and a slight fear of flying

Everyone Needs Some Love

I felt like Dark needed some love. So here it is! I’m in a cuddly, cute, sorta sad? mood so forgive the less murderous side of Dark in this.

Fic Request: 
Can you do another fluffy and cute fix on Dark, it doesn’t matter what it’s about I just love them so much that I need more

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Mark didn’t sound good over the phone. 
His voice was strained, tone deep and rough as if in pain. 
You knew that Dark was trying to get out, and this time you weren’t there to stop him. 
You arrived home, expecting the place to be burnt to the ground. Or some nightmarish trap waiting for you. 
But instead, you walked into a house completely intact and a slouched form on the couch. 
“Dark?” You asked. You didn’t get a response.
Edging closer, you glimpsed the black-rimmed eyes staring down at the floor. They were distant, lost in thought. 
You crouched in front of the man, waiting for him to acknowledge you.
On rare occasions when Dark had slipped out, he hadn’t been nice. He had fooled you into believing he was Mark once, but then tearing you apart emotionally by pricking at the secrets you had trusted in your friend. It had destroyed you. 
Other times Dark had mock you, endlessly poking at your conscious. He had been so confident, so smug, all you had wanted to do was swipe at him. 
When Mark returned he had tried so hard to mend what Dark had torn apart, you knew it wasn’t just an act.
Two people resided inside Mark. And you grew fearful of the creature lurking in his mind.

But here, he looked defeated. His posture was tense but bent, like a wilted flower. With the expression of a child, he looked up at you, finally meeting your gaze. 
“I’m not in the mood to play today,” He said. “Go along with your business.” 
Shock riddled through you, and despite yourself, you sat in front of him. 
“Are you…ok?” You asked. 
The question seemed to confuse him. As if he didn’t know himself. When he didn’t give an answer you moved to sit beside him. You gave him every chance to stop you or move away. But instead he turned his gaze back to his lap.
You waited for him to do something. 
Leap at you. 
Yell at you. 
Snarl, growl, hiss, anything.
But Dark remained silent. Like a statue.
You nudged his shoulder with yours, “Do you wanna hear a story?” 
He didn’t look at you, but he didn’t refuse either. 
“When I was really little, I had tried to be a superhero.” You told him. “I had a cape and a mask, designed by yours truly. It was actually just a really colorful sheet that I cut up and a frog mask from a dollar store. And I thought that was all you needed to fly. Ii didn’t get the concept of “super-powers”, I thought it was the cape that gave you the abilities.” 
Dark remained quiet, you knew he was listening by the slight turn of his head. 
“And on that day, I had climbed this massive pine tree that was in the neighbors yard. I climbed until the branches were too small to hold me. And…I jumped.” You said with a grimace. “And for a second, I actually thought I was flying. I didn’t feel any fear, until I started to hit every damn branch on the way down.” 
You glimpsed Dark’s mouth twitch and you continued. “Two cracked ribs, many bruises and a broken pride later, my mother refused to let me wear anything cape-like till I was fifteen. I was devastated. Can you imagine me in a super-hero outfit? I’d look amazing!” 

Dark sighed, the tension in his shoulders had released some and he lifted his head. 
“That was the most moronic thing I’ve ever heard you say,” He said. 
“Trust me, my younger self was the stupidest child you’d ever have the misfortune of knowing.” You chuckled. “I tried to jump from my second story window to catch a bird.” 
Dark shook his head, returning to the slouched position. 
The story helped, but only a little.
Biting your lip, you squirmed under his arm, wriggling till your head was on his lap and you were staring up at his somber gaze.
“What are you doing?” He asked, retracting slightly.
“Not sure yet,” You admitted. “I’ll tell you when I figure it out.” 
His eyebrows furrowed, watching you as you smiled up at him. His arms relaxed, laying around your body like a cage. 
Never being so close before, you took the time to examine him. Dark of course had Mark’s features, but they were somehow different. Small changes, enough so that you’d glance over them and not notice. 
But now, with only a small space between you, you could tell. 
Dark had slightly sharper cheekbones, his jaw hitching upwards like blades. His eyes were darker, with longer lashes and a paler face. 
Where Mark was warm and friendly, Dark was cool and predatory. 
Without thinking, you lifted your hand and traced a finger along his jaw. 
Dark flinched, but didn’t move away from your touch. His eyes fluttered close as you followed the lines of his chin, lightly tickling the scruff coating his cheeks. 

Your hand followed your fingers, cupping the side of Dark’s face and gently rubbing his temples. 
Dark leaned into your palm, nuzzling your fingers as his arms tightened around you. He held you softly, like a wounded animal that might try to scamper away if he moved too quickly. 
Your hand traveled upwards, very lightly stroking the black strands of his hair. 
A slight rumble echoed from Dark’s chest as you continued to outline his features with your fingers. 
It wasn’t menacing like you were use too, it was almost calming. 
Your thumb brushed over his eyes, a finger delicately sliding down his nose and outlining his lips. 
Dark peeled open his eyes to watch you. His gaze no longer sullen or cold, a faint warmth had melted the onyx gems. And the corner of his lips curled up lightly.
His breathing was slow and deep. Arms cradling you. 
“I understand now why he is so fond of you,” Dark purred. 
You smiled up at him. “Everyone needs some love sometimes.” 
Dark hummed, his eyes shutting again as your fingers dusted over the lashes lining them. 
Suddenly, he started moving. Dark lifted you off the couch, placing you beside him and then stretching over the cushions himself. 
Laying his head on your lap and guiding your hand to his face. 
You grinned, chuckling softly as you continued your mapping. He hummed and closed his eyes. 
You allowed your hands to travel down the sides of his head to his neck. Following the veins that were located beneath the skin, then floating back up to his lips and across his forehead.
Dark started to drift into sleep. He fought with the void, wanting to stay and feel your touch a little longer. 

The sensation, the warmth, it calmed the swirling thoughts in his head. The itching in his fingers ceasing to nothing as he lay there.
He turned his head towards you, allowing your fingers to explore the back of his neck. Ticking the soft hairs and very gently tangling up in the strands. 
Your scent surrounded him. Consuming his senses in your presence and only your existence. 
You were the only thing in his world at that moment. There was no reality, no Mark, no deranged thoughts. 
Just you and your hands. 
And as you swept your thumb over his cheek, caressing the bristles, Dark slipped back into the blackness and Mark opened his eyes. 
“Oh, hello.” He said. “I’m back.” 
“Good morning,” You said. “I think I’m beginning to grow on Dark.”

Rogers Jr.

Summary: You and Steve tell your daughter about how you met back in Brooklyn. This is for @redlipstickandplaid who wanted enough floof to give her cavaties, I hope I met the bar!<3 

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Phoebe Rogers [their daughter], Bucky Barnes

Warnings:  so disgustingly cute and fluffy, Dad!Steve, I wanted to puke rainbows while writing this :’)

Sidenote;; Bolded text are past events as told by the Reader & Steve, [basically like a narrator] 

‘Cause all I know is we said hello, and your eyes look like coming home

All I know is a simple name, everything has changed

All I know is you held the door, you’ll be mine and I’ll be yours

All I know since yesterday is everything has changed’



“Yes, bug?” You gave your daughter a soft smile, tucking her into bed before sitting on the edge.

“How did you and daddy meet? Was he already an Avenger?”

“I knew Daddy before he was all tall and muscly, Phoebe,” you chuckled, earning an amused grin from the 5 year old, those beautiful bright blue eyes gazing up at you.

“Were you taller than him?”

You nodded, “I was.”

Phoebe laughed, her legs kicking underneath the duvet in her hysterics.

“Alright,” you smiled, trying to hide your own laughter, “calm down, miss. It’s time for some sleep, or you won’t be up in time for the school trip.”

“Oh,” her little face fell as she groaned in protest, “But you didn’t tell me the story.”  

“How about both me and Daddy tell you tomorrow?”

She nodded, enthusiastically. “Yeah!”

“See you in the morning, baby.” You lean down and pressed a kiss to her forehead before she snuggled beneath the sheets and settled to sleep.

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More Important

Submitted by: @mamapeterson (I really hope it’s not shit and that y’all like it…personal shit and what not…)

*Warning!!! *Depression and mentions of attempted suicide* Do not read if this might upset you!*

Dean was home early. Earlier than you had originally expected.

‘Great.’ You thought to yourself as you heard his loud hurried footsteps on the stairs. He must have read your note that you left him on the kitchen counter.

Not a moment later he kicked down the bathroom door, small wooden splinters flying in the air at the force he used, which also caused you to jump and drop the large white pill bottle out of your hand.

Slowly you turned around and faced Dean. His face held numerous emotions. Fear, panic, relief, and now you could see slight anger growing in his eyes as tears cascaded down them,  “What the hell are you doing Y/N?!”

“I-I…you aren’t supposed to be home yet…”

“Well it’s a good thing I came home when I did! I was going to surprise you but…I come home to that note downstairs instead.” He sighed out your name as he carefully reached out to grab your hand, moving to seat you on the side of the tub while he takes the floor. “Baby…what’s-what’s going on? Why do you feel the need to do this? You know this isn’t an option, right? We can work this out…together. You just have to let me help you.”

You had started to cry while he gently spoke to you and stroked your hand with his thumb, “I’m t-too broken D-Dean…you don’t really love me, you say you do but I know it’s all just pity for the poor girl who has no one. I’m just broken.” You repeated that phrase like it was your life’s mantra.

“I don’t care.” Dean’s teary eyes were trained on you as his voice cracked under the heavy weight of emotion. “I don’t care if you’re broken, do you think I’m the most stable person on this planet? Cause I sure the hell ain’t sweetheart.” He moved to sit up on his knees so that his face could be closer to yours, “And Y/N don’t you dare for one second think that I don’t really love you. You’re more important than anything else to me. I love you with my whole being and if only you could see how much you mean to me through my eyes you would understand. It’s not pity, baby, it’s true love.”

He tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and kissed you on the forehead, “It’s just your mind telling you shit and you can’t always listen to what it has to say. I’ll always be here to talk it out so you don’t think you have to resort to this-” Dean points to the white tiled floor with the multi-colored pills lying across it, “-ever again. Okay? Are you gonna let me help you?”

