and a strong woman

I have a few duplicate anons and some questions that I’m going to address altogether here.

First of all, my Sam and Cait ship is based on a foundation of beliefs and opinions, as is any good story. My beliefs and opinions that I’ve arrived at over the course of my time here. Those are that Sam is a good guy, just like everyone has been saying for years, Cait is a strong and remarkable woman, Sam and Cait are good, charitable, caring people, and Sam and Cait are together. That’s the foundation. So when a picture comes out showing that Sam has been a guest at a wedding and had a picture taken with a bridesmaid, my reaction has to be ‘What can she be to him then?’ And 'How does this fit into my story?’ Not ’ Well, it turns out Sam is a lying cheating slimy con man and his fans have been played.’ And the way this fits into my story, given the pose in the prom photo and the body language in..well, ever…she is a friend and somehow he has a connection to her and her family and he was invited to the wedding. The stuff I have seen that has been collected over the last three years cannot be treasure to me one day and out the window the next because of one incident that we cannot explain.

Now about the way Sam and Cait should act tonight, or at the con? I hope they act exactly the way they always do, the way we love to see them. Someone said that after the IFH, if they were friends all along, then why change their behaviour. They tried to tone it down but couldn’t pull it off. So maybe this is how they are, as friends, with each other, and they can’t help themselves. Yet when asked why they show nothing in the way of pda to their 'SO’s’. It’s because they are holding back. For privacy. So at the Scottish BAFTA’s. Sam wanted to turn around and make sure MM was okay but he had to hold back. But he kept looking over his shoulder to find Cait because he couldn’t help himself. He remained stony faced at the table and didn’t drape his arm around MM’s chair because he was holding back, but he put his arm around Cait while she groomed him because he couldn’t help himself. Cait doesn’t exchange glances with Tony and she walks three feet away from him because she’s holding back but she is reduced to giggles and crotch smoochery with Sam because she can’t help herself. This is my dilemma

The other question that comes up often, is why would they act this way if they have SO’s in their lives? How could they be so disrespectful? Why would their SO’s tolerate this kind of treatment? …well 👀
And , “ Guys! If these people are your rl partners then show it! Own it! That’s all we ask”
Reminds me of that old joke about the guy who refuses three rescue attempts and drowns in the flood waiting for God to save him. Usually, the answers have been there all along.

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If DC had a "Battle of the Animal-Themed Superheroes" who would win? And by that I mean heroes with animal powers

Whoever the writer likes best.

Personally, I’d probably give it to Animal Man or Vixen. (Sorry Gar.) Probably Vixen, she seems like she’s got it together more than Buddy. Maybe Cheetah? Her strength vacillates wildly to keep up with however strong Wonder Woman is at the time, so she can very easily be a heavy hitter. 

really though?

feyre has never been some delicate girl bothered by whether or not she’s perceived as classy or simpering and sweet

feyre risked her life traipsing through the woods for years to keep her family alive, had a bf/fwb bc she felt like it and gave no fucks, dealt with nests and their father’s bullshit, and did all of the bartering to make sure the archerons all had food and clothes and whatever else they needed

tamlin took this strong, badass woman and tried to make her complacent and work as her protector, keeping her away in the mansion awaiting his return every day like that would’ve been enough for even the human version of her

“I can’t think without Fitz” - Jemma Simmons

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I know she was stressed out and traumatized but this is a girl who were isolated in an alien planet for months among other horrible things that have happened to her. More importantly, a strong and brilliant woman through out the years. But somehow hearing this I was offended. *I* was offended on behalf of Jemma’s character. How the hell the writers choose THAT line for Jemma? She knows she only kills LMD-Fitz and she knows she can fight and try to find Fitz ASAP. In that moment she was a cripple mess because she needs a boy to think and I’m annoyed.


0. the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes
0. the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities

