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Iwaoi AU where neither of them can cook at all 😂😂😂😂😂

Some silly stuff to get us towards the weekend (and hopefully we’d see iwaoi this week. ๛ก(ー̀ωー́ก))

If neither Iwaizumi and Oikawa can cook: 

  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa love hanging around in the kitchen while Iwaizumi’s mother’s cooking. They are eager to help but the best (or all) they can do is be the taste-testers. 
  • This doesn’t change even when they are going to college, and both mothers are worried sick. 
  • Oikawa is a disaster in the kitchen because his attention span is so short that he’d overcook a pot just to heat some milk because he gets distracted elsewhere. 
  • (Iwaizumi isn’t so much better because he’s easily distracted by Oikawa.)
  • They have a huge pile of take-out menu in the kitchen closet. 
  • There’s one nicely bound take-out menu book with all of Iwaizumi’s favorite take-out restaurants in it, by courtesy of one Oikawa trying to be romantic but knowing he can’t make an edible candle-lit dinner at home for their anniversary so the menu book is his idea of a romantic substitute.  
  • They adore their microwave because it can make miracle (heat their food) and cooks popcorn (“What should we do if we can’t have popcorn and milk-” “COKE!” “-when we watch movies.” )
  • They dub their microwave “General” and stick a paper general badge, which they’ve found the picture online and printed it at the convenient store around the corner near their shared apartment. 
  • (Hanamaki and Matsukawa may or may not buy them a cook book just to joke about their inability to conquer the kitchen.)
Barry Allen Imagine - Don’t Blame Yourself (Last Part)

Author’s Note: Here it is everyone! The end has come. I have reservations about how this last part came out mostly because it was written while I had a fever going on and I have a really short attention span when I become sick. Nevertheless, here it is and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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