and aang looks so happy for her


I always loved aang’s reaction

no jealousy, no misplaced avatar superiority complex, no wtf I just spent the entire afternoon trying to move that stupid puddle and she picks it up in 0.534 seconds what is this

he’s just so impressed and happy for katara and all “oh my god my girlfriend is the greatest waterbender in the world look at her go she could punch me in the face and I’d thank her holy spirits

honestly what a snowball

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Do agree with people who say Aang and Katara went on to live happily ever after? I certainly don't there's plenty of evidence that shows and proves this and I think Katara could have done so much better if she married Zuko, what are your thoughts?

In LOK, Katara puts on a happy face for her family:

Ikki: Goodbye, Gran Gran!
Tenzin: Oogi, yip yip! 

But as soon as they are gone:

And then there’s this:

Bumi: Looks like someone’s trying to take your place as the Avatar’s stick-in-the-mud mentor.
Kya: Bumi, don’t pick on Tenzin, you know he’s always been sensitive.
Tenzin: I’m not sensitive!

And a foretaste of her life with Aαng, from the comics:

I think she pretended she was happy; she might have even told herself she was happy. But in reality, she and her legacy got shoved to the side for the sake of rebuilding the Air Nomads–only for multiple airbenders to resurface in Season 3 of LOK, anyway. Congratulations, Aαng! All that favoring of Tenzin was completely pointless.

2017 Follower Favorite: ENFP Winner
Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Aang has won! He has won an in-depth profile and has now joined Javert in the 2017 Follower Favorite Chart. 

Read from followers like you and learn why Aang has won the 2017 ENFP Favorite:

I really just spent longer with Aang than Moana, so I have a stronger sense of attachment that demands he has a victory in any competition.

He’s funny and relatable and he is always ready to help others

Because he’s a good round about character that often comes up with fun games and unconventional solutions, not to mention he is able to bring other people out of their shells.

I love ATLA

ATLA came out years ago and seeing Aang in the finals is a true testament to how much he is loved and adored as a character.

He’s a really lovable character and the way he matures throughout the series makes you love him more.

He is just the best thx

He begins the series through an Ne state of wonder and curiosity and at every chance he has he simply wants to share that moment with his friends but later on we see a lot of inner turmoil through his realization of how torn the world around him truly is and he soon begins to confront his Fi. Sorry I’m pretty incoherent and all over the place. My point is that he shows an exciting transformation by the end of the series as he comes into his own.

Aang had to go threw a lot. His culture being destroyed by the fire nation and he still has to save the world on top of that, being at a super young age. The best part is that he goes about fighting the fire nation without killing them. He turns a few enemies into allies.

For me, Aang symbolizes an ENFP to the dot. He seems the youngest of his friend group and yet often has this old soul feeling about him. He tries to inspire and gets excited easily and it is so beautiful to watch. As a person who’s friends with many ENFPs, who have often been conditioned to control this eager, happy side of themselves, it is also emotional. Also, Aang takes his ideals very seriously, best example when he tried to get Katara not to take revenge on her mother’s killer. He is a quintessential ENFP.

Aang is, above all, a character who looks for balance. Throughout the show he holds true to his ideals and his enthusiastic, childish nature despite living through some of the most difficult things a kid can experience. In the end he achieves victory by doing what he knows is right, rather than what is easiest.

Aang’s character has more screen time to be developed. We see more situations that could challenge or invigorate the ENFP mindset. We get a lot of different reactions from him in this way that paint a picture of his core preferences, and even better we see how over time his maturity and increased understanding means different approaches when dealing with similar circumstances.

He’s curious, introspective, and very active, and i can notice it more easily

I really like both of these characters but the reason why I chose Aang is because I used to watch Avatar the Last Airbender as a kid and I loved the show. Although I did like Moana, Aang brings back warm childhood memories for me. Sorry that my choice doesn’t have anything to do with their mbti type 😅

Seeing his struggle between being a peaceful non conflict type of person and have to take down the firelord was great.

Aang embodies the free-spirited ENFP! He’s very compassionate, energetic, as well as harmony-seeking.

A fun loving character, Aang expresses some of the best parts Fo NE creativity with his philosophy. A deep character that also struggle with his past life, but he still stay true to who he is and his morals

Waking up after being asleep 100 years in an iceberg would usually terrify a child, but Aang quickly adjusts and is actually excited to explore the world with his new friends. He is enthusiastic and wise, and like many ENFPs would rather use his (bending) skills to make others happy than for violence.

