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My assessment of the Power Rangers
  • Jason: troubled cinnamon roll, too young to be having an existential crisis
  • Kimberly: sassy boss ass bitch with a mean streak
  • Zac: caring and crazy son of a gun
  • Trini: smol angry lesbian bean
  • Billy: protect my son at all costs
Resources for Urban Magic

Updated: July 19th, 2016

General Resources:

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The 'I am losing a tumblr argument' tool kit

-I can’t believe you (an adult) are harassing me, I’m a MINOR!!!


-Actually you ship these two characters together so you aren’t entitled to an opinion

-Sorry I don’t make the rules uwu

-Finds an old selfie you posted and makes fun of your appearance

-How dare you harass me I’m mentally ill! Ableist pig!!!


-More emojis in their reblog than there are episodes of One Piece

-‘Your’ instead of 'you’re’

-Link to a Buzzfeed article to prove their point

-You aren’t worth my time anymore, I have better things to do

-Also, this 💅 emoji

Ok I don’t have anyone to talk to right now, I just had to be socially trans in person for an hour while signing legal forms, and I’m strung out and tired. SO I’M GOING TO RANT ABOUT CONSTRUCTED LANGUAGES AND MAGICAL SCRIPTS.

Look, I get it. You want your conlang/magic script to look mystical, cryptic, special. You want it to look different than any other language while still looking like a language people write in. If you’re a spiritual person or magic-user this may even be a language you’re channeling and that you believe to be ancient in nature or otherwise pre-existing. But 95% of conlangs and magical scripts look totally fake and made-up, and this is not a judgment I’m casting on their actual grammatical structure or language theory or the languages they were based on. The thing that makes a language look like one people ever actually wrote in for hundreds of years, that makes it look like the letters/characters are all from the same language, is that it looks like a language that’s been written in whatever tools you are claiming or feel like it was traditionally written in.

Let’s take cuneiform:

Looks super-neat, right? Man, who’d ever think of having those wedges in an alphabet! It’s totally different than most modern languages out there and very distinctive, and the wedges are consistent across the letters, so it makes them all look like they’re from the same alphabet. This wasn’t just arbitrarily designed as a font style. There is a reason for this!

Cuneiform writing was pressed into wet clay with these shaped bits and that’s why it looks like that. It got stamped with wedges. That’s how (this type of) writing was done at the time. It’s a technological solution and that’s what makes the lettering get that peculiar stylization. You’ll get variants based on craftsmanship and tools, but basically the method is the same across various implementations. Once someone tried to write that in pencil, you could imagine it’d look different, and you’d see evidence of people’s hand-motion between strokes, becoming more of a tilt between letters.

For instance, English looks like it does, even in tumblr’s sans-serif fonts, because it can be constructed with a pen. When it gets fancy with a variable-width pressure-sensitive pen nib, you can get more complex and flowy, but notice the flow and arc still go with the movements natural for a hand to make:

Originally posted by heaven-knows-im-miserable-n0w

Those little trails between letters exist today because nib pens were drippy and left ink trails. The written language adapted to the tools to incorporate the trails and still make it look legible, and that’s why we have cursive writing at all. This is a simplified history but it’s basically there to make you think about the letter shapes in various traditional ways of writing in English and why it looks like it does instead of like cuneiform.

Which brings me to conlangs. If you want your brand new ancient-looking language to truly look like people have used it for eons, write it out with the tools you think those people would have used, and keep adapting the letters if you find that, say, a brush or nib pen can’t construct the weird arcs and whirls you’ve designed the language to have. Languages by and large are made to be convenient to write. If you don’t know how to write kanji, Chinese words probably look complex and arbitrary to you. But their shapes are logical when you see them written with a brush:

So if you have some arcane-looking swooshy script but it still looks kind of fake, think about where the weight should really be. It should be where the brush presses down heavier and the trailing marks are where the brush lifts up (and usually leaves the paper and ends the stroke). Where the stroke is wide on one end is where the brush initially met the paper. Above, you can see how one swish immediately flows into another, the strokes are like arrows leading across the page when you understand how they’re created. Pick up a brush and figure out an actual stroke order for your symbol. If logically the stroke seems like it’d leave someone’s hand smearing it trying to follow its arc, then logically that symbol would eventually get redesigned if it were in an actual language. Someone would figure out a better way to write it and everyone would adopt that way over time.

