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You know what? The Final Problem was too good for a spoof and too bad for a normal, serious episode.  I honestly think the creators/actors/crew thought it would be obvious the episode is a spoof of horror films. I don’t think they realized until now just how serious everyone would take it.  As well the viewers should – after all, this episode was TOO GOOD for a spoof.  Ben, Martin, Andrew, Sian, and Mark are excellent actors.  It didn’t matter that Andrew danced to Queen while exiting his helicopter on Alcatraz.  It didn’t matter that Mark had an umbrella that was also a sword, that was also a gun.  It didn’t matter that Martin couldn’t recognize bones even though his character is a doctor.  It didn’t matter that Sian hid behind nothing and Ben thought there was actual glass in her cell. These actors are so good we didn’t realize the spoof.  This is like Cabin in the Woods, guys, but with classically-trained actors.  I honestly, honestly think these people believed they were making an audacious spoof of their own show by ignoring detective work and deductions for Hannibal Lector, It, The Ring, and The Shining, only they pulled off “The Producers” and made an episode people took seriously, and some even liked. Now the backlash is awful – again, as it should be.  If you’re going to make a spoof as a joke, fine, do it, but make sure it’s obvious enough to viewers.  If you’re going to make a serious episode like usual, please do it, we know you know how to do that. 

You don’t have to agree that we’re getting another episode, but come on…. don’t you see the intended spoof?

Mycroft’s movie is hacked by home footage, Mycroft is a fat kid eating cake, the paintings bleed, clowns jump out, there’s an umbrella-sword-gun, there’s a man dressed as a little girl lurking in the shadows, Sherlock calls Mycroft “Bro”, a drone grenade obliterates 221b, Sherlock and John explode out the windows unharmed, they commandeer a fishing boat, Mycroft steals a fisherman outfit/nose/teeth/beard, Sherlock can’t recognize glass windows, Sherlock has no memory of a sister or best friend, Sherlock ignores John’s “Vatican Cameos”, Eurus acts out Saw, The Three Garridebs moment (the most important moment in ACD canon, arguably) is glossed over, Mycroft vomits seeing death, Sherlock gets tranquilized by a dart shot from the wall and transported to room made of cardboard suddenly outside their childhood home, Sherlock threatens to kill himself and John doesn’t care, John gets chained in a well and Sherlock doesn’t care, John’s chains disappear suddenly when a rope gets thrown to him, Dead Mary keeps sending DVDs, Sherlock learns how to love because of a psychopathic killer sister he just found out about, and they end the show saying “Who you are doesn’t matter” which is the most out-of-character idea this show has ever produced. 

The only reason The Final Problem was enjoyable was because of the acting. These guys are GOOD. And that’s the issue.  The fandom is divided on its legitimacy. They did not think this was going to happen at all. 

Jason Todd US election headcanon

Jason Todd is voting for Hillary Clinton out of respect to his various immigrant and LGBTQ friends.

He also however is privately monitoring her and if she wins and subsequently fucks up he has a plan to kill her and replace her with Batman (who is unaware of this plan)

He has subtly and secretly made Batman Hillary’s vice president by paying Hillary’s former vice obscene amounts of cash to resign.

Tim Drake is in on this too.

Jason Todd us election Headcanon part 2

Jason is currently texting Deathstroke to remind him to do the thing and squash a pumpkin if he doesn’t within an hour of the pumpkin ripening. batfamily is confused and knows it can’t be good.

Two years is long after all. But they’re willing to wait.

Stills under the cut.

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Here’s a video of mine from ‘Sheetlejuice’ starring Bianca Del Rio! In this scene she does the Beetlejuice ad and it was hysterical!😈

Where's Kazuma? (Part Two)
  • Bishamon: *sighs* Kazuma, come out of that box.
  • Kazuma: I stung you and I need to be punished. You are too nice, so I have taken matter into my own hands!
  • Bishamon: found a box?
  • Kazuma: Yes. And I shall remain here as punishment.
  • Bishamon: ...
  • Kazuma: *looks up as light comes flooding in the box*
  • Bishamon: Scoot over.
  • Kazuma: Huh? *scoots to the side.
  • Bishamon: *climbs in box and sinks down next to him* Fine. You want to spend time in this box. Then I will be here with you. It's only fair.
  • Kazuma: I can't have you do that, it--
  • Bishamon: Be quiet.
  • Kazuma & Bishamon: ....
  • Yukine & Yato: *walk in* Hey, how's it goooooooooo, YUKINE SHIELD YOUR EYES! DONT LOOK!
  • Yukine: *triggered* IS THAT A--

[Zootopia directors on designing this scene]: It was just one of those things where, when we would talk about them finding the nighthowler flowers being distilled into a serum, we would just kind of add to the end of it, ‘Like Breaking Bad.” We’d say, ‘A lab…like Breaking Bad’ or ‘Blue flowers, like Breaking Bad.’ And little by little, it just became like Breaking Bad. At a certain point, the scene just wanted to be that scene, so we said, screw it, we’re just going to name these two characters Woolter and Jesse. Not Walter, but Woolter. For a ram.

imagine mystic messenger but instead of four guys and one girl, it’s five spicy dank memes.

“You stumbled upon an app called ‘Spicy Memes-senger’ and downloaded it. Once you opened it up the app is connected to a lit group chat with the dankest memes. You are asked to join their turnt up fundraising association called Help Anyone Recover and Mature by Erotica (or HARAMBE for short) and the story begins…”

Choose to hook up with memes such as Swamp Billionaire Shrek, actor Nicholas Cage, Such Game Much Doge, Barry Benson the Best Bee-Sistant, and Cory the Hacker in the House.