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the known gays/the gay gang head canons please??

omg yes !! 

the known gays/the gay gang = nesryn/yrene, manon/elide, chaol/dorian, and sometimes nehemia/sorscha 

  • yrene, elide, and dorian are team books. they’re always reading and their s/o are always watching them read, sharing secret eye rolls but loving their smart little nerds
  • manon and nesryn?? gay training buddies. they’re always sharing notes and manon helps nesryn be better (nesryn is an honorary member of the thirteen) 
  • tripple dates !!! nesryn and chaol were dragged there. ok but they really wanted to go bc they love yrene/dorian their softy s/o and would do anything for them 
  • wyvern !! dates !! ft. abraxos being a little bean and knocking everyone into their s/o. abraxos being the match maker they never asked for. abraxos cuddling with elain and no one else. sorry manon 
  • nesryn and yrene introducing the other members of the gay gang to southern culture. chaol is still in shock bc their culture is so amazing and dorian is in awe
  • elide, my little tiny gay nerd, wants to learn everything and she even becomes a healer with yrene, but only part time 
  • manon, nesryn, and chaol all train together (the girls finally agreed to allow chaol to join them. sometimes). they’re still debating whether or not to kick him out 
  • but they have fun two against one. obviously they win all the time 
  • calling dorian “your highness” and dorian hating it. “listen, guys, we’re all friends here. you don’t have to call me that” “of course, your highness” 
  • nesryn and yrene missing home?? dorian trying to add as much of their culture as he can. both of them platonically loving him for it 
  • group cuddles. include the tinies (yrene, elide, and dorian) sitting on the laps of the tols (nesryn, manon, chaol). hair tugging?? cute nose rubs. someone always being like “ew, cut it out” then doing the exact same thing 
  • they’re a real life group chat 
  • nesryn and yrene teaching elide and chaol to dance bc those two couldnt dance to save their lives but its ok, we still love them 
  • basically this is an amazing concept and im glad i created it and i hope it really gets out there bc i love the known gays/the gay gang 

Ever since I read Floran’s newest reference sheet and his backstory, I got a bit intrigued haha! His backstory is so sad, but I’m glad that Floran had Elise to help him~! Which is exactly what I wanted to express in this short comic! Hope you like it and I wish you again another awesome birthday!


(i wanted to draw Reol, but i.. can’t draw wyverns… Sorry, sweet Reol q.q)

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Hey in your Manon and Amren theory, you say that on sjm's Pinterest board, Amren is associated with bird like things. This could also tie her with Manon with her "last name", Blackbeak. What's your view on that?? I'm so excited for answers in the last book!!!!

So I didn’t write that theory post. @aelin-and-feyre did! (find here!) I just commented that I always thought that Amren could possibly be the original Abraxos (the one Manon named her Abraxos after. HoF: “Manon named her wyvern Abraxos, after the ancient serpent who held the world between his coils at the behest of the Three-Faced Goddess.”) (But “serpent” doesn’t indicate feathers to me…so that’s a knock to that idea.)

I say this only because maybe when the gods walked into the Erilea universe, Abraxos stayed behind to guard the world, or OG Abraxos walked into a different dimension on accident. 

The black feathers could be anything. But it could also be a connection to the Mother part of the Three-Faced Goddess. Which could fit because the Blackbeaks are the symbolic Mothers. 

I should say I’m not a huge fan of the crossover thing (not yet anyways). BUT I WILL SAY In ToG Maas spends a lot of time referring to Manon and Abraxos as looking like shooting stars. And if Starfall is a night of things that cross the sky that look like shooting stars….then if Amren is Manon and/or Abraxos (Manon’s Abraxos not the OG Abraxos) or someone who knew Manon and thought she and Brax looked like shooting stars…..than Starfall would be something that made me sad and I’d choose not to participate as well.

But I’m more into thinking that Maas was inspired by certain things and then split them up to use them in two different series. So we could draw connections, but we’re not necessarily meant to. So maybe whatever Amren is, at one point in time, was the inspiration or the Blackbeak witch clan’s name. 


Remember when Feyre and Amren talked about her favourite kind of blood? Amren said that although it wasn’t her most favourite, goat blood reminded her of “some other times, some other place”…

Now, do you remember how Manon climbed mountains just to catch goats for Abraxos?