So practice writing your language with different tools. Consider a calligraphy course or even just a kit with a guidebook (or youtube training videos!). Written language is a tool that people use, magical as it can be. And if you’re using it for magical purposes such as woodburning it into tools or painting it onto things or writing it onto paper, consider that your symbols will change a bit according to the tools, just like with mundane languages. A wedge-shaped wood burner will get you something a bit closer to cuneiform. A brush will get you something flowy and not super-precise. Pencil will not leave ink trails and will get you something more technical and practical. Your written language logically should shift for that and adapt like a proper tool. And if you do that right, if you really use it, then it will look much more genuine because it will have experienced an actual evolution of form adapting to the physical tools it’s been worked with via.

And if you’re not using it for magic but are just using it for a fantasy setting where people use it for magic in the story, all the above would still apply to them.

Even with just one symbol not meant to be in a greater language, think about the tool you’re creating it with. It’s hard to make a realistic brush-style symbol in pencil. Use the tool that fits the symbol and you’ll produce something much more genuine-looking.

That’s it! I’m not a language expert, this is not meant to be A Real Factual History Of All Language, it’s just a rough primer in How To Make It Look Like A Language Is Actually Written With. It’s not meant to be a critique in whether your magical language is “real” enough or “magical” enough either. It’s simply some pointers in how to make a magical/constructed language that’s actually reasonable to write with and suits the tools you’re writing it with and the purposes you mean it for. Hundreds of years of written language evolution is hard to replace, but I believe in you.

Gifts for different witches
  • Garden witch: plants, seeds, cute pots and decorations
  • Sea witch: beautiful shells, abalone jewelry, mini bottled aquariums
  • Hedge witch: a trip to a beautiful cemetery, meaningful antique items
  • Kitchen witch: culinary herbs, hand carved cooking utensils, a cute book to write all their recipes in
  • Techno witch: a flash drive full of images of different colored candles, herbs, crystals, etc.
  • Green witch: cruelty-free bones, pretty stones found in a river, pressed flowers
  • Eclectic witch: reading material on different sects of witchcraft, generic starter kit full of candles, crystals, herbs, tools
  • Storm witch: rain boots, umbrella, rain stick, tornado in a bottle, thunder drum
  • Let's add to this list!
Under appreciated Sangwoo theory

Sangwoo might be a gardener in his spare time. Or at least, he use to practice it. 

In chapter one we’re shown his tool box, the first removable section having an assortment of florist materials in the compartments. From what I can tell he has stem cutters, floral tape, stem tape, and maybe corsage pins. I can’t quite make out what’s in the back sections but from the yellow color, I think it’s safe to say it may be floral materials. 

This kit includes similar items! However it excludes an important tool, the stem cutters. His are yellow, which means that they’re Oasis brand, aka one of the top brands in the florist community. 

In chapter four we’re shown a briefing of his pantry. 

In the top shelves, he has what looks like floral foam and what could possibly be plant feed or pesticides. 

The hue even seems to match the Oasis brand of floral foam (seeing has how many brands differ in color), though that could be a bit of a stretch. 

Just a bit of icing on the cake, but in many images Koogi has given to us of Sangwoo (our newest one being the teenage Sangwoo), there are depictions of flowers. 

This could also be something he use to do with his mom, seeing as how all of the plants in his home are dead - and he still holds onto a lot of things from his childhood, so why not this?

I could of course be wrong, but seeing as how a lot of the arrows point to this, let’s cross our fingers to see some more insight on this in season two!! 

