and a very strange face


i hope you don’t mind if i added jet and made it modern au. …this is very self-indulgent and probably not what you wanted sorry

(and yes requests are still open!)

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The thing I notice about your art is the way you draw faces, I haven't seen anyone draw them like that (das a good thing btw, no offense) -Potato anon

danke potat, and yes, i have very strange faces x’DD thats what ya get when you cross realism, chibi, and Jhonen Vasquez lol

He slammed into her full tilt, the impact driving both of them back and down. ‘Welcome aboard,’ Mara gasped, an instant before the two of them slammed together to the deck.

A landing that was considerably less painful than she had expected it to be. She blinked, trying to shake the lingering stars from her vision - 

'Thank you,’ Luke murmured into her ear.

The stars cleared, and Mara found herself looking up into a very strange face - Luke’s face, she realized, heavily disguised. He was straddling her, hands and feet on the deck, apparently having come out of his trance just in time to take his share of the impact instead of adding extra weight to hers. 'You’re welcome,’ she managed. 'Nice disguise.’

'Thanks,’ he said. 'It worked too, mostly.’

’“Mostly” doesn’t count for much, does it?’ she said. 'How come you didn’t se a Force illusion, like you have before?’
'I’ve been trying to cut back on my use of the Force except when absolutely necessary,’ he explained. 'It didn’t seem necessary in this case.’

'Ah,’ Mara said. That was interesting. Very interesting indeed. 'So. You want to get off me, or were you just getting comfortable?’

'Oh - sure,’ he said awkwardly, some of that old farmboy embarrassment flicking across his face as he scrambled off her. 'Sorry.’


from Specter of the Past by Timothy Zahn

I love how Mara always brings out the old farmboy in Luke :)

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Oh~ how about someone falling for Karamatsu's spiel and like actually swooning

This is probably one of my favorites, omg.

You were hanging out at the local coffee shop by yourself. You originally came because your friend heard that someone almost took a dump on one of the tables and wanted to see if it would happen again, but they cancelled at the last minute. So, you were sat in a corner, playing with your phone as you waited for your drink.

A bell jingled, signalling someone new entered the shop. You looked up to see a man who looked similar to your barista, except he was wearing these ridiculous glittery pants, an oversized belt, a leather jacket, and a tank top with his face on it.

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“It’s odd, having your face up on these huge billboards is a very strange feeling. I anticipated that I would be doing stage acting, in the north of England, with rain smashing down on the streets for most of the day, doing mostly Shakespeare for the rest of my life. So to go from that to being on Sunset Boulevard is very, very amazing.”

Strange Magic Head Canon: Marianne Loves Bog

But Sometimes a Girls Gotta Do What a Girls Gotta Do

I want to see this happen. 

Bog works a few all nighters. He gets grumpy, angry, annoyed, frustrated, until Marianne is brought in by Griselda to stand by his side during the entire process. Suddenly his time with the council isn’t as bad when she’s there to run a hand down his spine, intertwine their fingers, calmly remind him of his temper every now and then while passing him sweet breads and dried meats telling him “sweetheart, you’ve got to eat, alright?” 

And he feels just so taken care of and so loved and he knows that everything is going to be alright.

And after it’s all over she drags him to bed. “You’re going to sleep,” she’d say, her fingers playing a melodic tune down the scales of his head, the buds of his wings, cradling his neck and jaw, placing a few chaste kisses against his cheek. “C’mon. Brush your teeth, staff against the wall, covers up. This isn’t an option.”

“But we could-” he’d yawn, breaking his sentence before wiping at dreary eyes, “talk. Ye hav-haven’ been here in a while an’ I’ve been so busy-”

“We’ll have all of tomorrow.” Marianne would climb over the covers, adjusting them to his shoulders. “Go to sleep.”


“I love you too.”

And he would fall asleep then, loved and cared for and ridiculously happy. Lost in a world of complete content. So far lost that he wouldn’t hear her whisper final, affectionate words against his temple.

“I love you so much, Bog,” she’d say, reaching into her overnight bag, “I love you more than the moon. More than this life. More than anything.” And then she’d pull out a bottle of ink. “But if you think that doesn’t mean I’m going to draw a mustache on your dorky face then you’re very wrong.”

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Black Joan+the Raven King for glendasugarbean


Ezra’s Research - Who is this person?!?

At first I thought it was Alison dressed as Lady G from the 08 Halloween Noel Kahn party. And that had me going on the path that Ezra had been around forever since 08 (which he had been. He was at Hollis at this time. And I still think he could be the mysterious NAT member.)

But, if zoom in closer, this person looks very strange. Heavy dark eyebrows. Face looks distorted a bit. It kind of looks like Aria with a silver white wig but then I’m not sure.

Tell me what you think?!?! Are we looking at Bethany? (Maybe Aria’s twin). Is this Bethany??? Or Charles??

Thoughts? Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing or not?


  • Me: Watches Petal Drop LA vids of a out in the wild Misha...
  • Misha: stairs awkwardly around while being filmed...doesn't seem to know what to do with himself...or his body parts....smiles very aware of being filmed...tries so hard to be natural while fans film him...clearly has an internal struggle with trying to find out how to act in this environment with all this attention out in the wild...doesn't seem to understand why outside of a panel anyone wishes to film him...wondering clearly if he's safe, or is this fan is insane, in the end resigning to the fact it's just a minion or someone confusing him with Jared or Jensen which brings on many internal conflictions...which appears evident on his face within his internal monologue of this very strange occurrence of attention...later acceptance that this is clearly a natural part of the crazy he is accustomed to in his world and accepts it as a typical day in his life and files it away to joke about and examine later at a future panel.
  • Me: ....................
  • .........
  • me: we are the same......he is a precious unicorn cinnamon roll and must be protected from this strange world....
  • me:
  • me: Damn those at SPN not utilizing the fact that they have a Misha Collins aka "Dmitri Tippens Krushnic" apart of their show and refuse to put him in every fucking episode, this is a travesty....
  • me: Proceeds to sob grossly at the injustice while stalking his Social and wishing for Jensen to make it in Cockles PLS!
  • Me: logs off computer in shame and runs away.....