and a star one idk if i'll make posts later.

Obikin Notting Hill AU: Obi-Wan as the movie star and Anakin as an automobile engineer who one day fixes this posh star’s posh broken car and said star mistakes him for a mechanic because surely he must be right? And Anakin plays along because why not? Later Obi-Wan is embarrassed about how narrow and small his knowledge of things are and also the world he lives in…so yeah and Anakin feels someone like Obi-Wan would never look twice or want someone like Anakin who lives with a band of misfits like Ahsoka, Rex, and handful of others. Also Anakin is a parent of twins Luke and Leia from his short lived marriage with high school sweetheart Padme (now divorced of course). But Obi-Wan loves them all but isn’t sure if they all would want him among them. They probably all dislike who he is and where he comes from because what practical real world people would want anything to do with someone like him? Miscommunication, misunderstanding, pining, and at the end dramatic mad car driving by Anakin through streets to find Obi-Wan and dramatic public proposal because he is extra as hell while Luke and Leia make puppy eyes to add effects by his side!

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Ok I get that it should be everyday objects or it isn't fair and I tried thinking of things that would never be on spn so try this-- Tampons, some type of crafting (scrap booking, crocheting,etc), make-up, light saber (star wars), heels, sex toy, chess, glow sticks, snowman/snow and ice cream bar. If you find all most of those you are awesome, all of them you are like...holy shit idk I'll believe in your cult having all gifs if you do!


Shit I have to do another Priestly gif set. I love him. I’ll post it later. Anyway back to the challenge…

some type of crafting (scrap booking, crocheting,etc)



light saber (star wars)


sex toy

glow sticks




ice cream bar.

^my favorite fan response EVER. Whoever said that I fucking LOVE YOU> but I would do Jensen for free lol

Awesome challenge, thanks =) That one took awhile, I already had all of them on my computer but it takes forever to find them so I will do more later (I have a SHIT TON of them but I will get to yours if you sent me one, I swear—some of them I have no idea what the things are like reference to movies I’ve never seen but I’ll do my best!)