Sadly Supergirl doesn’t have these views. Yes, they may have LGBT representation but they don’t give the equal representation of a normal f/m relationship. The only reason I have a major problem with this is because the show does contain younger viewers. Not only does it contain younger viewers it contains a whole spectrum of viewers. Many felt empowered by Alex Danvers coming out or Cat Grants great monologues or Supergirls/Karas growth, but now they see the destruction of a strong woman because of a man, neigh a man-child. Not only did Supergirl once have a large recurring female cast but they also showed viewers that even if you don’t have superpowers you can still make a difference. Whether it’s through speaking out or going against unethical or immoral beliefs you could still be a hero. Girls would gladly dress up as Supergirl because she was strong, stronger than Superman. Now she is refined to a love interest, the lead of the show has been reduced to a love interest. Girls were once told “If the boy is mean to you it’s because he likes you…” I feel like this set women back. Girls would think “it’s okay for him to say that he likes me it’s fine” No it’s not fine. A man should love you and respect you like anyone else. A woman should not be defined by a man and she sure as hell shouldn’t be broken down by one because he likes her and he wants her because she is his. By Mon-El wearing down Kara, he is showing a younger viewership that it’s okay for a guy to treat you like this…it’s healthy because he’s doing for you…it’s okay for a man to act this way and get the girl. Now the fact that the whole season has been a diluted version of that is ridiculous. You have taken another great storyline and destroyed it because Mon-El’s “love” for Kara is more important than her being a friend to Winn or Lena or being a sister to Alex or a goddamn reporter! Is she even going to work any more?! And finally trusting James enough to let him be Guardian! And by the way where the hell is he? Probably planning a trip to Bali. I wouldn’t blame him, but he wouldn’t do that especially to Kara. They were such a great relationship in the first season. Not only did he help Kara believe that she could be the hero but he also showed her you don’t always have to have powers to be one (ep 6 s1). Now most Kara and Mon-El shippers say “Oh you take the worst of Mon-El…” “You’re cherry picking scenes!” No we aren’t within three episodes he killed a cop because he need to “protect” Kara…Supergirl…Girl of Steel. He told her his feelings and she realized “He doesn’t want to be a hero for justice or good but for me…” I realized people will change for other people but in a sense that they do it because there is no other ulterior motive behind it. Like how Maggie liked Valentine’s Day for Alex (yes im using Sanvers; it’s healthy I’m using it) They were already in a relationship there was no other ulterior motive for Maggie to change its was because she truly wanted to change, she wanted to change for Alex. Not only that but they rarely keep secrets, the biggest one being Maggie’s coming out. I won’t count Supergirls/Karas secret because that’s not Alex’s secret to tell. Maggie hid that from Alex because she wants her to be happy they weren’t even together and Maggie was already protecting Alex from the bad side of coming out. Mon-El isn’t telling Kara his secret. This is the whole reason why there’s a villain. Mon-El’s secret is the villain or villains in this case and that isn’t healthy not at all. The whole Sanvers/ Kara and Mon-El debate is getting ridiculous…they aren’t even equal in screen time and chemistry (chemistry meaning relationship on screen; off screen doesn’t add up to anything) Sanvers has this chemistry; not only did Maggie help Alex come out and figure out who she is but she also taught Alex, way before she was canon gay, that not all aliens are bad, that you shouldn’t judge someone because they’re different. The actresses are both icons for female empowerment both on and off screen. The writers have taken such a healthy relationship and cut it down to fill gaps, even when the episode is supposed to be centered around them. Which helps me stay on track. So the Valentines ep was disastrous. It showed how much Mon-El hasn’t changed, he didn’t let the Girl of fucking Steel fight her own battles. Finally when we thought she’d finally had enough of him she accepts that he won’t change and it’s ok because he “tried” because maybe she can have both. Honey you dumped a man who practically gave you therapy because he knew something was wrong because YOU COULDN’T HAVE BOTH! And the ending scene had me at boiling rage…an unhealthy relationship is already getting morning after scenes, full on make-outs, and minutes upon minutes of screen time when you had two other healthy relationships and now one is barely getting 2 minutes of screen time. I get that Sanvers had their 5 episodes…5…5 and they weren’t together but now that they are 2 minutes is good enough, but i do feel that when we say “this is homophobic” we mean this is truly homophobic. Yes the younger demographic doesn’t need to see full on make outs scenes…but you already showed them that. You showed them that with an unhealthy relationship…I’m sorry but if you can’t do that with an LGBT+ ship then you can’t really understand equality and the sense of love itself. You can say “Love Wins!” but love doesn’t win until it’s treated like love. Just because it’s two women doesn’t mean it should be censored…just because it’s two men it shouldn’t be censored…just because they’re a different race doesn’t mean it should be censored…just because it isn’t “normal” doesn’t mean it should be censored. The female cast of Supergirl; Alex Danvers, Maggie Sawyer (maybe?) and Kara Danvers maybe Lena Luthor but she’s not important, even though she did give Kara the empowerment she needed…remember not Supergirl, but Kara. The male cast; J'onn, Winn, James (if he comes back from wherever he went??) and Mon-El…Equally size…but not equal screentime…you can tell a story without having the whole season centered around a specific character, it destroys the enjoyable parts of the show like witty humor or the awww moments or the “what the fuck?!” moments. Now all the moments are “what the fuck?!”
Sanvers: 2 minutes
“what the fuck?!”
Mon-el and kara: grinding on the couch
“what the fuck?!”
James: is nowhere to be seen
“what the fuck?!”
m'gann left
“what the fuck?!”
the president is an alien
“what the fuck?!”
Winn has a gf and they’ve already fucked twice and it’s been one episode
“what the fuck?!”
Lucy lane disappeared
“what the fuck?!”
cat grant retired
“what the fuck?!”
James is Guardian
“what the fuck?!”
mon el got the girl
“what the fuck?!”
kara is still a reporter
“what the fuck?!”
we got a 45 seconds Sanvers prom scene
“what the fuck?!”
Supergirl Writers are writing a healthy F/F relationship
“what the fuck?!”
Karamel already did it
“what the fuck?!”
Karamel isn’t even mon el n kara
“what the fuck?!”
I have seen so many response to the current season some saying “I’m glad I don’t watch anymore this is sad…”
“I will not watch anymore!”
“My daughter won’t understand why he can do that?”
“I won’t watch anymore, I can’t have my daughter see this.”
“I used to love this show but now it’s a mess…”

Supergirl writers please bring back Supergirl we need her! We need a to see her kick ass and eat some pot stickers! Give us Alex training! Give equal screen time! Make Kara happy and whole! Bring back the Supergirl that empowered teens and kids and everyone cause we don’t want to see the breakdown of a strong character…

Thank you everyone for all your support and love this year. I’m so happy to have met so many amazing people in my life. 

It’s because of all of you that I was able to find the confidence and strength to carry on. So thank you so much. <3 I hope you all have a wonderful 2017~