and a slap

I did a smiling Shouto because i felt bad that I did that “Let Todo smile” request with humor quq

So, here’s a gif with Shouto smiling, created in FireAlpaca!

I hope you all forgive my for my CRIMES >:O … <3
ALSO! TYSM FOR 800+ FOLLOWERS QAQ That makes me so happy quq

Have a nice day~

I have never been so offended. My sister just told me her friends don’t believe her when she tells them I have every Metallica CD, and always say “I bet she doesn’t even have Ride the Lightning”. EXCUSE YOU. How very dare all of you. Never doubt a girl’s ownership of CD collections. I have S&M on DVD too so her friends can suck a titty.

Coming back from art death to give y'all my interpretation of the BATIM Steam Summer Sale image…and some Damn Gay apparel, modeled by everyone’s favorite gay blueberry~ I had originally promised a certain other bendy blog (you know who you is~) that I was gonna draw Trendy in a shirt that says “Damn Gay” on it after a joke, but every attempt I made was a bit shitty, so I decided on swim trunks? :D

Yeh, this was also helpful in curing my art block. So yeah, enjoy!

anyone remember that hullabulloo people made about taking ur versions of fnaf animtronics and turning them into ocs because it was apparently unoriginal and thieving someone elses characters? that was wild


also take this widow potg i got for spraying most of the play, until i just slapped mccree w/ my gun lmao (also the other dorks in the video are @yeraw1zardharry @justice-rains-from-ahhh and @mischievousjinx go follow them)

The thing is, you’re pretty much never going to catch someone actively physically abusing a kid. You’re probably not going to have any idea that it’s happening right under your nose. That’s why, when working with children, you absolutely do need to report suspicious or inappropriate behavior, even if it seems minor or just a joke. You can’t point to a single specific behavior and say that it is or is not grooming, except in retrospect, because you’re never going to be privy to the full picture.

Summer camp requires you to establish rapport with kids under your care. You want them to like you and consider you a trustworthy adult that they can turn to. It’s your responsibility not to abuse that trust and to be vigilant in regards to how your coworkers behave - you’re probably also a legally mandated reporter. You really can’t be too careful… better someone get in trouble for poor judgement than have serious abuse go unchecked.

Testing and pushing a child’s boundaries via subjecting them to inappropriate comments, jokes, and other sexual language is absolutely a method of grooming. Even if you’re not personally taking advantage of that, you’re establishing these things as normal adult-child interactions when they are absolutely not. It does not benefit the kid in any way. Either they don’t understand what you’re saying but realize that they are being mocked and humiliated and made uncomfortable by adults, or they do get it… maybe because the last time they heard that, it wasn’t meant as a joke.