At that point you were trying your hardest to keep your cool while he spoke but right after he finished, it’s like the whole dam broke. You threw yourself into his arms and started sobbing, “I’m s-sorry…I-I’m so sorry!”

Dean held you tight against him and let you cry it all out, he was even crying himself. “Sshhh it’s okay, just don’t ever scare me like that again. I don’t know what I would have done if I found yo-” Dean shook his head and tried to level out his breathing, he had to stay strong for you, “But I didn’t and we’re going to get you the help that you need. Come on now, let’s go lie down in bed.”

He felt you nod against his shoulder and then picked you up, walking you over to the bed. Ever so gently laying you down, he got in beside you and never let you out of his sight or his grasp for the rest of the night. Well except to go get the pizza from the delivery boy and to also flush all of those pills down the toilet; that inevitable circumstance to what you were planning still looming over his head as he crawled back into the bed with you.

You had quite the challenge ahead of you but as long as you worked through it together, with him, you knew you were going to be okay.

the signs as man overboard songs
  • aries: melanie, video games and a slight fear of flying
  • taurus: red paint
  • gemini: night feelings
  • cancer: love your friends, die laughing
  • leo: they don't make 'em like they used to
  • virgo: montrose
  • libra: wide awake
  • scorpio: borderline
  • sagittarius: decemberism
  • capricorn: i ate my gluestick
  • aquarius: how to hide your feelings
  • pisces: atlas (live)
Harry Styles - “Living the Dream” - Part Two

[Part One

I love this. I hope that you do as well! This is a long one!]

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Roller Coaster

“What should we go on next?” Jack asks, spinning around to face Joe, the camera trained on the older man’s face.

“Why are you still filming this?” Joe laughs, holding a hand up in front of his face, “I thought we were meant to have fun!”

“I’m documenting our date, babe! That is fun.”

“You won’t be saying that with the amount of editing you’ll have to do later,” Joe smirks, “Or is this your way of revealing us to the world?”

“Ah, you’ll never know,” Jack winks, turning back around, panning the camera across the fair he and Joe have come to. “What to do next…”

The older man keeps his casual pace behind his boyfriend, smiling at the childish glee on Jack’s face, enjoying the excitement rolling off of him more than the actual fair. So far, the rides had been pretty easy, and Joe was able to remain mostly calm.

But now there was one ride looming closer, one that he knew Jack would want to go on.

“Let’s do the roller coaster!” Jack decides, grinning over his shoulder at Joe, turning back to his camera a moment later, which meant he missed the fear that flashed across his boyfriends face.

Joe had seen the roller coaster from the moment they stepped foot onto the fair grounds, and had been holding on to the small sliver of hope that Jack would not want to go on it. But naturally, since his boyfriend enjoyed the thrill, Joe had already accepted that he’d be forced onto the ride.

He knew he should just tell Jack that he was terrified of roller coasters, and that he had absolutely zero desire to even step near the ride, but Jack was so excited to go on it, and Joe just couldn’t take that away from him.

So instead, he plastered a smile on his face, and responded with a cheery: “Sure!”

Each step towards the roller coaster increased his panic level, so by the time the two were at the front of the line, Joe felt disconnected from his body and mind.

Jack was talking to him, tucking the camera away for the ride, but the words were fuzzy and it was taking all of Joe’s focus to even just breathe.

“Ready?” Jack asks once their settled into their seats, a large smile on his lips.

“Y-yeah,” Joe chokes out, the grip on the handles so tight his knuckles are white. His eyes are locked onto the seat in front of him, on a scratch in the paint, something to look at instead of the world that’s soon to be flying past.

“Hey,” There’s a warm hand on his, and he drags his eyes away from the scratch to meet the concerned blue of Jack’s, “You alright?”



“I may,” His breath hitches as the worker tugs on his seat, checking that it’s secure, “I may have a slight fear of roller coasters.”

“How slight?” Jack asks, his lips tugged down in a frown.

“I’ll be fine, really.”

“You look like you’re about to pass out. We don’t have to do this, we can get off…” But even as the words leave Jack’s mouth, the ride begins to creep forward, and Joe’s eyes find that scratch in the paint in front of him, panic clawing at his throat.

“I’m right here,” Jack tells him, his hand still on Joe’s. “Everything is going to be okay.”

“You’re never picking a ride again.” Is all Joe can mumble before the ride surges forward.

“Open your eyes, babe,” Jack laughs as the ride clicks to a stop.

Joe isn’t entirely sure when his eyes had closed, but now he slowly opens them, relieved to see they are indeed back at the start, and everyone’s seats are lifting, the people piling off. Jack takes Joe’s stiff hand in his, wrapping an arm around him once they’re both off the ride, letting the older man lean on him.

“You okay?” Jack asks softly, slightly worried by how pale Joe still is.

“Just need to sit down.”

“There’s a bench right here,” Jack says, leading him over to the bench, both falling into it heavily.

Bending over in his seat, Joe presses the palms of his hands against his eyes, breathing deeply. He can feel Jack running his fingers up and down his spine slowly, and the touch helps to ground him, the panic slowly subsiding.

“I cannot believe you had me go on a roller coaster…” Joe mutters a minute later as he sits back up.

“I didn’t know!” Jack protests, “If someone had just told me.”

“I know, I know,” Joe sighs, letting his body fall against Jack’s, “But you looked so bloody excited to go on it.”

“Yeah, but that didn’t mean you had to give yourself a panic attack over it.”

“Too late.”

“Clearly,” Jack snorts. “I think you screamed more than the five year old sat at the front.”

“Piss off.”

“I’m also surprised I was able to pry your hands off, you were gripping the handles so tightly.”

“Jack,” Joe whines slightly, turning his face into his boyfriends shoulder, “Stop being mean!”

“I’m sorry, babe,” Jack laughs softly, his fingers lacing together with the other mans, “But it was kind of funny…”

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right.” Joe sighs again, sitting up, “Can we go play some stupid little games now?”

“Sure. I still need to vlog some more anyways.” Jack agrees, pulling Joe up with him.

“I don’t get why you insisted on vlogging our date…editing is going to be a bitch for you.”

“Worth it.” Jack smiles, kissing Joe’s cheek quickly.

And it’s while Joe is playing one of the many different games they have at the fair that Jack ends up capturing one moment that definitely cannot make it into the vlog.

He’s got his camera in his hand, filming the older man, but he’s so caught up in the pure excitement and joy on Joe’s face, his blue eyes sparkling as he laughs, that Jack forgets he’s recording.

Because when Joe turns his head to look over at Jack, a breathtaking smile sent over to him, the younger man lets the words slip out: “Gods, you’re beautiful.”

Joe’s cheeks turn an adorable shade of red as he ducks his head a little, taking the small prize from the worker before stepping closer to Jack, his smile turning softer, more intimate.

“Thank you,” He mumbles shyly, leaning in to kiss Jack quickly, “But you’ll have to cut that out of the vlog. I don’t think you’ll be able to play it off as the view this time.”

“I’ll make sure to save it though,” Jack smiles back, his arm snaking around Joe’s waist, “Because you really did look beautiful in that moment.”

“You’re so cheesy.”

“Not cheesy, just in love.”

Be My Date? (Peter Parker X Reader)

All you wanted to do, was successfully run a few errands around the city. That never seemed to happen ever since Spider-Man first started to appear. Now crime has been happening more than usual, and it’s not fun when you’re trying to take a walk like a normal person, and someone tries to rob you. Of course, you put up a hell of a fight, but your father designed a special piece of technology that most people fear; your very own Iron Man gauntlet.

It looks like a normal wrist watch (just like the one your father has) but once you press a certain button, your very own gauntlet forms across your hand. It scared the enemies away, and you would usually flaunt it around, until your father threatened to have FRIDAY keep it secured until the AI senses you’re in danger.

“FRIDAY! I could really use a gauntlet right now!” You shouted, knocking over a large trash can before quickly turning your head to see your opponents running after you. “There’s been a system update, and it’s only at 19%. I recommend going to an area with better connection to your fathers network” the AI spoke.

You ran into the busy sidewalks of New York City, bumping into a lady with a large red coat on. You apologised, and quickly continued to push past people and run away from harms way. “System update now at 23%” FRIDAY spoke, before you groaned and ripped the watch off of your wrist and threw it onto the street, before running into another alley way and seeing the three men you just so happened to piss off, standing right in front of you.

“I don’t suppose taking you nice fellas out for some whiskey and then having a little make up chat will cheer you up?” you spoke, bending your knees in attempt to catch your breath.

“The only thing that will cheer us up, is your pretty head on plaque” one thug said, cracking his fingers as he slowly made his way towards you. “That’s a new threat” you muttered softly to yourself, before running towards the man and jumping up to give him a face full of Louis Vuitton high heels (courtesy of a birthday present given to you by your father, Tony Stark).

He yelped in pain before his buddies came to try and tackle you, but you were too quick and pulled a small can of pepper spray from your purse and sprayed the whole can in their faces. The both fell on top of one another, but right before you could get away, you felt a large arm wrap around your waist.

“You’re not going anywhere!” The first thug you had fought shouted, before you heard what sounded like a young boy screaming, and a large thud that came from a dumpster. You turned your head to see the lid of a dumpster fly off, and Spider-Man slowly climb out, groaning loudly in the process.

“No need to fear,” he whimpered, crookedly walking towards you “your neighborhood spider friendly is here” he jumbled his words, causing a slight chuckle to escape from you.

“Hey, he’s the real deal. I think you should let me go” you looked at the man who held you tightly, flashing him a cute smirk, but frowning after realizing your only real option.“I have three thousand dollars in the left cup of my bra, if you let me go, each of you dickless buffoons get a slice, deal?” You shouted, feeling the tight arms loosen around you.

You turned your head to the disoriented Peter, as he still tried to regain his balance. “Liftoff” you muttered, as Peter groaned and scratched the top of his masked head. “Huh?” He asked as you groaned. “Liftoff, Peter! Liftoff!” You shouted, he quickly gasped and slung a web around your waist before slinging you both out of the alley way, you could still hear the thugs shouting about their money as you swung on to a nearby rooftop.

