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That’s Not My Sweatpants

That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings vs. Sweatpants by Childish Gambino feat. Problem.

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a few people have complained about Colin not being very responsive to the fans at van con. were you disappointed in your interactions with him?

I absolutely was not disappointed for even a mili-second of the probably 15 seconds I spent in his presence. 

Look, dude broke his foot 2 weeks ago. I know plenty of actors/actresses that would have cancelled their appearance at something like this but he still showed up. He was also in NY the night before for the Carrie Pilby premier and if memory serves, flew into Vancouver THAT morning. 

Homeboy was in pain and probably tired as fuck. And to top all that off, he had been dealing with fandom drama on Twitter since at least Wednesday. 

None of that is gonna put an introvert into the mindset of faking being an extrovert. Not one bit. 

I, personally, had no issue with how he interacted with me. 

Headcanon Post - Roman (Prince) and Dad (Morality) are Autistic

Probably going to receive hate for this. Whatever though.

I have recently became a Fander (or a fan of Thomas Sanders) and I love, love, love the Sander Sides! This post will focus on Roman (or Princey) and Dad (or Morality) and will be about them being autistic.

This is just my headcanon. Below the cut, I have listed traits of autism. Those in italics apply to Roman/Prince, those in bold apply to Dad/Morality and those in both apply to both. It’s based on both what I’ve analysed from videos and from my own personal headcanons.

(They said it was cool to tag ‘em so @incorrectprinxietyquotes! Lookie here!)

(And yes, I totally imagine Logan and Anx doing whatever they can to support them. Logan would totally learn as much as he can about autism and Anx would just get them all the weighted blankets and comfort items.)

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For anon…enjoy! (Also, we’re going to ignore the timeline discrepancy)

Fred nudged George with a devious smirk. The twins shared a look before turning their attention to you. You were sitting at the same table studying something. Obsessing is was it more closely resembled. You were currently scribbling, not on parchment, but on a bound journal. You were hunched over it, rapidly writing, only stopping to sketch something. Fred leaned closer to George.

“Don’t s’pose that’s a diary?”
George’s eyes glinted. “Wonder what could be in there.”

The twins shared a mischievous glance before slowly lowering their head. They watched as a friend of yours startled you. The twins held in chuckles as you hastily closed the bound book. Your friend continued to whisper to you. A moment later, you were grabbing your things and standing. Another friend caught your attention just as you went to grab the journal. Fred slowly pulled out his wand.

“Accio,” he murmured.

The book started to shuffle toward him. Suddenly, it stopped. The twins glanced up to be met with your arched brow. Unimpressed, you snatched your journal and left with your friend.

“You’re not getting any sneakier,” you called back to them.

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SS as things said Pt 5
  • Morality: I am now your parent, sorry kid can't do a thing about it. Dinner'll be ready at 5
  • Prince: My hair looks great, therefore I win this argument.
  • Logic: Why are you mixing biology and football, that is like mixing a gift from above ever with Satan
  • Anxiety: If this is right I'll high five myself, if it's wrong I'll cry.

A redesigned book cover by Sarah Jones as part of a course she was taking.

Gotta say, Plagueis looks pretty gnarly in this depiction!

785 Days until Episode IX

422 Days until the Han Solo Movie









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So I hope you don't mind me asking but you said you had other blogs and I wanted to know how to find them

I also said that I specially stress out when I see loads of people asking me what could be easily found in my FAQ, and this question is included in my FAQ, so I’ll just copy-paste it for you.

I have a cute little side blog about Egg Gaster, you can find it here:

I also have a side blog with an OC fanfic that’s based on overgrowth:

I re level my nea and feed her with Claudette’s bloodpoint