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Things Alex Hirsch taught me

  1. if you want to get attention, make something which was never there before.
  2. Everything around you can be your inspiration, use it.
  3. To break through artblocks get help from people around you.
  4. You dont have to be “book smart” to be smart.
  5. Dont be too caught in your own head, try to get out of yourself.
  6. If you dont like something, go out and make your own thing.
  7. If you cant do something, someone else can do it to help you and thats okay.

My lovely lashtonship found the interview. <3 



Sparky Headcanons!

- He is absolutely an overbearing dad. Like he carries his eggs around in strollers and knits them blankets and sings them lullabies at night

- He carries pictures around in his wallet of all his eggs and what they hatched into. He shows you 15 new pictures every time he sees you.

- Spark gets zero sleep. Runs on pure excitement. Always drinking coffee.

- He shushes Blanche and Candela’s fighting because his eggs are sleeping.

- He cries every time an egg hatches. Makes Candela take pictures.

- He retrofitted a Chansey halloween costume that he wears at home by taking out the plastic egg and adding a pouch heater to give his eggs a better quality of pre-life

- When he was little, he hatched a shiny Pokemon and thought it was sick. He ran to a Pokecenter and when they told him the good news, he wasn’t excited about the shiny, he was just so glad it was healthy.

- He was definitely the kid who snuck eggs into class in his backpack or under his hoodie. Eventually, his teachers learned they couldn’t stop him and just let it be.

- Spark is the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet and is very much a pacifist UNLESS… someone tries to touch or hurt his eggs. He’ll go into a blind rage.

- He broke a kid’s arm when he was younger because a bully tried to take his egg.

- He’s the good listener friend. He will listen to all your problems, and then give you weirdly worded advice in return that kind of makes you feel better but more so makes you go whaaaat?


- Clumsy as fuq

- Nicknames EVERY Pokemon and remembers every single one, even all his 500 Caterpies etc.

- Don’t talk to him or his 42,893,988 sons ever again looool

Moon River
  • Moon River
  • Keelye Bumford
  • Bayonetta 2

Moon River, wider than a mile, 
I’m crossing you in style some day….