Least Obvious/straightforward ENFP among the ENFP characters that have made it to the finals. His enthusiasm is that of a stereotypical ENFP, but the rest of his personality isn’t as straightforward as I initially thought.

He’s able to balance responsibility and fun

He’s so fun, and even though Aang acts goofy, in the end he developed as a character and was ready to deafeat the firelord in his own, Fi approved way. :)

Aang’s Ne is EVERYWHERE to explore and find new things and DO YOU WANT TO GO PENGUIN SLEDDING WITH ME while his Fi guides him down his own path to NOT kill Fire Lord Ozi while literally EVERYONE else tells him it’s what he’s gotta do.

I grew up with the show and Aang always makes me happy. XD

I suppose I am a little bias because I haven’t seen Moana. I know she is a lovely, lovely character and reminds me of my sister but Aang is my homie.

Next will be ISTP! Stay tuned and keep voting! :)

Any Other Way: Kataang Week 2017 - Unconditional

Summary: A city councilman oversteps his boundaries and says that Bumi and Kya will never be what Aang or the world wants them to be. Aang and Katara assure their children and each other that they shouldn’t want things to be any other way.

Rating: K 

Word Count: 2,278

A/N: This is my last submission for Kataang Week, so thank you to the mods and everyone who participated! I loved sharing what I wrote with y’all and loved what everyone else submitted!


“Avatar Aang, please reconsider.”

“I’m sorry, but my mind is made up,” Aang said with an edge of force.

The councilman’s face grew red with frustration, but he took a deep breath to hold his composure. “This meeting is crucial in determining the fate of the United Republic, Avatar. It would be beneficial for you to be present.”

“I understand that, Councilman Katsuro, but I have a prior engagement. You must understand.” Aang glanced at the picture of his family on his desk and smiled, but the councilman didn’t seem convinced.

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Zutara Headcanons- Part II. 2

(Original Zutara Headcanon meme) | (Part I )  (Part II. 01)

Warning: Implied sex ahead, or whatever you wanna call it. Very safe and nothing graphic but hey, you’re all big kids responsible for your own consumption. Also I’m crap at this and have never written smut in my life. Suffer at your own risk. 

✿ - Sex Headcanon

She’s been gone for 3 months, ambassador duties taking her from him for more than what is good for him. By the time her ship arrives and a weary Katara starts making her way towards him it is well past sundown.  

Walking slowly and without hurry, they meet each other half way. His heart leaps at the sight of her, golden eyes drinking in every small change brought on by her travels.

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OK, so it’s confirmed by the creators of Avatar that they actually did consider A. Zuko joining the Gaang in the season 2 finale and B. Zuko and Katara being a couple.

Imagine how different season 3 would have been if Zuko joined them. Hell, what would happen in the season finale? Would Zuko have to run away with the Gaang and leave Iroh behind? How would the Fire Lord and Azula react to that? Would he have gone to rescue his uncle from jail while the rest of the gang looked for the fire lord? Would Aang have mastered fire bending by the end of the season? Would Zuko have taken Katara to find the Southern Raiders sooner, if even at all?

All that’s interesting but all I can think about is: How would everyone react if Zutara was canon? Iroh would definitely be happy for Zuko, Toph wouldn’t stop joking about it, Azula would be disgusted that her brother married a ‘filthy peasant‘. But what about Sokka? Imagine Sokka discovering his sister had a thing for Zuko, the fire prince, the guy they’ve been running away from for so long. Or what about Aang? Cause on the one hand, he has a thing for Katara, but on the other, he’s a monk, so he’d know to just let them be happy.

These are questions that we need answering NOW!!

Sixth Time’s the Charm

Their first Valentines Day, they aren’t together, even though they are. Clutching the arms of their significant others, they share a shy smile and look away, their exchange having gone completely unnoticed by their partners. Zuko spends the night with Mai, and Katara with Aang, and everyone is happy and drunk with the spirit of the holiday.

