and a tomato

Basically I was eating tomatoes today and I remembered the last chriseva conversation and how cute they looked eating together and how my hopes were sooo high and how everything was ruined two seconds later and now I’m not sure I wanna eat tomatoes anymore because my chriseva heart is broken I won’t ever forget how my ship sinked in a matter of seconds


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMOYA!! 27.06.1987 😁😃😊😄🎉🎉🎊🎊🎁🎈
He is already 30!! I can’t believe it, our baby tomato is such a big boy 😭😭 i’m so proud of him like a musician and like a man.
So here i let you a compilation of pictures of our favorite drummer.
Congratulations Tomo-kun, have a great day and a happy life. 😊😊💙