and a tent

 I keep thinking of all the nights that will be spent in tents, trails that we’ll discover and all the campfires we’ll get to gather round.

S4 Wishlist (pt1)

That incident where Benedict Arnold, no joke sent Ben a letter to invite him to swap sides, and Ben’s immediate response was to send it on to GWash.

While completely freaking out over that Arnold would have at all thought his letter would be favorably received. And being offended that Arnold would come to him, of all people, with this offer.

Complete with GWash’s reaction, which was essentially, “Chill, Benjamin, I know you’re loyal. Good call ignoring this creep.”

Then again since this is TURN we’re talking about, I have zero doubt they’ll find a way to dial up the Angst™

It was a beautiful day and everyone was having fun splashing around in the water. As the sun was beating down, Luke thought the party could use a little more, well, excitement. He ran out of the water and back up to his tent. He fumbled around for a sec before picking up one of the cases he brought, and brought it down to the waterfront. He cracked open a beer and held it up, “who wants some?”


     TO NOTE:  points up to april 2016 are solid canon regardless of ship or verse. the entirety of this timeline is subject to become her main verse  ( which is a possibility i’ve been weighing for …. …. a long time now )  but for the moment is relevant exclusively to her main verse with @scarificed​.

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soube que você anda meio distraído, sem foco e com uns planos de querer sumir.
tu ainda morre de rir com a teoria dos macacos loucos que invadem os apartamentos?
soube também que não quer mais relacionamentos, que isso é perda de tempo, que no mundo não tem mais amor.
eu ainda estou contigo.
nos rastros, nas fotos, no teu peito.
eu sei que parece que ando meio sumido, mas é só impressão tua. eu ainda fico meio balançando quando tu questiona se eu ainda leio Bukowski, mas é uma pena que por aqui não vende literatura suja. a maioria dos livros são sobre o amor e sobre como o mundo é ótimo - não leio esse, já que não lembro de muita coisa dai.
não esquece de mim, tudo bem?
eu ainda te abraço no frio, cochicho uns conselhos no teu ouvido enquanto tu dorme e afasto tudo e qualquer coisa que tente te fazer mal.
eu não quero que isso pareça ser uma carta de despedida, ou um texto melancólico de alguém que já não está mais entre vocês, sonhadores vívidos. eu quero te mostrar que mesmo depois da morte, ainda sou capaz de carregar o amor que tive tão ardentemente enquanto vivo.
o mundo pode ser cruel às vezes, mas vai ficar tudo bem quando a dor passar, quanto você finalmente entender que as pessoas partem e tudo bem.
observe mais o horizonte, deixe-se tocar pelas gotas de chuva. Pois eu juro, de alma - sem corpo - que eu estarei escorregando por entre o teu corpo em cada gota, e te fazendo me sentir vivo de novo em você.
com amor, n.

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Do you think Voltron is headed in any sort of shippy direction for any pairing or is it just not that kind of show?

I think if any ship hits canon it’s likely to be kind of hit-and-miss or tentative; I mean, these characters are in the middle of a life-or-death space war, that’s not exactly a very conducive category to relationship drama.

Romance may or may not be in our future but I feel like if it is, it’s probably going to be very slow burn. 

honestly the venue outside of the newark date of exordium when the concert was over looked like some kind of post-apocalyptic nightmare. there was garbage and food and clothes and tents and even straight up furniture lined up for an entire block. like congrats you waited an entire day out in the rain for a concert that wasn’t even close to selling out, and for a spot in general admission that wasn’t even that crowded at all, and you left your garbage all over the place for other people to pick up. so rude honestly and you made your beloved group look bad so there’s that. respect the city maybe?

Time's Up



Bellamy makes it to Polis and meets up with Clarke. She’s dressed in her grounder outfit and it brings up too many old feelings. Something’s got to break this tension, and he has an idea. Why not, right?


i tried to finish this last night but was too tired. and i want to get it out today before the actual bellarke reunion, so here i am posting it.

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When Bellamy and Octavia got to Polis, Octavia went to the battle tent, but they sent him directly to the Sky Crew headquarters. It looked like they were once part of meeting place, maybe a bar. He didn’t care. He’d done his duty and brought his sister here. He was tired of fighting, but what else was left?

“She’s waiting for you,” the guard said, and thumbed him towards a back room. He didn’t have to ask who was waiting for him. He sighed heavily. He’d tried to be like Jasper and just let it all go, but he couldn’t. He cared too much and even if he couldn’t save anyone who didn’t want to be saved, he still wanted to. So he was just. Tired.

Bellamy passed through the tattered curtain, and there she was. He didn’t like the way his heart beat sped up at the sight of her. That was a lie. He did like it. He was all of a sudden not tired. Her hair was woven into braids on top and left to wave loosely down the sides, flowing down her back. So pretty. But she was wearing that awful grounder coat that weighed her down.

It reminded him of how she was when she came back to them. Of how she was when she was away from them. How she’d chosen to leave them and become a grounder and be with Lexa. And love someone else. And be with someone else.

Just like he couldn’t save someone who didn’t want to be saved, he couldn’t make someone love him who didn’t love him.

“Nice outfit, Clarke. You going back to the grounders now that we’re allies?”

She rolled her eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous. You know as well as I do that there’s not going to be any grounders or sky people after this. It’s all gone. It’s just people.”

His gun weighed heavily on his shoulder. “Fine. But how about you tell them that. They still think this is some sort of war, and not the end of the world.” He was so tired. Everything was a fight.

“They don’t really listen, do they? The way they settle things here is through battle. And if we don’t battle, if we don’t take part in their conclave, then it will be war. We don’t have time for war.”

“We don’t have time for anything.”

“I know. So that’s why I’m wearing the outfit. It’s for the ceremony. To show that we’re all one people. You need to wear one too.”

“I do? Why me? The guards out there aren’t wearing grounder outfits.”

“What do you mean, why you? Because you’re…you.”

He laughed and it did not reach his heart. “Who am I, Clarke? Really.”

She gaped at him for a while as if she were confused by his antagonism. Maybe she should be. He didn’t know why he was mad at her, other than how she hadn’t been there with him in Arkadia, even though it was his choice to go back. And how he still remembered his night with Bree and how he’d wished it was her and the dry thought made him despair. And how the sight of her in that coat made him want to rip it off of her and throw it away, and hold her close and kiss the scars on her chest.

“Bellamy,” Clarke said, holding the outfit out to him. “We all have to dress the part. It’s for the ceremony. They won’t accept us if we don’t…”

“Don’t what? Play their game?” His eyes raked up and down her grounder outfit. “You always love to play their game, don’t you Clarke?”

Clarke gasped. “I’m just doing what I have to… for our people…” her protestations died on her lips.

“Sure, Clarke. For our people. I guess that means I have to dress like them too? Maybe I’ll find myself a grounder girl to fuck to get in with them. That’s how it goes, right?” He thought about how she went with Niylah the night before they left with the hydrazine. Ah. There was another reason he was angry at her. If he were feeling charitable, he wouldn’t blame her for that one. She was free to have sex with anyone she wanted. She didn’t owe him anything. They weren’t together.

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