Peter collapsed onto the gravely surface, groaning as the prickles of the sharp rock pressed against his delicate skin. “You know, you have to stop getting into trouble like that. I think I have a pinched nerve in my back because of you” Peter spoke, as you took in a deep breath and looked over the city.

“I try, Pete. But I just love pissing people off!” You laughed, looking at the sight of Peter curled in a fetal position. “Come on, you couldn’t have fell into that dumpster that hard” you muttered, walking over to the teenager and helping him up and hearing his loud groans of pain.

“I think I landed on a toaster back in that dumpster” he whimpered as you patted his chest.

“Do you mind taking me across the city so I can run a few errands?” You asked as he removed his mask and looked at you. “I just fell off of a building, into a dumpster and on top of a toaster, and you’re asking me to fling you around New York City?” He asked as you sighed and unzipped your jacket and threw it at him, revealing a very see through real top.

You reached into your bra and pulled out a roll of money and threw it at the teenager. “That’s a thousand right there, either you help me and you can buy whatever a teenage boy wants with a thousand dollars, or leave it and I’ll get yelled at for not attending a fundraiser for my dad’s stupid grant foundation thing” you said as Peter sighed.

“Alright, I’ll take it” he said, as you squealed and gave him a big hug. “But do you mind giving me money that hasn’t been in your bra? I mean, why do you keep it there, anyways?!” He shouted as you began to laugh. “Oh Peter, if you were a girl, you’d understand” you said, as he shook his head. “Thank god I’m not a girl” he muttered to himself, before slipping his mask back on and beginning to sling you around the city.

You first stopped at Macy’s to pick out a nice dress, then stopped home to do your hair and change, before arriving and the crowded Plaza Hotel, where the fundraiser was being held. Paparazzi was lined up and cameras were flashing nonstop. You were about to walk into the large crowd of paparazzi and press, before looking at your Spider friend.

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me, Peter” you spoke, giving him a tight hug before he shushed you, rolling your eyes at his nagging about his big secret. “Only you and Mr. Stark know!” He exclaimed, causing you to laugh. “Why don’t you come in with me, and have a few drinks, maybe even be my date?” you said, as you could see his eyes widen beneath his suit. “Alright, first of all, I don’t have a fancy suit, and second, I’m underage! Third, you’re like 23!” Peter shouted, grabbing the attention of some stragglers who were too busy talking to the press rather than going into the party.

“Peter Parker is underage, but is Spider-Man?” You smirked, as he shook his head. “You’re not a very good role model. I hope you know that, okay” Peter groaned as you frowned. “Come on! Please, for me?” You asked, as he blew a sigh. “Alright, why not?” He muttered to himself, before wrapping his hand around yours and leading you into the party, having no regrets that Spider-Man was your date.

wethemoondaisies  asked:

Hi there! I just found your blog today and I'm already in love and am needing more amazing fics 😂 I don't know if I'm too late, but could you do the headcanon thing for Race and Jack (from the musical)? Thanks so much and I'm anxiously awaiting more fics 😊

•What they smell like: Chalk and news print.
•How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Jack sleeps very infrequently, but when he does, he sleeps like a deadman. Not much could rouse him, as he lies facedown on anything he deems sleep worthy.
•What music they enjoy: anything from the theatre. He loves to hear Medda sing. He love cheesy theatrical songs.
•How much time they spend getting ready every morning: ten minutes. Fifteen tops. Then, he goes and helps everybody else get ready.
•Their favorite thing to collect: knick knacks! Small, unique treasure that people leave around. His favorite a tiny granite turtle.
•Left or right-handed: Left. It drives him insane, too. He drags his hand across the paper when he draws and smudges it.
•Religion (if any): some sort of very slight judaeo Christian God belief, but it’s barely enough to mention.
•Favorite sport: baseball.
•Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):
Favorite kind of weather: sunset.
•A weird/obscure fear they have: pigeons. Jack thinks of them as disease carrying, flying rats.
•The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: ring toss!

•What they smell like: tobacco and aftershave.
•How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Race is always real sleepy, it’s tough for him to stay up too late. He sleeps on a top bunk in the lodging house. Much to the displeasure of the others, sometimes he grinds his teeth.
•What music they enjoy: anything fast and loud.
•How much time they spend getting ready every morning: too long.
•Their favorite thing to collect: other than the obvious, probably suspenders. Race always saves up for some extra ones.
•Left or right-handed: hopelessly right handed. Can do next to nothing dexterous with the left.
•Religion (if any): vaguely catholic
•Favorite sport: is horse racing a sport?
•Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): talk to locals and scope out the good destinations.
Favorite kind of weather: clear morning, little to no sun.
•A weird/obscure fear they have: heights. Ridiculously afraid of heights.
•The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: none of them. Absolutely none of them.

Juliet’s Protection

Pairings: Crowley x Reader (Gender Neutral) & Juliet

Warnings: Horrible dream, dream murder.

Word Count:559

A/N: I’m hoping this helps with my nightmares tonight.


You held the gun in front of you in shaky hands that were wrapped in a chain and tied to a hook on the ceiling to keep you in place. Your lungs burned in need of air because no matter how deep you inhaled, it felt as if you were suffocating. You could hardly make out your mothers tear soaked face through your own tear filled eyes.

Do it!’ a disembodied voice demanded. You shook your head violently as loud sobs choked both your mother and you.

“No! Take me. Just kill me!” The voice laughed right behind you; a slight whine backing it.

You will pull that trigger, bitch. Even if I have to make you do it!’ You screamed for him to stop; begging for mercy as you felt a hand wrap around yours.

“Mommy, I’m sorry!” The sound of the gunshot rang through your mind; however it sounded more like a deep bark instead of a gunshot and it pulled you into consciousness. Your eyes flew open and you came face to face with a pair of bright red eyes. For most people, this sight would send them flying off the bed if they weren’t already paralyzed with fear but to you it meant safety.

You began to sob as you wrapped your arms around the massive neck of the hell hound that lay in front of you and your body shook in fear. You buried your face in Juliet’s throat and she whined softly as she put one of her massive paws over your body in protection. She was your protector when Crowley was away. You ran your fingers through her course black fur, forcing yourself to focus on her strong, steady heart beat and not the horribly vivid images from your dream.

You inhaled deeply to ground yourself; her fur smelled like dog and sulfur but also like your boyfriend which calmed your sobbing to just a steady flow of tears. Juliet whined softly and rested her jaw on the top of your head. It took almost an hour before you cried yourself back to sleep and Juliet never moved; guarding you from your own mind in the only way she could. And just like always when you felt her protection embrace you, you found only black, dreamless sleep.

When Crowley finally made it home, he paused in your doorway and sighed. He knew you only slept like that when you had nightmares. He smiled weakly at your protector; his most trusted pet and nodded slightly in thanks. Very slowly and as gently as she could, she pulled her massive body away from you, stepped over your body and laid down in the crook of your legs to guard once more.

“Good girl.” Crowley told her softly as he scratched the top of her head before moving to the other side to take her place by your side. You stirred slightly when the bed shifted but didn’t wake up. Crowley laid down flush to your body and sighed once more as he wrapped you in his arms; wishing that he could do something to take away the nightmares permanently. With a small shake of his head and a kiss to your forehead, he laid down next to you and pulled you closer, hoping that you would sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.



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This is how I feel

Word count: 1336

You’re hurt and Kai freaks out because he loves you

After all these years of rivalry and not being so close to each other, Liv and you decided to end it once and for all. Even though he was nothing more than a friend, Kai was there for you and knew you could beat Liv because your magic was strong, or as he said ‘stronger than Liv’s magic and you’re ready to kick her ass’. You loved how he was always there for you and how you were there for him too.

'You don’t have to do this, you know?’ He said and placed his hands on your arms and rubbed them gently.

'What, you want me to back out now?’ You asked.

'No, it’s just- you really don’t have to do this. I could do it for you, there’s no need to get yourself into danger because my little sissy has some anger issues and thinks she’s better than everyone out there.’ Kai said, making you sigh deeply. You rolled your eyes at him just for fun, finding it funny how he wanted to fight Liv instead of you.

'I’ll be fine, trust me. Plus, you said it yourself, I’m stronger than her and I have better hair than her.’ You trailed off, Kai letting out a short laugh before his face expression went serious again.

'Just be careful, ok?’

'Always am. Now, I really have to go. See you in a bit.’ You said as you walked through the doors into the school, hallways empty and barely lightened up, one light constantly flickering, making the school look a lot more creepier. You walked really slowly and kept looking back to make sure Liv wasn’t behind you because knowing her, she would definitely attack you from behind.

You placed your hand on the large, for what it seemed, door knob and pushed it down as you opened the doors that led inaide the cafeteria.

'I thought you’d never show up.’ Liv spoke up, making you jump a little bit as you finally caught a glimpse of her, sitting on one of the tables with her legs crossed.

'I’m not a quiter so I don’t see the point of not showing up.’

'Good, but then again, you should’ve thought this through. You know, have more time with your family and friends oh and my brother.’ She said while getting up from the chair, moving it back a little bit, her long legs reaching the spot where she stood a few inches away from you, face to face.

'And why is that?’ You asked.

'Because this night will be your last.’ She enunciated as she reached out her arm and muttered a simple spell that sent you flying back and making your back hit the cold hard door and drop down on the floor.

'I don’t think so.’ You muttered and quickly got up, sending her flying into the vending machine before Liv could make a move. You reached out your hand again, her breath short as you were holding her body against the vending machine.

'You think you’re stronger than me?’ She muttered, her voice barely audible.

'I don’t think, I know I’m stronger than you. I would gladly accept your surrender.’ You replied but instead of fear on her face, a slight smile appeared on her face as she lifted her hand and broke your leg, making you drop down on the floor. She shook her head and kept looking at you, a smile never leaving her face.

'You always thought that you were better than everyone else. Stronger. Smarter, but here’s the thing, it’s not always about the strenght, it’s about finding the weak spot of your enemy and finding the right moment to attack.’ She trailed off and grabbed you by your shoulder, flipping you onto your back as your body laid down on the cold floor, a tear streaming down your face.

