and a shit load of math

fuckin' third-party voters and the first debate...
  • Lester Holt:Next question: Mr. Trump, can you tell me what 2 plus 2 equals?
  • Trump:Oh, a math question. I love math. Always have. Was always number one in algebra, calculus, biology in 1st, 2nd grade. Nothing but praise my whole life for numbers.
  • Holt:Mrs. Clinton?
  • Clinton:The answer is 4.
  • Third-party voters:I can't tell who's winning? This debate is a joke! (Seriously how did Shillary come to the conclusion "4"? Sounds like a load of shit...)

((*softly whispers into the wind* I plan to doodle a lil something once the week of midterm hell is over. Stayed tuned, I need the excuse to draw my boy.))