and a shit load of math


Pairing: G-Dragon (Big Bang) x Reader

Genre: Smut (kind of)

Length: 878 words

Warning(s): suggestiveness (loads of it), mild language, MATH !

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Mondays sucked. Like, they really sucked. You rolled your eyes and swung back in your chair, eyes fixed on the torturously slow movement of the clock hand. The clock showed 12:30, and your heart leapt in your chest as you heard the bell ring, giving you permission to escape this prison of a class.

You sprung up out of your seat, whistling a familiar tune, but suddenly froze in your tracks. Shit. No. Math test. Your mother had severely warned you about what she expected from this test. She’d said you’d have to consider the serious consequences of doing badly in school otherwise.

You groaned internally. As if you’d had time to revise for this stupid test. Rolling your eyes, you slumped back down in your seat as the other students swiftly made their way out of the classroom to get lunch. You pulled out your math book and reluctantly opened it to the topic you were meant to have studied for.

You heard the door open loudly, followed by the sound of footsteps approaching your desk. You looked up to see Kwon Jiyong, a tall boy in the year above you.

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fuckin' third-party voters and the first debate...
  • Lester Holt: Next question: Mr. Trump, can you tell me what 2 plus 2 equals?
  • Trump: Oh, a math question. I love math. Always have. Was always number one in algebra, calculus, biology in 1st, 2nd grade. Nothing but praise my whole life for numbers.
  • Holt: Mrs. Clinton?
  • Clinton: The answer is 4.
  • Third-party voters: I can't tell who's winning? This debate is a joke! (Seriously how did Shillary come to the conclusion "4"? Sounds like a load of shit...)
The signs as things my friends have done

Aries: ‘’this is a load of barnacles’’ -when my math teacher started explaining the pythegorean theorem 

Taurus: *sends me cat videos and is always eating random shit*

Geminis: *random faces while singing lady gaga*

Cancer: was driving and gave virgo permission to control the stick shift, we almost died

Leo: started talking about my boobs, comparing them to strange objects for measure, ex: aries’s head

Virgo: wont stop making out with my friend and says *ew* when i say hi

Libra: ‘’sorry im late i didn’t wanna come’’

Scorpio: spoiled civil war for everyone

Sagittarius: is reading an essay out loud in class and starts posing everywhere, i shit you not he put his leg on the teachers desk

Capricorn: *starts growling like a chihuahua while pissed*

Aquarius: accidentally opened up to me about his plans of world domination, stares at me like i’m a phenomenon when i smile

Pisces: ‘’hello friend i’d like to know if you’d be down to fuck me and my emotional traumas’’

How Vernon Changed My Life

Normal Person: I’m so done with this shit
Me: Man I’m so done with that over under shit

Normal Person: Started from the bottom now we here
Me: From carrot to karat, you get me?

Normal Person: *Throws really strong shade*
Me: I’m a mac and you’re a wack, you wanna know why? Because Im'ma pull up on you wack with a mac fully loaded

Normal Person: I’m broke
Me: Dude, I’m only sixteen, I only got a few dollars

Normal Person: Ugh I hate math
Me: Formula, formula, more mulah more mulah. I see the formula but where the mulah at?