'You’re not gonna beat me. Not today!’ You screamed out and tackled her down on the floor with your magic, a few feet away from you. You managed to stood up by holding onto the table that was near you, giving yourself some support as you managed to do the exact same thing she did to you. She screamed out in pain as bones snapped in her right our, making her squirm on the floor in pain.

'Nice move.’ She muttered and quickly got up, holding her broken arm close to her body. 'But you really shouldn’t have done this.’

'You really think I’m afraid of you? I’m not, Liv. This could have gone in a totally different direction, but no, for some reason you decided it would be the best if you kill me.’

'You wanna know why I want to kill you?’ She said and started walking towards you, pain visible on her face.

'Because of Kai.’

'What are you talking about?’ You replied as she walked around you, your mind completely befuddled as you didn’t understand what she meant by that.

'Don’t act so surprised. You know my brother likes you. Loves you, to be more exact.’

'I hate to break it to you, but we’re just friends.’

'Yeah, no. See, he took away my friend, my brother, the only person who understood me, so, I’m gonna do the same to him. Take away the person he loves the most. You.’

'You’re crazy.’

'I may be, but one thing I know is, tonight, I win this fight.’ She stated and the last thing you know, you were flying across the room and hit the wall. Your weak body dropped down on the floor, a piece of glass piercing the skin on your arm. She slowly started walking toward you, a huge smile never leaving her face. She kneeled down beside you and look at you from head to toe before her eyes met yours again.

'Too bad, we could’ve been friends.’ She muttered and then soved a piece of wood in your abdomen, making you scream out loud.


'Kai? What are you d-’ she didn’t even finish her sentence. She passed out on the floor not far away from you while Kai ran to your side.

'Is this what you meant by being careful?’ You stuttered, your eyes locked with Kai’s.

'You’re crazy and I hate you for making me feel this way.’ He trailed off and bit his wrist, bringing it close to her mouth, his warm blood trickling down your throat as you felt the wounds on your body completely healing.

'Why did you come here?’

'Because I- the thought of you getting hurt was eating me alive and I couldn’t let anything happen to you because of…’

'Because of what, Kai?’

'Because of this.’ He said quietly and cupped your face. He looked deeply into your eyes, your faces only a few inches apart. He was looking at you like he was asking for permission to kiss you and then not even a few seconds later, he finally kissed you, his soft lips finally met yours.

'What was that for?’ You let out a deep breath, his face still close to yours.

'I love you. I knew this the entire time but I guess I was afraid to say anything because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.’ He said what he wanted to but you kept quiet and Kai started thinking you didn’t feel the same about him.


'You don’t have to say anything. It’s ok.’ He showed you a weak smile but when he looked away, that smile was gone.

'Kai look at me.’ He turned his head and at that moment you pulled yourself up and sat on his lap, your legs on the each side of his body, your faces so close you could feel each others breath.

'I’m crazy about you and nothing can change that.’ You trailed off and kissed his lips again, his arms wrapping around your body. After everything you’ve been through, this was exactly what you needed and where you wanted to be.

*(I think something similar to this was already written, but I hope you like it)*

anonymous asked:

Hey, could you do a female reader where she has to deal with Mr Clever, and he tries to convince her he's Eleven like he did with Clara by trying to convince her he fancies her? Love the blog and your writing is excellent! Thanks!

I’ve been working on this for forever; it’s been in my drafts for a million years. I’m so sorry for making you wait! It was so fun writing this! (gif source)


“Stay back!” The Doctor pointed his sonic screwdriver at the cybermen that were closing in on us. It was futile, though; his screwdriver could do next to nothing to the cybermen; unless he had some secret setting on there that could blow one of them into hundreds of pieces. “Y/N. TARDIS. Go!” You turned to the stairwell behind you and ran down to the landing where the blue box was parked. You didn’t look back, trusting that the Doctor would be there like he always was.

When you reached the doors, you were met with resistance. “C’mon!” You shook the locked doors desperately and knocked your forehead on them. “It’s me!” Click! You pushed open the doors and quickly shut them behind you. It was times like these you wished that the Doctor could take you somewhere normal. The trip was perfectly fine until he “accidentally” came across the cybermen. You knew it was no accident, though; trouble always made its way to the Doctor.

It wasn’t long until you heard the doors swing open, and the Doctor scrambling in. “C’mon, Y/N, help me get the TARDIS up in the air!” You jumped from your position in a chair to the central console and awaited the Doctor’s instructions. “Lever! The pully-thingy! Hammer!” He tossed a hammer and you whacked it against the console as hard as you could. The ship lurched and you held tight to keep your body from flying backwards to the rail. You laughed until the TARDIS leveled off and settled.

“Where to next, sweetie?” You raised a brow. “I mean–Pond! I mean–Clara! I mean–Y/N!” He adjusted his bow tie and gave his fake “everything is definitely not all right” smile.

“Doctor, are you all right?”

“Of course, Y/N! Why wouldn’t I be?” He sporadically hopped towards you. “ Am I green? Do I have a fever?”

You stepped back in slight fear. Which was obviously showing on your face because the Doctor didn’t come any closer. Something just seemed… off about him at the moment. His voice sounded slightly different, and even his posture was changed.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Your voice wavered. This wasn’t the Doctor; not your Doctor.

“I’m fine! How many times do I have to say–” You threw an apple that was sitting on the console–something you’d scolded him over too many times–at him and he caught it without flinching. On a normal day, he’d duck or attempt to catch it, only to fumble and drop it on the floor.

“What have you done with the Doctor?” You demanded, and the impostor frowned.

“What are you talking about? I am the Doctor!” A spasm ran through his arm and he whipped his head away from you. “Don’t listen to him, Y/N! He’s trying to deceive you!” He closed his eyes and looked away from you again. After a second or two of silence it seemed like he jolted awake as if he were being jump started. “Trust me, Y/N, it really is me.”

“Prove it!”


“You’ll think of something Mr… Clever!” You crossed your arms and hoped that this really was the Doctor and he was just pulling your leg.

There was a short silence, only the hum of the TARDIS could be heard, and if it weren’t for that the impostor could probably hear your heart racing. “Y/N, what do you want me to say? It’s me, the Doctor. The bow-tie wearing, fish sticks and custard-loving, trouble-making Doctor!” He tried to make his way towards you slowly, but you kept your distance from him with the console to keep you safe.

“Those are all generic things that anyone could find out about the Doctor… What’s something only he and I would know?” The two of you were slowly circling around the console, it seemed like he didn’t want to try and get towards you anymore.

“What about the time I took you to the beaches of Algeara? I tried to convince you the water was safe to swim in, but you refused to because of all the algae in the water. You said, ‘Even if you offered me a million dollars, I still wouldn’t go in!’ You do remember, right?”

That was not a fun time; the water was disgusting. You thought to yourself.

“Or, what about when I was trying to disarm that bomb and I accidentally made the timer go down faster?”

You almost killed us all, you idiot. A smile was creeping in from the memories but the moment you realized what you were doing, you stopped. You looked up and saw the “Doctor” had made his way closer to you, close enough to reach out and touch you if he pleased. “I could tell you a secret, about you and me.” You stopped dead in your tracks. A secret? We don’t have any secrets… I think.

“We don’t have any secrets… We don’t have anyone to keep them from.”

“It’s a secret I kept from you, ever since I met you.” His posture changed, seemed a little more relaxed and reluctant; like he was too nervous to tell you.

“Well, what is it?” You demanded.

He fiddled with his coat and adjusted his bow tie like he normally did when he was unsure or nervous. “I… I love you, Y/N.”

“W-what?” You stuttered, at a loss for words. It felt like your mouth was getting dryer by the second, your hands were shaking, and it seemed like your heart was about to explode.

Before he could say another word, you heard a loud banging coming from the other side of the TARDIS doors. What the–? You made a move to go towards it but the Doctor stood in your way.

“I said I love you, Y/N. I care about you, I fancy you; I want to be with you. Why do you think I asked you to travel with me? I’ve tried to hint at it for awhile, but you seem just as oblivious as me.” More banging from the front doors, but this time you could hear a voice, it sounded a little familiar…

You focused yourself back on the “Doctor.” “Why wait this whole time to tell me, hm? If you’d cared so much about me why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t want you to leave, I’d been alone for so long before I’d met you and I was afraid of ruining it.” He reached out towards you, holding out his hand. “Please, Y/N…”

Y/N….. Y/N….” You turned to face the doors, then back to the Doctor’s outstretched hand. With one more shout of your name, you turned and sprinted to the doors. You opened it up to black nothingness, but the Doctor’s voice was loud and clear now.

Without taking a glance back, you jumped into the dark void. It felt like you were falling forever, and that time itself had stopped. The deeper you fell, the closer the Doctor’s voice sounded, until it was like he was right in front of you. Your vision went black for a second, and you opened your eyes.

Immediately you tried to sit up, but your head hit something and you laid back down. “Ow!” The Doctor fell back to the floor and had his hands on his forehead, where there was a red mark from your own head.

“Sorry…” You muttered and winced from the pain that shot through your skull.

“Are you okay? I came into the TARDIS and found you passed out right outside the TARDIS. I had to drag you in here before the cybermen got to us.” He scrambled to sit by your side and examine your head.

You swatted away his hands. “I’m fine… I must’ve been dreaming; I swear I was in the TARDIS and you were there, but it wasn’t you–at least I don’t think it was. You were acting funny…”

“Funny?” He was suddenly interested once you mentioned that.

“Yeah… The way you spoke and acted, it just wasn’t you. Then you said–” You stopped, embarrassed to finish the sentence.

“That sounds like Mr. Clever…” His eyebrows furrowed for a moment, but then he stood up with a smile and held out his hand to help you up. “Let’s get you to your room so you can rest a bit.” You grabbed his hand and were pulled up to your feet. He put an arm around your shoulder and kept you steady as he escorted your to your bedroom.

“Doctor,” you broke the silence, “have you ever, um, fancied someone?” You glanced over to see his reaction and he took it by surprise but masked it with a smile.

“Of course I have; haven’t we all?” You’d reached your room, and he walked you in. He didn’t move leave until you were safe on your bed.

“What’s she like?”

