and abby with a puppy

1. The Meeting

A/N: It finally happened.  My self-indulgence has reached a new low.  Welcome to my ongoing imagine/blurb series about Niall and his dog, Abby.  

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Niall peered into the small kennel at the two lumps of chestnut and white fur.  His large hand was wrapped securely around a small stuffed moose and he picked at the fur absentmindedly.  After all, Maura had always told him to arrive with a gift.  The stout, mousy-haired woman running the Cavalier rescue knelt down and opened the wire door.  She beckoned Niall to do the same and he gingerly got down on the floor trying to ignore the tight creak of his left knee.  

“Now, these two were brought to us by a local breeder.  They were the only ones to survive from the litter and she just didn’t have the resources to care for them.  They’re up to date on their shots and heart worm preventative, now they’re just looking for a home!”  

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He didn’t see his old Foxes often these days. Not even his own son, except when he turned on the TV. Kevin Day was always on television, was always in the papers. He could not be more proud. Even though he really wanted to, he didn’t have the time to reconcile with his old, and perhaps best Foxes. The new Foxes were a handful, without relations to the Moriyamas, but a lot of other problems. Besides, his Foxes were always busy. Kevin, Neil and Andrew were busy touring the world in order to qualify for the world championships, Matt was busy taking some time off, caring for his three children at home while his wife was off shouting at college kids to move their asses. He couldn’t be more proud of Dan. Renee was somewhere, saving the world as always and Abby always kept him updated about the newest fashion, Allison designed. Aaron was probably even more tired than usual, having two newborns at home, but probably the happiest he had ever been. And Nicky? Well Nicky was still living in Germany, constantly sending him and Abby updates about the newest addition to the Klose-Hemmick family: a tiny puppy, named Mila. He guessed they were spoiling her madly. He cared for all his Foxes, the very old ones, the newest additions, but there was something about this particular group. They weren’t only his old team. They were his family, now and forever.

Abby started snoring quietly, which reminded him that he should go to bed as well. She was also his family, his wife and the mother of his second son. Wymack felt a warm feeling grow inside of him. He had a large, loving family. They were all safe and happy. He was safe and happy.

The Photoshoot

News of Niall adopting a dog spread like wildfire.  He wasn’t necessarily surprised – he’d told the rescue group they could tweet out a picture of him with Abby a few days after he’d adopted her.  Niall knew the power of social media and attaching his name to a non-profit could bring in a lot of donations for other puppies that came through.  It sounded like a win-win for all involved.

What Niall wasn’t planning on, was becoming an unofficial ambassador for the rescue.  The response to the rescue’s tweet had been so overwhelming that less than six weeks after adopting Abby, Niall found himself in a dingy warehouse near Chelsea getting prepped for an entire photo shoot dedicated to the rescue group.  Niall had, of course, brought Abby with him.  He’d taken to lugging her along with him whenever possible.  He tried to tell himself that it was because the socialization was good for her, that the more she was exposed to different situations the more laid back she’d be when he had to go on tour.  What he was more reluctant to admit was that the first day he tried to leave her to get his haircut he’d listened outside the door to his flat and heard her start to whimper when she realized he was gone.  He’d stayed outside his door hemming and hawing over what to do until she let out one solitary yelp.  His heart shattered into a million pieces at that moment and he burst back into his flat before she could let out another sound.  

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Abby is a sweet little old blind long haired Dachshund who just wants to be held. She is truly a purse puppy. She will walk a bit to go to the bathroom,eat, get a drink, but her favorite position is in your arms. She is so easy and mellow and rarely makes a peep. She even loves to be dressed up, her foster momma makes sure she’s always in style.

Pride, Gibbs, & Puppies!

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Pride walked into Washington D.C’s NCIS headquarters in search of you.  It was time for you and Pride to head back to New Orleans.  The case with Jethro was over.  He spotted his friend, padding up to his desk.