Whenever I imagine Andreil’s apartment its kinda sophisticated, you know, like a couple house plants, soft white carpet, some simple wall hangings,
But like,,,,,, this is the home of the boy who literally never stops eating sugar and the boy who draws fox paws on his university homework???

- it’s a 2 bedroom apartment with one bedroom dedicated to just the cats, complete with toys, rhinestone dishes, a whole wall lined with those things that cats climb on, a queen size matress with a bunch of soft blankets, a fish tank for the cats to look at (not accessible to kitty paws, because neil only made that mistake 4 times thanks),
- listen,, summers are hot and if Neil bought them a princess themed kiddie pool that they keep on their balcony along with 2 orange camp chairs then that’s none of their neighbors’ business
- they have a tool kit for when stuff breaks but like. It’s composed of all those annoying awkward tools that come in the boxes when you buy furniture that you have to put together yourself
- their tv stand (that neil had to put together himself) is a little crooked and unstable and Andrew isn’t sure how Neil messed it up when there were instructions, but he “hates” it
- remember that mattress in the cats’ room? useless. The cats sleep with the boys, against Andrew’s protests. It gets more use from Neil and Andrew when they have really bad nights and need to sleep alone, or from nicky when he visits
- they have a snowcone maker where most people would have a coffee maker
- they also have a whiteboard on one wall that was supposed to be for grocery lists and reminders and whatnot but one day neil drew a cute stick figure blowing a kiss at another stick figure and the next day Andrew had changed it to one stick figure strangling another and now it’s just like a thing, like one of them draws something every day and then the other draws a response
- all of their dishes are from discount post-holiday sales. Halloween wine glasses, Christmas plates, st. Patrick’s day cups, thanksgiving mixing bowls and platters, Valentine’s day napkins,, what a mess
- they have like, 5 different rugs and like,,, they’re all horrible??? they aren’t even placed strategically?? One is kinda tossed haphazardly in the hall, one is in the kitchen in front of the sink, one is half hidden under a bookshelf, one is hung on the wall??? Pls,, who let these kids decorate???
- No couches. No chairs. Only beanbags.

Herbs for Witchcraft Donation Kits

I am making kits for baby witches and witches who can’t afford tools! You can learn more about it @quintessablessings
Or the tag #QuintessaBlessingsDonationKits.

For those who already know about this fundraiser and are interested in receiving a kit, I want to know what kind of herbs you guys want for your kits! I have had someone offer to send herbs they have grown for the kits but I need to know what herbs are most needed.

Do you need more common herbs like rosemary, peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, sage, chamomile, etc.

Or do you need more specialty type herbs like catnip, vervain, and mugwort?

Peppermint, roses, chamomile, and catnip will all be available for certain

He was the seventh wheel. So no one noticed when he stopped laughing. No one noticed when he stopped joking. When he stopped smiling.

He was the seventh wheel. So no one noticed when he couldn’t sleep, when he paced the halls at night. The bags under his eyes.

He was the seventh wheel. So no one noticed when he stopped eating. No one said anything about the extra food left on the table. No one noticed, because it meant more of Hunk’s cooking for them.

He was the seventh wheel. So no one noticed when he started packing. When he stole a knife from Keith, a tool kit from Coran. No one noticed. He wasn’t surprised.

He was the seventh wheel. And he was gone.

And they noticed.

They noticed in the empty hangar where the pod had been. They noticed when Blue paced anxiously, growls emanating from her chest whenever someone went near. Noticed the lack of noise, the lake of laughter, the lack of life.

They noticed. But they noticed too late.

Moist von Lipwig’s Forgery Kit: Mr. Robinson's box

It was an old friend to Moist. […] It was for a con-man and forger what a set of lock picks is to a burglar, but with the contents of this box you could open people’s brains.

