and a shitty week

hahahaha oh my god 

So a friend of mine used to live in Vancouver, and had a friend who I have hung out with a few times. And then it turned out she was a fucking heinous person and friend-broke up with them. So from that point on she was dead to me, because if you’re cruel to my friends that’s pretty much unforgivable in my book. 

AND TODAY I got a notification that she’d followed me on Tumblr. Like. We have not talked since my friend forwarded me the break-up letter, which is one of the meanest fucking things I’ve ever seen addressed to a person in my life. That was ten years ago. 

(I’m not sure there’s any point to this other than don’t underestimate my ability to hold a grudge. Also don’t follow me when you’ve fucked over my friends. And possibly Vancouverites are shitty awful people.)

Life update.

So back in late 2014 I started to play a shitty game called Archeage. It was there, within a few weeks into the game, that I would meet my now fiance. We were being carried through a dungeon by guildies who I had played Aion with years beforehand (who ironically met in Aion and now are married). We didn’t know each other but we were in the same guild due to mutual company from Aion and GW2. After the run we stayed in the same party talking for a few hours. I know it sounds corny but I really enjoyed our silly conversation and wanted to keep acquaintance with him . Long story short we’ve talked ever since, started dating, met up a few times, moved in together and now are engaged. It’s cliche and trust me I’ve had heartaches and given heartaches before but when you know, you know. Most everyone in my life was happy for me, some skeptics, but I knew making this leap of faith was the right choice. I still do miss everyone back home in Florida but I have been welcomed with open arms by his family here in Michigan since day one. I do miss my sunshine, beaches, and Cuban food but I’ll survive as this residence isn’t forever. There won’t be a wedding for awhile as I am starting college in a few months! I finally feel ready and not going for the sake of going. I want to pursue a degree in information technology and once I figure out what I like within the general spectrum of that fine tune a bachelors. I’ll be starting a part time job in two weeks at a tech store to allow me the time to focus on school. I want a real career with real pay! I have also been back on my fitness and nutrition kick. Overall I just want to be strong and healthy because I am tired of feeling tired. So yeah while nothing is ever perfect and some days are up and some down I can at least say I am happy and finally feel like I have some sense of direction with my life. Better late than never.

anonymous asked:

Are you posting the jealous BtH one shot this weekend? (just curious if I have it to look forward to after a shit week!)

It’s not finished yet, but that is the plan. Want to have it done and posted this weekend, both on here and on as part of my Interlude at Sea series of BtH extras scenes.

Hopefully jealous, possessive pirate/princess smut will help make up for your shitty week, Anon. Expect some pillaging and plundering on the Jolly Roger!


So were re-watching the LotR trilogy (again) & I noticed Legolas recycling bits of his dad’s old quotes.

Well obviously, I know Return of the King was released first. But it’s interesting that they’d have Thrandy use the same phrase to describe the threat of Mordor in DoS. It makes it look like Leggy is echoing his father’s words when you re-watch RotK.


the real mystery here is whether keith and lance are already dating and keeping it a secret or if lance is just a pining mess. i’ll let ur imagination decide

(i know this isn’t a request but i legit haven’t made a post that wasn’t a request in literal weeks and yesterday was a super shitty day and i just really needed some stupid silly klance pls don’t kill me ily)