He paused at the door and, without turning around, said, “She’s brilliant, intelligent, and needs to rest,” and exited.

It took you a moment to process what he said, but your face turned hot and red before you pulled the covers up to hide your face.

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@thesunlester requested: Hey! Could you do a one shot or maybe a series about you being rescued by the avengers when you were a little kid from hydra and you are capable of like shapeshift and mess with people’s minds, you are also in team cap but you get really sick an Steve prefers you to go to Tony because he could help but cap is really worry. There you meet Peter and discover that you are dying because of all the weird things that hydra did to you. You also fall for Peter. It’s just a dumb idea I had.

Author’s note: DUDE I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH - also apologies that this took me actual YEARS to write, i’m slowly making my way through all my requests (BC NO ONE IS SENDING IN ANY AT ALL) :)) anyway, hope you enjoy - the summary is basically the request, so um - yeah. 

|| Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Coming soon!

Platonic!Avengers x Reader

The cell at the end of a dark concrete hallway, behind a thick steel door guarded by soldiers and locked with a keypad. This is where you wake up. Your heart beats erratically, eyes frantically taking in the room as memories from almost eight years ago flood into your brain. This can’t happen - S.H.I.E.L.D. had rescued you from this room, you aren’t there, this isn’t real. You rock back and forth, clutching your knees as you repeat those words. “This isn’t real, this isn’t real, this isn’t real” You mutter, squeezing your eyes shut. 

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FACTION: Unaffiliated, formerly Autobot
ALT MODE: High-speed jet aircraft (Earth mode: McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II)
HEIGHT: Rodimus-height
SPECIALTY: Scout, messenger, aerial support, cartographer
AGE: roughly 6 million years old
ABILITIES: light-bending, light generation, light projection, illusion, supersonic flight, aura sight
WEAPONS: Two thin, long-bladed swords with a slight curve to them. 
PERSONALITY: thoughtful, kind-sparked, socially awkward, troubled, ditzy, daydreamer, wears her spark on her arm, sensitive, compassionate, spiritual
LIKES: flying, rainbows, warm places, exploring, map and artifact collecting
DISLIKES: loud or rude people, darkness, cold places, cramped spaces, being embarrassed
FEARS: social embarrassment, Megatron, failure, being lost, blindness, being tied to the ground, asphyxiation, breaking her wings
OTHER FACTS: While she is originally from Caminus and did follow the Way of the Flame for a while, when she lived on Cybertron, she followed the Circle of Light away from the war, eventually converting. Just before the war, Prisma noticed that there were next to no femmes on Cybertron, and to blend in, purchased a faux chassis to go over her real one that served to make her look more like a mech, and switched to ‘he/him’ pronouns. Once the war was over, she discarded the false chassis and returned to her former pronouns. Her wings are not always lit, and when she is in her alt mode the lights go away. She can dim them and change their color, and they serve no purpose other than aesthetic. (The actual metal bits are fully functional, however.)



Imagine being a witch and catching Benjamin’s eye when he comes to help the Cullens.

Part Two

You walked into the Cullen’s house after Bella introduced you to her daughter. While you weren’t a vampire, they figured having a witch on their side would be a smart move. Almost as soon as you walked in, though, you saw the eyes of all the vampires there.

“What is a human doing here?” A vampire with shaggy hair and a short beard turned to Carlisle.

You couldn’t help but glare at him. Seeing that the staring hadn’t stopped once you looked away, you created a dragon made of fire and had it fly around the room. You smirked in amusement as every vampire, besides the Cullens as they were used to your antics, flinch away as it went near them.

Nearly every vampire there now looked at you with slight fear in their eyes, all except one. He was very attractive and had red eyes like most of the vampires there, but he was looking at you in awe and amazement. 

“Everyone, this is Y/N. She is a witch who has agreed to help.” You turned your attention to Edward who came to your side.

“That was quite the show you put on, my dear.” It was the shaggy vampire from earlier.

You raised an eyebrow. “I’ve learned that it’s much more effective to show first and explain later.” 

After that, people went back to their individual conversations. You smiled when you saw that the attractive vampire from before still had his eyes on you. This time, he was smiling at you. A smile formed on your face in response.

Ohana - D.H.

Pairing: Dan x reader

Summary: Dan and the reader go on a vacation to Disney’s Aulani resort in Hawaii and v cute

Requested: yes, request hereee:

Warnings: feels

A/N: please enjoy this super long imagine bc i got a little carried away in excitement… also thanks SO MUCH for 300 followers, that’s super cool.


You were sat with your head resting on Dan’s shoulder, overly annoyed at the fact that your flight had been delayed an hour. It was pretty quiet, the airport considerably less noisy now that it was nearing 11:00 at night.

You look around where you and Dan are sitting, noticing several children asleep in their parents’ laps.

“D’you wanna get something to eat?” Dan asks suddenly, interrupting the quiet moment you’d been sharing for the last 20 minutes as he scrolled through tumblr.

You nod against him, hesitant to move from the comfortable position you were currently in.

The two of you stand up, grabbing your backpack’s as you begin walking down the hall of the airport around your gate, hands grasping one another’s, hoping to find something to eat.

Quickly, you notice a small coffee shop not too far from you and squeeze Dan’s hand lightly, waiting until he looks down at you to point in the direction of it. He nods his head, shrugging as the two of you begin to make your way over to it, getting into the small line it had and looking at the menu above you.

You reach the front of the line after a few minutes, Dan ordering for both of you as your phone rings from your pocket.

You step away from the counter, bringing it to your ear as you accept the call, “Hello?”

“[Y/N]!” you immediately recognize the voice as that of your best friend, [Y/B/F/N].

“What’s up?”

“Wait, aren’t you meant to be on a flight to LA right now?”

You let out a sigh, “Yeah, it was delayed,” you pause before laughing lightly, “Why’d you call if you thought I was on a flight?”

“I dunno, thought I’d test my luck… Well anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I found your dress from the other night here, just in case you were wondering where it went.”

You let out a small gasp, “Oh thank goodness.”

“What? Why?”

“I was looking for it everywhere last night, I even forced Dan to help me… That’s my favourite dress, I thought I’d lost it.”

“Oh, well you’re good I guess because it’s here… I can swing by Dan’s flat and drop it off to Phil if you’d like? Since he’s home and all…” she trails off as you smile.

“’Cause he’s home and all’,” you repeat, “More like cause you have a crush on Phil and just wanna see him.”

“Shut up!”

You can tell by her voice that she’s begun to blush and is probably extremely embarrassed by your comments.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding… Yeah, that’d be awesome if you don’t mind.”

“Don’t mind,” she replies quickly, laughing along with you as you find her quick response humorous.

You catch Dan’s eye from where you’re standing a few steps away from him and bid [Y/B/F/N] goodbye before making your way to stand next to him.

He raises his eyebrows at you, questioning who you were on the phone with.

“[Y/B/F/N],” you let out, “She has that dress I was looking for.”

“Oh that’s awesome, I know how much you love that dress.”

You nod in reply, smiling widely at knowing it isn’t lost.

Just then, you hear the baristas at the coffee shop call Dan’s name for your drinks, and watch as he makes his way to the counter to pick them up.

You take yours from him gratefully as he hands it to you, also handing you the muffin you’d wanted, “Thanks babe.”

He nods in reply, smiling at you as you head back to your seats at the gate.

You sit down, placing your backpack at your feet once again and pulling your phone out, scrolling through instagram as you wait for your coffee to cool down enough to drink it.

You spare a quick look at Dan, admiring your boyfriend from the side as he pays close attention to something on his phone.

He looks up abruptly, surprising you as you’re caught staring, cheeks turning red as he laughs at you, “Like what you see, love?”

“Shut up Howell,” you groan, shaking your head lightly as you feel your cheeks heating up.

“You love me.”

You look over at him, pausing for a moment as if you have to think about, “Yeah I suppose I do.”

He rolls his eyes at you, laughing along with you as he wraps an arm around you, pulling you into his side.

Just then, the airport staff announce that your first flight would begin boarding, the two of you standing up excitedly as you prepare to head to LA to get onto a second plane that would take you to Hawaii.

You make your way onto the plane, finding your seats and quickly sitting down.

You look over at Dan, “I’m so unprepared for how long these flights are gonna take,” you groan, acknowledging your slight fear of flying.

“Hey, it’ll be alright,” Dan replies, hands immediately finding yours as his thumbs begin slowly rubbing the back of them soothingly.

You nod, leaning your head onto his shoulder as you close your eyes lightly; comforted by his hands over yours.

Not too long after the plane has taken off, you find yourself drifting off to sleep from your place nearly on top of Dan. Your bodies are as close together as they can possibly be while sitting up. Having lifted the armrest between your two chairs up, one of Dan’s arms is wrapped around your body as you lean against him.

The last thing you feel before drifting off being Dan press a light kiss to your forehead.

time skip to later on the flight:

As soon as you wake up, you immediately notice that Dan has fallen asleep, his head leaning against yours; the two of you somehow closer than when you’d fallen asleep.

You blink a few times, trying to remain as still as possible as to not wake him. You grab your phone from the pocket of your sweater and unlock it, seeing that it’s now 3:00 in the morning.

You shift slightly in your seat anxiously at realizing you still have over 7 hours left on the flight. You were excited to get to Hawaii, it being a place you’d always wanted to visit, but your fear of flying was beginning to put a damper on it.

When you and Dan had first begun planning a vacation, you’d thought of going to Mykonos, being that the flight from London was only around 5 hours, and it was place you both wanted to visit. Phil, who was hanging around the lounge with you guys as you looked at possible vacation spots, had suggested you go to Hawaii.

The two of you had considered the destination for a few days, you more hesitant than Dan to travel there based on the fact that it was a 2 flight trip. After a lot of deliberation on your part, you decided to go, knowing that Dan didn’t always have enough free time to go on vacation and that you should make the most of it.

You’d had a small catch in agreeing though, the catch being that if you and Dan were to travel to Hawaii, you had to stay at Disney’s resort there as you absolutely adored Disney. He had agreed rather quickly, attributing it to the fact that he didn’t care where you guys stayed, as long as you were together.

You’d rolled your eyes as he said it but knew he was telling the complete truth, making the statement even cheesier than it already was.