“Gibbs, have ya seen [Y/N],” Pride asked, looking around the squadroom.

The Marine got up from his desk, motioning for Dwayne to follow.  Pride furrowed his eyebrows forward as he followed Gibbs towards the elevator.  Soon they were down in Abby’s lab.  

Pride heard you squeal from Abby’s office.  He would have been worried if you had been in any other building, but you were in Abby’s office.  The two of them entered the office.  Puppies were crawling all over your lap, nibbling on your hands and sitting on your lap.  Pride smiled as you giggled with puppies covering your lap completely.

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Please tell me we didn’t have sex last night (3/4)

You can read the first part here, and the second part here

So because I originally promised to update this a couple of days ago, you’re getting a slightly longer chapter! You’re welcome ;) Thanks for everyone who liked/reblogged and commented, I love all of you! 

After finishing her shower and drying herself off, Abby feels much better. Her headache is reduced to a minor throbbing and her nausea is nearly gone. Entering her bedroom, she quickly puts on some underwear, a pair of leggings and a baggy sweatshirt. Marcus’ shirt is still lying on the bathroom floor and after debating for a couple of seconds she picks it up and throws it in the laundry basket. They might not have parted on the best of terms, but Marcus did take care of her while she was being ill, so washing his T-shirt was the least she could do. She might not be brave enough to drop it off herself, but she could always ask Thelonius to make sure Marcus got it back, they were friends after all.

Abby’s just about to turn on her laptop to go over some notes when a noise and a muttered curse from outside her bedroom makes her freeze.

There was someone in her apartment

Feeling a slight panic attack coming up, Abby glances around her room, looking for her phone. When she doesn’t immediately find it, she starts to search her room for something she could use to defend herself. Her gaze lands on her bedside lamp and she quickly unplugs it before picking it up.  

Quietly opening the door, Abby makes her way to the kitchen, adrenaline coursing through her veins only to abruptly come to a halt when while rounding the corner she comes face to face, or rather face to back, with none other than Marcus.

Wait, what? What is he still doing here? And is he making breakfast?

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ok but do you know what I really want from the ghostbusters sequel???

Kevin’s mom goes out of town and he has to bring in Mike Hat to stay at the HQ and the team instantly falls for the big puppy. Like Patty, Abby, and Erin were all PUMPED when the pure-bred boarder collie stubbles through the door, (not unlike his owner) and immediately gallops over and starts licking their faces and asking for belly rubs, the whole nine yards ofc, and everyones happy and blinded by doggy cuteness all except Holtzmann who swears up and down that she’s 1000% a cat person and is incessant that Mike only stays for a week UNTIL the pupper himself pads over to her work station all by himself, looks her dead in the eye and puts his lil doggo face right in her lap and she just m e l t s. The dog has done it. He wore down Holtzmann of all people and by now she’s taught him to jump up on the chair and grab a tool from her disastrous work bench if she ever requires it and oops now she only calls him Dr. Hat and insists everyone to call him that and whenever they leave to kick some ghost ass she sets a special little alarm to remind Kevin to take him out every half-hour. (Kevin thinks it isn’t necessary but she still sets it every time they leave)

Basically Holtzmann/dogs

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When Abby and Jackson are getting Raven on the floor while she's seizing Abby keeps saying "okay baby okay baby" and my HEART! Earth mom Abby activate

You know what hurt me? That Abby was losing another daughter. And she didn’t bring her up from a child, but she adopted Raven after she lost Clarke and Clarke went off on her own and she had to accept that she couldn’t keep Clarke safe. And now here she is, being told she has to let her second daughter go, too. She keeps mothering these children who are intent on throwing themselves into the void (sometimes literally) in order to save humanity. 

Listen Abby, you need to pick yourself a sweet little puppy child next time, not these ferocious guard dogs.

Problem is, Abby is herself a ferocious guard dog, dressed up in polite poodle clothes. Hey, did you know standard poodles are actually pretty closely related to wolves, it turns out?