and a sunshine boy too!

Ed’s visit with sweet Melody today has special meaning to me, more than anyone might realize. My beautiful, sweet, almost 3 year old niece Emily, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome this year, the same thing this precious girl has. Rett Syndrome is terrifying, it has robbed my Emily-girl of her speech, the use of her hands, the ability to eat and digest properly, and at some point it will likely confine to her to a wheelchair. It also eventually will likely cut her life short. 😢💔
Many skills and abilities she once had, she’s lost because of Rett. She’s smart as hell, feisty as the day is long, and is learning to use Eye Gaze technology to communicate, since she’s unable to use her voice, and nobody has a brighter smile and a more beautiful laugh than my niecey.

Seeing our Teddy so lovingly give his time and energy, and his HEART, to this beautiful, special little girl… It just overwhelms me and makes me love him that much more. I shed some serious tears today watching him love on another little Rett Warrior. 💜💜💜💜💜💜 I love his heart so hard it hurts.

So to Ed, and to Stu, bless you for taking the time to make this happen, for making her dream come true, and for shining your love and light on a day that we all needed it so badly. It means more to me than you’ll ever, ever know. 💕


- Everything is fine, I promise.

I know this has probably been said a thousand times, but please don’t ever forget about members. More specifically Hoseok. He was doing a live broadcast but, as usual, people asked for the other members. I know sometimes you want to know how the other members are doing, but it comes to a point when it is downright disrespectful. Hoseok wanted to talk to us (something most idols don’t even get a chance to do) and just the fact that some fans disregarded that  is bad. Something that was even worse was that when he started the broadcast with Jimin the views went up, not a little, but significantly. I know sometimes people view the broadcast at different points in the video, but the views went up way to fast in a short amount of time. (and I understand Jimin was cute I and love Jimin and all the other members too) What I’m trying to say is don’t forget about Hobi. He started the broadcast to talk to us and even went to the extent to dance for us.