You shift yet again in your seat, still attempting to remain still enough as to not wake your sleeping boyfriend. You glance around you at the various other passengers, most of them sleeping; the odd overhead light turned on above someone who’s awake.

You unlock your phone a second time, opening the best fiends app, playing from where you last left off. The game distracts you for a short while, quickly becoming too repetitive for your liking, and you sigh as you turn your phone off, shifting in your seat once again. 

You immediately feel guilty as the combination of the two causes Dan to open his eyes. You watch as he lifts his head, blinking rapidly as he yawns.

“‘m sorry,” you let out quietly as to not disturb others aboard the plane, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“S’alright love,” he mumbles, words slurring together slightly in his tired state.

You lean forward, allowing him to slip his arm from it’s place around you, knowing it can’t be too comfortable having your weight resting on him.

He moves it to rest in your lap, where you immediately wrap it between your hands, nervously playing with his fingers.

“You doing alright, [Y/N]?” he asks concerned, knowing that playing with his fingers was only something you did when you were feeling nervous.

You nod without speaking, forcing your hands and brain to stop in order to stay calm, not wanting to work yourself up in any way.

Dan’s free hand finds it way under your chin, lifting your head, “I love you, and I promise you that the flight will be over before you know it.”

“I know,” you reply, “I just, I’ve just been thinking while you were asleep I guess, I dunno; distractions are hard on your own.”

He nods in understanding, “Well I’m awake now… D’you wanna talk yourself through it?”

You shake your head, “No, I don’t really wanna think about it anymore.”

You can feel your hands beginning to shake and hold them out for Dan to see.

“How about that distraction then?” he replies, immediately holding your hands in his and soothingly rubbing his thumb over the back of one of them.

You quickly nod in agreement, wanting to forget about it and make your way through the rest of both flights.

another time jump to when they land in Hawaii woo:

By the time you’ve landed in Hawaii it’s 7:30 UK time and you and Dan are both ready to fall asleep. Unfortunately for both of you, London is 10 hours ahead of Hawaii, meaning it’s 9:30 in the morning there.

Deciding to have the most relaxing day as you possibly can, you board the shuttle with various other people from your flights that are also headed to Aulani.

Once on the bus, you rest your head on Dan’s shoulder in your seats but are interrupted by the voice of a girl who looks about 15 next to you.

Her cheeks are bright red as she begins stuttering out a sentence, “I-I’m so sorry to bother you, umm, b-but, could I, uhh, could I get a photo?”

You immediately smile, moving off of your boyfriend as he smiles widely at her, “Yes of course, what’s your name?”

“My name’s Rose, I-I actually saw you and Phil at the Chicago TATINOF show.”

“No way,” he answers, genuinely interested in what she has to say, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yes, it was absolutely amazing,” she responds without hesitation.

“I’m glad to hear that.. If you don’t mind giving your phone to [Y/N], she can take the picture?”

You nod, holding your hand out for the cellphone of the girl, smiling widely at the sight of your boyfriend interacting with her.

Watching Dan meet and interact with people who watched his videos made you so incredibly happy, and it never got old no matter how many times you witnessed it. Something about the way he spoke with them always brought a smile to your face, especially at seeing how happy it made him.

After taking the photo, you move to hand the girl’s phone back when she says something surprising, “Actually, could I, err, could I get a photo with you too, [Y/N]?”

Your cheeks immediately turned red, “Yeah, of- of course.”

You hand her phone to Dan, moving over his lap to be beside her, wrapping an arm around her as he takes the photo.

“There,” he says once he’s taken a few.

“Thanks you so so so much, oh my god,” Rose gushes, “I really never thought I’d get to meet you after I missed out on doing so in Chicago.. This is one of the best day’s of my life.”

Dan smiles even wider as she continues, “I’ve been watching you since 2013, and you’re so inspiring to me and your videos are incredible and,” she cuts herself off as she realizes she’s rambling.

“Thank you so much wow, I love hearing about people enjoying my videos. Also did you say 2013? You’ve been watching me for like 3 years?”

She nods, cheeks turning red as he continues, “Wow that’s incredible.. Thank you so much, again.”

She smiles widely as she replies, “Thank you again, for taking a photo with me and just for sharing your life on the internet with everyone; that’s really cool of you.”

“No, thank you, for watching and everything.. I wouldn’t be able to do any of it without people like you.”

She nods, saying thank you one last time before making her way to sit with the rest of her family as the bus begins driving.

“She wanted a picture with me,” you say excitedly as soon as she’s out of earshot.

When you and Dan had first started dating, you’d received a bit of hate from the people who watched him and Phil; especially from people who shipped phan, and it was something you still dealt with every now and again. When his viewers took pictures with you, or just did little things online or in real life that made you feel good, you always got super excited about it; as did Dan.

“I know, I love when people want pictures with you, it makes me feel a lot better,” he replies.

You knew he’d always felt guilty that people who watched him didn’t like you, and had felt especially bad after an incident a few weeks earlier in which a subscriber had said some pretty rude things to you while meeting him and Phil in London.

“I’ve told you a million times, don’t feel bad… I get why they do it, I mean, I was once a Dan and Phil fangirl too.”

He nods, the two of you sitting in silence for the next little while until you finally reach the resort.

You jump excitedly from your seat as soon as the shuttle stops, grabbing your backpack and making your way outside for the driver to pull everyone’s luggage from the underneath compartments.

As soon as yours and Dan’s luggage is out, you grab it as quickly as possible, making your way into the lobby to check in.

“I’m so excited,” you say to him as you wait in the line, practically jumping up and down in excitement with a massive smile on your face.

“I know love,” he replies laughing lightly at you, “Look we’re next, as soon as we drop our things in our room we can go explore, okay?”

You roll your eyes at him speaking to you like a child but agree anyways, too eager to care.

You make your way to the desk, Dan doing most of the talking as you look at everything around you in the lobby.

In a short amount of time, he’s tapping you on the shoulder, room keys and map in hand, “Ready to go?”

You nod your head, waiting for him to lead the way to your room.

You guys reach your room and Dan unlocks the door, as soon as it’s opened you make your way through, dumping your backpack and suitcase on the bed.

“Can we go swimming?” you ask excitedly, opening your suitcase in an attempt to find your bathing suit.

He laughs yet again as he agrees, mumbling something about getting food too because he was hungry.

You nod as you make your way to the bathroom to change, switching places with Dan so he can do the same once you’ve put on your bathing suit.

When both of you are ready, you slip on sunglasses, throwing your room keys, the map, and sunscreen into Dan’s backpack; which you had cleared of everything in order to use it to walk around, quickly throwing the book he’d brought and his laptop into your backpack.

You make your way down the hall, receiving an apologetic smile from the parents of a toddler who’d run by the two of you, accidentally hitting one of Dan’s giraffe-like legs in the process.

The two of you continue down the hall, hand in hand, eventually making your way to the pool.

“I haven’t been swimming in so long,” you comment as you place your bag and some towels down onto the chairs you’d found.

“Me neither, it’s nice to just be on vacation in general,” he replies, shooting you a look that makes your stomach fill with butterflies as if you were still just a girl with a massive crush on him.

Your cheeks turn red as you move towards him, throwing your arms around him in a hug, “It is nice, isn’t it?”

You smile at one another for a moment before making your way to the pool and getting in.

After swimming for a  few hours, having found lunch at some point as well, you and Dan make your way back to your room, you talking animatedly on the way back, “I’m pretty sure we were the oldest people on that slide,” you giggle, one of Dan’s hands around your waist as you walk.

“I think we’re the oldest people here without kids,” he noted, carefully squeezing the two of you past a family walking by you.

“Probably,” you agreed, letting out a small sound of annoyance when he let go of you to retrieve the room key.

“D’you wanna get dinner?”

You scrunch your nose, “Can we order in room service and just cuddle and watch the sunset?”

He smiles at your tone, “Sounds good to me.”

You grin back at him, walking through the door in front of him, “I really wanna get this bathing suit off,” you complain, uncomfortable in it’s annoying in-between wet and dry feeling it currently had.

“Why don’t we order some food and then shower?” he suggests, making his way to the phone on the table by the bed as you pick up the menu.

You flip through it, you and Dan agreeing on (pick your fave food woo). He calls down, quickly ordering before hanging up the phone, “It’ll be up in about half an hour they said.”

You nod, moving to open your suitcase to find some pajamas; inevitably stealing one of Dan’s t-shirts once he hops into the shower.

When he exits the bathroom, you can’t help but admire your half naked boyfriend, only a towel around his hips, “You can shower now love.”

You stand still for a moment, trying to find your words, “You’re really pretty,” you mumble, walking up to him and pressing a quick kiss to his cheek as you make your way to the bathroom.

“I literally have hobbit hair and still smell slightly of chlorine,” he protests.

“You’re pretty all the time,” you argue, shutting the door before turning the shower on, washing your hair and body quickly before getting out and drying yourself off, putting Dan’s shirt on.

You open the bathroom door as you dry your hair, spotting Dan standing on the balcony of your room, looking out towards the beach.

You drop the towel in your hand, making your way out there and slotting yourself in his arms.

“Hi,” he whispered, pressing a light kiss to the top of your head.

You immediately felt yourself smiling, turning around in his arms to press a kiss to his lips. Dan immediately responding as his hands grip your waist.

The moment is quickly interrupted by a knock on the door. You groan as he pulls away, immediately missing his body on yours as soon as he’s stepped to answer it.

You sit down on one of the chairs on the balcony, watching as he interacts with the employee, thanking them as they roll the cart of room service in, placing a tray onto the table just near the balcony.

You smile at them, muttering out a thank you as they leave the room.

Dan makes his way back to the balcony, pulling you up to sit in the chair and pull you into his lap.

“This is nice,” you murmur, turning to straddle him so you can see his face.

“It is,” he comments, “I’ve missed you.” You nod in agreement, both of you acknowledging that you haven’t really had any time to just the two of you since before TATINOF, “I’ve missed you too.”

You let yourself fall into his chest as his hands find their way to your back, lightly tracing shapes onto the lower part of it as you sit in silence.