It was a work of art in its own right, the way all the little compartments lifted up and fanned out when you opened it. There were pens and inks, of course, but also little pots of paints and tints, stains and solvents. And, kept carefully flat, thirty-six different types of paper, some of them quite hard to obtain. Paper was important. Get the weight and translucence wrong, and no amount of skill would save you. You could get away with bad penmanship much more easily than you could with bad paper. In fact, rough penmanship often worked better than a week of industrious midnights spent getting every little thing right, because there was something in people’s heads that spotted some little detail that wasn’t quite right but at the same time would fill in details that had merely been suggested by a few careful strokes. Attitude, expectation and presentation were everything.

Just like me, he thought.

~ Terry Pratchett, “Going postal”

PSA: For hackers still on 11.3, you can still play online with ctr-httpwn.

For anyone using Soundhax on 11.3, you may have noticed you are blocked from going to faraway towns or Club Tortimer. When attempting to access these features, you will be told that you need to update. However, you can still use these features without updating! The answer is ctr-httpwn.

What is ctr-httpwn?

ctr-httpwn allows hackers to prevent their 3DS from forcing them to update. As simple as that. This handy-dandy tool is included in the standard homebrew starter kit. If for some reason you do not have ctr-httpwn in your homebrew launcher, you can download it here

How to use ctr-httpwn.

To use ctr-httpwn, follow these simple steps:

1. Launch Homebrew (Cannot be used with browserhax! Soundhax is okay!)

2. Scroll down to ctr-httpwn icon as seen below and run it.

3. Press A when given the prompt. 

4. Wait until it says “Done.” and press start.

5. Once back on the Homebrew menu, press start and then press X to return to your 3DS menu without rebooting. (This is important!)

6. And finished! You’re ready to play online! 

Reminder: ctr-httpwn will deactivate if you turn off your system. You have to run this program following the above steps every time you want to play online in acnl after restarting your 3DS. 

Okay but y’all. Y’all. Junkrat’s first Christmas.

Junkrat sitting around the Christmas tree watching the gifts under the tree get dolled out, and being surprised when a small pile accumulates at his feet. 

One is from Zenyatta (a small pocket notebook and pencil so that he doesn’t have to rummage for scrap paper when he has an idea), one from Lucio (a six-pack of bath bombs), one from Hana (a modest, but very nice new tool set), one from Mercy (a first aid kit, since he doesn’t like coming to her office and she wants him to at least have something), and a Christmas card from Bastion (a small flower she picked that morning, clumsily taped to a piece of paper). 

And just like. Junkrat getting like, legit choked up b/c he thought these people hated him, but they invited him to spend time with them and some of them even took time out of their day to get him something!!! They thought of him!!! And like, people never just give him things. There’s always some sort of trade or he takes it. And like. Up until now, most everyone’s just been like, “ugh, those gross junkers, when are they leaving???” but everyone is more than a little touched when he thanks them, all the while holding all of his presents in his lap and not looking up from them with this big, goofy smile on his face. 

“I, I dunno what ta say…these’re. They’re real nice. Thank ya.” 

And for the rest of the night, everyone’s just giving him things. “Here Junkrat, you have the last piece of cake”, “Junkrat! Here’s some tungsten scraps I had lyin’ around. Take them, take them!”. He later finds a single, perfectly knitted mitten on his bed, made with yarn that matches the skein stuffed under Roadhog’s bed. 

But he didn’t get anyone anything, and so the next few days he keeps approaching people with these tiny gifts that he made/found. And like, he gets something for everyone, not just the people who got him something. A pendant for mei (a snowflake made out of greasy gears), a heart phone charm for Hana, bent from tiny little scraps of metal, a sheet of frog stickers for Lucio he found from only God knows where. A tiny, crudely made tea spoon for Ana that he shaped himself. 

Just, like. Idk. The overwatch crew slowly starting to see the good in the junkers, and the junkers slowly coming to trust overwatch. 