Their second Valentines Day, Katara calls Zuko crying because Aang broke up with her over dinner, said he needed time for himself, that the distance wasn’t working for him. She’d argued, accused him of not trusting her. He said he couldn’t stay if she wasn’t all in. She tried not to cry, she tells Zuko, she really did. But for so long it had just been the two of them, you know? And now…. 
Zuko tells her he knows, even though he doesn’t, not really. He tries to comfort her through the phone, but it’s not the same as being there. He stays on with her until he hears her sobs even out, grow fainter, and then stop altogether. She doesn’t reply when he whispers her name. He falls asleep to the steady rhythm of her breathing.

Their third Valentines Day, Zuko doesn’t know if she will say yes. He broke up with Mai months ago and while she had been angry at first, they both realized that things between them had been off for a while; ashes simmering before finally dying out. He can’t be there in person, but he’s built up his courage, and knows he has to try. So he calls Katara that afternoon and asks if she’d like to have dinner with him. She says yes, naturally–Zuko is one of her closest friends, not in distance, but emotionally. She called him often after her relationship with Aang ended, and she’d been there to talk when he broke up with Mai, even though he didn’t seem too upset by it. So of course she would have dinner with him. But she doesn’t realize exactly what he means, what his intentions are, asking such on Valentines Day. When the Skype call goes through that evening and he appears on the screen in a dress shirt and tie, the table formally set, and a candle between him and the camera, she feels utterly idiotic and blushes at her sweatshirt and bowl of ramen. After the initial awkwardness, the two spend the rest of the night talking, and by the end of their call, Katara has a stitch in her side from laughing so much, and Zuko spends an hour in bed just staring at the ceiling replaying the evening in his mind over and over.

Their fourth Valentines Day, Zuko shows up at her doorstep. 

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princesszeldaz  asked:

Zuko posting selfies of him and his new baby daughter though and then Aang posting pictures of the picture taking like "Zuko is so happy look at this big grump and his tiny girl I'm goING TO CRY"

Zuko would be the type of parent who would make his profile picture his daughter and then Aang would post pictures of Zuko asleep on the couch with the baby sleeping on on top of him. Both are drooling.

And Mai would try to get him to just chill like “Zuko you’ve got more than 20 pictures just of her sleeping don’t you think that’s enough?” and Zuko would always say “No but I wanna show everyone how cute she is” and they would have the same argument like every week.

The Tale of Korra and Katara

*Korra, Asami, Mako, Bolin, Tenzin (etc.) are visiting Katara at the Southern Water Tribe. Team Avatar is lounging around Katara’s home while she is out.*

Asami: “Do you want another blanket? It’s getting pretty cold…”

Korra: “No thanks. I’m good.”

Asami: “Are you sure? Here, have this.”

*Asami places another blanket on Korra’s lap. Korra doesn’t protest, but simply stares at it and gives a quiet thanks.*

Asami: “Katara should be back soon.”

Korra: “I know.”

*Silence falls between the four of them for a few moments. Korra stares into the dwindling fireplace.*

Bolin: “Hey! You know what would really cheer everybody up!? That traveling street show happening down the street! that’d be fun, right!?”

Mako: “Not now, Bolin.”

Bolin: *clearly disappointed* ”Sorry, just trying to brighten the mood…”

*Korra breaks her trance with the fireplace.*

Korra: “No, Bolin is right. You guys should go see the street show.”

Asami: “Korra, we’re not gonna leave you all alone-”

Korra: “No, really. You guys go, it’ll be fun. Katara will be back soon anyways.”

Mako: “Korra-”

Korra: “Mako- really it’s okay. Besides, what are you three gonna do when it’s just Katara and I in the Healing Room?”

Asami: “Are you absolutely sure, Korra?”

*Korra attempts a slight smile*

Korra: “Absolutely. Hey, if Katara and I finish early, we’ll meet you down there-”

Bolin: “Ooo! That’s a great idea! I’ll buy you and Katara some Pop-Kelp-Corn before it all gets sold out!”

Korra: *Korra smiles a bit stronger now.* “That sounds nice.”

*Bolin runs off to the Pop-Kelp-Corn stand while Mako and Asami reluctantly leave for the street performance. Korra stares back at the fire for a few moments waiting for Katara to return. She quickly becomes restless and throws her many blankets off of her. She picks up both of her crutches and lifts herself out of the wheelchair. Korra begins to move towards a bookshelf before stumbling and catching herself on it. Korra noticed some picture frames on the shelf before her. They were of Katara’s family. There was a picture of Katara with Aang and the children, along with one of Katara with another water tribe man that she did not recognize. A shelf below there was a painting. It must have been before photography, because it was obviously of Aang and Katara’s wedding. Korra thought they looked so happy in each other’s arms.*


*At that moment, Katara walked in.*

Katara: “My brother Sokka painted that picture.”

