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Jerza Week: Bonus Day - Tomorrow

Which came first? the idea or the theme? who knows, Imagination knows no limits and the private matters of a fair maiden are serious bussiness, the most when those include Erza and her love (fangirl side included) for his beloved fugitive.

The title of the magazine is a little homage to Estella-May’s fic A Very Crime Sorciere White Day. And I have to thank Bellagirl cause she sparked this idea with a single comment about the FT Magazine featuring Jellal and if Erza hugging it would count as getting to… second base?? well, something like that, I have a weird brain ^^u


Current Status: Busted brainz but working on “Roses/Strawberries” prompt. I’ll do every one of them but it would be a very slow proccess, cause yeah, all of them are comics… I am crazy, I know and I am loving and regretting it with passion xD

Fixtures: International matches

Copa América 2015 (June 11 - July 4) - Website | News | Full Schedule | .PDF
Marcelo (Brazil) and James (Colombia). | Fixtures
Note: Chicharito is not called up to play in this competition. 
CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 (July 7 - 27) - Website | News | Schedule (+)
Called up: Chicharito (Mexico: Group C) and Navas (Costa Rica: Group A)
- Thu, July 9: Costa Rica vs Jamaica (2AM CEST)
- Fri, July 10: Mexico vs Cuba (3:30AM CEST)
- Sun, July 12: Costa Rica vs El Salvador (3AM CEST)
- Mon, July,13: Guatemala vs Mexico (3AM CEST) 
- Wed, July 15: Canada vs Costa Rica (2:30AM CEST)
- Thur, July 16: Mexico vs Trinidad (2:30AM CEST)
Euro Qualifiers - Website | News | Schedule | Standings
Called up: Iker, Isco, Dani and Sergio (Spain); Gareth Bale (Wales); Cristiano, Pepe and Fabio (Portugal: pending). Ødegaard (Norway: pending). Not called up: Luka Modric (Croatia, injury) and Toni Kroos (Germany, rest).
- Fri, June 12: Wales vs Belgium (20:45 CEST) | Norway vs Azerbaijan (20:45 CEST)
- Sat, June 13: Armenia vs Portugal (18:00 CEST)
- Sun, June 14: Belarus vs Spain (20:45 CEST)
- Next matches: September 2015 
Friendlies - (All matches)
Called up: Varane (France). Note : Benzema is out of France’s squad list due to muscle injury.
- Sun, May 31: Mexico vs Guatemala (12AM CEST)
- Wed, June 3: Peru vs Mexico (1AM CEST)
- Sat, June 6: Colombia vs Costa Rica (1AM CEST)
- Sun, June 7:  France vs Belgium (21:00 CEST) | Brazil vs Mexico (22:00 CEST)
- Wed, June 10: Brazil vs Honduras (12AM CEST)
- Thu, June 11: Spain vs Costa Rica (20:45 CEST)
- Sat, June 13: Albania vs France (20:45 CEST)
- Tue, June 16: Italy vs Portugal (20:30 CEST)
- Sun, June 28: Mexico vs Costa Rica (12AM CEST)
Real Madrid pre-season:
- Team meet up July 10 and 11 in Valdebebas before travelling to Melbourne.


Casino AU headcanon: 

“And what are your rules?” Eren asks, tracing the sharp lines of Levi’s body with his eyes.  “For gambling, I mean.”

“I only have two rules,” Levi answers, his voice deep and dark and enchanting.  “Everything has a price, and there is no such thing as the perfect hand.” 

Fast forward a few months, after a long and dangerous game of cat and mouse, and Eren thinks he’s finally been captured. Game over.  

“Would you believe it,” Levi says, just a whisper, even as the sounds of the casino blare on around them.  “Would you fucking believe it?”

Levi stares, his eyes moving from Eren’s burning eyes to the tilt of his lips. “I’ve broken my own rule.”  

“Thought you only had two?”

“A perfect hand,” he murmurs, and then twines his fingers with Eren’s before pulling him in close for a kiss.

This week’s episode was all things Italian. Including a reference to Jack drinking coffee. And why wouldn’t he- ours is the best in the world thanks to Italian-Australians!

There was a murder to be solved but you wouldn’t know it.  Understandable given Jack got a kiss.  And ended up in Miss Fisher’s parlour. We always end here but what exactly do Miss Fisher and Jack discuss over that bottle?!

First a most helpful guide to Italian in the episode

Just Phryne.

Jack was the star of this episode: X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X.

Jack and Phryne: X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X.

Jack and Concetta: X (so….red), X, X, X, X (only Phryne loyalty can account for not that many posts of a Jack kiss!).

Jack, Phryne and Concetta: X, X, X.

Followed by Dot.

Dot and Phryne: X, X, X, X,  (almost all I think thanks to effingmurrays)

Dot and Hugh: X, X, X, X, X.

Phryne and Concetta: X, X, X.

More than a little bit of excellent noir: X, X, X, X, X, X, X. X, X, X, (thank you all!)

The final scene

The facebook pic set.

This episode’s costume porn.

The kitchen update

The absence of Jane.

Reviews and thoughts on the episode: hysydney,  sarah-francesca, jeneenp, phrynesboudoir, whatsabriard, wah-pah, andveryginger, desiskipper, missfisherobsessed, seldarius, zenobia-at-blithedale, bathshebaeverdenes, foxspirit1928, liamszzayn, ladydetectiveofhollywood, morveganxvx, jasmin1401, theoneyetunsunghero, mygreatestpassiononhispano-suiza, lunalove-blr, aljwritesphryne, missfisherfan. Almost all of them have more than one post so feel free to prowl around for more.  

New artwork: X, X,  Paper Dolls

Interview with Nathan, Episode 5 on TV Week (spoilers). 

At least outside of Miss Fisher, Hugh gets to wear more than a uniform

Essie went to Cannes. Her accessory-good looking husband.

Buzzfeed gave us 19 reasons to watch MFMM - though repeating Phryne Fisher 19 times would have done just as well.

Still to come: Mac looking glorious.

Next Episode: Blood and Money guest starring Diana Glenn and Dan Spielman. Accompaniment: Mr. Butler’s Sherry Cobbler.

Not from this week but I leave you with these excellent trailer gifs.