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Domes Of Shah Jahan Mosque, Thatta, Pakistan. (Part II)

The Shah Jahan Mosque was built in the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. It has been on the tentative UNESCO World Heritage list since 1993.

This mosque was built in 1647 during the reign of Mughal King Shah Jahan, also known as the builder King. The mosque is built with red bricks with blue coloured glaze tiles probably imported from another Sindh’s town of Hala. The mosque has overall 100 domes and it is world’s largest mosque having such number of domes. It has been built keeping acoustics in mind. A person speaking inside one end of the dome can be heard at the other end.

(Part I)


The Darkest Hour

The siege had ended on a sour note, certainly. Countless of the commoners had fallen to extreme actions caused by the garrison and to some of his fellow men. That was, of course, from his perspective. The Knight was wounded horribly, his chest almost ripped to shreds from the Dreadlord’s harsh landing upon his holy bound shield. Nothing could protect from an attack like that, and all the older knight could remember was the extreme pain.

When he awoke, the man was rested somewhere in a nearby tent. His right palm gently brushed along his chest, a slight wince leaving his chapped lips. His tongue leaped out, catching a taste of deep iron.  


Gareth sat up, wiping the back of his right fist over his mouth and beard, dragging away some of the crimson crust that had formed over his face. The man stood, or attempted to, his legs shaking a bit as a heaviness took his body by surprise. His right-hand show forward, grasping a small table, the entire thing shifting with his weight.

He started to breathe deeply, his eyes swiveling as light-headedness took him captive. After a few long moments, the man grasped at his cloak and chain mail, pushing it on with a grand amount of effort, having to stop at random intervals to catch a breather. Once finished, the knight grasped at his warhammer, marching forth and into the field of corpses just outside the gates of Westfall. 

Gareth walked among each of the corpses, kneeling and resting a hand upon their brows before praying under his breath. His eyes dragged up and down each body as he felt genuine grief for every fallen man and woman. As he continued throughout the day, a few of the more devout levies of Harthfolde joined him, their billowing red cloaks surrounding the chain-garbed veteran to each body. 

As the knight and his retinue continued forth, he felt something amiss. His head practically hummed with a dampened aura that he found… familiar. The aura was dead, however, its last life about to blink out and into non-existence. Gareth’s head snapped to the right, his eyes widening as his lips practically vibrated. The levies let out a grumble as the knight charged towards the feeling, his warhammer meeting the yellow grass and smashing some of the strands.

There was the sight.

Phynette's body lay mangled beyond repair, her life having already left her form and into the great beyond, whatever that was. Gareth fell to his knees, feeling warm tears trickle down against his cheeks as his aura shot out to grasp at hers for one last time. Phynette’s responded in kind but only for what seemed like a second as the last wisps of her natural aura fluttered away. As those last drops of water dropped from his jawline, some of which clung to his beard like a dark reminder, the knight pressed his hand to his heart.

He felt the gentle beating. It was slower.

“Let the… Light.. Ta-…” The man couldn’t continue. His retinue moved to his side swiftly, each of them grasping at his shoulders and whispering condolences. One at a time each fell to their knees, a hand upon each of their shoulders until a half-circle formed around the body. (cont. Below)

Finally, Gareth prayed, his warhammer once more in his tightened grip, the retinue having returned it to the older man. His lips quivered with each word, light lifting from his shoulders before dissipating into the air after a few long moments. 

“Let the Light take my lover to her final resting; let peace be the only road drawn before her by the greatest minds this world has ever known. All who follow her deserve such a path to follow, her floral steps bringing only warmth and compassion. I beseech you, Light, to give her a blessing worthy of her.“

The knight choked for a moment, his azure gaze revealed to the world as he stared down at his beloved’s corpse. "Let her feel my love even in that life.”

And so the paladin wept, his sobs heard by all who entered or left the Hill. His retinue eventually helped him away, the man carrying his love within curled arms, blue eyes dimmed.

This was not the first death he dealt with.

This would not be the last.

And so the knight would continue, his duty-bound mentality forcing him to live on. For their sakes, he would. For his Lord and Lady, he would. For his Light; for his history, he would.

The man’s red cloak billowed from behind him as he left the grave, his plated footsteps letting loose a plethora of crunches and snaps. This was the most natural spot he could find for her.

“Light bless.”


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The park wasn’t the best place to just set up camp, but it beat the wilderness and it was as good as he was generally going to get. That being said, AZ generally assumed that as long as he didn’t set up a tent (which he certainly didn’t have), he would be largely overlooked and ignored… well, as much as he ever was. A quiet corner, out of the way of the heaviest of foot traffic would be more then enough for him to settle down and give himself some rest. 

AZ gingerly set a rather large, dinged up pot onto Torkoal’s back, balancing the worn out piece of metal on his Pokemon’s shell before settling back against the tree he was using to prop himself up on. Torkoal wasn’t the fastest way to boil water, but it was better then building a campfire. Torkoal lazily munched on the grass in front of him, quite content with his current situation. AZ shifted carefully so as not to awaken Floette, who was sleeping soundly in one of the folds of his scarf.

He let out a stretch, bones creaking under his skin. AZ was relieved that the sound of the city was muffled through the trees he sat under; the constant  buzz wore him out after awhile. Sometimes he missed the quiet of the old days, where there was less machinery and more bird songs. Ah, but those days were over. AZ leaned over to check the pot on Torkoal’s back, humming to himself as he did so.


With head down and hands folded tightly together the boy trudged alongside the men. Though it took him two steps for their every one he kept in step as well as he could. They asked questions, his name, where he was from, why he was by himself but the boy kept his mouth clamped firmly shut both because he had no answers to give them and because he was afraid to speak. 

His clothes, which had been neat were becoming splattered with mud as they walked through the camp. One offered to lift him onto a horse but he shrank away. A little way into the camp he began to smile, first at one passing soldier and then another, his steps picked up and carried him a step ahead of the men to the tent and wagon that they stopped at. One heavy hand on his shoulder halted him then while the other man approached the setup.

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