*Korra was slightly caught off guard and felt embarrassed about looking around Katara’s home.*

Korra: “Oh-hello,” Korra tried to say with as much of an upbeat manner as she could muster, “it’s a beautiful picture.”

Katara: “Well I would hope so. It took my brother about five tries to get it right. His painting abilities eventually grew better with age. My brother, Sokka, that’s him in that picture there. Oh how I do miss him.”

Korra: “Oh, uh, I’m really sorry- I didn’t know-”

Katara: “It’s quite alright, dear. Shall we go to the Healing Room?”

*Katara helps Korra into her wheelchair and leads her into a back room of the house with a large rectangular pool of shallow water. Katara lifts Korra out of the chair on a bed of water, and lowers her into the pool.*

Korra: “Not to be rude, but do you think this will really make a difference. A lot of healers have already tried–not that you aren't better, of course, but–”

Katara: “Please Korra, I need you to relax as much as possible. And yes, I do believe this will help.”

*Katara poured a vial of water into the pool.*

Katara: “This water has special healing properties. I've saved the Avatar once before with something similar to it. I was lucky enough to acquire it. This water, along with the full moon tonight, is the best healing combination there is to offer.”

*Katara began working the shallow pool of water around Korra’s body. The water glowed and Korra’s muscles relaxed in a way they hadn’t for weeks. Korra wanted to keep talking with Katara and find out more about her life with Aang, but the pool of water felt so tranquil and peaceful that she couldn’t gather the energy to speak. She had wanted to speak with Avatar Aang ever since Zaheer had been locked away, but since her connection to past lives was severed, there was no hope of that happening. The next best thing would have been to speak with Katara, since she knew Aang best. But alas, Katara was busy at work, and Korra too relaxed to speak.*


*Korra began to slip in and out of consciousness. It was very hard for her to stay awake in such a calming environment. She tried to stay awake; snapping back into awareness now and then. It was like her mind was slipping and she needed to focus. It was a similar feeling. It was the feeling she experienced when poisoned by the Red Lotus. The feeling of trying to stay out of the Avatar State. The feeling that if she slipped any further there would be no snapping out of it. And all of a sudden, Korra was in the Avatar State. Katara was taken aback at first, afraid Korra might lash out without thinking. But Korra with her glowing eyes simply stayed still in the shallow pool of glowing water. This was definitely progress since she had not been capable of entering the Avatar State since her accident. They were making progress. Katara continued healing Korra until Mako burst into the house yelling.*


Mako: “Korra! Katara! Katara there you are, listen we need to get Korra out of here- fast.

Katara: “What’s wrong?”

Mako: “Raiders, Equalists, Red Lotus, I DON’T KNOW, but some large army sized force is attacking. They’re only a few blocks away right now. They slipped into the port unnoticed, catching security off guard We need to go NOW!”

Katara: “It’s too dangerous to move her right now. We’re in the middle of healing process and Korra has just reconnected to the Avatar State.”

*Mako makes a move to go lift Korra from the pool.*

Katara: “STOP! There’s no telling what will happen if you touch her. She’s not conscious right now and she’s in the Avatar State. Her instinctive reaction will be to fight. We need to defend this part of the city.”

Mako: “We’re completely out numbered!”

Katara: “No, we’re not. Whomever is coming doesn’t know that they’re up against the most powerful waterbender in the South Pole. I can hold them off until Korra comes ‘round.”

*Katara looks away and closes her eyes. A single tear runs down her cheek.*

Katara: “I have the potential to be quite powerful under a full moon. More powerful than most people know.”

Mako: “Well if you plan on doing something, the sooner the better!”

*Katara begins to walk out the door.*

Katara: “Stay here. Watch after Korra. Do not move her unless there is absolutely no other option.”

Mako: “I don’t think you’ll be able to take on all of them-”

Katara: “I know. But I’ve got to try.”


*Katara turns to Korra’s glowing eyes.*


Katara: “I’ll be with you soon, Aang.”

*A tear outlined her cheek one more time, and Katara left her house under the full moon to save the Avatar one last time.*