and abbi and jon's hands

A tease of some legacy!verse baby fic:

Because @almostvivian is a terrible temptress, the following is a snippet of what is beginning to occur on my harddrive rn. 


“But…” Jon leans over to his mother after dinner that evening, “who’s the guy?”

“She hasn’t said,” Felicity replies, evenly, “and you are not going to ask.”

“Why? If there’s a boyfriend she has to tell him, right?”

“I don’t think there’s a boyfriend,” Felicity says, and watches Jon scrunch up his face like he used to when she tried to persuade him to eat broccoli as a child.

“So she just… man, she was twelve like yesterday.”

“She’s embarrassed,” Felicity lowers her voice to a hiss, “so don’t you push it with her, Jonathan Queen. I’m sure she’ll track down the father and tell him when she’s ready, but right now this is all very big and very new and I think she just needs us all to reassure her that we’ll support her. And the baby.”

Baby,” Jonathan repeats, shaking his head.

“Yeah, you’ve seen them,” Felicity pokes him. “They’re just like that adorable shrieking poop machine you and Tish produced last year,”

“Terry Two better still be your favourite grandchild.”

“I am not going to pick a favourite grandchild. Although you have got to do that boy a favour and stop calling him Terry Two,” Felicity rolls her eyes at her son, “Terrence Junior should shorten to TJ. Terry Two makes him sound like a fictional robot from a children’s TV show.”

“Hey, blame Terry One,” Jon waves a hand.

“Blame him for what?” Abby abruptly appears at his elbow, looking faintly alarmed.

“Uh – nothing,” Jon blinks at her, “Terry Two. You know, he started calling him that.”

“Oh,” Abby visibly unclenches. “Right. Um, can I have some more ice cream, mom?”

Jon glances at Felicity, who only shrugs again because no, she has no idea what that was about either.