(((and yes I KNOW he hates omnics, but I love Bastion and Zenyatta so much and they’re some of the most likely people to get a present for someone who isn’t especially likable, so just imagine he doesn’t know who they’re from)))

Ready To Success! The Writer’s Tool Kit

There’s a myth that writers can simply begin writing anytime and anywhere they see fit with as little as a pen and paper, but this is a pernicious lie perpetrated by the pen and paper industry. A writer cannot seriously practice this craft without each of the following items in place.

1. One notebook, slightly worn 

2. One computer that hasn’t been backed up 

3. Two pens without ink 

4. One pen with ink, but it’s far away

5. One phone full of distracting apps 

6. A chair that is painful to sit in after fifteen minutes 

7. A mug of room-temperature coffee 

8. One cat 

9. Yawning chasm of self-doubt 

10. One pair of glasses (smudgy) 

11. One pair of sunglasses (if writing a screenplay) 

12. Talent 

13. Six more notebooks 

14. Feelings (if writing a poem) 

15. Eye of newt 

16. A glass of water placed within inadvertent spilling distance of the computer

17. Comfortable clothing suitable for napping 

18. A copy of How to Success! 

19. Elbow pads, for all of the elbow resting you’ll be doing 

20. Precarious stack of twelve books you own but have never read, and never will 

21. One book open in the middle and placed facedown 

22. Passion 

23. A difficult-to-ignore ticking clock 

24. The desire to do anything but write 

From How to Success by @corinnecaputo, one of the winners of the Great Tumblr Book Search 

anonymous asked:

Oh my goodness, I've read your pregnancy stories and OMG they're so good, you're such a talented writer. I need another one ASAP!!


“like a bunny ear.” Hunter mumbled over a mouth full of goldfish as Betty tied the shoelaces of his tiny black converse.

“Very good bug,now hop on up like a bunny and let’s head to the park ”

He leaped from the bed and into his mothers arms as she pulled him tighter into her chest laughing.

She held his hand as they walked down the streets of Riverdale, he was a little wobbly on his feet and he always stopped to pick the dandelions, growing up in a florists shop he had a very unique appreciation for nature, something absolutely endearing.

After a very interesting conversation with a bumblebee the pair finally arrived at the park, Betty pulled out her baby bag and handed Hunter his fake tool kit, sending him off to play on the soft grass as she pulled out her newest novel. She glanced up, making sure the dark haired toddler was near by before tucking her feet under her body and adjusting the cotton, yellow baby doll dress.

“Still reading Judy Blume huh?”

Betty squinted in the sun, staring suprised at Jughead as he stood nervously before her, his hands stuffed into his leather jacket and a toothpick hanging loosely from his mouth.

“Hunter loves her, he makes me read from one of her books every night.” She pat the seat beside her on the bench and he slowly slid beside her.

“He likes to read?” His eyes were trained on the little boy pretending to hammer a fake nail into the grass, Betty watched Jugheads profile, watched the way his eyes traced every moment his son made, almost memorizing him.

“Well he’s two so he’s not doing much reading, he is however, a fantastic listener. And you should hear him at story time. He babbles and babbles.” Her eyes shone with pride and Jughead smiled.

“He’s smart, figures. What does he do for fun? What about eating? He eats good?” He spoke quickly, his hands moving rapidly.

Betty laughed, placing her hands over his to stop them from moving so spastically.

“Everything he does is fun, look at him, he’s a bundle of energy. And as for eating, he most definitely takes after his father in that aspect, the kid is never full.”

Jughead felt the familiar tug in his heart as he smiled fondly at the little boy before turning his eyes back to Betty
“And you? You’re eating enough?” His eyes bore into hers “I know that when you’re overwhelmed you sometimes.. you forget to eat.”

Betty swallowed, of course he remembered,

“Don’t worry about me.” She threw her hands lazily in the air.

Suddenly she felt familiar fingers wrap around her chin and stormy blue eyes met meadow green.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t worry about you, it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing. I’ll always worry about you.” His voice was scratchy and thick with emotion.

