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What was it like to live a normal life? I don’t mean like the one that was conjured up by a damn Djinn. I mean, like a real one. Was it all what it was cracked up to be?

Was it all sunshine and rainbows? Did the white-picket fence with two kids and a dog named Spot really exist or did that just happen in the movies?

I bowed my head, a tiny smile on my lips. Who was I kiddin’, right? The normal life wasn’t for me. I wasn’t normal. Although it was a dream of mine, I just don’t think it would look good on me.

I looked up and saw Y/N step out into the open air, closing the door to the Bunker. She spotted me, smiled, and made her way over, her beautiful Y/H/C colored hair blowin’ behind hair with the cool wind.

“What’s up, Winchester?” she greeted, smiling teasingly at me. She reached up on her tiptoes and kissed me softly on the lips.

I sighed in content and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her close to me. “A whole lot of heaven…or whatever,” I added with a roll of my eyes.

Y/N giggled and hit me playfully on the chest. “You’re an ass, Dean,” she said, smiling up at me. “But tell me, what’s going up in that gorgeous head of yours?”

I licked my lips and looked into her Y/E/C eyes. There was so much I wanted to give her, but that was nearly impossible, given the lives that we led. Instead, I nuzzled my nose with hers.

“Just hopin’ one day we’ll be free of this and are able to live the lives that we want. Together,” I muttered, my lips inches away from hers.

Y/N’s eyes fluttered shit and she closed the distance between us, her lips on mine in a sweet kiss.

“Free to be you and me,” she whispered, hugging me closer.

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Sometimes, you need a poison plant for your lapel.

As with a lot of poisonous flowers, most people don’t know how to recognize it out and about. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present helleborous niger, black hellebore, hellebore, Christmas rose, winter rose or nisewort. Known as one of the four classical poisons (hellebore, nightshade, hemlock, and aconite) this winter flowering shade perennial is a prime example of beauty disguising danger. Low growing, this plant produces dark green foliage with 5-petaled blossoms in shades of pale green, white, pink, red and maroon (other cultivated species include flowers of black, brown, spotted and combinations of white with red tips and the like). Blooming in winter or early spring, all parts of the plant are poisonous. With irritation of the skin from contact with the sap to symptoms of vomiting, dizziness, nervous system depression, and convulsions from ingestion, the history of this plant is varied.

In Greek mythology, the seer Melampus used hellebore to cure King Proetus’s daughters of madness. Pliny the Elder gave specific instructions on harvesting the black roots of this flower for medicine or malintent. It’s theorized that Alexander the Great died after being given a medicinal dose of hellebore, while the First Sacred War (595-585BCE) was believed to have been won after the Greek military alliance poisoned the water supply of Kirrha with hellebore.

A key ingredient in classic flying ointments, it’s associated with Mars and Saturn with correspondences to water. Used in spells of banishment, exorcisms, protection and invisibility, it was also used to change the nature or other plants. Grafted onto other plants, or used as a fertilizer for fruit trees to make them unpleasant or unhealthy.

Look for helleborous niger, or helleborous officiales if you’re buying seeds. White hellebore or false hellebore looks the same, but is not the classic witch’s flower.

Happy planting everyone

  • Eleven: I'm cold
  • Mike: Here, take my jacket
  • Nancy: I'm cold too

❝ The reason I chose to study musical theater instead of just acting was because I figured, why not? Why not do all of it? I’ve never considered myself a singer. My God, never in a million years a dancer, but I love music. I love the art of musical theater, writing and performing. I wanted to learn about freedom of expression and diversify my academics, so I wasn’t just looking at acting as its own little limited art form. You learn by learning about other things you don’t understand and you’re not familiar with.

Quick little painting for @turtletotem‘s fic Tooth and Nail !

Such a cute, brilliant, sweet little werewolf AU cherik fic with possessive Charles, which she wrote for my request. Thank you so much, Turtle!!!

Animated gif below cut:

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This picture uploaded by Jeremy of the exhibition of Miraculous toys (and presumably Zak Storm: Super Pirate toys, which is great if true) from the NY Toy Fair includes a lot of fun things. Dolls for Alya, Chloé, their superhero forms, and Manon/Puppeteer are in the works, more kwami plushes are coming (I can see Wayzz, Nooroo, and the bee kwami), and new outfitted dolls are being made for Marinette/Ladybug!

However, the big detail for me is Fox!Alya. Both she and Chloé’s superhero forms are displayed with the toys as cutouts, and if you look closely at Alya’s cutout, you can see she has a ponytail and a bit of white on her mask. This design of her head matches up with the ZAG Heroez icon we saw of her a while back.

In other words, Alya’s Fox Miraculous transformed form is confirmed to have a ponytail and an orange/white mask with a black spot over each eye!

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Metal Dragons:

-Their color depends on what metals are in their hoard. As they lay in their hoard, the color of the metal bleeds onto their scales in streaks and spots.

-They often select and arrange the pieces of their hoard so that their scales look just how they want. 

-When they hatch from their eggs they are a pale pearly white and their scales are rather fragile, but their mother immediately buries them in her hoard. Being exposed to the metal strengthens and colors their scales. Because they are so fragile after they hatch, very few have ever seen a newly hatched metal dragon.

-The stronger their scales, the heavier. Leading to very few metal dragons able to fly without the use of magic. They don’t mind as they prefer to live deep in caves with veins of metals like gold and silver.