And there you two stay for the next little while, two people just completely absorbed in one another, not too worried about much else other than each other. You sigh quietly, Dan raising his eyebrows at you questioningly as you pull away.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Your lips find each other’s once again in a completely cliche movie-worthy moment. You let out another almost inaudible sigh, completely enjoying the moment the two of you were sharing, totally content to remain wrapped in Dan’s arms for the rest of your life. 


Anon: Can you do a one shot where the reader has car trouble and is stuck on the side of the road. Then this biker rides up and tries to help with her car but, he doesn’t have his tools with him. A storm is coming too quick to ride to safety so they have to wait in the car for the overhead storm to pass. And smut.

Warnings: SMUT in a car. Unprotected sex. Wrap it up family. Oral female receiving. Dirty talk. Cursing. Dominant male character. If I forgot something my bad.

Word count: 3143

You had been working way too hard in the office and you needed a well needed break. So what better way than take some time off and go for a drive through the back roads and ease your mind.

Hell you had a few dollars saved up. Why not take a chance and ride to Vegas?  It was only four hours away.

That was a great idea if you would’ve rented a car. You had a SUV and it was a gas guzzler. It was your baby but, you been neglecting your baby lately.

You knew your car had some miles on it and you needed to have it looked at but, impulse hit you and you figured you’d be just fine.

Well unfortunately you were wrong as two left shoes. You were no mechanic. You knew now you should’ve paid more attention when a couple of exes told you to look at this and check for that. Instead you decided to go for it.

Now you were sitting on the side of the road with your car not going anywhere. Was it the transmission? Was it the radiator? Was that belt supposed to be hanging off like that?

Ah shit you thought to yourself. Because you were in-between towers you had no cellphone reception.

Let’s face it you were screwed and not just screwed. Royally screwed because, your day was going so damn awesome. There was a bad storm overhead and you needed to get somewhere anywhere fast.

You had been sitting for a few hours when you heard a slight rumbling in the distance. Then it grew louder and louder until finally it was right on you.

Originally posted by anchorbay

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Higher and Higher

Title: Higher and Higher

 Prompt: This is for the #jm cwf spn writing contest hosted by @pretty-odd-jenn.  I chose the song “Higher and Higher” with the pairing, Lucifer x Reader.

 Summary: Lucifer finally found his heaven…you.  

 Warnings: none?

 Tags: @grace-for-sale , @lucifer-in-leather , @thewicked-end , @chelsea072498 , @nerdwholikesword , @chaos-and-the-calm67 , @percywinchester27 , @pizzarollpatrol , @savingapplepie-eatingthings , @cici0507 , @wayward-mirage , @charliebradbury1104 , @melonberri , @bellastellaluna , @pinolief2001 , @feelmyroarrrr , @carry-on-my-wayward-girl , @girl-next-door-writes , @twoboys-and-afallenangel , @fangirl-faye , @the-assbutt-impala , @impalapossible

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Masterlist of FanFiction 

Originally posted by markpellegrinoworld

Lucifer leaned against the doorframe.  His sweatpants were hung low on his hips, his hair sticking out in all different directions. The two of you had just gotten out of bed, you claimed if you didn’t get food and coffee you would get cranky.  So he followed you down, and he watched as you cooked your breakfast.  

There was something about you that always took Lucifer’s breath away.  It was just chance that he saw you that day, but ever since, he couldn’t stay away.  He smiled as your hair shone in the morning sun.  You hadn’t even brushed it yet, but it still looked beautiful.  It was pulled up into a sloppy bun, strands hanging out every which way.  

You hummed as you mixed up some waffles and poured the batter into the iron.  The vibration of your voice moved through the kitchen and hit Lucifer as if it were a mist, wrapping around him and making him release a happy sigh.

He never would have imagined that his father would make a creature like you.  Someone who was so different from all of humanity. Where others wanted progress, you wanted simplicity, a more natural life.  Where others wanted expensive things and elaborate homes, you considered your home to be wrapped up in his arms, looking into his eyes.

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Meet Me Under the Moonlight

*First Imagine* *Not a request*

“Y/N!” I heard from the distance.”Y/N!!!!” It was my sister Merida calling for me from the surface. I looked up at her as she swam across the lagoon. “Peter’s coming! Y/N come on!” I rolled my eyes. Pan. Every one of my sisters are obsessed with him. Pan and I are getting married they would say. Isn’t he handsome. It makes me sick. I do not understand their fascination with him! He’s just a boy. Granted I have never met Pan before. “Y/N, there you are. Come on Peter is coming,” She smiled moving her hands through her hair.

“Merida I have told you and the others many of times, I do not wish to meet Peter Pan!” Her smile fell. 

“But y/n I know you’ll just love him!” She said moving closer to me. I rolled my eyes,” Please just this one time,” I looked her in the eye,”for me.”

I laughed and smiled. “No.” I swam away from her as fast as I could. I made my way to the shore, the place I always wonder off to when Pan visits. I moved onto the dry sand, and within seconds, my tail turned into legs. I pulled at the dress that always appears when I have legs. 

I walked along the shore to a specific rock where my friend sat awaiting my arrival. He turned towards my direction and smiled. I waved at him smiling back. He moved over on the rock and patted the seat next to him. I ran towards him and sat down. “Pan again?” He asked as I sat down. 

“Yeah, Merida really wanted to me to meet him this time.” I said laying down on the rock. “What’s so special about him anyway?” 

He looked down at me and raised his eyebrow.” Well maybe he is the king of Neverland. You know the place that we are in. Right now?” He said as he began to lie next to me. 

“I know, but he seems arrogant. He seems like he is a pretty boy and knows he is. I mean why would he even come to the Lagoon anyway.” I looked over at him.

“He probably needs to go to the Lagoon to talk to the mermaids, or get water, or make sure to warn them to stay away from the falls when the lost boys bathe and play.” He smirked.

“Or he’s there to get admired by my sisters,” I laughed at the thought of them swooning over Pan.

“I think Pan doesn’t care about the mermaids. Like that anyway,” he paused,” Plus how do you know if you have never even met the guy?”

“It’s just a hunch,” I said looking up at the moon. “The moon is very beautiful tonight.” I looked over at him. 

“Yeah very clear sky.” He stood up.”You want to go see it closer?” He asked me. I looked over at him raising my eyebrows.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean fly. Haven’t you ever wanted to touch the sky?” His eyes widened.

“You can fly?” I asked. He just looked at me and smiled.

“All you have to do is believe.” He stretched out his hand for me to grab.

I slowly grabbed his hand and with the slight touch of our palms we were off. Flying high into the sky. I screamed and held onto him tightly.

“It’s weird being above the land instead of under it for a change.” He laughed as he held onto me.

“It’s beautiful, but I believe I have a slight fear of heights.” I said realizing how high we were. I clinched onto him as he brought us both back down to the lagoon. 

“Don’t worry y/n, I got you.” He said as we touched the ground. But then it clicked. How did he know my name?

I pulled away. “How…How did you know my name, I’ve never told you my name?” He smirked.

“I know the names of all the creatures in my kingdom.” He said moving closer to me.

“Your kingdom?” I questioned.

“Peter! Peter! Girls Girls Peter is back!!” I heard one of my sisters calling. Peter? 

He smiled at me and with the snap of his fingers his clothes changed. Standing more confident than he has ever. Peter?

“Ah y/n, get away from him! You don’t even like him! This is not fair!” Another one of my sisters called. PETER?

“Wait you’re…” I paused. He moved closer to me.

“I’m Peter,” He moved within inches from my face,”Peter Pan.”

My heart fluttered and dropped at the same time. I looked up at him. He kissed my cheek and grabbed my hand.” I hope I proved you wrong.”

Ok this is my first imagine. I hope you enjoy and hit me up if you would like more (-:

Laws of Motion & Attraction (V, You) Part 7

“In my opinion, we don’t devote nearly enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks.” - Bill Watterson

Part 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

Y/N walked up to Taehyung’s apartment building, half thinking that she was crazy for even going all this way just to see him.

She was the one who got stood up and now she was here to check on him?


The apartment security gave her a queer look, and Y/N realized just how late it was for her to be here. Nonetheless, he let her in without question.

In the elevator, she fidgeted with the hem of her shirt, relaying the words she was going to say once she sees him.

I got a lot of things to say, she thought defiantly just as the elevator dinged to his floor and she marched right out before her nerves got to her and caused her to back out.

She knocked on the door once and waited, but there was no answer.

Stupid, Y/N thought as she glanced at her watch, seeing that it was half past one in the morning and Taehyung would probably be asleep.

Anyone with a decent mind would be asleep, she thought grumpily, frustrated with herself for not even thinking this through. Y/N took a step back with a sigh, then turned away.

Before she walked away, something tugged at her; an invisible force that urged her to knock once again. She wasn’t sure what that bugging feeling was in her gut but she stared at the door and contemplated. Her eyes casted down to the knob and slowly, her hand reached out to take hold of it.

With a slight flick of her wrist, the knob turned.

“What the hell?” She whispered just as assumptions puzzled into pieces in her head, causing her worry to grow. “Taehyung?” she called before pushing the door open and entering his threshold.

There was no answer and her heartbeat quickened as fear started to crawl through her system. “Taehyung?!” She called a little louder but there was still no answer.

“Tae–” She stopped dead in her tracks as she reached the living room, her hand flying to cover her mouth.

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"Falling" For You, Literally

@m-e-gg-a-n asked:

Can you write one with this prompt? With Robbie please? “We raced to see who can get to the microwave faster and boom now you’re on top of me”

((Please just take a minute to admire this request thank you okay on with the show😂))


Originally posted by darlinglostcrank

“You can’t leave me here with him!” You yelped in a hushed tone, pulling your brother aside so that you could shout at him without his friend across the room hearing.

He rolled his eyes and threw his head back in exasperation, his hands coming up to hold onto your shoulders. You would’ve thought he was being sincere if it weren’t for that smug little grin he was trying to bite back, the one you’d grown up to know as only a bad sign; he was going to leave you here and you knew you had no say in him doing so.

“Oh, c'mon, he’s not that bad! He’s super nice, I promise!” He tried to convince you, his eyes squinting in only the tiniest bit of sympathy.