“I know how that feels.” Betty whispered back, his face inching closer and closer, until their foreheads rested against each other and her eyelashes were brushing his. He inhaled shakily and cupped her cheeks with both of his hands, inhaling the familiar peaches and cream, that was purely Betty.

“Bets..” he whispered, pressing into her forehead

“Juggie” she breathed.

Their lips were moments away from touching before a tiny hand reached up and tugged on the denim of Jugheads jeans. Both the adults looked down at the smiling face of Hunter Jones.

“Hi.” His eyebrow was raised and it was abundantly clear who this child’s father was, Jughead reached down and lifted him onto his lap, smiling when the little boy cuddled into him instantly.

“Hi hunter. It’s nice to see you again.” He looked into the dark green eyes and knew right then and there that he would never let anything happen to his son, he would never leave his family again. No matter what.

“Hi” he repeated, resting his head on Jugheads chest.

“He likes you.” Betty’s soft voice came from his right.

“I love him” jughead cleared his throat, staring adoringly at the toddler who was dozing off on his chest and it all felt too natural.

“He’s just tired, last night was movie night. He doesn’t understand much of the movie but you can bet he stays up through them.” She snorted.

Jughead rubbed Hunters back and looked into Betty’s eyes
“What day is tonight?”

Betty rubbed her hands together and grinned
“Well Mr.Jones, tonight is pizza night. Our very favorite night.”

He smiled at her enthusiasm
“Sounds like fun.”

Betty bit her lip,
“You can come if you’d like. It might be good for Hunter to get to know you, that is if you’re staying.”

Squeezing the little boy with one arm, he reached his other to grip Betty’s hand

“I’m not going anywhere. Never again.”

Staring into each other’s eyes, years of hurt and pain and abandonment seeped through but one thing that was always constant was the love they shared. Sitting together on the park bench they looked like the kind of families you read about in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, what they didn’t know was that a storm was coming.

And he was taking no prisoners.

After Hours - Vulnerable

Hello again! So this is nothing too special, just an idea I had after the finale and then it kinda turned into something that hit me after the RWBY cast was on Always Open. It’s White Rose and I know the last two have been them so promises that the next After Hours will be something else. 

Anyway, also wanted to say that Foxtrot is moving along and will have an update sooner than later. I’m also in the process of outlining a new fic for this hiatus that I’m really excited about and it’ll be coming when Foxtrot is concluded. 

Enough from me. Here’s some BFF Weiss/Ruby

Despite the fact that she was exhausted and her muscles hurt from training and it was already past midnight – Ruby was still awake.

It had been an extremely emotional day. Not only had her sister returned, but they’d run into Weiss as well. They reunions had been everything Ruby imagined they would be. A lot of crying and hugging and a few times here Yang yelled at her – then one time where Weiss did. Then more hugging and Weiss crying and Yang teasing Ruby when she kissed Weiss on the forehead.

She didn’t know what all the fuss was about, it was only because that’s how her dad would always help her stop crying. She wanted to do the same for Weiss. Yang’s snickers and teasing didn’t even make sense but was still annoying.

Though that annoyance couldn’t replace the relief at seeing her partner and big sister again. To have three members of team RWBY together was so wonderful, even though they all felt Blake’s absence.

Yang had promised they’d find her too, that they’d be together again. Yang was so confident, so strong and smiling so much – it made Ruby’s heart swell.

The emotion of the day had overwhelmed her, and even after Yang went out with Qrow and Weiss retired to the room she rented out, Ruby was still wired up and unable to sleep.

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Preset Lights!

I’ve been chipping away at this tool today and am really happy with how it’s turned out. It’s a call back to the Quake editing days where you’d just specify your light type by an int and the engine would do the rest for you. 

So this light preset kit, plus a bunch of other really handy tools to help speed up your level design, is on it’s way to the Unity Asset Store. Possibly by next week! Weeeoooooo~