and a weeping angel


February 1st is Hourly Comic Book Day, and this year I decided to take part with something a little silly, and hopefully a little poignant, to mark the week Peter Capaldi announced he was leaving Doctor Who.

Here’s all 24 of the strips that I created and tweeted on the hour throughout the day! 


The Gold Titles for Free Comic Book Day 2017 have been revealed, including a fantastic new Doctor Who issue from Titan Comics, featuring a cover by me!

In my defense...

Context:So I’m running a game of Shadowrun, and my runners just got done assassinating a public official who is a problem for Mr.Johnson. The summoner decides he wants to buy a ton of Deepweed. He proceeds to light it with a miniwelder and get high, this transpired.

Me: So as you stare out at the city skyline…. you realize you’re starving.

Summoner: So, I’m hungry… but I don’t want to get up. I’m going to summon my spirit and have him go get me food!

Me: You want to summon an extra dimensional being… made of stone… to get you pizza? 

Summoner: You’re right… I should give it concealment!

So, long story short. After a successful summoning he creates a weeping angel that goes and gets him take out. It later shows up on the late night news.