style.


I just kind of assumed that Marcus Kane would have game, but after the cheek kiss and his “what was that?” reaction, it is CANONICALLY obvious that he is absolutely clueless and it delights me beyond belief.