Your eyes widened and you shook your head at him, “No, I’ve never even met him! He may be your friend, but don’t you remember that one friend you invited over that tried to make a move on me? No way, you’re not about to leave me here!”

“I can literally promise you right now that Robbie won’t do anything like that, ” he laughed, sincerity oozing from his tone.

You stared at him warily, hands on his shoulders as if he would bolt off and out the door at any second. Taking one hand off his shoulder, you brought it up to your face and pinched the bridge of your nose, eyes closed and head tilted towards the floor.

You glanced back up to him, an almost defeated sigh fallinng past your lips, “Why can’t he just go with you?”

“I’m not allowed to because I got into that wreck, mom and dad won’t let me take anybody besides me in the car. You run into one mailbox, which shouldn’t have been that close to the road anyways, and suddenly your snatched of your basic car rights!”

You groaned and dragged your hand down your face, slumping your shoulders, “Promise this Robbie dude is a good guy, not one of those nasty hippies you usually make friends with?”

“Promise, cross my heart,” he dragged a finger over his hear in an X to add emphasis, giving you the single best puppy dog eyes he could muster up.

“Alright…fine, but no little surprises or anything!” You warned, sending him a glare.

He smiled widely, “Great, and don’t you even worry, I’m just gonna go get some junk food snacks and then you can go right back to reading fanfiction or whatever you do up in that room of yours, we’ll be out of your hair!”

As he collected up his car keys and wallet, you couldn’t help but want to turn back on your decision. You could have been watching Netflix or reading a book, but now instead you had to sit around with your brother’s friend while he goes to buy greasy snack food, probably to keep themselves awake during one of their all nighter videogame sprees.

You huffed and grumbled as you heard the front door close, the forceful action causing the house to tremble. As soon as your ears picked up on the sound of an engine roaring up and humming away, you knew that there was no changing your mind, and that you would have to somehow get over your social awkwardness and talk to the boy lounging on your living room couch.

You hesitantly took a few steps towards the living room, your mind mulling over the thought of just hiding away up in your room, all cooped up in your bed and surrounded by blankets. However, as a voice rang through the quiet atmosphere of your house, you knew there was no escaping.

“Hey, you in here?”

You cringed, nervousness bubbling up in the pit of your stomach. A boy the same age as you and your brother walked in, warm brown hair flopped over to one side of his face and green eyes that popped against the rest of his face. He wore comfortable looking sweatpants, and a simple graphic tank. He was physically attractive, no doubt, but did he have an attractive personality? That was for you to find out.

As he neared you a small smile grew on his face, “Ah, there you are! I’ve been looking for you; (y/b/n) said to find you once he left.”

“Hi, "you paused awkwardly, not knowing what to say to the unknown boy in front of you,"I don’t believe we’ve actually ever met…”

“Robbie, ‘names Robbie Kay, and yours?”

“(Y/n), and I’m assuming you know my last name, same as my brother’s.”

He chuckled a bit to ease the awkward quiet, but it only ended up in him reaching up to scratch the back of his neck. A sheepish smile was planted on his face as you both turned your eyes to the ground, neither of you knowing what to do. It seemed as if both of your minds went blank, so you suggested the first thing that popped into your mind

“Uhh, wanna watch a movie?” You blurted, head snapping up towards him in excitement.

He looked up too, his eyes glinting in the warm light of your kitchen. He nodded, a smile forming on his face.

“Sure, you got popcorn?” He asked, turning to rummage through the cabinets behind him.

“Yeah, no, make yourself at home, bud…” you thought, giggling at the sight of him.

He stopped for a moment, a toothy grin on his face, “What are you laughing about?”

“Oh, nothing, just glad you aren’t as awkward as I am when I visit other people’s houses.”

He smiled, turning back around to continue his search. You couldn’t help but to admire him as he did so; the way his back muscles flexed and tensed under his shirt, his arms stretched up to reveal the curves of his arm muscles.

Before you could tear your eyes away from him, he turned his head towards you. On his face was a cocky smirk as he realized that you had been looking him up and down, his dimples popping out against his smooth face. Your eyes widened as his own met yours.

“I’ll go get some blankets while you do that, ” you stuttered out, turning a bright red color as you turned away and made a beeline towards the closet where the blankets were kept.

Your were all kinds of embarrassed as you opened the closet, knowing full well that he had most definitely seen you checking him out, even if you hadn’t meant to in the first place. That stupid smile he gave you only confirmed any doubts you had, and you knew that you would be even more awkward when you returned to him.

Before grabbing the blankets, you took a deep breath and ran your fingers through your hair. Yes, a nice black hole in the middle of the floor to suck you up would be helpful right now, but you knew that there wouldn’t be one, and that you would have to go back and face the boy who had just caught you staring at him.

You snatched up a pile of blankets, and then started to walk back towards the kitchen where you could hear the hum of the microwave as it popped the popcorn.

Footsteps were heard in the hallway in front of you, and you were once again met with the face of Robbie, who still had a smug grin planted on his face from your incident earlier.

“Good, there you are, was beginning to think you’d gotten lost in your own house!” He said as you gave him a playful glare, sticking your tongue out at his accusations. He laughed a bit, returning the action to you.


The two of you snapped your heads to look at one another. Your eyebrows suddenly lowered in aggression, all traces of shyness flying out the window. A smile formed at the tips of your pink lips, your eyes narrowing slightly.

“So, you seem to have a knack at making yourself at home here, but are you a good runner?” You quipped, shooting him a mischievous eyebrow wiggle.

He tilted his head in confusion, “What do you-”

He was cut off by you dropping the blankets and shooting off down the hallway towards the kitchen, where the loud and irritating beeps droned on and on. He watched you in confusion, and slight fear, before it finally clicked in his mind that you were initiating a race, one to see who could get to the microwave first to get the popcorn out.

He smiled, before his own legs took off in a race to beat you there.

Racing to get the food out if the microwave was your favorite form of exercise, especially because of the prize you got when you reached it; food. Nobody could deny that food was one of the best treasures that could be presented to somebody, especially when that food happened to be a greasy, buttery bowl of salty delicious popcorn.

You felt your heart pumping, and could hear your feet pounding against the wood floors. Behind you you heard more footsteps, the feet slightly heavier than your own. You pushed yourself clumsily away from the walls as you rounded a bend, the kitchen not far away, just in plain sight.

You huffed a bit, out of breath at the sudden burst of physical energy. The footsteps behind you were louder now, and you could practically feel the intense gaze that Robbie had set on your back. The two of you were almost neck and neck, you taking only a bit of an upper hand. The second you turned back to look at him to check where he was behind you was when the intense race came to a crashing halt, quite literally.

Just as you turned back, he had picked up his speed. In an effort to hurry your own pace, your feet moved faster than your head turned, and you only saw the corner of wall that stuck out as your body started to tumble to the ground.

Your mouth formed an 'o’ as you grunted, landing harshly on your back on the hard tile floor. Your body bounced painfully against the ground, your side roughly banging against the plaster wall beside you. The floor was cold, and your shirt had flown up a bit, leaving bare skin to touch the floor instead of it being covered by your shirt.

Then, just as you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you heard another grunt as Robbie tripped over your foot. His arms stuck out at either side if him to steady himself, but as his body made heavy contact with yours you both realized that the action was of no use.

His chest hit yours hard, knocking all the air out of your lungs for a short moment. You coughed to regain it, and as soon as you did, all of your actions halted, including the breath that you had just regained.

Pressed against you was a heavy boy, his hands clasped against your highly exposed waist. His hands were large, and you felt them flex a bit as he too realized the position you had both put yourself in. With wide eyes you stared at him above you, his also wide. He looked as though he didn’t know what to do with himself, mouth agape and taking deep nervous breaths. He stuttered a bit, his mouth trying to form words before his brain could think of them.

“I-I…Uh, I- I don’t even-”

He suddenly pushed himself up so that he was sitting up, you still too shocked to speak under him. He felt his face flushing of all color except red, and could feel a bit of sweat forming above his upper lip. This was possibly the most awkward situation that either of you had ever had the pleasure to be stuck in, and just having met each other less than two hours ago did not help to ease the flustered face each of you held.

“Well…this is…”

“Awkward?” He finished for you, relating so well to how you felt at the moment that, even though he’d just me you, he could predict the exact word to describe what had happened.

“Yeah…” you breathed out, a small smile ceasing your lips even though your heart was racing a mile a minute.

He glanced down at your face as well, mimicking your smile with his own. Even though it was a wierd place to fill in with laughing, you both did anyway to ease the uncomfortable silence that had filled the space between you.

You both eased into laughing even more, and were soon cracking up at what had happened. Yes it was unlikely that it had happened, and you were both completely embarrassed about it, neither of you wanted it to put a damper on the fun, even if you were only waiting for your brother to return.

As the laughter faded out, you once again began to stare at his features; the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed, or the way his eyes sparkled with something you had never seen in eyes before. His smile was absolutely adorable, perfect in every definition that ran through your mind. He was cute, funny, and knew exactly how to act at the right time. He was stunning, inside and out, and you couldn’t stop your mind from wondering when you looked at him.

“You know…maybe this isn’t such a bad thing that we both fell, maybe I just needed a little push…” you said, staring up at him with every ounce of adoration that you could muster up.

“A little push to do what?” He replied, eyes dancing around your face, landing obviously on your lips as if they had been glued there.


And with that, you yanked on the top of his tank top and brought him back down towards you, roughly connected your lips with his own. It was like in those cheesy chickflicks where fireworks explode in the background as they kiss, but instead of fireworks it was bombs exploding in your mind, and butterflies with gigantic wings flapping around in your stomach. The kiss was anything but gentle, but mouths fighting continuously for dominance, but you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Behind you, though you couldn’t hear because of your focus on the boy on top of you, the “please leave a message after the tone” beeped, and then your brother’s voice blasted through the speakers, “Hey, sorry, but I might be a little late, got caught in traffic, think you guys can find something to entertain yourselves a bit longer? See you later, and don’t have too much fun before I get back!”

Robbie broke the kiss for a moment, a large smile planted on his face, “Oh, I think we’ll find a way to entertain ourselves just fine…”